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Panini Olympique de Marseille - Droit au But 1996

Panini Olympique de Marseille - Droit au But 1996

Year: 1996
Total cards: 171

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 14 / completed: 2


1Logo OMLe clubBase card422.00
2Les 10 commandements du supporterLe clubBase card616.00
3Roussier Jean-MichelLe clubBase card717.00
4Gili GerardLe clubBase card431.33
5Castaneda JeanLe clubBase card522.50
6Levy MarcLe clubBase card531.67
7Propos RogerLe clubBase card632.00
8Dib MarcelLe clubBase card531.67
9Prost GeorgesLe clubBase card531.67
10Casoni BernardLe clubBase card531.67
11Francini Jean-YvesLe clubBase card522.50
12Bailly JacquesLe clubBase card531.67
13Coste JoelLe clubBase card522.50
14Stade Velodrome ILe clubBase card522.50
15Stade Velodrome IILe clubBase card522.50
16Centre de formationLe clubBase card522.50
17C.C.S.Le clubBase card606.00
18Dodger'sLe clubBase card616.00
19FanaticsLe clubBase card606.00
20OM adherentsLe clubBase card606.00
21ThunderbirdsLe clubBase card616.00
22UltrasLe clubBase card616.00
23WinnersLe clubBase card505.00
24YankeesLe clubBase card505.00
25Calendrier saison 96/97Le clubBase card522.50
26Alonzo Jerome (portrait)L'equipeBase card616.00
27Alonzo Jerome (action)L'equipeBase card717.00
28Asuar Ludovic (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
29Asuar Ludovic (action)L'equipeBase card632.00
30Ben Sliman Medhi (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
31Ben Sliman Medhi (action)L'equipeBase card707.00
32Franceschini Ivan (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
33Franceschini Ivan (action)L'equipeBase card707.00
34Cascarino Tony (portrait)L'equipeBase card723.50
35Cascarino Tony (action)L'equipeBase card623.00
36Durand Jean-Philippe (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
37Durand Jean-Philippe faction)L'equipeBase card717.00
38Echouafni Olivier (portrait)L'equipeBase card707.00
39Echouafni Olivier (action)L'equipeBase card606.00
40Ferrer Bernard (portrait)L'equipeBase card606.00
41Ferrer Bernard (action)L'equipeBase card707.00
42Galtier Christophe (portrait)L'equipeBase card606.00
43Galtier Christophe (action)L'equipeBase card808.00
44Gravelaine Xavier (portrait)L'equipeBase card606.00
45Gravelaine Xavier (action)L'equipeBase card717.00
46Hernandez Jean-Francois (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
47Hernandez Jean-Francois (action)L'equipeBase card818.00
48Jambay Hamada (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
49Jambay Hamada faction)L'equipeBase card616.00
50Card 50L'equipeBase card623.00
51Card 51L'equipeBase card616.00
52Letchkov Yordan (portrait)L'equipeBase card616.00
53Letchkov Yordan (action)L'equipeBase card717.00
54Libbra Marc (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
55Libbra Marc (action)L'equipeBase card531.67
56Makin Chris (portrait)L'equipeBase card717.00
57Makin Chris (action)L'equipeBase card623.00
58Marquet Jean-Christophe (portrait)L'equipeBase card623.00
59Marquet Jean-Christophe (action)L'equipeBase card522.50
60Malusci Alberto (portrait)L'equipeBase card723.50
61Malusci Alberto (action)L'equipeBase card732.33
62Pedros Reynald (portrart)L'equipeBase card723.50
63Pedros Reynald (action)L'equipeBase card531.67
64Roy Eric (portrait)L'equipeBase card616.00
65Roy Eric (action)L'equipeBase card616.00
66Spinosi Laurent (portrait)L'equipeBase card616.00
67Spinosi Laurent (action)L'equipeBase card616.00
68Robin Martial (portrait)L'equipeBase card616.00
69Robin Martial (action)L'equipeBase card616.00
70OM-Le MansLa saison 95/96Base card616.00
71OM-AmiensLa saison 95/96Base card616.00
72Perpignan-OMLa saison 95/96Base card616.00
73Mulhouse-OMLa saison 95/96Base card808.00
74OM-PoitiersLa saison 95/96Base card616.00
75Sochaux-OMLa saison 95/96Base card717.00
76OM-St. Etienne (coupe Ligue)La saison 95/96Base card515.00
77Guinguamp-OM (coupe Ligue)La saison 95/96Base card717.00
78Caen-OMLa saison 95/96Base card717.00
79OM-MulhouseLa saison 95/96Base card717.00
80OM-NancyLa saison 95/96Base card808.00
81OM-CaenLa saison 95/96Base card808.00
82OM-Endoume (coupe de France)La saison 95/96Base card616.00
83OM-Lille (coupe de France)La saison 95/96Base card616.00
84OM-Auxerre (coupe de France)La saison 95/96Base card717.00
85Chateauroux-OMLa saison 95/96Base card723.50
86OM-Red StarLa saison 95/96Base card623.00
87OM-SochauxLa saison 95/96Base card623.00
88Le Mans-OMLa saison 95/96Base card616.00
89AuxerreLes adversairesBase card431.33
90BastiaLes adversairesBase card717.00
91BordeauxLes adversairesBase card531.67
92CaenLes adversairesBase card723.50
93CannesLes adversairesBase card522.50
94GuingampLes adversairesBase card723.50
95Le HavreLes adversairesBase card522.50
96LensLes adversairesBase card717.00
97LilleLes adversairesBase card431.33
98LyonLes adversairesBase card707.00
99MetzLes adversairesBase card431.33
100MonacoLes adversairesBase card717.00
101MontpellierLes adversairesBase card422.00
102NancyLes adversairesBase card717.00
103NantesLes adversairesBase card551.00
104NiceLes adversairesBase card717.00
105P.S.G.Les adversairesBase card531.67
106RennesLes adversairesBase card717.00
107StrasbourgLes adversairesBase card818.00
108Allofs KlausLes stars du passeBase card616.00
109Andersson GunnarLes stars du passeBase card707.00
110Bell Joseph-AntoineLes stars du passeBase card623.00
111Ben BLes stars du passeBase card606.00
112Bonnel JosephLes stars du passeBase card623.00
113Bosquier BernardLes stars du passeBase card606.00
114Boubacar SaarLes stars du passeBase card623.00
115Bracci FrancoisLes stars du passeBase card616.00
116Camus GeorgesLes stars du passeBase card623.00
117Cesar PauloLes stars du passeBase card717.00
118Couecou DidierLes stars du passeBase card616.00
119Emon AlbertLes stars du passeBase card717.00
120Foerster Karl-HeinzLes stars du passeBase card616.00
121Francescoli EnzoLes stars du passeBase card623.00
122Germain BrunoLes stars du passeBase card632.00
123Giresse AlainLes stars du passeBase card623.00
124Huard GaetanLes stars du passeBase card623.00
125JairzhinoLes stars du passeBase card623.00
126Loubel CharlyLes stars du passeBase card616.00
127Magnusson RogerLes stars du passeBase card623.00
128Mozer CarlosLes stars du passeBase card616.00
129Papin Jean-PierreLes stars du passeBase card723.50
130Pardo BernardLes stars du passeBase card623.00
131Skoblar JosipLes stars du passeBase card623.00
132Tigana JeanLes stars du passeBase card623.00
133Tresor MariusLes stars du passeBase card623.00
134Vercruysse PhilippeLes stars du passeBase card616.00
135Waddle ChrisLes stars du passeBase card717.00
136Yazalde HectorLes stars du passeBase card616.00
137Zatelli MarioLes stars du passeBase card723.50
138Zvunka JulesLes stars du passeBase card623.00
139Amoros ManuelLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card531.67
140Angloma JocelynLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card808.00
141Barthez FabienLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card623.00
142Boksic AllenLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card707.00
143Boli BasileLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card632.00
144Casoni BernardLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
145DesaillLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
146Deschamps DidierLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card717.00
147Di Meco EricLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card623.00
148Durand Jean-PhilippeLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card723.50
149Eydelie Jean-JacquesLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card522.50
150Ferreri Jean-MarcLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card606.00
151Goethals RaymondLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
152Olmeta PascalLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
153Pele AbediLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
154Sauzee FranckLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card717.00
155Stambouli HenriLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card717.00
156Thomas Jean-ChristopheLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card515.00
157Voller RudyLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card623.00
158L'equipeLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card616.00
159Le but de BoliLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card818.00
160La VictoireLes Champions d'Europe 1993Base card707.00
161Cascarino TonyCaricaturesBase card632.00
162Durand Jean-PhilippeCaricaturesBase card551.00
163Galtier ChristopheCaricaturesBase card531.67
164Gravelaine XavierCaricaturesBase card441.00
165Kopke AndreasCaricaturesBase card531.67
166Letchkov YordanCaricaturesBase card450.80
167Libbra MarcCaricaturesBase card441.00
168Marquet Jean-ChristopheCaricaturesBase card460.67
169Pedros RaynaldCaricaturesBase card551.00
170Roy EricCaricaturesBase card431.33
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