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Panini Futebol 1990-1991

Panini Futebol 1990-1991

Year: 1990
Total stickers: 407

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 5


1BadgeBoavista F.C.metal202.00
2Team (puzzle 1)Boavista F.C.-101.00
3Team (puzzle 2)Boavista F.C.-101.00
4HubartBoavista F.C.-101.00
5FredBoavista F.C.-101.00
6BarnyBoavista F.C.-101.00
7GarridoBoavista F.C.-101.00
8CaetanoBoavista F.C.-101.00
9Carlos ManuelBoavista F.C.-101.00
10BoboBoavista F.C.-101.00
11AdemirBoavista F.C.-101.00
12JaimeBoavista F.C.-101.00
13CasacaBoavista F.C.-101.00
14ParenteBoavista F.C.-101.00
15ArmandoBoavista F.C.-101.00
16Chiquinho CariocaBoavista F.C.-101.00
17Jorge AndradeBoavista F.C.-101.00
18BadgeC.D. Nacionalmetal202.00
19Team (puzzle 1)C.D. Nacional-202.00
20Team (puzzle 2)C.D. Nacional-101.00
21GilmarC.D. Nacional-101.00
22HelioC.D. Nacional-101.00
23PaulinhoC.D. Nacional-101.00
24ToninhoC.D. Nacional-101.00
25MauroC.D. Nacional-101.00
26DinisC.D. Nacional-101.00
27PaulitoC.D. Nacional-101.00
28EduC.D. Nacional-101.00
29RolaoC.D. Nacional-101.00
30Antonio MiguelC.D. Nacional-101.00
31EdmilsonC.D. Nacional-101.00
32VieiraC.D. Nacional-101.00
33RobertinhoC.D. Nacional-101.00
34Roberto CarlosC.D. Nacional-101.00
35BadgeC.F. Estrela da Amadorametal202.00
36Team (puzzle 1)C.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
37Team (puzzle 2)C.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
38MeloC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
39Rui NevesC.F. Estrela da Amadora-202.00
40DuilioC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
41AlvaroC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
42DimasC.F. Estrela da Amadora-202.00
43AbelC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
44RebeloC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
45Paulo BentoC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
46MirandaC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
47MaritoC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
48BarotiC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
49RickyC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
50Paulo JorgeC.F. Estrela da Amadora-101.00
51XavierC.F. Estrela da Amadora-303.00
52BadgeO.S. Belenensesmetal101.00
53Team (puzzle 1)O.S. Belenenses-101.00
54Team (puzzle 2)O.S. Belenenses-101.00
55MihaylovO.S. Belenenses-101.00
56TeixeiraO.S. Belenenses-101.00
57MoratoO.S. Belenenses-101.00
58EdmundoO.S. Belenenses-101.00
59Jose AntonioO.S. Belenenses-202.00
60GaloO.S. Belenenses-101.00
61Ze MarioO.S. Belenenses-101.00
62JaimeO.S. Belenenses-101.00
63JuanicoO.S. Belenenses-101.00
64Paulo MonteiroO.S. Belenenses-101.00
65ChalanaO.S. Belenenses-101.00
66SadkovO.S. Belenenses-101.00
67ChiquinhoO.S. Belenenses-101.00
68KoblaO.S. Belenenses-101.00
69BadgeC.F. Uniãometal202.00
70Team (puzzle 1)C.F. União-101.00
71Team (puzzle 2)C.F. União-202.00
72PimentaC.F. União-101.00
73CasimiroC.F. União-101.00
74NelinhoC.F. União-101.00
75AlfredoC.F. União-101.00
76MatiasC.F. União-101.00
77DraganC.F. União-101.00
78JairoC.F. União-101.00
79HoracioC.F. União-101.00
80VicenteC.F. União-101.00
81MarkovicC.F. União-101.00
82ValadasC.F. União-101.00
83RogerioC.F. União-101.00
84LepiC.F. União-101.00
85Carlos ManuelC.F. União-101.00
86BadgeC.S. Maritimometal202.00
87Team (puzzle 1)C.S. Maritimo-101.00
88Team (puzzle 2)C.S. Maritimo-101.00
89EwertonC.S. Maritimo-101.00
90Joao LuisC.S. Maritimo-101.00
91Ricardo AguiarC.S. Maritimo-111.00
92Carlos JorgeC.S. Maritimo-101.00
93Chico OliveiraC.S. Maritimo-303.00
94Rui VieiraC.S. Maritimo-101.00
95NunesC.S. Maritimo-101.00
96MarquinhosC.S. Maritimo-101.00
97ChikabalaC.S. Maritimo-101.00
98Jose LuisC.S. Maritimo-202.00
99EsquerdinhaC.S. Maritimo-101.00
100GuedesC.S. Maritimo-101.00
101Peter HindsC.S. Maritimo-101.00
102WandoC.S. Maritimo-101.00
103BadgeF.C. De Famalicãometal111.00
104Team (puzzle 1)F.C. De Famalicão-101.00
105Team (puzzle 2)F.C. De Famalicão-101.00
106FigueiredoF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
107ChiquinhoF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
108BaiaF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
109LulaF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
110Luis CarlosF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
111Ben-HurF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
112PorfirioF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
113TantaF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
114Luis MiguelF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
115LeomirF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
116CacioliF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
117CristovaoF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
118Domingos GomesF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
119MenadF.C. De Famalicão-101.00
120BadgeF.C. Penafielmetal202.00
121Team (puzzle 1)F.C. Penafiel-101.00
122Team (puzzle 2)F.C. Penafiel-101.00
123CerqueiraF.C. Penafiel-101.00
124AbelF.C. Penafiel-101.00
125Jorge CostaF.C. Penafiel-101.00
126VascoF.C. Penafiel-101.00
127Mario AugustoF.C. Penafiel-101.00
128TomasF.C. Penafiel-101.00
129AdaoF.C. Penafiel-101.00
130NogueiraF.C. Penafiel-101.00
131Rui ManuelF.C. Penafiel-101.00
132Ricardo AguiarF.C. Penafiel-101.00
133RoldaoF.C. Penafiel-101.00
134SectretarioF.C. Penafiel-101.00
135ReinaldoF.C. Penafiel-101.00
136Moreira de SaF.C. Penafiel-101.00
137BadgeF.C. Do Portometal101.00
138Team (puzzle 1)F.C. Do Porto-101.00
139Team (puzzle 2)F.C. Do Porto-202.00
140Vitor BaiaF.C. Do Porto-101.00
141Joao PintoF.C. Do Porto-202.00
142Fernando CoutoF.C. Do Porto-101.00
143AloisioF.C. Do Porto-101.00
144GeraldaoF.C. Do Porto-202.00
145MargadoF.C. Do Porto-202.00
146AndreF.C. Do Porto-101.00
147SemedoF.C. Do Porto-101.00
148Jaime MagalhaesF.C. Do Porto-101.00
149Jorge PlacidoF.C. Do Porto-101.00
150Domingos GomesF.C. Do Porto-101.00
151Jorge CoutoF.C. Do Porto-101.00
152MadjerF.C. Do Porto-101.00
153KostadinovF.C. Do Porto-101.00
154BadgeF.C. Tirsensemetal202.00
155Team (puzzle 1)F.C. Tirsense-101.00
156Team (puzzle 2)F.C. Tirsense-101.00
157LucioF.C. Tirsense-101.00
158Paulo PiresF.C. Tirsense-101.00
159CostaF.C. Tirsense-101.00
160LouroF.C. Tirsense-101.00
161SergioF.C. Tirsense-101.00
162JorgeF.C. Tirsense-101.00
163Jose MariaF.C. Tirsense-101.00
164NascimentoF.C. Tirsense-101.00
165TuebaF.C. Tirsense-101.00
166CaetanoF.C. Tirsense-101.00
167EusebioF.C. Tirsense-101.00
168SilvinhoF.C. Tirsense-101.00
169AlainF.C. Tirsense-101.00
170LavF.C. Tirsense-101.00
171BadgeGil Vicente F.C.metal101.00
172Team (puzzle 1)Gil Vicente F.C.-101.00
173Team (puzzle 2)Gil Vicente F.C.-111.00
174SilvinoGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
175CabralGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
176ValdirGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
177Jose CarlosGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
178Luis MarquesGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
179Rui FilipeGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
180RosadoGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
181Joao PauloGil Vicente F.C.-202.00
182CassamaGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
183TukeGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
184NeloGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
185MangongaGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
186NoqueiraGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
187CapuchoGil Vicente F.C.-101.00
188BadgeG.D. Chavesmetal303.00
189Team (puzzle 1)G.D. Chaves-101.00
190Team (puzzle 2)G.D. Chaves-101.00
191TavaresG.D. Chaves-101.00
192VicenteG.D. Chaves-101.00
193Manuel CorreiaG.D. Chaves-101.00
194Paulo AlexandreG.D. Chaves-101.00
195RogerioG.D. Chaves-101.00
196FilqueiraG.D. Chaves-101.00
197Paulo HenriqueG.D. Chaves-101.00
198GilbertoG.D. Chaves-202.00
199DavidG.D. Chaves-101.00
200DiamantinoG.D. Chaves-101.00
201RudiG.D. Chaves-101.00
202SlavkovG.D. Chaves-101.00
203TanevG.D. Chaves-101.00
204CoelhoG.D. Chaves-101.00
205BadgeS.G. Beira-Marmetal202.00
206Team (puzzle 1)S.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
207Team (puzzle 2)S.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
208HelderS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
209Ze RibeiroS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
210OliveiraS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
211Mario BarretoS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
212RedindoS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
213SousaS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
214Abdel GhanyS.G. Beira-Mar-202.00
215TozeS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
216ChinaS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
217FreireS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
218DinoS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
219PenteadoS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
220SpassovS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
221Jorge SilverioS.G. Beira-Mar-101.00
222BadgeS.C. Salgueirosmetal101.00
223Team (puzzle 1)S.C. Salgueiros-101.00
224Team (puzzle 2)S.C. Salgueiros-101.00
225MadureiraS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
226PedroS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
227MilovacS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
228Jorge CostaS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
229Alvaro MacielS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
230SoaresS.C. Salgueiros-111.00
231Jose LuisS.C. Salgueiros-111.00
232NikolicS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
233Jorge SilvaS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
234Rui FrancaS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
235MonteiroS.C. Salgueiros-202.00
236MiguelS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
237Alvaro SoaresS.C. Salgueiros-101.00
238TozeS.C. Salgueiros-111.00
240Team (puzzle 1)Benfica-202.00
241Team (puzzle 2)Benfica-202.00
243Paulo MadeiraBenfica-101.00
246Jose CarlosBenfica-202.00
247Fernando MendesBenfica-303.00
252Rui AguasBenfica-101.00
254Cesar BritoBenfica-202.00
256BadgeS.C. Bragametal404.00
257Team (puzzle 1)S.C. Braga-101.00
258Team (puzzle 2)S.C. Braga-101.00
259Luis ManuelS.C. Braga-101.00
260Chico SilvaS.C. Braga-101.00
261CarvalhalS.C. Braga-101.00
262Vitor DuarteS.C. Braga-101.00
263MoroniS.C. Braga-101.00
264LauretaS.C. Braga-101.00
265SerrinhaS.C. Braga-101.00
266Fernando PiresS.C. Braga-101.00
267Quim MachadoS.C. Braga-101.00
268PingoS.C. Braga-101.00
269Joao MarioS.C. Braga-101.00
270AparicoS.C. Braga-101.00
271ViniciusS.C. Braga-101.00
272SantosS.C. Braga-101.00
273BadgeS.C. Farensemetal101.00
274Team (puzzle 1)S.C. Farense-101.00
275Team (puzzle 2)S.C. Farense-101.00
276LemajicS.C. Farense-101.00
277EugenioS.C. Farense-101.00
278LuisaoS.C. Farense-101.00
279StefanS.C. Farense-101.00
280SoaresS.C. Farense-101.00
281PortelaS.C. Farense-101.00
282PereirinhaS.C. Farense-101.00
283LimaS.C. Farense-101.00
284AdemarS.C. Farense-101.00
285QuimS.C. Farense-101.00
286PiticoS.C. Farense-101.00
287Sergio DuarteS.C. Farense-202.00
288CurcicS.C. Farense-202.00
289ManeS.C. Farense-101.00
290BadgeSporting Club de Portugalmetal202.00
291Team (puzzle 1)Sporting Club de Portugal-101.00
292Team (puzzle 2)Sporting Club de Portugal-101.00
293IvkovicSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
294LealSporting Club de Portugal-202.00
295Joao LuisSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
296VenancioSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
297LuisinhoSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
298OceanoSporting Club de Portugal-202.00
299DouglasSporting Club de Portugal-202.00
300Cvarlos XavierSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
301LitosSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
302DfilipeSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
303CarecaSporting Club de Portugal-202.00
304CadeteSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
305LimaSporting Club de Portugal-101.00
306GomesSporting Club de Portugal-202.00
307BadgeVitoria F.C.metal303.00
308Team (puzzle 1)Vitoria F.C.-111.00
309Team (puzzle 2)Vitoria F.C.-111.00
310Jorge MartinsVitoria F.C.-111.00
311Jorge FerreiraVitoria F.C.-111.00
312DitoVitoria F.C.-111.00
313FigueiredoVitoria F.C.-101.00
314SobrinhoVitoria F.C.-111.00
315QuimVitoria F.C.-111.00
316CristanoVitoria F.C.-111.00
317HelioVitoria F.C.-202.00
318NunesVitoria F.C.-111.00
319SerraVitoria F.C.-111.00
320DiamantinoVitoria F.C.-111.00
321MakukulaVitoria F.C.-202.00
322MladenovVitoria F.C.-111.00
323AmancioVitoria F.C.-111.00
324BadgeVitoria S.C.metal202.00
325Team (puzzle 1)Vitoria S.C.-101.00
326Team (puzzle 2)Vitoria S.C.-111.00
327JesusVitoria S.C.-101.00
328NandoVitoria S.C.-101.00
329GermanoVitoria S.C.-101.00
330BeneVitoria S.C.-101.00
331BasilioVitoria S.C.-101.00
332JorgeVitoria S.C.-101.00
333Joao BaptistaVitoria S.C.-111.00
334MbouhVitoria S.C.-101.00
335BasaulaVitoria S.C.-101.00
336SoeiroVitoria S.C.-101.00
337CarvalhoVitoria S.C.-101.00
338N. DingaVitoria S.C.-101.00
339ZiadVitoria S.C.-101.00
340ChiquinhoVitoria S.C.-101.00
341Game moments 1 (puzzle 1)--111.00
342Game moments 1 (puzzle 2)--101.00
343Game moments 2 (puzzle 1)--101.00
344Game moments 2 (puzzle 2)--101.00
345Game moments 3 (puzzle 1)--101.00
346Game moments 3 (puzzle 2)--101.00
347Game moments 4 (puzzle 1)--111.00
348Game moments 4 (puzzle 2)--101.00
349Game moments 5 (puzzle 1)--101.00
350Game moments 5 (puzzle 2)--101.00
351Game moments 6 (puzzle 1)--101.00
352Game moments 6 (puzzle 2)--101.00
353Game moments 7 (puzzle 1)--101.00
354Game moments 7 (puzzle 2)--101.00
355Game moments 8 (puzzle 1)--101.00
356Game moments 8 (puzzle 2)--101.00
357Game moments 9 (puzzle 1)--101.00
358Game moments 9 (puzzle 2)--101.00
359Game moments 10 (puzzle 1)--202.00
360Game moments 10 (puzzle 2)--101.00
361Game moments 11 (puzzle 1)--101.00
362Game moments 11 (puzzle 2)--101.00
363Game moments 12 (puzzle 1)--101.00
364Game moments 12 (puzzle 2)--101.00
365Game moments 13 (puzzle 1)--202.00
366Game moments 13 (puzzle 2)--202.00
367Game moments 14 (puzzle 1)--101.00
368Game moments 14 (puzzle 2)--111.00
369Game moments 15 (puzzle 1)--101.00
370Game moments 15 (puzzle 2)--202.00
371Game moments 16 (puzzle 1)--101.00
372Game moments 16 (puzzle 2)--101.00
373Game moments 17 (puzzle 1)--101.00
374Game moments 17 (puzzle 2)--101.00
375Game moments 18 (puzzle 1)--101.00
376Game moments 18 (puzzle 2)--101.00
377Game moments 19 (puzzle 1)--202.00
378Game moments 19 (puzzle 2)--101.00
379Game moments 20 (puzzle 1)--101.00
380Game moments 20 (puzzle 2)--111.00
381Game moments 21 (puzzle 1)-metal404.00
382Game moments 21 (puzzle 2)-metal303.00
383Game moments 21 (puzzle 3)-metal101.00
384Game moments 21 (puzzle 4)--202.00
385Game moments 21 (puzzle 5)--202.00
386Game moments 21 (puzzle 6)--101.00
387Game moments 21 (puzzle 7)--303.00
388Game moments 21 (puzzle 8)--101.00
389Game moments 21 (puzzle 9)--101.00
390Game moments 22 (puzzle 1)-metal303.00
391Game moments 22 (puzzle 2)-metal303.00
392Game moments 22 (puzzle 3)-metal303.00
393Game moments 22 (puzzle 4)-metal202.00
394Game moments 22 (puzzle 5)-metal202.00
395Game moments 22 (puzzle 6)-metal101.00
396Game moments 22 (puzzle 7)--505.00
397Game moments 22 (puzzle 8)--404.00
398Game moments 22 (puzzle 9)--202.00
399Game moments 23 (puzzle 1)-metal202.00
400Game moments 23 (puzzle 2)-metal202.00
401Game moments 23 (puzzle 3)-metal101.00
402Game moments 23 (puzzle 4)-metal202.00
403Game moments 23 (puzzle 5)-metal212.00
404Game moments 23 (puzzle 6)-metal202.00
405Game moments 23 (puzzle 7)--101.00
406Game moments 23 (puzzle 8)--303.00
407Game moments 23 (puzzle 9)--202.00