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Panini Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals

Panini Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals

Year: 1982
Total stickers: 240

collecting: 7 / completed: 8


1Tyrannosaurus RexPrehistoric Animals-313.00
2How big was a Dinosaur? (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Animals-221.00
3How big was a Dinosaur? (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Animals-221.00
4How big was a Dinosaur? (puzzle 3)Prehistoric Animals-313.00
5How big was a Dinosaur? (puzzle 4)Prehistoric Animals-414.00
6The Earth is born!How it all started…-221.00
7The Earth's crust solidifiesHow it all started…-321.50
8The Great Flood (puzzle 1)How it all started…-515.00
9The Great Flood (puzzle 2)How it all started…-414.00
10The Great Flood (puzzle 3)How it all started…-414.00
11The Great Flood (puzzle 4)How it all started…-515.00
12The Great Flood (puzzle 5)How it all started…-414.00
13The Great Flood (puzzle 6)How it all started…-313.00
14AmoebaHow it all started…-313.00
15RadiolariansHow it all started…-422.00
16CoralHow it all started…-212.00
17Jelly FishHow it all started…-221.00
18TrilobiteHow it all started…-230.67
19Evolution of the Trilobites (puzzle 1)How it all started…-414.00
20Evolution of the Trilobites (puzzle 2)How it all started…-212.00
21Evolution of the Trilobites (puzzle 3)How it all started…-212.00
22MystriosaurusWhat Fossils tell us…-212.00
23OlenellidWhat Fossils tell us…-414.00
24PterodactylWhat Fossils tell us…-230.67
25ArchaeopteryxWhat Fossils tell us…-212.00
26Hunting for Dinosaur EggsWhat Fossils tell us…-212.00
27Amber InsectsWhat Fossils tell us…-313.00
28Footprint of a Prehistoric AnimalsWhat Fossils tell us…-221.00
29Mrs Mantell's DiscoveryWhat Fossils tell us…-230.67
30Trade in Mammoth's Tusks (puzzle 1)What Fossils tell us…-230.67
31Trade in Mammoth's Tusks (puzzle 2)What Fossils tell us…-321.50
32Georges CuvierDiscoverers of the Past-414.00
33Richard OwenDiscoverers of the Past-313.00
34Charles Darwin (puzzle 1)Discoverers of the Past-212.00
35Charles Darwin (puzzle 2)Discoverers of the Past-221.00
36The Age of FossilsIn search of the Past-212.00
37How Fossils are PreservedHunting for the Evidence-313.00
38Death of a MammothHunting for the Evidence-414.00
39A Fossil Hunt (puzzle 1)Hunting for the Evidence-331.00
40A Fossil Hunt (puzzle 2)Hunting for the Evidence-313.00
41A Fossil Hunt (puzzle 3)Hunting for the Evidence-212.00
42A Fossil Hunt (puzzle 4)Hunting for the Evidence-422.00
43A GeologistHunting for the Evidence-212.00
44PaleontologistHunting for the Evidence-212.00
45PaleohistologistHunting for the Evidence-212.00
46PaleobiochemistHunting for the Evidence-212.00
47Rebuilding a Dinosaur (puzzle 1)Putting it back together again-321.50
48Rebuilding a Dinosaur (puzzle 2)Putting it back together again-313.00
49Skeleton of a Brachiosaurus (puzzle 1)Putting it back together again-212.00
50Skeleton of a Brachiosaurus (puzzle 2)Putting it back together again-221.00
51Osteolepis (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Fish-313.00
52Osteolepis (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Fish-212.00
53PortheusPrehistoric Fish-321.50
54LanceletPrehistoric Fish-212.00
55Drepanaspis and AnglaspisPrehistoric Fish-313.00
56PteraspisPrehistoric Fish-221.00
57Placoderms (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Fish-313.00
58Placoderms (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Fish-321.50
59Pleuracanth (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Fish-212.00
60Pleuracanth (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Fish-221.00
61Giant Shark (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Fish-414.00
62Giant Shark (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Fish-313.00
63IchthyostegaThe First Amphibians-414.00
64EryopsThe First Amphibians-221.00
65UrochoroaThe First Amphibians-212.00
66SeymouriaThe First Reptiles-313.00
67MesosaurusThe First Reptiles-313.00
68EdaphosaurusThe First Reptiles-414.00
69DimetrodonThe First Reptiles-414.00
70Lizard and SailfishThe First Reptiles-212.00
71CynognathusThe First Reptiles-313.00
72KannemeyeriaThe First Reptiles-221.00
73MoshopsThe First Reptiles-321.50
74TanystropheusThe First Reptiles-221.00
75OviraptorThe First Reptiles-221.00
76ElasmosaurusDinosaurs in Water-321.50
77ParasaurolophusDinosaurs in Water-313.00
78PlesiosaurusDinosaurs in Water-212.00
79IchthyosaurusDinosaurs in Water-212.00
80Ichthyosaurs and Elasmosaurs Battle in the Sea (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in Water-313.00
81Ichthyosaurs and Elasmosaurs Battle in the Sea (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in Water-321.50
82Kronosaurus (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in Water-212.00
83Kronosaurus (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in Water-321.50
84TylosaurusDinosaurs in Water-212.00
85ArchelonDinosaurs in Water-515.00
86Anatosaurus and Corythosaurus (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in Water-313.00
87Anatosaurus and Corythosaurus (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in Water-212.00
88Wings (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in the Air-422.00
89Wings (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in the Air-221.00
90Pteranodon (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in the Air-321.50
91Pteranodon (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in the Air-414.00
92RhamphorhynchusDinosaurs in the Air-522.50
93Dimorphodon (puzzle 1)Dinosaurs in the Air-422.00
94Dimorphodon (puzzle 2)Dinosaurs in the Air-321.50
95PterodactylDinosaurs in the Air-212.00
96DiatrymaThe First Birds-321.50
97ArchaeopteryxThe First Birds-414.00
98NeocathartesThe First Birds-221.00
99HesperornisThe First Birds-230.67
100ProavesThe First Birds-313.00
101AepyornisThe First Birds-321.50
102IchthyornisThe First Birds-431.33
103Diplodocus (puzzle 1)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-422.00
104Diplodocus (puzzle 2)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-313.00
105Brachiosaurus (puzzle 1)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
106Brachiosaurus (puzzle 2)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-515.00
107Brontosaurus (puzzle 1)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-321.50
108Brontosaurus (puzzle 2)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
109Torosaurus (puzzle 1)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-321.50
110Torosaurus (puzzle 2)Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-212.00
111Fight between a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus (puzzle 1)Armoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-221.00
112Fight between a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus (puzzle 2)Armoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
113ProtoceratopsArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-221.00
114AnkylosaurusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-313.00
115PsittacosaurusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
116ScelidosaurusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-616.00
117PalaeoscincusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
118StyracosaurusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-321.50
119StegosaurusArmoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-515.00
120Polacanthus and Iguanodon (puzzle 1)Armoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-212.00
121Polacanthus and Iguanodon (puzzle 2)Armoured Plant-Eating Dinosaurs-212.00
122Evolution of the Ceratops (puzzle 1)Evolution of the Ceratops-230.67
123Evolution of the Ceratops (puzzle 2)Evolution of the Ceratops-313.00
124Evolution of the Ceratops (puzzle 3)Evolution of the Ceratops-321.50
125Evolution of the Ceratops (puzzle 4)Evolution of the Ceratops-212.00
126Ceratosaurus fighting a Brontosaurus (puzzle 1)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-422.00
127Ceratosaurus fighting a Brontosaurus (puzzle 2)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-321.50
128Tyrannosaurs fighting (puzzle 1)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-313.00
129Tyrannosaurs fighting (puzzle 2)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-515.00
130An Allosaurus destroys a Stegosaurus (puzzle 1)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-212.00
131An Allosaurus destroys a Stegosaurus (puzzle 2)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-414.00
132An Allosaurus destroys a Stegosaurus (puzzle 3)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-212.00
133An Allosaurus destroys a Stegosaurus (puzzle 4)Flesh-Eating Dinosaurs-313.00
134The ChaseFlesh-Eating Dinosaurs-431.33
135GorgosaurusFlesh-Eating Dinosaurs-221.00
136PhobosuchusFlesh-Eating Dinosaurs-313.00
137MorganucodonDeath of the Dinosaurs-422.00
138The Passage of a Comet (puzzle 1)Death of the Dinosaurs-321.50
139The Passage of a Comet (puzzle 2)Death of the Dinosaurs-212.00
140An Ice AgeDeath of the Dinosaurs-414.00
141Titanotherium or MenodonGiant Prehistoric Mammals-321.50
142Uintatherium (puzzle 1)Giant Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
143Uintatherium (puzzle 2)Giant Prehistoric Mammals-321.50
144ArsinoitheriumGiant Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
145MegatheriumGiant Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
146Brontotherium (puzzle 1)Giant Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
147Brontotherium (puzzle 2)Giant Prehistoric Mammals-414.00
148The Evolution of the Horse (puzzle 1)Ancestors of the Horse-221.00
149The Evolution of the Horse (puzzle 2)Ancestors of the Horse-313.00
150The Evolution of the Horse (puzzle 3)Ancestors of the Horse-515.00
151The Evolution of the Horse (puzzle 4)Ancestors of the Horse-321.50
152Platybelodon (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Elephants-515.00
153Platybelodon (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Elephants-313.00
154A Mammoth Hunt (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Elephants-313.00
155A Mammoth Hunt (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Elephants-313.00
156PhenacodusMore Prehistoric Mammals-414.00
157CoryphodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-515.00
158LophyodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-221.00
159PalaeotapirMore Prehistoric Mammals-422.00
160OreodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-212.00
161TheosodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
162MoropusMore Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
163GlyptodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-212.00
164DaedicurusMore Prehistoric Mammals-515.00
165MylodonMore Prehistoric Mammals-313.00
166Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 1)More Prehistoric Mammals-422.00
167Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 2)More Prehistoric Mammals-422.00
168Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 3)More Prehistoric Mammals-422.00
169Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 4)More Prehistoric Mammals-515.00
170Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 5)More Prehistoric Mammals-522.50
171Prehistoric Mammals in South America (puzzle 6)More Prehistoric Mammals-414.00
172ProtocerasAncestors of the Deer-313.00
173StenomylusAncestors of the Deer-221.00
174MegacerosAncestors of the Deer-313.00
175CraniocerasAncestors of the Deer-221.00
176SyndyocerasAncestors of the Deer-321.50
177SynthetocerasAncestors of the Deer-414.00
178CervalcesAncestors of the Deer-422.00
179Cave Bear (puzzle 1)The Killers-212.00
180Cave Bear (puzzle 2)The Killers-321.50
181Sabre-Toothed TigerThe Killers-522.50
182MachairodusThe Killers-313.00
183ThylacosmilusThe Killers-414.00
184Panthera Atrox (puzzle 1)The Killers-414.00
185Panthera Atrox (puzzle 2)The Killers-321.50
186CynodictisThe Killers-212.00
187Brachiosaurus (puzzle 1)Then and Now-422.00
188Brachiosaurus (puzzle 2)Then and Now-414.00
189EohippusThen and Now-313.00
190Falconeri ElephantThen and Now-515.00
191PelorovisThen and Now-212.00
192Superbison (puzzle 1)Then and Now-414.00
193Superbison (puzzle 2)Then and Now-221.00
194TriceratopsThen and Now-212.00
195PteranodonThen and Now-313.00
196ArchelonThen and Now-313.00
197DiatrymaThen and Now-313.00
198SimopithecusThen and Now-221.00
199DiprotodonThen and Now-321.50
200DeodonThen and Now-221.00
201CompsognathusThen and Now-313.00
202BaluchitheriumThen and Now-313.00
203ProconsulPrehistoric Men-321.50
204AustralopithecusPrehistoric Men-321.50
205PithecanthropusPrehistoric Men-331.00
206Neanderthal Man (puzzle 1)Prehistoric Men-515.00
207Neanderthal Man (puzzle 2)Prehistoric Men-515.00
208Neanderthal Man (puzzle 3)Prehistoric Men-313.00
209Tailed Frog (puzzle 1)Living Fossils-422.00
210Tailed Frog (puzzle 2)Living Fossils-221.00
211TuataraLiving Fossils-313.00
212Komodo DragonLiving Fossils-313.00
213IguanaLiving Fossils-313.00
214KiwiLiving Fossils-221.00
215CassowaryLiving Fossils-422.00
216HoatzinLiving Fossils-321.50
217EchidnaLiving Fossils-313.00
218OpossumLiving Fossils-313.00
219Aye-AyeLiving Fossils-422.00
220Thylacine (puzzle 1)Living Fossils-221.00
221Thylacine (puzzle 2)Living Fossils-313.00
222ManateeLiving Fossils-212.00
223Duck-Billed PlatypusLiving Fossils-212.00
224Blue WhaleLiving Fossils-212.00
225Lung-FishLiving Fossils-321.50
226LampreyMore Living Fossils-313.00
227CoelacanthMore Living Fossils-212.00
228NautilusMore Living Fossils-717.00
229LimulusMore Living Fossils-212.00
230PeripatusMore Living Fossils-313.00
231Silver FishMore Living Fossils-414.00
232CockroachMore Living Fossils-313.00
233The Great AukAnimals made Extinct by Man-321.50
234ParokeetAnimals made Extinct by Man-313.00
235MoaAnimals made Extinct by Man-313.00
236HuiaAnimals made Extinct by Man-212.00
237Giant Mauritian TurtleAnimals made Extinct by Man-313.00
238Steller's RhytinaAnimals made Extinct by Man-422.00
239Blue AntelopeAnimals made Extinct by Man-321.50
240QuaggaAnimals made Extinct by Man-212.00
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