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Panini Real Madrid 2011-2012

Panini Real Madrid 2011-2012

Year: 2012
Total stickers: 210

Coleccion oficial de cromos Real Madrid 2011-2012

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 21 / completed: 12


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2Team shot (puzzle 1)Presentacion-732.33
3Team shot (puzzle 2)Presentacion-623.00
4Team shot (puzzle 3)Presentacion-632.00
5Team shot (puzzle 4)Presentacion-616.00
6Satiago Bernabeu (puzzle 1)Real Madrid 2011-12-414.00
7Satiago Bernabeu (puzzle 1)Real Madrid 2011-12-515.00
8TribunasReal Madrid 2011-12-515.00
91-a EquipacionReal Madrid 2011-12-414.00
102-a EquipacionReal Madrid 2011-12-522.50
113-a EquipacionReal Madrid 2011-12-522.50
12Plantilla (puzzle 1)Real Madrid 2011-12-717.00
13Plantilla (puzzle 2)Real Madrid 2011-12-531.67
14Plantilla (puzzle 1)Real Madrid 2011-12-632.00
15Plantilla (puzzle 2)Real Madrid 2011-12-824.00
16Plantilla (puzzle 1)Real Madrid 2011-12-522.50
17Plantilla (puzzle 2)Real Madrid 2011-12-616.00
18Coentrao-Altintop-Varane-Callejon-SahinFichajes 2011-2012-717.00
19VaraneFichajes 2011-2012-431.33
20CoentraoFichajes 2011-2012-422.00
21SahinFichajes 2011-2012-422.00
22AltintopFichajes 2011-2012-531.67
23CallejonFichajes 2011-2012-313.00
24Mourinho (Portrait)Mourinhogold623.00
25Mourinho in action (puzzle 1)Mourinho-505.00
26Mourinho in action (puzzle 2)Mourinho-505.00
27Mourinho (Trayectoria)Mourinho-522.50
28Mourinho IHALA MADRIDMourinho-404.00
29Mourinho (Autografo)Mourinho-414.00
30Casillas (Portrait)Casillasgold909.00
31Casillas in action (puzzle 1)Casillas-522.50
32Casillas in action (puzzle 2)Casillas-632.00
33Casillas (Trayectoria)Casillas-717.00
34Casillas IHALA MADRIDCasillas-723.50
35Casillas (Autografo)Casillas-422.00
36Adan (Portrait)Adangold616.00
37Adan in action (puzzle 1)Adan-531.67
38Adan in action (puzzle 2)Adan-431.33
39Adan (Trayectoria)Adan-623.00
40Adan IHALA MADRIDAdan-541.25
41Adan (Autografo)Adan-541.25
42Arbeola (Portrait)Arbeolagold723.50
43Arbeola in action (puzzle 1)Arbeola-632.00
44Arbeola in action (puzzle 2)Arbeola-441.00
45Arbeola (Trayectoria)Arbeola-522.50
46Arbeola IHALA MADRIDArbeola-522.50
47Arbeola (Autografo)Arbeola-541.25
48Sergio Ramos (Portrait)Sergio Ramosgold919.00
49Sergio Ramos in action (puzzle 1)Sergio Ramos-632.00
50Sergio Ramos in action (puzzle 2)Sergio Ramos-422.00
51Sergio Ramos (Trayectoria)Sergio Ramos-741.75
52Sergio Ramos IHALA MADRIDSergio Ramos-723.50
53Sergio Ramos (Autografo)Sergio Ramos-515.00
54Pepe (Portrait)Pepegold723.50
55Pepe in action (puzzle 1)Pepe-414.00
56Pepe in action (puzzle 2)Pepe-404.00
57Pepe (Trayectoria)Pepe-422.00
58Pepe IHALA MADRIDPepe-404.00
59Pepe (Autografo)Pepe-531.67
60Ricardo Carvalho (Portrait)Ricardo Carvalhogold732.33
61Ricardo Carvalho in action (puzzle 1)Ricardo Carvalho-422.00
62Ricardo Carvalho in action (puzzle 2)Ricardo Carvalho-313.00
63Ricardo Carvalho (Trayectoria)Ricardo Carvalho-531.67
64Ricardo Carvalho IHALA MADRIDRicardo Carvalho-531.67
65Ricardo Carvalho (Autografo)Ricardo Carvalho-515.00
66Albiol (Portrait)Albiolgold741.75
67Albiol in action (puzzle 1)Albiol-431.33
68Albiol in action (puzzle 2)Albiol-632.00
69Albiol (Trayectoria)Albiol-431.33
70Albiol IHALA MADRIDAlbiol-541.25
71Albiol (Autografo)Albiol-723.50
72Varane (Portrait)Varanegold741.75
73Varane in action (puzzle 1)Varane-641.50
74Varane in action (puzzle 2)Varane-623.00
75Varane (Trayectoria)Varane-632.00
76Varane IHALA MADRIDVarane-531.67
77Varane (Autografo)Varane-531.67
78Marcelo (Portrait)Marcelogold933.00
79Marcelo in action (puzzle 1)Marcelo-541.25
80Marcelo in action (puzzle 2)Marcelo-832.67
81Marcelo (Trayectoria)Marcelo-818.00
82Marcelo IHALA MADRIDMarcelo-818.00
83Marcelo (Autografo)Marcelo-632.00
84Coentrao (Portrait)Coentraogold741.75
85Coentrao in action (puzzle 1)Coentrao-616.00
86Coentrao in action (puzzle 2)Coentrao-505.00
87Coentrao (Trayectoria)Coentrao-616.00
88Coentrao IHALA MADRIDCoentrao-616.00
89Coentrao (Autografo)Coentrao-717.00
90Khedira (Portrait)Khediragold515.00
91Khedira in action (puzzle 1)Khedira-623.00
92Khedira in action (puzzle 2)Khedira-531.67
93Khedira (Trayectoria)Khedira-522.50
94Khedira IHALA MADRIDKhedira-522.50
95Khedira (Autografo)Khedira-632.00
96Lass (Portrait)Lassgold723.50
97Lass in action (puzzle 1)Lass-616.00
98Lass in action (puzzle 2)Lass-641.50
99Lass (Trayectoria)Lass-632.00
100Lass IHALA MADRIDLass-723.50
101Lass (Autografo)Lass-632.00
102CracksAND Real Madrid-522.50
103EntregaAND Real Madrid-717.00
104EspectaculoAND Real Madrid-623.00
105FidelidadAND Real Madrid-431.33
106LiderazgoAND Real Madrid-522.50
107MagiaAND Real Madrid-641.50
108PasionAND Real Madrid-515.00
109OrgulloAND Real Madrid-616.00
110PegadaAND Real Madrid-321.50
111TrabajoAND Real Madrid-531.67
112TriunfoAND Real Madrid-515.00
113UnionAND Real Madrid-632.00
114Alonso (Portrait)Alonsogold824.00
115Alonso (puzzle 1)Alonso-623.00
116Alonso (puzzle 2)Alonso-924.50
117Alonso (Trayectoria)Alonso-717.00
118Alonso IHALA MADRIDAlonso-818.00
119Alonso (Autografo)Alonso-818.00
120Sahin (Portrait)Sahingold707.00
121Sahin in action (puzzle 1)Sahin-632.00
122Sahin in action (puzzle 2)Sahin-832.67
123Sahin (Trayectoria)Sahin-924.50
124Sahin IHALA MADRIDSahin-623.00
125Sahin (Autografo)Sahin-616.00
126Altintop (Portrait)Altintopgold623.00
127Altintop in action (puzzle 1)Altintop-616.00
128Altintop in action (puzzle 2)Altintop-616.00
129Altintop (Trayectoria)Altintop-616.00
130Altintop IHALA MADRIDAltintop-616.00
131Altintop (Autografo)Altintop-422.00
132Granero (Portrait)Granerogold632.00
133Granero in action (puzzle 1)Granero-422.00
134Granero in action (puzzle 2)Granero-623.00
135Granero (Trayectoria)Granero-641.50
136Granero IHALA MADRIDGranero-522.50
137Granero (Autografo)Granero-616.00
138Ozil (Portrait)Ozilgold741.75
139Ozil in action (puzzle 1)Ozil-723.50
140Ozil in action (puzzle 2)Ozil-422.00
141Ozil (Trayectoria)Ozil-522.50
142Ozil IHALA MADRIDOzil-616.00
143Ozil (Autografo)Ozil-623.00
144Kaka (Portrait)Kakagold531.67
145Kaka in action (puzzle 1)Kaka-623.00
146Kaka in action (puzzle 2)Kaka-707.00
147Kaka (Trayectoria)Kaka-522.50
148Kaka IHALA MADRIDKaka-717.00
149Kaka (Autografo)Kaka-808.00
150Ronaldo (Portrait)Ronaldogold1326.50
151Ronaldo in action (puzzle 1)Ronaldo-12112.00
152Ronaldo in action (puzzle 2)Ronaldo-1125.50
153Ronaldo (Trayectoria)Ronaldo-924.50
154Ronaldo IHALA MADRIDRonaldo-1042.50
155Ronaldo (Autografo)Ronaldo-919.00
156RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-1125.50
157RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-10110.00
158RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-1326.50
159RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-13113.00
160RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-1125.50
161RonaldoRonaldo bota de oro-1133.67
162Callejon (Portrait)Callejongold431.33
163Callejon in action (puzzle 1)Callejon-623.00
164Callejon in action (puzzle 2)Callejon-623.00
165Callejon (Trayectoria)Callejon-616.00
166Callejon IHALA MADRIDCallejon-616.00
167Callejon (Autografo)Callejon-616.00
168Benzema (Portrait)Benzemagold441.00
169Benzema in action (puzzle 1)Benzema-522.50
170Benzema in action (puzzle 2)Benzema-623.00
171Benzema (Trayectoria)Benzema-414.00
172Benzema IHALA MADRIDBenzema-606.00
173Benzema (Autografo)Benzema-522.50
174Higuain (Portrait)Higuaingold732.33
175Higuain in action (puzzle 1)Higuain-707.00
176Higuain in action (puzzle 2)Higuain-515.00
177Higuain (Trayectoria)Higuain-515.00
178Higuain IHALA MADRIDHiguain-707.00
179Higuain (Autografo)Higuain-818.00
180Di Maria (Portrait)Di Mariagold924.50
181Di Maria in action (puzzle 1)Di Maria-515.00
182Di Maria in action (puzzle 2)Di Maria-919.00
183Di Maria (Trayectoria)Di Maria-522.50
184Di Maria IHALA MADRIDDi Maria-818.00
185Di Maria (Autografo)Di Maria-717.00
1861491 objetivo al comienzo de la temporada 11/12Numeros de record-616.00
187Casillas-600 partidos con el Real MadridNumeros de record-522.50
188Ronaldo-41 goles en la temporada 10/11Numeros de record-933.00
189La primera vueltaNumeros de record-616.00
19029 goles a favorNumeros de record-632.00
191El mejor en el club durante 43 añosNumeros de record-623.00
192MejiasOperacion futuro-414.00
193CarvajalOperacion futuro-515.00
194Alex FernandezOperacion futuro-551.00
195JeseOperacion futuro-641.50
196MorataOperacion futuro-541.25
197JoseluOperacion futuro-431.33
198Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-741.75
199Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-732.33
200Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-632.00
201Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-732.33
202Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-560.83
203Ayer, hoy, siempreAyer, hoy, siempre...-651.20
2049 Copas de EuropaPalmares-551.00
20531 LigasPalmares-551.00
206Ale Real Madrid Ale, AleLa fiesta del Bernabeugold842.00
207Como no te uoy a quererLa fiesta del Bernabeugold741.75
208A por la decima!La fiesta del Bernabeugold933.00
209Asi gana el Madrid!La fiesta del Bernabeugold1133.67
210Hala Madrid!La fiesta del Bernabeugold632.00
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