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Panini Brave

Panini Brave

Year: 2012
Total stickers: 204

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 49 / completed: 29


1Castle"Aim for your dreams"figure9160.56
2Merida with bow"Aim for your dreams"gold1662.67
3Mor'du, giant demon bear"Aim for your dreams"-5210.24
4Merida chews appleMeridafigure7130.54
5Merida ponders with lyreMeridafigure8120.67
6Merida and Queen ElinorMeridagold1152.20
7Merida ponders mapsMeridafigure8150.53
8Merida and anthillMerida-6170.35
9Climbing sheer cliffMerida-8130.62
10Angus, the horseMeridagold7100.70
11Riding into gateMerida-8120.67
12Swordplay with King FergusMerida-6200.30
13Merida smiling at tableA shocking announcement-8180.44
14Brother yawningA shocking announcementfigure8120.67
15Fergus with mealA shocking announcement-6200.30
16Merida with rollsA shocking announcement-8200.40
17Fergus raises right armA shocking announcement-7160.44
18Fergus laughsA shocking announcement-7160.44
19Merida with Furgus and drumstickA shocking announcement-6160.38
20Elinor readsA shocking announcementgold1152.20
21Merida purses lipsA shocking announcement-5170.29
22Elinor smilesA shocking announcement-6150.40
23Merida is outragedA shocking announcementfigure7130.54
24Elinor speaks to MeridaA shocking announcement-5210.24
25Elinor holds brushThe Royal Clan Dunbrochfigure6140.43
26Fergus pondersThe Royal Clan Dunbrochfigure8120.67
27Queen Elinor (portrait)The Royal Clan Dunbrochgold1352.60
28King Fergus (portrait)The Royal Clan Dunbrochgold2145.25
29Fergus looms behind ElinorThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-6140.43
30Elinor holds tapestryThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-7180.39
31Fergus over Elinor's shoulderThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-6110.55
32Tapestry behind ElinorThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-5160.31
33Fergus grabs knucklesThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-8190.42
34Elinor clutches chestThe Royal Clan Dunbroch-5160.31
35Three brothersThe Royal Clan Dunbrochgold2245.50
36Elinor pondersPreparationsfigure5180.28
37Merida sits with booksPreparationsfigure7150.47
38Merida walks with ElinorPreparations-4180.22
39Merida startledPreparations-4130.31
40Formal Merida with ElinorPreparations-8140.57
41Lord Macintosh and sailPreparations-6180.33
42Sailing shipPreparations-5140.36
43Elinor consoles formal MeridaPreparations-7180.39
44Formal Merida walks awayPreparations-11130.85
45Formal Merida (head shot)Preparationsgold2245.50
46Queen Elinor (head shot)Preparations-6190.32
47King Fergus (head and chest)The Three Suitors-7230.30
48Elinor leaving throne roomThe Three Suitors-9200.45
49Fergus opens Highland GamesThe Three Suitors-11160.69
50Young Macintosh raises noseThe Three Suitorsfigure6210.29
51Young MacGuffin raises noseThe Three Suitorsfigure8130.62
52Young Macintosh (portrait)The Three Suitorsgold18118.00
53Lord Macintosh speaksThe Three Suitors-8120.67
54Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffinThe Three Suitors-5160.31
55Lord Dingwall and guardThe Three Suitors-5160.31
56Crowd around banner (puzzle 1)The Three Suitors-4140.29
57Crowd around banner (puzzle 2)The Three Suitors-6130.46
58Young MacGuffinThe Three Suitorsgold1728.50
59Wee DingwallThe Three Suitorsfigure8130.62
60Wee DingwallThe Three Suitorsgold1829.00
61Wee Dingwall pounds headThe Three Suitors-7130.54
62Lord MacGuffin punchesThe Three Suitors-8160.50
63Young Macintosh aims swordThe Three Suitors-9140.64
64Fergus and MacintoshThe Three Suitorsfigure6170.35
65Elinor hands on hipsThe Three Suitorsfigure2170.12
66Formal Merida hand on faceThe Three Suitors-5150.33
67Fergus flops on populaceThe Three Suitors-8150.53
68Formal Merida leans on wristThe Three Suitorsfigure5120.42
69Elinor orates (puzzle 1)The Three Suitors-7160.44
70Elinor orates (puzzle 2)The Three Suitors-6160.38
71Formal Merida wavesThe Three Suitorsfigure8150.53
72Elinor and Fergus delightedThe Competition-4150.27
73Young MacGuffin raises bowThe Competition-10150.67
74Formal Merida whispers to FergusThe Competition-8180.44
75Young Macintosh aims bowThe Competition-7170.41
76Lord Macintosh hollersThe Competition-5230.22
77Wee Dingwall aims bowThe Competition-5280.18
78Lord Dingwall moons FergusThe Competition-3330.09
79Merida and Elinor face to faceThe Competition-4240.17
80Merida aims bowThe Competition-3270.11
81Merida drawing bow (portrait)The Competitiongold1735.67
82Elinor shockedThe Competition-3280.11
83Merida aims bow at targetThe Competition-4260.15
84Arrow in bullseyeThe Competition-4320.13
85Elinor views pyleThe Tapestry-5300.17
86Merida leans on swordThe Tapestryfigure7170.41
87Elinor pointsThe Tapestry-5300.17
88Merida, concernedThe Tapestry-3290.10
89Tapestry behind MeridaThe Tapestry-4330.12
90Merida points swordThe Tapestrygold2145.25
91Elinor oh-myThe Tapestryfigure7110.64
92Sword pierces tapestryThe Tapestry-5210.24
93Elinor horrifiedThe Tapestry-6130.46
94Elinor hands over faceThe Tapestry-5180.28
95Merida injured on AngusThe Tapestryfigure8180.44
96Merida hands over faceThe Tapestry-4210.19
97Galloping over landscapeThe Tapestry-7170.41
98Merida and Angus surveyEscape in the Woods-7150.47
99Merida on groundEscape in the Woods-6150.40
100Merida in stone circleEscape in the Woods-5170.29
101Merida head shotEscape in the Woods-5160.31
102Merida and Argo enter forestEscape in the Woods-6160.38
103Merida walks in clearingEscape in the Woods-5180.28
104Merida approaches will-o-the-wispEscape in the Woods-8190.42
105Regoliths loomEscape in the Woods-4130.31
106Angus in forestEscape in the Woods-5160.31
107Merida creeps forwardEscape in the Woodsfigure6160.38
108Merida and candlesA Bittersweet spellfigure6160.38
109Witch and ravenA Bittersweet spellfigure10140.71
110Witch and ringA Bittersweet spell-7120.58
111Witch leads the wayA Bittersweet spell-6170.35
112Drawing cake from cauldronA Bittersweet spell-6170.35
113Queen eats cakeA Bittersweet spellfigure7160.44
114Merida smilesA Bittersweet spellfigure6170.35
115Merida pours teaA Bittersweet spell-8160.50
116Holding cakeA Bittersweet spellgold2045.00
117Presenting cake to ElinorA Bittersweet spell-9150.60
118Merida holds Elinor upA Bittersweet spellfigure7120.58
119Elinor feeling faintA Bittersweet spell-7150.47
120Elinor transformed to bearQueen Bearfigure8180.44
121Merida points to tapestryQueen Bearfigure8160.50
122Fergus concernedQueen Beargold1427.00
123Macintosh, Dingell, MacGuffinQueen Bearfigure4170.24
124Triplets with roast fowlQueen Bearfigure7160.44
125Merida holds bowQueen Bearfigure7160.44
126Queen Bear with owlQueen Bear-6170.35
127Merida at cryptQueen Bearfigure8130.62
128Queen Bear concernedQueen Bearfigure8150.53
129Queen Bear examines clawsBack to the Woodsfigure6210.29
130Merida raises arrowed fishBack to the Woodsfigure9160.56
131Queen Bear holds dignityBack to the Woodsfigure8100.80
132Merida examines broken plateBack to the Woodsfigure8150.53
133Merida carries bowBack to the Woodsfigure4140.29
134Bear catches fishBack to the Woodsfigure7140.50
135Merida smiles at featBack to the Woods-9140.64
136Merida concerned with quiverBack to the Woodsfigure8110.73
137Merida leads BearMor'du's Lair-6190.32
138Merida watchful in darkMor'du's Lair-7150.47
139Concerned BearMor'du's Lair-5200.25
140Merida views statuesMor'du's Lair-7160.44
141Merida views shipwreckMor'du's Lair-6150.40
142Mor'du snarlsMor'du's Lair-9130.69
143Mor'du snarls (profile)Mor'du's Lairfigure6190.32
144Queen Bear defendsMor'du's Lairgold23123.00
145Merida amazedMor'du's Lair-9160.56
146Merida reaches outMor'du's Lair-7170.41
147Merida reaches upwardMor'du's Lair-8170.47
148Hand on Queen Bear backMor'du's Lairfigure8180.44
149Clans prepare for war--3280.11
150Merida addresses clans--4220.18
151Merida peers upward--2320.06
152Fergus wields spear at Queen Bear--5280.18
153Queen Bear snarls--4320.13
154Merida approaches Fergus--5240.21
155Triplets ogle cake-figure7140.50
156Triplets as Cubs--4280.14
157Brother peers through window--5240.21
158Lady with key--5310.16
159Cub takes key--4280.14
160Merida spreads tapestry--3320.09
161Merida mends tapestry--5240.21
162Horseback with torchFinal Confrontation-4140.29
163Bear head over pawFinal Confrontationfigure8200.40
164Dingwall, Fergus, Macintosh rideFinal Confrontationfigure7150.47
165Roping Queen BearFinal Confrontation-6130.46
166Cubs light Merida's repairsFinal Confrontationfigure7190.37
167Merida raises sword to FergusFinal Confrontation-7120.58
168Mor'du threatens MeridaFinal Confrontation-9170.53
169Dingwall, MacGuffin lead BearFinal Confrontation-7170.41
170Ghostly figureFinal Confrontationfigure6150.40
171Queen Bear fights Mor'duFinal Confrontation-9180.50
172Tapestry over Queen BearFinal Confrontation-8150.53
173Happy family, all transformed backAll is wellfigure7100.70
174Elinor and Merida tapestry (puzzle 1)All is well-7140.50
175Elinor and Merida tapestry (puzzle 2)All is well-7160.44
176Elinor and Merida ride to cliffAll is wellfigure7160.44
B1Cubs"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1352.60
B2Sword in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-5190.26
B3Merida and Angus (puzzle 1)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1271.71
B4Merida and Angus (puzzle 2)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1572.14
B5Bear in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-9160.56
B6Merida (puzzle 1)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1836.00
B7Merida (puzzle 2)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue22211.00
B8Merida (puzzle 3)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1762.83
B9Bird in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-7150.47
B10Deer in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-6190.32
B11Bear and Merida (puzzle 1)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1735.67
B12Bear and Merida (puzzle 2)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1844.50
B13Bear and Merida (puzzle 3)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1944.75
B14Queen Elinor before tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-4120.33
B15King Fergus before tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-9160.56
B16Predator in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-8210.38
B17Cauldron in tapestry"Mend the Bond torn by pride"-6140.43
B18Cubs (portrait)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1171.57
B19Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 1)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1334.33
B20Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 2)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1553.00
B21Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 3)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue2145.25
B22Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 4)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1352.60
B23Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 5)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1562.50
B24Merida, Fergus, Elinor, Cubs (puzzle 6)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"tissue1735.67
B25Elinor, Merida, Fergus (puzzle 1)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold961.50
B26Elinor, Merida, Fergus (puzzle 2)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold9100.90
B27Elinor, Merida, Fergus (puzzle 3)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1252.40
B28Elinor, Merida, Fergus (puzzle 4)"Mend the Bond torn by pride"gold1381.63
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