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Panini Road to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Adrenalyn XL

Panini Road to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2021
Total cards: 494

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 167 / completed: 6


1Riyad MahrezAlgeriaRARE / Top Master66611.00
2Lionel MessiArgentinaRARE / Top Master80326.67
3Romelu LukakuBelgiumRARE / Top Master74612.33
4Neymar JrBrazilRARE / Top Master80613.33
5Invincible-RARE / Invincible68164.25
6Marcus RashfordEnglandRARE / Top Master75515.00
7Kylian MbappéFranceRARE / Top Master83516.60
8Virgil van DijkNetherlandsRARE / Top Master76515.20
9Luis SuárezUruguayRARE / Top Master71514.20
10Djamel BenlamriAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate47251.88
11Ramy BensebainiAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate50212.38
12Mehdi TahratAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate44222.00
13Ismaël BennacerAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate49202.45
14Yacine BrahimiAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate44231.91
15Riyad MahrezAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate45231.96
16Baghdad BounedjahAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate48232.09
17Sofiane FeghouliAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate43251.72
18Islam SlimaniAlgeriaCORE / Team Mate47241.96
19Rais M’BolhiAlgeriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite5969.83
20Aïssa MandiAlgeriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite6379.00
21Adlène GuediouraAlgeriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite66611.00
22Ranuz ZerroukiAlgeriaCORE / Rising Star44251.76
23Sofiane FeghouliAlgeriaGOLD / Game Changer49133.77
24Zerrouki / Belaïli / MahrezAlgeriaFANS / Power Trio67611.17
25Ramy BensebainiAlgeriaPOWER / Titan79326.33
26Ismaël BennacerAlgeriaPOWER / Magician61320.33
27Islam SlimaniAlgeriaPOWER / Goal Machine81181.00
28Emiliano MartínezArgentinaCORE / Team Mate51222.32
29Cristian RomeroArgentinaCORE / Team Mate44202.20
30Gonzalo MontielArgentinaCORE / Team Mate49222.23
31Giovani Lo CelsoArgentinaCORE / Team Mate46331.39
32Rodrigo De PaulArgentinaCORE / Team Mate50252.00
33Leandro ParedesArgentinaCORE / Team Mate49242.04
34Sergio AgüeroArgentinaCORE / Team Mate48242.00
35Lautaro MartínezArgentinaCORE / Team Mate48242.00
36Lionel MessiArgentinaCORE / Team Mate62183.44
37Nicolás OtamendiArgentinaFANS / Fans’ Favourite6579.29
38Ángel Di MaríaArgentinaFANS / Fans’ Favourite6779.57
39Nicolás TagliaficoArgentinaFANS / Fans’ Favourite6287.75
40Nicolás GonzálezArgentinaCORE / Rising Star45251.80
41Lautaro MartínezArgentinaGOLD / Game Changer5996.56
42Messi / Martínez / GonzálezArgentinaFANS / Power Trio65173.82
43Cristian RomeroArgentinaPOWER / Titan82241.00
44Rodrigo De PaulArgentinaPOWER / Magician79239.50
45Sergio AgüeroArgentinaPOWER / Goal Machine80420.00
46Daniel BachmannAustriaCORE / Team Mate47271.74
47David AlabaAustriaCORE / Team Mate44281.57
48Aleksandar DragovicAustriaCORE / Team Mate40271.48
49Stefan LainerAustriaCORE / Team Mate43281.54
50Andreas UlmerAustriaCORE / Team Mate44271.63
51Marcel SabitzerAustriaCORE / Team Mate44291.52
52Xaver SchlagerAustriaCORE / Team Mate42231.83
53Marko ArnautovicAustriaCORE / Team Mate47232.04
54Michael GregoritschAustriaCORE / Team Mate41341.21
55Martin HintereggerAustriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite5969.83
56Julian BaumgartlingerAustriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite5978.43
57Stefan IlsankerAustriaFANS / Fans’ Favourite60512.00
58Christoph BaumgartnerAustriaCORE / Rising Star45261.73
59David AlabaAustriaGOLD / Game Changer52124.33
60Baumgartner / Sabitzer / AlabaAustriaFANS / Power Trio60512.00
61Aleksandar DragovicAustriaPOWER / Titan65416.25
62Marcel SabitzerAustriaPOWER / Magician73514.60
63Marko ArnautovicAustriaPOWER / Goal Machine6296.89
64Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumCORE / Team Mate47301.57
65Jason DenayerBelgiumCORE / Team Mate49251.96
66Thomas MeunierBelgiumCORE / Team Mate46261.77
67Kevin De BruyneBelgiumCORE / Team Mate43231.87
68Youri TielemansBelgiumCORE / Team Mate42251.68
69Eden HazardBelgiumCORE / Team Mate49192.58
70Thorgan HazardBelgiumCORE / Team Mate44261.69
71Romelu LukakuBelgiumCORE / Team Mate46311.48
72Dries MertensBelgiumCORE / Team Mate48291.66
73Toby AlderweireldBelgiumFANS / Fans’ Favourite6287.75
74Jan VertonghenBelgiumFANS / Fans’ Favourite6087.50
75Axel WitselBelgiumFANS / Fans’ Favourite6096.67
76Jérémy DokuBelgiumCORE / Rising Star48271.78
77Eden HazardBelgiumGOLD / Game Changer52134.00
78De Bruyne / Tielemans / WitselBelgiumFANS / Power Trio49172.88
79Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumPOWER / Titan67611.17
80Kevin De BruyneBelgiumPOWER / Magician62415.50
81Romelu LukakuBelgiumPOWER / Goal Machine78326.00
82WevertonBrazilCORE / Team Mate47291.62
83DaniloBrazilCORE / Team Mate44251.76
84Alex SandroBrazilCORE / Team Mate49202.45
85Thiago SilvaBrazilCORE / Team Mate41261.58
86Lucas PaquetáBrazilCORE / Team Mate49291.69
87Douglas LuizBrazilCORE / Team Mate44251.76
88RicharlisonBrazilCORE / Team Mate46251.84
89Gabriel JesusBrazilCORE / Team Mate43241.79
90Neymar JrBrazilCORE / Team Mate55192.89
91MarquinhosBrazilFANS / Fans’ Favourite65610.83
92CasemiroBrazilFANS / Fans’ Favourite61610.17
93Roberto FirminoBrazilFANS / Fans’ Favourite6688.25
94Vinicius JrBrazilCORE / Rising Star49261.88
95Gabriel JesusBrazilGOLD / Game Changer57115.18
96Gabriel Jesus / Firmino / Neymar JrBrazilFANS / Power Trio67416.75
97Thiago SilvaBrazilPOWER / Titan78239.00
98Lucas PaquetáBrazilPOWER / Magician71611.83
99Neymar JrBrazilPOWER / Goal Machine73418.25
100Paulo DíazChileCORE / Team Mate45281.61
101Guillermo MaripánChileCORE / Team Mate42271.56
102Charles AránguizChileCORE / Team Mate42261.62
103Erick PulgarChileCORE / Team Mate47271.74
104César PinaresChileCORE / Team Mate42281.50
105Arturo VidalChileCORE / Team Mate43311.39
106Jean MenesesChileCORE / Team Mate44241.83
107Alexis SánchezChileCORE / Team Mate45231.96
108Eduardo VargasChileCORE / Team Mate46281.64
109Claudio BravoChileFANS / Fans’ Favourite6488.00
110Mauricio IslaChileFANS / Fans’ Favourite64416.00
111Gary MedelChileFANS / Fans’ Favourite5569.17
112Benjamin BreretonChileCORE / Rising Star44241.83
113Eduardo VargasChileGOLD / Game Changer55105.50
114Bravo / Maripán / MedelChileFANS / Power Trio6078.57
115Guillermo MaripánChilePOWER / Titan77238.50
116Arturo VidalChilePOWER / Magician81240.50
117Alexis SánchezChilePOWER / Goal Machine77238.50
118Yerry MinaColombiaCORE / Team Mate46241.92
119Daniel MuñozColombiaCORE / Team Mate47232.04
120William TesilloColombiaCORE / Team Mate43271.59
121Davinson SánchezColombiaCORE / Team Mate43301.43
122Edwin CardonaColombiaCORE / Team Mate42281.50
123James RodríguezColombiaCORE / Team Mate42251.68
124Mateus UribeColombiaCORE / Team Mate43231.87
125Luis MurielColombiaCORE / Team Mate42261.62
126Duván ZapataColombiaCORE / Team Mate42241.75
127David OspinaColombiaFANS / Fans’ Favourite62610.33
128Juan CuadradoColombiaFANS / Fans’ Favourite5586.88
129Wílmar BarriosColombiaFANS / Fans’ Favourite6187.63
130Luis DíazColombiaCORE / Rising Star47261.81
131Edwin CardonaColombiaGOLD / Game Changer53124.42
132Zapata / Muriel / Falcao GarcíaColombiaFANS / Power Trio64512.80
133Yerry MinaColombiaPOWER / Titan76238.00
134James RodríguezColombiaPOWER / Magician78239.00
135Luis MurielColombiaPOWER / Goal Machine67322.33
136Andreas ChristensenDenmarkCORE / Team Mate44281.57
137Simon KjærDenmarkCORE / Team Mate46261.77
138Joakim MæhleDenmarkCORE / Team Mate47241.96
139Jannik VestergaardDenmarkCORE / Team Mate45202.25
140Pierre Emile HøjbjergDenmarkCORE / Team Mate46271.70
141Daniel WassDenmarkCORE / Team Mate48271.78
142Kasper DolbergDenmarkCORE / Team Mate41311.32
143Yussuf PoulsenDenmarkCORE / Team Mate45321.41
144Jonas WindDenmarkCORE / Team Mate38291.31
145Kasper SchmeichelDenmarkFANS / Fans’ Favourite6087.50
146Thomas DelaneyDenmarkFANS / Fans’ Favourite52182.89
147Martin BraithwaiteDenmarkFANS / Fans’ Favourite6087.50
148Mikkel DamsgaardDenmarkCORE / Rising Star47222.14
149Joakim MæhleDenmarkGOLD / Game Changer6488.00
150Schmeichel / Christensen / KjærDenmarkFANS / Power Trio50222.27
151Simon KjærDenmarkPOWER / Titan61106.10
152Pierre Emile HøjbjergDenmarkPOWER / Magician74237.00
153Yussuf PoulsenDenmarkPOWER / Goal Machine64610.67
154Harry MaguireEnglandCORE / Team Mate43241.79
155Kieran TrippierEnglandCORE / Team Mate45241.88
156Phil FodenEnglandCORE / Team Mate48242.00
157Mason MountEnglandCORE / Team Mate49271.81
158Kalvin PhillipsEnglandCORE / Team Mate48251.92
159Declan RiceEnglandCORE / Team Mate42221.91
160Harry KaneEnglandCORE / Team Mate45261.73
161Marcus RashfordEnglandCORE / Team Mate45251.80
162Raheem SterlingEnglandCORE / Team Mate47281.68
163Jordan PickfordEnglandFANS / Fans’ Favourite51182.83
164Kyle WalkerEnglandFANS / Fans’ Favourite63610.50
165John StonesEnglandFANS / Fans’ Favourite6779.57
166Jude BellinghamEnglandCORE / Rising Star50232.17
167Raheem SterlingEnglandGOLD / Game Changer57134.38
168Rashford / Kane / SanchoEnglandFANS / Power Trio7289.00
169Harry MaguireEnglandPOWER / Titan65513.00
170Phil FodenEnglandPOWER / Magician82241.00
171Harry KaneEnglandPOWER / Goal Machine67322.33
172Lucas HernándezFranceCORE / Team Mate50271.85
173Presnel KimpembeFranceCORE / Team Mate45291.55
174Benjamin PavardFranceCORE / Team Mate50281.79
175Raphaël VaraneFranceCORE / Team Mate44261.69
176N’Golo KantéFranceCORE / Team Mate48291.66
177Adrien RabiotFranceCORE / Team Mate48212.29
178Olivier GiroudFranceCORE / Team Mate43221.95
179Antoine GriezmannFranceCORE / Team Mate47291.62
180Kylian MbappéFranceCORE / Team Mate57232.48
181Hugo LlorisFranceFANS / Fans’ Favourite6779.57
182Paul PogbaFranceFANS / Fans’ Favourite71611.83
183Karim BenzemaFranceFANS / Fans’ Favourite5978.43
184Jules KoundéFranceCORE / Rising Star46241.92
185Antoine GriezmannFranceGOLD / Game Changer55115.00
186Lloris / Kimpembe / HernándezFranceFANS / Power Trio6379.00
187Raphaël VaraneFrancePOWER / Titan70514.00
188N’Golo KantéFrancePOWER / Magician61320.33
189Olivier GiroudFrancePOWER / Goal Machine70514.00
190Matthias GinterGermanyCORE / Team Mate45222.05
191Emre CanGermanyCORE / Team Mate44271.63
192Julian DraxlerGermanyCORE / Team Mate40311.29
193Florian NeuhausGermanyCORE / Team Mate47271.74
194İlkay GündoğanGermanyCORE / Team Mate44241.83
195Joshua KimmichGermanyCORE / Team Mate45261.73
196Serge GnabryGermanyCORE / Team Mate45291.55
197Kevin VollandGermanyCORE / Team Mate45291.55
198Timo WernerGermanyCORE / Team Mate47212.24
199Manuel NeuerGermanyFANS / Fans’ Favourite63512.60
200Antonio RüdigerGermanyFANS / Fans’ Favourite54124.50
201Robin GosensGermanyFANS / Fans’ Favourite6488.00
202Kai HavertzGermanyCORE / Rising Star49251.96
203İlkay GündoğanGermanyGOLD / Game Changer55143.93
204Ginter / Koch / KlostermannGermanyFANS / Power Trio48172.82
205Matthias GinterGermanyPOWER / Titan80240.00
206Joshua KimmichGermanyPOWER / Magician78178.00
207Timo WernerGermanyPOWER / Goal Machine78239.00
208Gianluigi DonnarummaItalyCORE / Team Mate61242.54
209Francesco AcerbiItalyCORE / Team Mate49251.96
210Nicolò BarellaItalyCORE / Team Mate54242.25
211JorginhoItalyCORE / Team Mate51242.13
212Manuel LocatelliItalyCORE / Team Mate56262.15
213Marco VerrattiItalyCORE / Team Mate50291.72
214Federico ChiesaItalyCORE / Team Mate56301.87
215Ciro ImmobileItalyCORE / Team Mate50261.92
216Lorenzo InsigneItalyCORE / Team Mate54262.08
217Leonardo BonucciItalyFANS / Fans’ Favourite7489.25
218Giorgio ChielliniItalyFANS / Fans’ Favourite70514.00
219Alessandro FlorenziItalyFANS / Fans’ Favourite6888.50
220Moise KeanItalyCORE / Rising Star59222.68
221Federico ChiesaItalyGOLD / Game Changer66135.08
222Immobile / Belotti / InsigneItalyFANS / Power Trio68106.80
223Gianluigi DonnarummaItalyPOWER / Titan83516.60
224Marco VerrattiItalyPOWER / Magician92423.00
225Ciro ImmobileItalyPOWER / Goal Machine74237.00
226Carlos SalcedoMexicoCORE / Team Mate43281.54
227Jorge SánchezMexicoCORE / Team Mate45281.61
228Luis RomoMexicoCORE / Team Mate41301.37
229Jesús Manuel CoronaMexicoCORE / Team Mate44281.57
230Jesús GallardoMexicoCORE / Team Mate45271.67
231Héctor HerreraMexicoCORE / Team Mate40221.82
232Luis RodríguezMexicoCORE / Team Mate46232.00
233Raúl JiménezMexicoCORE / Team Mate42271.56
234Hirving LozanoMexicoCORE / Team Mate43251.72
235Guillermo OchoaMexicoFANS / Fans’ Favourite63610.50
236Héctor MorenoMexicoFANS / Fans’ Favourite6387.88
237Andrés GuardadoMexicoFANS / Fans’ Favourite6387.88
238Diego LainezMexicoCORE / Rising Star44251.76
239Hirving LozanoMexicoGOLD / Game Changer56124.67
240Guardado / Álvarez / LainezMexicoFANS / Power Trio58414.50
241Carlos SalcedoMexicoPOWER / Titan66416.50
242Jesús Manuel CoronaMexicoPOWER / Magician65513.00
243Raúl JiménezMexicoPOWER / Goal Machine72612.00
244Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate45261.73
245Hans HateboerNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate44291.52
246Virgil van DijkNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate50261.92
247Owen WijndalNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate44251.76
248Steven BerghuisNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate45291.55
249Frenkie de JongNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate43271.59
250Georginio WijnaldumNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate46232.00
251Luuk de JongNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate45241.88
252Memphis DepayNetherlandsCORE / Team Mate43261.65
253Jasper CillessenNetherlandsFANS / Fans’ Favourite56414.00
254Daley BlindNetherlandsFANS / Fans’ Favourite64416.00
255Stefan de VrijNetherlandsFANS / Fans’ Favourite6196.78
256Ryan GravenberchNetherlandsCORE / Rising Star46241.92
257Georginio WijnaldumNetherlandsGOLD / Game Changer6196.78
258van Dijk / de Ligt / de VrijNetherlandsFANS / Power Trio6387.88
259Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsPOWER / Titan7689.50
260Frenkie de JongNetherlandsPOWER / Magician81420.25
261Memphis DepayNetherlandsPOWER / Goal Machine80240.00
262Wojciech SzczęsnyPolandCORE / Team Mate46281.64
263Jan BednarekPolandCORE / Team Mate43251.72
264Bartosz BereszyńskiPolandCORE / Team Mate43301.43
265Kamil JóźwiakPolandCORE / Team Mate46271.70
266Mateusz KlichPolandCORE / Team Mate46331.39
267Piotr ZielińskiPolandCORE / Team Mate45261.73
268Robert LewandowskiPolandCORE / Team Mate49261.88
269Arkadiusz MilikPolandCORE / Team Mate48291.66
270Krzysztof PiątekPolandCORE / Team Mate46251.84
271Kamil GlikPolandFANS / Fans’ Favourite50182.78
272Maciej RybusPolandFANS / Fans’ Favourite49232.13
273Grzegorz KrychowiakPolandFANS / Fans’ Favourite53134.08
274Jakub ModerPolandCORE / Rising Star46271.70
275Arkadiusz MilikPolandGOLD / Game Changer56105.60
276Lewandowski / Milik / PiątekPolandFANS / Power Trio7088.75
277Wojciech SzczęsnyPolandPOWER / Titan67611.17
278Piotr ZielińskiPolandPOWER / Magician6579.29
279Robert LewandowskiPolandPOWER / Goal Machine81711.57
280Rui PatrícioPortugalCORE / Team Mate48261.85
281João CanceloPortugalCORE / Team Mate45241.88
282Raphaël GuerreiroPortugalCORE / Team Mate50222.27
283Rúben DiasPortugalCORE / Team Mate44222.00
284Bernardo SilvaPortugalCORE / Team Mate49261.88
285Bruno FernandesPortugalCORE / Team Mate51252.04
286Cristiano RonaldoPortugalCORE / Team Mate63173.71
287Diogo JotaPortugalCORE / Team Mate52262.00
288João FélixPortugalCORE / Team Mate51301.70
289PepePortugalFANS / Fans’ Favourite53182.94
290João MoutinhoPortugalFANS / Fans’ Favourite51182.83
291William CarvalhoPortugalFANS / Fans’ Favourite51173.00
292Nuno MendesPortugalCORE / Rising Star50252.00
293João FélixPortugalGOLD / Game Changer60134.62
294B. Silva / D. Pereira / B. FernandesPortugalFANS / Power Trio6479.14
295Rui PatrícioPortugalPOWER / Titan65610.83
296Bruno FernandesPortugalPOWER / Magician76515.20
297Cristiano RonaldoPortugalPOWER / Goal Machine91245.50
298Saad Al SheebQatarCORE / Team Mate46261.77
299Bassam AlrawiQatarCORE / Team Mate44291.52
300Pedro Miguel CorreiaQatarCORE / Team Mate45301.50
301Tarek SalmanQatarCORE / Team Mate47222.14
302Karim BoudiafQatarCORE / Team Mate47232.04
303Akram Hassan AfifQatarCORE / Team Mate43251.72
304Ahmed AlaaeldinQatarCORE / Team Mate49212.33
305Hassan AlhaydosQatarCORE / Team Mate44261.69
306Almoez AliQatarCORE / Team Mate49212.33
307Abdelkarim HassanQatarFANS / Fans’ Favourite50192.63
308Boualem KhoukhiQatarFANS / Fans’ Favourite48222.18
309Abdelaziz HatimQatarFANS / Fans’ Favourite51163.19
310Mohammed Al BayatiQatarCORE / Rising Star44291.52
311Almoez AliQatarGOLD / Game Changer62115.64
312Alrawi / Khoukhi / SalmanQatarFANS / Power Trio65321.67
313Saad Al SheebQatarPOWER / Titan76176.00
314Karim BoudiafQatarPOWER / Magician67611.17
315Hassan AlhaydosQatarPOWER / Goal Machine72514.40
316Unai SimónSpainCORE / Team Mate51252.04
317Eric GarcíaSpainCORE / Team Mate54272.00
318Pau TorresSpainCORE / Team Mate46261.77
319Sergio RamosSpainCORE / Team Mate48232.09
320Dani OlmoSpainCORE / Team Mate52271.93
321RodriSpainCORE / Team Mate45261.73
322Thiago AlcántaraSpainCORE / Team Mate49271.81
323Ferran TorresSpainCORE / Team Mate54262.08
324Álvaro MorataSpainCORE / Team Mate54252.16
325Jordi AlbaSpainFANS / Fans’ Favourite50192.63
326KokeSpainFANS / Fans’ Favourite64106.40
327Sergio BusquetsSpainFANS / Fans’ Favourite64610.67
328PedriSpainCORE / Rising Star57212.71
329Ferran TorresSpainGOLD / Game Changer54114.91
330Koke / Sergio Busquets / ThiagoSpainFANS / Power Trio65610.83
331Sergio RamosSpainPOWER / Titan76515.20
332Thiago AlcántaraSpainPOWER / Magician68513.60
333Álvaro MorataSpainPOWER / Goal Machine89189.00
334Manuel AkanjiSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate41311.32
335Nico ElvediSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate46281.64
336Silvan WidmerSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate43281.54
337Remo FreulerSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate46291.59
338Xherdan ShaqiriSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate45251.80
339Steven ZuberSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate41241.71
340Breel EmboloSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate40271.48
341Mario GavranovićSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate43281.54
342Haris SeferovićSwitzerlandCORE / Team Mate44301.47
343Yann SommerSwitzerlandFANS / Fans’ Favourite6579.29
344Ricardo RodríguezSwitzerlandFANS / Fans’ Favourite63610.50
345Granit XhakaSwitzerlandFANS / Fans’ Favourite61415.25
346Ruben VargasSwitzerlandCORE / Rising Star47291.62
347Mario GavranovićSwitzerlandGOLD / Game Changer55153.67
348Sommer / Elvedi / AkanjiSwitzerlandFANS / Power Trio6379.00
349Manuel AkanjiSwitzerlandPOWER / Titan62512.40
350Xherdan ShaqiriSwitzerlandPOWER / Magician69323.00
351Haris SeferovićSwitzerlandPOWER / Goal Machine84242.00
352Robin OlsenSwedenCORE / Team Mate44291.52
353Pierre BengtssonSwedenCORE / Team Mate48222.18
354Victor Nilsson LindelöfSwedenCORE / Team Mate43261.65
355Viktor ClaessonSwedenCORE / Team Mate40291.38
356Emil ForsbergSwedenCORE / Team Mate43281.54
357Kristoffer OlssonSwedenCORE / Team Mate45271.67
358Zlatan IbrahimovićSwedenCORE / Team Mate51222.32
359Alexander IsakSwedenCORE / Team Mate42301.40
360Dejan KulusevskiSwedenCORE / Team Mate44311.42
361Ludwig AugustinssonSwedenFANS / Fans’ Favourite6196.78
362Sebastian LarssonSwedenFANS / Fans’ Favourite64512.80
363Albin EkdalSwedenFANS / Fans’ Favourite6196.78
364Jens-Lys CajusteSwedenCORE / Rising Star48242.00
365Dejan KulusevskiSwedenGOLD / Game Changer59163.69
366Ekdal / Olsson / ForsbergSwedenFANS / Power Trio6096.67
367Robin OlsenSwedenPOWER / Titan77515.40
368Emil ForsbergSwedenPOWER / Magician74612.33
369Zlatan IbrahimovićSwedenPOWER / Goal Machine78515.60
370Fernado MusleraUruguayCORE / Team Mate44251.76
371Matías ViñaUruguayCORE / Team Mate46222.09
372Rodrigo BentancurUruguayCORE / Team Mate43291.48
373Giorgian De ArrascaetaUruguayCORE / Team Mate42281.50
374Nahitan NandezUruguayCORE / Team Mate46202.30
375Lucas TorreiraUruguayCORE / Team Mate44241.83
376Federico ValverdeUruguayCORE / Team Mate42261.62
377Edinson CavaniUruguayCORE / Team Mate51252.04
378Luis SuárezUruguayCORE / Team Mate45241.88
379Martin CáceresUruguayFANS / Fans’ Favourite63512.60
380José GiménezUruguayFANS / Fans’ Favourite65115.91
381Diego GodínUruguayFANS / Fans’ Favourite6579.29
382Facundo TorresUruguayCORE / Rising Star47251.88
383Federico ValverdeUruguayGOLD / Game Changer5878.29
384Muslera / Godín / GiménezUruguayFANS / Power Trio64610.67
385Fernado MusleraUruguayPOWER / Titan74237.00
386Rodrigo BentancurUruguayPOWER / Magician61610.17
387Edinson CavaniUruguayPOWER / Goal Machine6679.43
LE-AFAnsu FatiSpainLimited Edition82327.33
LE-AIAlexander IsakSwedenLimited Edition73173.00
LE-ASAlexis SánchezChileLimited Edition73173.00
LE-BSBukayo SakaEnglandLimited Edition68234.00
LE-CEChristian EriksenDenmarkLimited Edition76325.33
LE-CRCristiano RonaldoPortugalLimited Edition90190.00
LE-DADavid AlabaAustriaLimited Edition78078.00
LE-DEZDenis ZakariaSwitzerlandLimited Edition72172.00
LE-DKDejan KulusevskiSwedenLimited Edition74074.00
LE-DZDuván ZapataColombiaLimited Edition72172.00
LE-ECEmre CanGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-EFEmil ForsbergSwedenLimited Edition60320.00
LE-FCFederico ChiesaItalyLimited Edition78419.50
LE-FVFederico ValverdeUruguayLimited Edition72172.00
LE-GCGiorgio ChielliniItalyLimited Edition6379.00
LE-GDGianluigi DonnarummaItalyLimited Edition85185.00
LE-GOGuillermo OchoaMexicoLimited Edition73173.00
LE-GWGeorginio WijnaldumNetherlandsLimited Edition60320.00
LE-GXGranit XhakaSwitzerlandLimited Edition67322.33
LE-HAHassan AlhaydoQatarLimited Edition72172.00
LE-ISIslam SlimaniAlgeriaLimited Edition70170.00
LE-JBJude BellinghamEnglandLimited Edition73173.00
LE-JBRJulian BrandtGermanyLimited Edition72324.00
LE-JDJulian DraxlerGermanyLimited Edition70323.33
LE-JFJoão FélixPortugalLimited Edition72324.00
LE-JMJamal MusialaGermanyLimited Edition75175.00
LE-JOJorginhoItalyLimited Edition80080.00
LE-JRJames RodríguezColombiaLimited Edition72172.00
LE-KDBKevin De BruyneBelgiumLimited Edition74174.00
LE-KHKai HavertzGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-KKKacper KozłowskiPolandLimited Edition69234.50
LE-KMKylian MbappéFranceLimited Edition80180.00
LE-LGLeon GoretzkaGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-LKLukas KlostermannGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-LMLionel MessiArgentinaLimited Edition87187.00
LE-LMULuis MurielColombiaLimited Edition79079.00
LE-LWLuca WaldschmidtGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-MAMarko ArnautovićAustriaLimited Edition70170.00
LE-MHMats HummelsGermanyLimited Edition74324.67
LE-MMMason MountEnglandLimited Edition71235.50
LE-MRMarcus RashfordEnglandLimited Edition79079.00
LE-MSMarcel SabitzerAustriaLimited Edition69234.50
LE-MVMarco VerrattiItalyLimited Edition88088.00
LE-NJNeymar JrBrazilLimited Edition83083.00
LE-NKN’Golo KantéFranceLimited Edition72172.00
LE-PEPedriSpainLimited Edition73236.50
LE-PEHPierre Emile HøjbjergDenmarkLimited Edition72236.00
LE-PFPhil FodenEnglandLimited Edition68234.00
LE-PPPaul PogbaFranceLimited Edition84084.00
LE-RFRoberto FirminoBrazilLimited Edition70170.00
LE-RGRobin GosensGermanyLimited Edition72172.00
LE-RGRRyan GravenberchNetherlandsLimited Edition72172.00
LE-RKRobin KochGermanyLimited Edition70170.00
LE-RLRobert LewandowskiPolandLimited Edition78178.00
LE-RMRiyad MahrezAlgeriaLimited Edition72172.00
LE-THThorgan HazardBelgiumLimited Edition74237.00
LEP-CRCristiano RonaldoPortugalLimited Edition / Premium6897.56
LEP-DADavid AlabaAustriaLimited Edition / Premium5696.22
LEP-LMLuis MurielColombiaLimited Edition / Premium5486.75
LEP-MRMarcus RashfordEnglandLimited Edition / Premium6096.67
LEP-MVMarco VerrattiItalyLimited Edition / Premium60163.75
LEP-NJNeymar JrBrazilLimited Edition / Premium59115.36
LEP-PPPaul PogbaFranceLimited Edition / Premium5887.25
LEP-RLRobert LewandowskiPolandLimited Edition / Premium6196.78
LEG-LMLionel MessiArgentinaLimited Edition / Premium Gold6488.00
LEG-RLRomelu LukakuBelgiumLimited Edition / Premium Gold5596.11
LEG-SKSimon KjaerDenmarkLimited Edition / Premium Gold54105.40
LEG-SRSergio RamosSpainLimited Edition / Premium Gold5896.44
XXL-AFAnsu FatiSpainXXL Limited Edition67167.00
XXL-AIAlexander IsakSwedenXXL Limited Edition63163.00
XXL-ASAlexis SánchezChileXXL Limited Edition63163.00
XXL-BEBreel EmboloSwitzerlandXXL Limited Edition67067.00
XXL-BPBenjamin PavardFranceXXL Limited Edition68068.00
XXL-BSBukayo SakaEnglandXXL Limited Edition70070.00
XXL-CRCristiano RonaldoPortugalXXL Limited Edition69069.00
XXL-DEZDenis ZakariaSwitzerlandXXL Limited Edition61161.00
XXL-DZDuván ZapataColombiaXXL Limited Edition61061.00
XXL-ECEmre CanGermanyXXL Limited Edition62062.00
XXL-FVFederico ValverdeUruguayXXL Limited Edition61161.00
XXL-GDGianluigi DonnarummaItalyXXL Limited Edition70170.00
XXL-GOGuillermo OchoaMexicoXXL Limited Edition61061.00
XXL-HAHassan AlhaydoQatarXXL Limited Edition63063.00
XXL-HKHarry KaneEnglandXXL Limited Edition67067.00
XXL-JBJude BellinghamEnglandXXL Limited Edition64064.00
XXL-JFJoão FélixPortugalXXL Limited Edition63512.60
XXL-JMJamal MusialaGermanyXXL Limited Edition63163.00
XXL-KDBKevin De BruyneBelgiumXXL Limited Edition63063.00
XXL-KHKai HavertzGermanyXXL Limited Edition63231.50
XXL-KMKylian MbappéFranceXXL Limited Edition73073.00
XXL-LGLeon GoretzkaGermanyXXL Limited Edition64064.00
XXL-LKLukas KlostermannGermanyXXL Limited Edition61230.50
XXL-LMLionel MessiArgentinaXXL Limited Edition69169.00
XXL-LWLuca WaldschmidtGermanyXXL Limited Edition61161.00
XXL-MAMarko ArnautovićAustriaXXL Limited Edition61061.00
XXL-MMMason MountEnglandXXL Limited Edition70070.00
XXL-NKN’Golo KantéFranceXXL Limited Edition64064.00
XXL-PEPedriSpainXXL Limited Edition68068.00
XXL-PEHPierre Emile HøjbjergDenmarkXXL Limited Edition63163.00
XXL-PFPhil FodenEnglandXXL Limited Edition59115.36
XXL-PPPaul PogbaFranceXXL Limited Edition71071.00
XXL-RFRoberto FirminoBrazilXXL Limited Edition63163.00
XXL-RGRobin GosensGermanyXXL Limited Edition61061.00
XXL-RGRRyan GravenberchNetherlandsXXL Limited Edition64064.00
XXL-RLRobert LewandowskiPolandXXL Limited Edition64064.00
XXL-RMRiyad MahrezAlgeriaXXL Limited Edition62231.00
XXL-RSRaheem SterlingEnglandXXL Limited Edition56183.11
XXL-THThorgan HazardBelgiumXXL Limited Edition56183.11
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