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Panini Liga 1 Romania 2016-2017

Panini Liga 1 Romania 2016-2017

Year: 2016
Total stickers: 386

Collection preview (76% scanned images)

collecting: 68 / completed: 74


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1Logo Liga I-metal16131.23
2Logo Panini-metal16101.60
3Logo LPF-metal2473.43
4Team Photo (puzzle 1)ASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2464.00
5Team Photo (puzzle 2)ASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-1992.11
6BadgeASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureşmetal22102.20
7BadgeFC CFR 1907 Clujmetal21121.75
8Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC CFR 1907 Cluj-2839.33
9Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC CFR 1907 Cluj-2939.67
10Team Photo (puzzle 1)CS Concordia Chiajna-3450.07
11Team Photo (puzzle 2)CS Concordia Chiajna-4480.08
12BadgeCS Concordia Chiajnametal19111.73
13Team Photo (puzzle 1)CSM Politehnica Iaşi-3520.06
14Team Photo (puzzle 2)CSM Politehnica Iaşi-2490.04
15BadgeCSM Politehnica Iaşimetal2673.71
16BadgeCS Universitatea Craiovametal2564.17
17Team Photo (puzzle 1)CS Universitatea Craiova-4430.09
18Team Photo (puzzle 2)CS Universitatea Craiova-3480.06
19Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2460.04
20Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2470.04
21BadgeFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureştimetal1682.00
22Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC Botoşani-2072.86
23Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC Botoşani-18121.50
24BadgeFC Botoşanimetal21151.40
25BadgeFC Steaua Bucureştimetal2492.67
26Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC Steaua Bucureşti-2082.50
27Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC Steaua Bucureşti-2382.88
28Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC Viitorul-2082.50
29Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC Viitorul-15111.36
30BadgeFC Viitorulmetal2464.00
31Team Photo (puzzle 1)FC Voluntari-2354.60
32Team Photo (puzzle 2)FC Voluntari-2438.00
33BadgeFC Voluntarimetal23131.77
34BadgeCS Gaz Metan Mediaşmetal19141.36
35Team Photo (puzzle 1)CS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2460.04
36Team Photo (puzzle 2)CS Gaz Metan Mediaş-3470.06
37Team Photo (puzzle 1)CS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-4480.08
38Team Photo (puzzle 2)CS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2460.04
39BadgeCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiumetal25102.50
40Team Photo (puzzle 1)ACS Poli Timişoara-2154.20
41Team Photo (puzzle 2)ACS Poli Timişoara-2947.25
42BadgeACS Poli Timişoarametal2983.63
43BadgeAFC Astra Giurgiumetal18111.64
44Team Photo (puzzle 1)AFC Astra Giurgiu-2245.50
45Team Photo (puzzle 2)AFC Astra Giurgiu-2173.00
46Liga I Official Ball-metal19141.36
47Gabriel MureşanASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-3510.06
48Pedro MingoteASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-4440.09
49Adrian ViciuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-3500.06
50Andrei CordoşASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-5520.10
51Gabriel MateiASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-23211.50
52Marius ConstantinASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-1863.00
53Alin DobrosavleviciASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-23211.50
54Claudiu BeluASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2245.50
55Gaston MendyASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-1844.50
56Emil DicăASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2054.00
57Robert CandreaASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2373.29
58Adrian BorzaASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-21210.50
59Octavian DeaconuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-3590.05
60Ciprian RusASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2590.03
61Vlad MorarASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2440.05
62Octavian UrsuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2874.00
63Romeo SurduASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-3490.06
64Alexandru Ioniţă IASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2450.04
65Benjamin KukuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2470.04
66Ianis ZicuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-3530.06
67Andrei CiolacuASA 2013 Tîrgu Mureş-2500.04
68Mário CamoraFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2764.50
69Alexandru MarcFC CFR 1907 Cluj-1936.33
70Mihai MincăFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2839.33
71Cornel EneFC CFR 1907 Cluj-1628.00
72Tiago LopesFC CFR 1907 Cluj-22211.00
73Ionuţ LarieFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2345.75
74Laurenţiu RusFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2237.33
75Ionuţ PeteleuFC CFR 1907 Cluj-16111.45
76Andrei MureşanFC CFR 1907 Cluj-1772.43
77Tomislav ŠoršaFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2145.25
78Juan CarlosFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2564.17
79Bryan NouvierFC CFR 1907 Cluj-1863.00
80Filipe NascimentoFC CFR 1907 Cluj-24124.00
81Alexandru ChiriţăFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2638.67
82Tomislav GomeltFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2145.25
83László HodgyaiFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2154.20
84Alexandru PăunFC CFR 1907 Cluj-26126.00
85Cristian BudFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2446.00
86Abdel OmraniFC CFR 1907 Cluj-24212.00
87Dan RomanFC CFR 1907 Cluj-2163.50
88Sergiu NegruţFC CFR 1907 Cluj-23023.00
89Cristian BălgrădeanCS Concordia Chiajna-1682.00
90Virgil DrăghiaCS Concordia Chiajna-2163.50
91Alexandru AlbuCS Concordia Chiajna-1944.75
92Cristian MelinteCS Concordia Chiajna-2446.00
93Bogdan BucuricăCS Concordia Chiajna-2063.33
94Patrice FeussiCS Concordia Chiajna-21141.50
95Iulian MameleCS Concordia Chiajna-20111.82
96Răzvan TincuCS Concordia Chiajna-2154.20
97Ştefan BărboianuCS Concordia Chiajna-2054.00
98Milano KoendersCS Concordia Chiajna-18111.64
99Lucian AsanacheCS Concordia Chiajna-2163.50
100Alin BuleicăCS Concordia Chiajna-20131.54
101Tiberiu SerediucCS Concordia Chiajna-1782.13
102Neluţ RoşuCS Concordia Chiajna-1491.56
103Raul CostinCS Concordia Chiajna-2583.13
104Adrian CristeaCS Concordia Chiajna-2192.33
105Alessandro Padovani CelinCS Concordia Chiajna-1844.50
106Marian ConstantinescuCS Concordia Chiajna-1562.50
107Marian CristescuCS Concordia Chiajna-2555.00
108Robert RăducanuCS Concordia Chiajna-2483.00
109Marius PenaCS Concordia Chiajna-1836.00
110Ionuţ VoicuCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2739.00
111Alessandro CaparcoCSM Politehnica Iaşi-1753.40
112Branko GrahovacCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2382.88
113Alexandru CreţuCSM Politehnica Iaşi-24124.00
114Gabriel BosoiCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2072.86
115Cosmin FrăsinescuCSM Politehnica Iaşi-18118.00
116Mădălin CiucăCSM Politehnica Iaşi-1863.00
117Marius MihalacheCSM Politehnica Iaşi-26213.00
118Ante SarićCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2045.00
119Narcis BădicCSM Politehnica Iaşi-24212.00
120Lukács BőleCSM Politehnica Iaşi-22112.00
121Alexandru ŢigănaşuCSM Politehnica Iaşi-27213.50
122Daisuke SatoCSM Politehnica Iaşi-29129.00
123Vasile GheorgheCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2054.00
124Alexandru CiucurCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2145.25
125Cătălin ŞtefănescuCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2746.75
126Milan MitićCSM Politehnica Iaşi-31031.00
127Mădălin MartinCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2345.75
128Alexandru BoiciucCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2045.00
129Gianmarco PiccioniCSM Politehnica Iaşi-2546.25
130Andrei CristeaCSM Politehnica Iaşi-22122.00
131Andrei IvanCS Universitatea Craiova-1644.00
132Laurenţiu PopescuCS Universitatea Craiova-23123.00
133Nicolai CalanceaCS Universitatea Craiova-2245.50
134Bogdan VătăjeluCS Universitatea Craiova-1853.60
135Raul HreniucCS Universitatea Craiova-2746.75
136Carlos KayCS Universitatea Craiova-1853.60
137Stephane AckaCS Universitatea Craiova-2538.33
138Marius BriceagCS Universitatea Craiova-2764.50
139Renato KelićCS Universitatea Craiova-2054.00
140Apostol PopovCS Universitatea Craiova-2446.00
141Olivian SurugiuCS Universitatea Craiova-2438.00
142Robert PetreCS Universitatea Craiova-27127.00
143Hristo ZlatinskiCS Universitatea Craiova-2373.29
144Alexandru BăluţăCS Universitatea Craiova-2382.88
145Nicuşor BancuCS Universitatea Craiova-2673.71
146Henrique MadsonCS Universitatea Craiova-25212.50
147Gustavo Di MauroCS Universitatea Craiova-2446.00
148Simon MăzăracheCS Universitatea Craiova-2154.20
149Vladimir ScreciuCS Universitatea Craiova-2454.80
150Nuno RochaCS Universitatea Craiova-2855.60
151Ramilton RambéCS Universitatea Craiova-25125.00
152Dan NistorFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2163.50
153Laurenţiu BrănescuFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2739.00
154Jaime PenedoFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2655.20
155Luka MarićFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2755.40
156Maximiliano OlivaFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-28028.00
157Sergiu HancaFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2263.67
158Vlad OlteanuFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2373.29
159Ionuţ NedelcearuFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2839.33
160Steliano FilipFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-28214.00
161José RomeraFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2363.83
162Laurenţiu CorbuFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2145.25
163Valentin LazărFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2839.33
164Patrick PetreFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-1936.33
165Dorin RotariuFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-25212.50
166Ionuţ ŞerbanFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-1944.75
167May Sphiwe MahlanguFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-3348.25
168Antun PalićFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2755.40
169Azer BusuladzicFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2237.33
170Adam NemecFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2983.63
171Daniel PopaFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2755.40
172Harlem-Eddy GnohéréFC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti-2245.50
173Gabriel VaşvariFC Botoşani-23211.50
174Plamen IlievFC Botoşani-2939.67
175Călin AlbuţFC Botoşani-22211.00
176Radoslav DimitrovFC Botoşani-2054.00
177Andrei BurcăFC Botoşani-2145.25
178Andrei PatacheFC Botoşani-2245.50
179Florin PlămadăFC Botoşani-25212.50
180Nicolae MuşatFC Botoşani-2273.14
181George MironFC Botoşani-28214.00
182Sergiu PopoviciFC Botoşani-2847.00
183Mihai BordeianuFC Botoşani-2237.33
184Răzvan GreuFC Botoşani-1936.33
185Stelian CucuFC Botoşani-13111.18
186Mihai RomanFC Botoşani-2182.63
187Willie BarbosaFC Botoşani-2063.33
188Victor AstafeiFC Botoşani-1972.71
189Andrei HerghelegiuFC Botoşani-1892.00
190Cătălin GolofcaFC Botoşani-2664.33
191Deivydas MatulevičiusFC Botoşani-2082.50
192Robert ElekFC Botoşani-2072.86
193István FülöpFC Botoşani-2354.60
194Mihai PintiliiFC Steaua Bucureşti-2473.43
195Florin NiţăFC Steaua Bucureşti-4460.09
196Eduard StăncioiuFC Steaua Bucureşti-29129.00
197Gabriel TamaşFC Steaua Bucureşti-2446.00
198Marko MomčilovićFC Steaua Bucureşti-2638.67
199Alin ToşcaFC Steaua Bucureşti-2373.29
200Bogdan MitreaFC Steaua Bucureşti-28214.00
201Gabriel EnacheFC Steaua Bucureşti-2746.75
202Alexandru BourceanuFC Steaua Bucureşti-22102.20
203Antonio JakolišFC Steaua Bucureşti-2573.57
204Ovidiu PopescuFC Steaua Bucureşti-2446.00
205Adnan AganovićFC Steaua Bucureşti-31310.33
206Adrian PopaFC Steaua Bucureşti-23211.50
207William De AmorimFC Steaua Bucureşti-2874.00
208Vlad AchimFC Steaua Bucureşti-2555.00
209Wilfred MokeFC Steaua Bucureşti-3047.50
210Fernando BoldrinFC Steaua Bucureşti-2054.00
211Sulley MuniruFC Steaua Bucureşti-2273.14
212Florin TănaseFC Steaua Bucureşti-2947.25
213Bojan GolubovićFC Steaua Bucureşti-2739.00
214Alexandru TudorieFC Steaua Bucureşti-2847.00
215Romario BenzarFC Viitorul-3390.08
216Victor RîmniceanuFC Viitorul-3480.06
217Alexandru BuzbuchiFC Viitorul-5480.10
218Cătălin CarpFC Viitorul-1936.33
219Robert HodorogeaFC Viitorul-2182.63
220Kevin BoliFC Viitorul-2655.20
221Sorin RădoiFC Viitorul-3480.06
222Bogdan ŢîruFC Viitorul-4480.08
223Bogdan MitacheFC Viitorul-2480.04
224Cristian GaneaFC Viitorul-4480.08
225Carlo CasapFC Viitorul-3510.06
226Pablo BrandánFC Viitorul-4460.09
227Răzvan MarinFC Viitorul-3440.07
228Florin PureceFC Viitorul-2839.33
229Alexandru CicâldăuFC Viitorul-26213.00
230Dragoş NedelcuFC Viitorul-2739.00
231Gabriel IancuFC Viitorul-2446.00
232Aurelian ChiţuFC Viitorul-1936.33
233Florinel ComanFC Viitorul-2363.83
234Alexandru StoicaFC Viitorul-2345.75
235Alex NimelyFC Viitorul-2263.67
236Vasile MafteiFC Voluntari-2446.00
237Mircea BornescuFC Voluntari-2254.40
238Dragoş BalauruFC Voluntari-25212.50
239Mircea LeasăFC Voluntari-2382.88
240Lucian CazanFC Voluntari-5550.09
241Ionuţ BalaurFC Voluntari-2550.04
242Hrvoje SpahijaFC Voluntari-3580.05
243Venelin FilipovFC Voluntari-2550.04
244Alexandru ComanFC Voluntari-2454.80
245Florin AcsinteFC Voluntari-2273.14
246Daniel NovacFC Voluntari-2683.25
247Andrei LunguFC Voluntari-2173.00
248Petre IvanoviciFC Voluntari-4490.08
249Doru PopadiucFC Voluntari-2480.04
250Costin LazărFC Voluntari-4490.08
251Sorin TăbăcariuFC Voluntari-2254.40
252Laurenţiu MarinescuFC Voluntari-1982.38
253Florin CernatFC Voluntari-2947.25
254Mihai CăpăţînăFC Voluntari-25025.00
255Mihai VoduţFC Voluntari-3540.06
256Adrian BălanFC Voluntari-3530.06
257Ionuţ BuzeanCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-24124.00
258Răzvan PleşcaCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2646.50
259Andrei MarinescuCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-25212.50
260Jasmin TrtovacCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2655.20
261Aleksandar ŠušnjarCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-29214.50
262Dario RugaševićCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2337.67
263Radu ZahariaCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-26213.00
264Valentin CreţuCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2354.60
265Roberto RomeoCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-26213.00
266Alexandru ZahariaCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2646.50
267Ciprian PetreCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-34217.00
268Azdren LlullakuCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2638.67
269Eric de OliveiraCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2538.33
270Alexandru MunteanuCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2546.25
271Cristian DanciCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2292.44
272Ovidiu BicCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2955.80
273Darius OlaruCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-1953.80
274Sabin LupuCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2263.67
275Alexandru BuziucCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2464.00
276Mircea AxenteCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-2473.43
277Cristian GavraCS Gaz Metan Mediaş-22121.83
278Răzvan StancaCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2182.63
279David LazarCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-21210.50
280Gordan BunozaCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-1972.71
281Constantin GrecuCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-30310.00
282Nikola VasiljevićCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2345.75
283Jordy BuijsCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2500.04
284Marian PleaşcăCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2263.67
285Bogdan UnguruşanCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2054.00
286Lucian SânmărteanCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2538.33
287Alexandru RăuţăCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-1953.80
288Ovidiu HereaCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2237.33
289Filip MrzljakCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-30215.00
290Andrei PiţianCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-28214.00
291Cătălin HlisteiCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2454.80
292Liviu AntalCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2063.33
293George PirteaCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-32310.67
294Valentin MunteanuCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-31131.00
295Claudiu VoiculeţCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2045.00
296Adelin PârcălabuCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2555.00
297Valentin AlexandruCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2638.67
298George ŢucudeanCS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu-2438.00
299Marius CroitoruACS Poli Timişoara-25025.00
300Cătălin StratonACS Poli Timişoara-2163.50
301Marius CurileacACS Poli Timişoara-30310.00
302Alin ŞeroniACS Poli Timişoara-2438.00
303Cristian ScutaruACS Poli Timişoara-4440.09
304Cristian BocşanACS Poli Timişoara-2580.03
305Gabriel CânuACS Poli Timişoara-2540.04
306George NeaguACS Poli Timişoara-2480.04
307Bogdan StrăuţACS Poli Timişoara-5470.11
308Leopold NovakACS Poli Timişoara-2746.75
309Petru VădrariuACS Poli Timişoara-27213.50
310Alin CârstoceaACS Poli Timişoara-2839.33
311Fernando LlorenteACS Poli Timişoara-2646.50
312Cătălin DomanACS Poli Timişoara-2555.00
313Iulian RoşuACS Poli Timişoara-2564.17
314Andrei ArteanACS Poli Timişoara-31310.33
315Arpad MailatACS Poli Timişoara-3047.50
316Octavian DrăghiciACS Poli Timişoara-2540.04
317Pedro HenriqueACS Poli Timişoara-4470.09
318Cătălin VraciuACS Poli Timişoara-4520.08
319Alexandru PopoviciACS Poli Timişoara-3440.07
320Junior MoraisAFC Astra Giurgiu-2438.00
321George GavrilaşAFC Astra Giurgiu-1591.67
322Silviu Lung Jr.AFC Astra Giurgiu-32216.00
323Fabrício Silva DornellasAFC Astra Giurgiu-2082.50
324Cristian SăpunaruAFC Astra Giurgiu-2036.67
325Cristian OroşAFC Astra Giurgiu-1553.00
326Geraldo AlvesAFC Astra Giurgiu-27213.50
327Romario MoiseAFC Astra Giurgiu-2473.43
328Damien BoudjemaaAFC Astra Giurgiu-1844.50
329Mansaly BoubacarAFC Astra Giurgiu-1982.38
330Alexandru StanAFC Astra Giurgiu-2173.00
331Takayuki SetoAFC Astra Giurgiu-2354.60
332Teixeira Filipe de AndradeAFC Astra Giurgiu-1682.00
333Alexandru Ioniţă IIAFC Astra Giurgiu-1472.00
334Florin LovinAFC Astra Giurgiu-2092.22
335Romario KortzorgAFC Astra Giurgiu-2646.50
336Viorel NicoarăAFC Astra Giurgiu-1829.00
337Daniel NiculaeAFC Astra Giurgiu-1462.33
338Constantin BudescuAFC Astra Giurgiu-2082.50
339Daniel FloreaAFC Astra Giurgiu-2438.00
340Denis AlibecAFC Astra Giurgiu-1782.13
341Norbert FeketicsRising Star-2237.33
342Razvan HorjRising Star-2538.33
343Răzvan GrădinaruRising Star-29214.50
344Marian TârşăRising Star-2137.00
345Alin ManeaRising Star-2460.04
346Andrei TîrcoveanuRising Star-4510.08
347Lóránd FülöpRising Star-4450.09
348Dennis ManRising Star-5430.12
349Alexandru MăţanRising Star-4490.08
350Gabriel DeacRising Star-4480.08
351Iulian CristeaRising Star-4480.08
352Rodemis TrifuRising Star-3500.06
353Cristi BărbuţRising Star-4410.10
354Silviu BalaureRising Star-4470.09
A1Sticker A1--12190.63
A2Sticker A2--12200.60
A3Sticker A3--12200.60
A4Sticker A4--12200.60
A5Sticker A5--12200.60
A6Sticker A6--12200.60
A7Sticker A7--12200.60
A8Sticker A8--12200.60
A9Sticker A9--12200.60
A10Sticker A10--12200.60
A11Sticker A11--12200.60
A12Sticker A12--12200.60
A13Sticker A13--12200.60
A14Sticker A14--12200.60
A15Sticker A15--12200.60
A16Sticker A16--12200.60
A17Sticker A17--12200.60
A18Sticker A18--12200.60
A19Sticker A19--12200.60
A20Sticker A20--12200.60
A21Sticker A21--12200.60
A22Sticker A22--12200.60
A23Sticker A23--12200.60
A24Sticker A24--12200.60
A25Sticker A25--12200.60
A26Sticker A26--12200.60
A27Sticker A27--12200.60
A28Sticker A28--12200.60
A29Sticker A29--12200.60
A30Sticker A30--12200.60
A31Sticker A31--12200.60
A32Sticker A32--12200.60
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