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Panini Seleção do Brasil 1997

Panini Seleção do Brasil 1997

Year: 1997
Total cards: 60

Collection preview (35% scanned images)

collecting: 8 / completed: 5


1Coca-Cola Logo-Base card505.00
2CBF Logo-Base card505.00
3France 98 World Cup-Base card505.00
4Bolivia '97-Base card606.00
5Coca-Cola / France 98 World Cup-Base card606.00
6Goncalves-Base card340.75
7Paulo Rink-Base card340.75
8Celio Silva-Base card331.00
9Axel-Base card340.75
10Juninho-Base card431.33
11Beto-Base card331.00
12Capitao-Base card331.00
13Bordon-Base card340.75
14Cafu-Base card331.00
15Lucio-Base card331.00
16Djair-Base card522.50
17Doriva-Base card522.50
18Edmundo-Base card515.00
19Euller-Base card515.00
20Leandro-Base card515.00
21Juninho-Base card331.00
22Cleber-Base card331.00
23Leonardo-Base card340.75
24Flavio Conceicao-Base card340.75
25Luizao-Base card340.75
26Sangaletti-Base card522.50
27Zinho-Base card531.67
28Carlos Germano-Base card522.50
29Giovanni-Base card522.50
30Galeano-Base card522.50
31Savio-Base card522.50
32Souza-Base card522.50
33Taffarel-Base card522.50
34Valdir-Base card522.50
35Velloso-Base card522.50
36Oseas-Base card431.33
37Marcelinho Paulista-Base card531.67
38Rodrigo-Base card531.67
39Palhinha-Base card522.50
40Paulo Nunes-Base card531.67
41Mauro Silva-Base card541.25
42Bebeto-Base card541.25
43Rodrigo-Base card522.50
44Denilson-Base card431.33
45Andre Cruz-Base card531.67
46Chiquinho-Base card531.67
47Ze Elias-Base card541.25
48Ze Roberto-Base card522.50
49Zetti-Base card531.67
50Pimentel-Base card522.50
51Romario-Base card723.50
52Dida-Base card531.67
53Marcio Santos-Base card422.00
54Ricardinho-Base card522.50
55Fabio Augusto-Base card522.50
56Roberto Carlos-Base card422.00
57Djalminha-Base card522.50
58Rai-Base card422.00
59Muller-Base card422.00
60Rivaldo-Base card522.50
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