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Panini Share in the magic with Disney

Panini Share in the magic with Disney

Year: 2015
Total stickers: 84

collecting: 3 / completed: 13


1SulleyMonsters University-130.33
2Mike & SulleyMonsters Universityfoil101.00
3Dean of UniversityMonsters University-120.50
4University BuildingMonsters University-150.20
5Oozma KappaMonsters University-130.33
6Mike Coaching SulleyMonsters University-120.50
7Mike and Sulley sleepingMonsters University-140.25
8Mike and Sulley High FiveMonsters University-130.33
9Oozma Kappa House photoMonsters University-130.33
10Monsters University Debating TableMonsters University-120.50
11Monsters University Student With FrisbeeMonsters Universityshaped cut130.33
12Dusty CrophopperPlanesshaped cut130.33
13Ned and ZedPlanes-140.25
15Echo and BravoPlanes-120.50
16Dusty Lands on Flight DeckPlanes-120.50
17Dusty Takes offPlanes-120.50
18Ishani and BulldogPlanes-140.25
19Dusty in Need of repairPlanes-120.50
20Dottie and ChugPlanes-130.33
22Friends to the rescuePlanes-130.33
23The Brand new DustyPlanesfoil111.00
24Elsa and AnnaFrozen-140.25
25Anna and HansFrozen-130.33
26Elsa Flees from the castleFrozen-150.20
27Anna, Kristoff and Sven (Right Half)Frozen-140.25
28Anna, Kristoff and Sven (Left Half)Frozen-130.33
29Anna and KristoffFrozenshaped cut140.25
30Anna and OlafFrozen-120.50
31Anna, Kristoff and Olaf flee from Snow Monster (Right Half)Frozen-140.25
32Anna, Kristoff and Olaf flee from Snow Monster (Left Half)Frozen-130.33
33Kristoff, Anna, Elsa and OlafFrozenfoil111.00
34BelleDisney Princessesshaped cut130.33
35ArielDisney Princessesshaped cut130.33
36TianaDisney Princessesshaped cut120.50
37AuroraDisney Princessesshaped cut130.33
38RapunzelDisney Princesses-140.25
39Ariel, Tiana and AuroraDisney Princesses-130.33
40CindarellaDisney Princessesfoil221.00
41RapunzelDisney Princesses-130.33
42BelleDisney Princesses-140.25
43CindarellaDisney Princesses-140.25
44TianaDisney Princesses-140.25
45WoodyToy Storyfoil111.00
46Buzz LightyearToy Story-130.33
47RexToy Story-130.33
48Buzz, Woody and Jessie (Right Half)Toy Story-130.33
49Buzz, Woody and Jessie (Left Half)Toy Story-120.50
50Mr Potato HeadToy Story-140.25
51Buzz LightyearToy Storyshaped cut150.20
52Mater and LightningCars Toon-120.50
53KabutoCars Toon-120.50
54Mater "Ninja-Towing Truck" Drifting SuperstarCars Toonfoil120.50
55Mater and Kabuto (Right Half)Cars Toon-130.33
56Mater and Kabuto (Left Half)Cars Toon-130.33
57Lightning MacQueen Drifting styleCars Toon-140.25
58SilvermistDisney Fairies-130.33
59VidiaDisney Fairiesshaped cut140.25
60IridessaDisney Fairies-140.25
61RosettaDisney Fairies-130.33
62Tinker BellDisney Fairiesfoil111.00
63Mickey and Pluto FlyingMickey Mouse Clubhouseshaped cut130.33
64Goofy on BicycleMickey Mouse Clubhouse-120.50
65Mickey and pluto in CarMickey Mouse Clubhouse-120.50
66Minnie with suitcaseDisney Minnie-130.33
67Minnie in ParisDisney Minnie-120.50
68Minnie and DaisyDisney Minniefoil120.50
69Jake's CrewJake Neverland Pirates-130.33
70Captain Hook and Mr SmeeJake Neverland Pirates-140.25
71Izzy, Cubby and JakeJake Neverland Piratesshaped cut120.50
72Jake's Crew with treasure (Left Half)Jake Neverland Pirates-140.25
73Jake's Crew with treasure (Right Half)Jake Neverland Pirates-140.25
74Jake the pirateJake Neverland Piratesfoil111.00
75Sofia with MotherSofia the First-130.33
76Sofia with BookSofia the Firstfoil101.00
77Sofia DaydreamingSofia the First-130.33
78Doc McStuffins transporting patients (Left Half)Doc McStuffins-120.50
79Doc McStuffins transporting patients (Right Half)Doc McStuffins-120.50
80Doc McStuffins with patientDoc McStuffinsfoil120.50
81Patients of Doc McStuffinsDoc McStuffins-130.33
82Pooh, Tigger, piglet and EeyoreWinnie The Pooh-120.50
83Pooh, Tigger, piglet and EeyoreWinnie The Poohfoil101.00
84Winnie The PoohWinnie The Poohshaped cut140.25
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