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Panini Sofia the First

Panini Sofia the First

Year: 2015
Total stickers: 168

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collecting: 36 / completed: 25


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1Hello!HelloSpecial sticker570.71
2With my mumHelloRegular sticker3130.23
3My friendsHelloRegular sticker2120.17
4RubyHelloRound sticker1190.05
5JadeHelloRound sticker1160.06
6I met the KingHelloRegular sticker1200.05
7King RolandHelloRound sticker3140.21
8MirandaHelloRound sticker1170.06
9Yes!HelloSpecial sticker909.00
10Wedding dayWeddingRegular sticker2140.14
11The Castle - 1WeddingRegular sticker1160.06
12The Castle - 2WeddingRegular sticker0130.00
13The Castle - 3WeddingRegular sticker1160.06
14The Castle - 4WeddingRegular sticker1140.07
15The ceremony - 1WeddingRegular sticker1140.07
16The ceremony - 2WeddingRegular sticker1150.07
17The ceremony - 3WeddingRegular sticker1120.08
18The ceremony - 4WeddingRegular sticker1110.09
19JamesWeddingRound sticker1140.07
20AmberWeddingRound sticker2120.17
21InvtationPartySpecial sticker909.00
22James and IPartyRegular sticker3120.25
23New sister 1PartyRegular sticker2120.17
24New sister 2PartyRegular sticker0190.00
25Main coursesPartyRound sticker1140.07
26FruitsPartyRound sticker2140.14
27DessertsPartyRound sticker1200.05
28A familyA familyRegular sticker1160.06
29I'm so happy 1A familySpecial sticker808.00
30I'm so happy 2A familySpecial sticker1033.33
31Family crestA familyRound sticker2150.13
32SofiaFamily treeSpecial sticker661.00
33AmberFamily treeSpecial sticker651.20
34JamesFamily treeSpecial sticker441.00
35MirandaFamily treeSpecial sticker350.60
36RolandFamily treeSpecial sticker623.00
37Outside the castle 1Outside the castleRound sticker1190.05
38Outside the castle 2Outside the castleRegular sticker0120.00
39Outside the castle 3Outside the castleRegular sticker2140.14
40Outside the castle 4Outside the castleRegular sticker1180.06
41Outside the castle 5Outside the castleRegular sticker3140.21
42Outside the castle 6Outside the castleRegular sticker2120.17
43Outside the castle 7Outside the castleRegular sticker0150.00
44Outside the castle 8Outside the castleRegular sticker1150.07
45Outside the castle 9Outside the castleRegular sticker0170.00
46New school 1The Royal PrepRound sticker3140.21
47New school 2The Royal PrepRegular sticker3140.21
48New school 3The Royal PrepRound sticker0110.00
49New school 4The Royal PrepSpecial sticker808.00
50New school 5The Royal PrepRegular sticker1180.06
51New school 6The Royal PrepRound sticker2120.17
52New school 7The Royal PrepRegular sticker1140.07
53The libraryThe Royal PrepRegular sticker0190.00
54New school 8The Royal PrepRound sticker3150.20
55Mrs HigginsThe Royal PrepRound sticker0130.00
56New school 9The Royal PrepRegular sticker2140.14
57New school 10The Royal PrepRegular sticker3130.23
58MusicMusic!Round sticker0160.00
59I love singingMusic!Special sticker11011.00
60Princess Vivian loves musicMusic!Regular sticker4120.33
61HarpMusic!Round sticker1100.10
62ViolinMusic!Round sticker0190.00
63Professor PopovMusic!Round sticker1170.06
64Sir GilliamFlying Horse-ridingRound sticker1150.07
65Flying Horse-ridingFlying Horse-ridingSpecial sticker717.00
66Riding outfit 1Flying Horse-ridingRound sticker3170.18
67Riding outfit 2Flying Horse-ridingRound sticker1160.06
68Minimus 1Flying Horse-ridingRegular sticker4130.31
69Minimus 2Flying Horse-ridingRegular sticker1140.07
70Riding outfit 3Flying Horse-ridingRound sticker3140.21
71Amulet of AvalorSecretRegular sticker2140.14
72Rabbit CloverSecretRound sticker2170.12
73Little birds 1SecretRegular sticker2150.13
74Little birds 2SecretRegular sticker0160.00
75MiaSecretRound sticker2180.11
76RobinSecretRound sticker1160.06
77Animals 1SecretSpecial sticker11111.00
78Whatnaught SquirrelSecretRound sticker2150.13
79Animals 2SecretRegular sticker1180.06
80Magical AmuletMagical AmuletSpecial sticker531.67
81Amulet 1Magical AmuletRound sticker1160.06
82Amulet 2Magical AmuletRound sticker1140.07
83CinderellaMagical AmuletSpecial sticker632.00
84JasmineMagical AmuletSpecial sticker641.50
85ArielMagical AmuletSpecial sticker531.67
86BelleMagical AmuletSpecial sticker661.00
87AuroraMagical AmuletSpecial sticker522.50
88Snow WhiteMagical AmuletSpecial sticker515.00
89Cinderella 1CinderellaRound sticker3120.25
90Cinderella 2CinderellaRegular sticker1120.08
91Cinderella 3CinderellaRound sticker3110.27
92Cinderella 4CinderellaRegular sticker1170.06
93Cinderella 5CinderellaRegular sticker3130.23
94Cinderella 6CinderellaSpecial sticker623.00
95Cinderella 7CinderellaSpecial sticker414.00
96Cinderella 8CinderellaRound sticker1160.06
97Cinderella 9CinderellaRegular sticker370.43
98Jasmine 1JasmineRegular sticker0140.00
99Jasmine 2JasmineSpecial sticker851.60
100Jasmine 3JasmineSpecial sticker661.00
101Jasmine 4JasmineRegular sticker0160.00
102Jasmine 5JasmineRegular sticker2140.14
103Jasmine 6JasmineRegular sticker2160.13
104Jasmine 7JasmineRegular sticker0150.00
105Jasmine 8JasmineRegular sticker1140.07
106Jasmine 9JasmineRegular sticker2160.13
107Jasmine 10JasmineRound sticker0120.00
108Ariel 1ArielRegular sticker1160.06
109Ariel 2ArielRegular sticker2120.17
110Ariel 3ArielRegular sticker1140.07
111Ariel 4ArielRegular sticker1150.07
112Ariel 5ArielRegular sticker3170.18
113Ariel 6ArielSpecial sticker541.25
114Ariel 7ArielSpecial sticker741.75
115Belle 1BelleRound sticker3140.21
116Belle 2BelleRound sticker3140.21
117Belle 3BelleRegular sticker2180.11
118Belle 4BelleSpecial sticker551.00
119Belle 5BelleSpecial sticker505.00
120Belle 6BelleRegular sticker1150.07
121Belle 7BelleRegular sticker2150.13
122Belle 8BelleRegular sticker2130.15
123Belle 9BelleRound sticker1150.07
124Belle 10BelleRegular sticker1170.06
125Aurora 1AuroraRegular sticker2170.12
126Aurora 2AuroraRound sticker2110.18
127Aurora 3AuroraRegular sticker3130.23
128Aurora 4AuroraRegular sticker3120.25
129Aurora 5AuroraRegular sticker2130.15
130Aurora 6AuroraSpecial sticker919.00
131Aurora 7AuroraSpecial sticker1226.00
132Aurora 8AuroraRegular sticker2140.14
133Aurora 9AuroraRegular sticker1130.08
134Aurora 10AuroraRound sticker2150.13
135Snow White 1Snow WhiteRegular sticker1140.07
136Snow White 2Snow WhiteRound sticker0110.00
137Snow White 3Snow WhiteRound sticker1130.08
138Snow White 4Snow WhiteRegular sticker1130.08
139Snow White 5Snow WhiteRound sticker2130.15
140Snow White 6Snow WhiteRegular sticker1170.06
141Snow White 7Snow WhiteSpecial sticker808.00
142Snow White 8Snow WhiteSpecial sticker808.00
143Snow White 9Snow WhiteRegular sticker2140.14
144Snow White 10Snow WhiteRegular sticker1140.07
145Snow White 11Snow WhiteRegular sticker2120.17
146Become a princess 1Become a princessRound sticker2150.13
147Become a princess 2Become a princessRound sticker1160.06
X1Sticker X1SloganRegular sticker1160.06
X2Sticker X2SloganRound sticker1120.08
X3Sticker X3SloganRound sticker1120.08
X4Sticker X4SloganSpecial sticker707.00
X5Sticker X5SloganSpecial sticker707.00
X6Sticker X6SloganSpecial sticker10010.00
X7Sticker X7SloganSpecial sticker606.00
X8Sticker X8SloganRound sticker1140.07
X9Sticker X9SloganRound sticker2110.18
X10Sticker X10SloganRegular sticker3110.27
X11Sticker X11SloganSpecial sticker623.00
X12Sticker X12SloganRegular sticker0120.00
X13Sticker X13SloganSpecial sticker522.50
X14Sticker X14SloganSpecial sticker522.50
X15Sticker X15SloganRound sticker1120.08
X16Sticker X16SloganRound sticker2160.13
X17Sticker X17SloganRound sticker2120.17
X18Sticker X18SloganRound sticker1120.08
X19Sticker X19SloganRound sticker290.22
X20Sticker X20SloganRound sticker2100.20
X21Sticker X21SloganRegular sticker3100.30