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Panini Soy Luna Photocards

Panini Soy Luna Photocards

Year: 2016
Total cards: 109

collecting: 8 / completed: 2


1Card 1-Base card030.00
2Card 2-Base card202.00
3Card 3-Base card030.00
4Card 4-Base card212.00
5Card 5-Base card030.00
6Card 6-Base card111.00
7Card 7-Base card030.00
8Card 8-Base card111.00
9Card 9-Base card030.00
10Card 10-Base card101.00
11Card 11-Base card030.00
12Card 12-Base card212.00
13Card 13-Base card130.33
14Card 14-Base card212.00
15Card 15-Base card030.00
16Card 16-Base card111.00
17Card 17-Base card030.00
18Card 18-Base card111.00
19Card 19-Base card111.00
20Card 20-Base card111.00
21Card 21-Base card111.00
22Card 22-Base card120.50
23Card 23-Base card111.00
24Card 24-Base card020.00
25Card 25-Base card111.00
26Card 26-Base card120.50
27Card 27-Base card040.00
28Card 28-Base card212.00
29Card 29-Base card120.50
30Card 30-Base card111.00
31Card 31-Base card010.00
32Card 32-Base card111.00
33Card 33-Base card130.33
34Card 34-Base card130.33
35Card 35-Base card020.00
36Card 36-Base card212.00
37Card 37-Base card010.00
38Card 38-Base card010.00
39Card 39-Base card111.00
40Card 40-Base card120.50
41Card 41-Base card120.50
42Card 42-Base card101.00
43Card 43-Base card010.00
44Card 44-Base card020.00
45Card 45-Base card111.00
46Card 46-Base card120.50
47Card 47-Base card111.00
48Card 48-Base card020.00
49Card 49-Base card212.00
50Card 50-Base card111.00
51Card 51-Base card212.00
52Card 52-Base card010.00
53Card 53-Base card111.00
54Card 54-Base card111.00
55Card 55-Base card111.00
56Card 56-Base card020.00
57Card 57-Base card010.00
58Card 58-Base card010.00
59Card 59-Base card020.00
60Card 60-Base card212.00
61Card 61-Base card020.00
62Card 62-Base card120.50
63Card 63-Base card111.00
64Card 64-Base card120.50
65Card 65-Base card010.00
66Card 66-Base card120.50
67Card 67-Base card030.00
68Card 68-Base card111.00
69Card 69-Base card010.00
70Card 70-Base card111.00
71Card 71-Base card030.00
72Card 72-Base card130.33
73Card 73-Foil020.00
74Card 74-Foil120.50
75Card 75-Foil020.00
76Card 76-Foil202.00
77Card 77-Foil120.50
78Card 78-Foil111.00
79Card 79-Foil303.00
80Card 80-Foil120.50
81Card 81-Foil010.00
82Card 82-Foil202.00
83Card 83-Foil120.50
84Card 84-Foil111.00
85Card 85-Foil111.00
86Card 86-Foil010.00
87Card 87-Foil111.00
88Card 88-Foil120.50
89Card 89-Foil111.00
90Card 90-Foil120.50
91Card 91-Foil221.00
92Card 92-Foil020.00
93Card 93-Foil111.00
94Card 94-Foil020.00
95Card 95-Foil010.00
96Card 96-Foil120.50
ELCard EL-Limited Edition010.00
S1Card S1Stickerfigured101.00
S2Card S2Stickerfigured000.00
S3Card S3Stickerfigured101.00
S4Card S4Stickerfigured000.00
S5Card S5Stickerfigured000.00
S6Card S6Stickerfigured101.00
S7Card S7Stickerfigured000.00
S8Card S8Stickerfigured101.00
S9Card S9Stickerfigured010.00
S10Card S10Stickerfigured000.00
S11Card S11Stickerfigured101.00
S12Card S12Stickerfigured000.00
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