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Panini Super Moto 1993

Panini Super Moto 1993

Year: 1993
Total stickers: 198

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 9


1Giacomo AgostiniWorld Champions 500 cc-350.60
2Phil ReadWorld Champions 500 cc-250.40
3Mike HailwoodWorld Champions 500 cc-230.67
4Barry SheeneWorld Champions 500 cc-230.67
5Kenny RobertsWorld Champions 500 cc-250.40
6Marco LucchinelliWorld Champions 500 cc-160.17
7Franco UnciniWorld Champions 500 cc-140.25
8Freddie SpencerWorld Champions 500 cc-250.40
9Eddie LawsonWorld Champions 500 cc-250.40
10Wayne GardnerWorld Champions 500 cc-360.50
11Wayne RaineyWorld Champions 500 cc-240.50
12Jarno SaarinenWorld Champions Other classes-150.20
13Johnny CecottoWorld Champions Other classes-221.00
14Walter VillaWorld Champions Other classes-140.25
15Angel NietoWorld Champions Other classes-250.40
16Anton MangWorld Champions Other classes-260.33
17Christian SarronWorld Champions Other classes-160.17
18Carlos LavadoWorld Champions Other classes-170.14
19Jorge MartinezWorld Champions Other classes-160.17
20Alfonso 'Sito' PonsWorld Champions Other classes-250.40
21Alex CrivilleWorld Champions Other classes-240.50
22John KocinskiWorld Champions Other classes-150.20
23Loris CapirossiWorld Champions Other classes-140.25
24Luca CadaloraWorld Champions Other classes-240.50
25Aprilia RSR 1251993 Grand Prix Bikes-150.20
26Honda RS 1251993 Grand Prix Bikes-230.67
27Aprilia RSV 2501993 Grand Prix Bikes-350.60
28Honda NSR 2501993 Grand Prix Bikes-230.67
29Gilera GFR 2501993 Grand Prix Bikes-240.50
30Yamaha TZM 2501993 Grand Prix Bikes-150.20
31Suzuki RGV 2501993 Grand Prix Bikes-130.33
32Cagiva C593 5001993 Grand Prix Bikes-340.75
33Honda NSR 5001993 Grand Prix Bikes-331.00
34Yamaha YZR 5001993 Grand Prix Bikes-240.50
35Suzuki RGV 5001993 Grand Prix Bikes-280.25
36Aprilia RS 50 ExtremaSports Bikes 50-250 cc-150.20
37Benelli Devil RacingSports Bikes 50-250 cc-230.67
38Cagiva PrimaSports Bikes 50-250 cc-221.00
39Gilera 503Sports Bikes 50-250 cc-150.20
40Aprilia RS 125 ExtremaSports Bikes 50-250 cc-130.33
41Cagiva Mito LawsonSports Bikes 50-250 cc-150.20
42Gilera CXSports Bikes 50-250 cc-150.20
43Gilera GFR 125Sports Bikes 50-250 cc-140.25
44Honda NSR 125 RSports Bikes 50-250 cc-221.00
45Suzuki RG 125 GammaSports Bikes 50-250 cc-140.25
46Yamaha TZR 125 RSports Bikes 50-250 cc-130.33
47Kawasaki ZZR 250Sports Bikes 50-250 cc-160.17
48Suzuki RGV 250 GammaSports Bikes 50-250 cc-140.25
49Ducati 350 SSSports Bikes 350-750 cc-230.67
50Yamaha RD 350Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-140.25
51Kawasaki ZXR 400Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-150.20
52Honda CX 500 TurboSports Bikes 350-750 cc-150.20
53Bimota BellariaSports Bikes 350-750 cc-240.50
54Honda CBR 600 FSports Bikes 350-750 cc-260.33
55Kawasaki ZZR 600Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-240.50
56Suzuki RF 600 RSports Bikes 350-750 cc-140.25
57Yamaha FZR 600Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-150.20
58Kawasaki ZXR 750Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-140.25
59Honda VFR 750 R (RC 30)Sports Bikes 350-750 cc-260.33
60Ducati 750 SSSports Bikes 750-900 cc-150.20
61Honda VFR 750 FSports Bikes 750-900 cc-160.17
62Honda NR 750Sports Bikes 750-900 cc-321.50
63Suzuki GSX-R 750Sports Bikes 750-900 cc-160.17
64Yamaha YZF 750 RSports Bikes 750-900 cc-240.50
65Bimota Tesi 1D ESSports Bikes 750-900 cc-150.20
66Ducati 888 Superbike StradaSports Bikes 750-900 cc-150.20
67Ducati 888 SP5Sports Bikes 750-900 cc-250.40
68Ducati 900 SSSports Bikes 750-900 cc-140.25
69Ducati 900 SLSports Bikes 750-900 cc-130.33
70Honda CBR 900 RRSports Bikes 750-900 cc-230.67
71Triumph 900 DaytonaSports Bikes 750-900 cc-150.20
72Bimota DB2Sports Bikes 750-900 cc-240.50
73Bimota DieciSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-150.20
74Bimota FuranoSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-250.40
75Honda CBR 1000 FSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-250.40
76BMW K1Sports Bikes 1000 cc and over-150.20
77Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000 I.E.Sports Bikes 1000 cc and over-140.25
78Moto Guzzi 1000 Le MansSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-140.25
79Yamaha FZR 1000 EXUPSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-130.33
80Suzuki GSX-R 1100Sports Bikes 1000 cc and over-160.17
81Kawasaki ZZR 1100Sports Bikes 1000 cc and over-130.33
82Triumph 1200 DaytonaSports Bikes 1000 cc and over-140.25
831951 Moto Guzzi 500Classic Motorcycles-230.67
841954 NSU MaxClassic Motorcycles-240.50
851954 Vincent Black ShadowClassic Motorcycles-140.25
861955 Matchless 650Classic Motorcycles-140.25
871955 Moto Morini SettebelloClassic Motorcycles-150.20
881960 BSA Gold StarClassic Motorcycles-150.20
891966 BMW R 69 SClassic Motorcycles-160.17
901966 Norton AtlasClassic Motorcycles-360.50
911968 Triumph BonnevilleClassic Motorcycles-130.33
921971 Ducati Scrambler 250Classic Motorcycles-130.33
931973 Laverda 750 SFCClassic Motorcycles-260.33
941971 Kawasaki 500Classic Motorcycles-240.50
951980 Ducati 900 S 2Classic Motorcycles-240.50
96Aprilia Europa 125Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-230.67
97Aprilia Red Rose 125Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-140.25
98Cagiva 125 BluesTouring Bikes 125-600 cc-160.17
99Gilera 125 Free StyleTouring Bikes 125-600 cc-230.67
100Honda Raiden 125Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-150.20
101Yamaha XV 250Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-331.00
102Gilera Nordwest 350Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-250.40
103Moto Morini 350 ExcaliburTouring Bikes 125-600 cc-340.75
104Suzuki GSF 400Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-130.33
105Kawasaki GPZ 500 STouring Bikes 125-600 cc-240.50
106Kawasaki EN 500Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-160.17
107Yamaha XV 535Touring Bikes 125-600 cc-250.40
108Honda VT 600 C ShadowTouring Bikes 125-600 cc-260.33
109Yamaha XJ 600 S DiversionTouring Bikes 125-600 cc-221.00
110Moto Guzzi V 65 FloridaTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-240.50
111Honda NTV 650Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-230.67
112Yamaha XV 750Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-350.60
113Honda CB 750Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-240.50
114BMW K 75 RTTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-250.40
115Moto Guzzi 750 NevadaTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-240.50
116Triumph 750 TridentTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-331.00
117BMW R 80 RTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-250.40
118Suzuki VS 800 IntruderTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-340.75
119Honda PC 800Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-250.40
120Suzuki VX 800Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-140.25
121Yamaha TDM 850Touring Bikes 650-900 cc-350.60
122Harley Davidson XLH 883 SportsterTouring Bikes 650-900 cc-360.50
123Triumph 900 Trident SprintTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-240.50
124Ducati M 900Touring Bikes 900-1100 cc-240.50
125Honda CB 1000Touring Bikes 900-1100 cc-250.40
126BMW R 100 RTTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-260.33
127Moto Guzzi California IIITouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-250.40
128Moto Guzzi 1000 GTTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-260.33
129Yamaha GTS 1000Touring Bikes 900-1100 cc-260.33
130BMW R 1100 RSTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-150.20
131BMW K 1100 LTTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-260.33
132Honda ST 1100 ABSTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-150.20
133Kawasaki Zephyr 1100Touring Bikes 900-1100 cc-240.50
134Suzuki GSX 1100 FTouring Bikes 900-1100 cc-360.50
135Yamaha FJ 1200 ABSTouring Bikes 1200 cc and over-160.17
136Yamaha XVZ 13 TDTouring Bikes 1200 cc and over-240.50
137Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy 1340Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-240.50
138Harley Davidson FLHS Electra Glide 1340Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-140.25
139Harley Davidson Nostalgia 1340Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-331.00
140Suzuki VS 1400Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-270.29
141Honda GLX 1500 Gold WingTouring Bikes 1200 cc and over-350.60
142Kawasaki VN 1500Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-150.20
143Honda CN 250Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-240.50
144Honda Spacy 125Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-160.17
145Peugeot SV 125Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-160.17
146Piaggio SkipperTouring Bikes 1200 cc and over-140.25
147Piaggio Cosa 150Touring Bikes 1200 cc and over-350.60
148Yamaha 125 BelugaTouring Bikes 1200 cc and over-240.50
149Aprilia RX 125 ROff-Road Bikes-260.33
150Cagiva W 8 125Off-Road Bikes-250.40
151Honda CRM 125Off-Road Bikes-240.50
152Yamaha DT 125 ROff-Road Bikes-360.50
153Gilera 125 ROff-Road Bikes-160.17
154Cagiva W 12 350Off-Road Bikes-260.33
155Kawasaki KLE 500Off-Road Bikes-140.25
156KTM 600 LC4Off-Road Bikes-150.20
157Yamaha XT 600Off-Road Bikes-150.20
158Yamaha TT 600Off-Road Bikes-460.67
159Gilera RC 600Off-Road Bikes-230.67
160Gilera RC 600 ROff-Road Bikes-260.33
161Husqvarna TE 610Off-Road Bikes-250.40
162Honda XL 600 V TransalpOff-Road Bikes-260.33
163Honda XR 600 ROff-Road Bikes-160.17
164Kawasaki KLX 650 ROff-Road Bikes-230.67
165Honda NX 650 DominatorOff-Road Bikes-170.14
166Kawasaki KLX 650Off-Road Bikes-250.40
167Suzuki DR 650 ROff-Road Bikes-160.17
168Aprilia Pegaso 650Off-Road Bikes-270.29
169Yamaha XTZ 660 TénéréOff-Road Bikes-250.40
170Honda XRV 750 Africa TwinOff-Road Bikes-240.50
171Cagiva 900 ElefantOff-Road Bikes-370.43
172Moto Guzzi Quota 1000 I.E.Off-Road Bikes-160.17
173BMW R 80 GSOff-Road Bikes-450.80
174BMW R 100 GS Paris DakarOff-Road Bikes-250.40
175Aprilia Climber 280 RTrials Bikes-450.80
176Beta ZeroTrials Bikes-270.29
177Fantic K-RooTrials Bikes-240.50
178Gas Gas ContactTrials Bikes-350.60
179Montesa Cota 311Trials Bikes-150.20
180Yamaha TY 250 ZTrials Bikes-250.40
AApriliaThe Major Manufacturersholographic212.00
BBimotaThe Major Manufacturersholographic321.50
CBMWThe Major Manufacturersholographic422.00
DCagivaThe Major Manufacturersholographic130.33
EDerbiThe Major Manufacturersholographic313.00
FDucatiThe Major Manufacturersholographic130.33
GGileraThe Major Manufacturersholographic313.00
HHarley DavidsonThe Major Manufacturersholographic212.00
IHondaThe Major Manufacturersholographic331.00
JKawasakiThe Major Manufacturersholographic331.00
KKTMThe Major Manufacturersholographic313.00
LMontesaThe Major Manufacturersholographic414.00
MMoto GuzziThe Major Manufacturersholographic240.50
NMoto MoriniThe Major Manufacturersholographic221.00
OPeugeotThe Major Manufacturersholographic230.67
PSuzukiThe Major Manufacturersholographic321.50
QTriumphThe Major Manufacturersholographic230.67
RYamahaThe Major Manufacturersholographic313.00
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