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Panini Superstars 2016

Panini Superstars 2016

Year: 2016
Total cards: 303

This series was issued in 5 countries, each contains differences:
- Czech Republic: red borders on cards, Czech language descriptions on the back
- Hungary: green borders on cards, Hungarian language descriptions on the back
- Poland: grey borders on cards, Polish language descriptions on the back
- Slovakia: blue borders on cards, Slovakian language descriptions on the back
- Turkey: yellow borders on cards, Turkish language descriptions on the back - and this is the only that is a 63 cards set (the others are 60)

Cards 1-15 (1-18 in the Turkish version) holds different players for all variations: the national teams of the country. Cards 16-60 (cz, hu, pl and sk versions) holds the same players, the difference is border colour and language on the back. Cards 19-63 of the Turkish version holds almost the same players as the other sets, but with minor differences: ie. their order is different, and a few players are different as well.

The cards was available in Tesco stores as gifts - 1 package (with 1 card) after a certain amount of money spent (1 card after appr. 10 euros spent in Hungary).

collecting: 22 / completed: 18


1czPetr ČechCzech RepublicTop Player / CZ edition808.00
1huGábor KirályHungaryTop Player / HU edition623.00
1plWojciech SzczęsnyPolandBase card / PL edition641.50
1skMatúš KozáčikSlovakiaBase card / SK edition313.00
1trVolkan BabacanTurkeyBase card / TR edition531.67
2czPavel KadeřábekCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
2huRoland JuhászHungaryBase card / HU edition541.25
2plKamil GlikPolandBase card / PL edition751.40
2skJán ĎuricaSlovakiaBase card / SK edition313.00
2trSerdar AzizTurkeyBase card / TR edition641.50
3czVáclav ProcházkaCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
3huAttila FiolaHungaryBase card / HU edition623.00
3plArtur JędrzejczykPolandBase card / PL edition832.67
3skKornel SalátaSlovakiaBase card / SK edition616.00
3trHakan BaltaTurkeyBase card / TR edition541.25
4czMichal KadlecCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
4huRichárd GuzmicsHungaryBase card / HU edition531.67
4plŁukasz SzukałaPolandBase card / PL edition741.75
4skMartin ŠkrtelSlovakiaBase card / SK edition303.00
4trGökhan GönülTurkeyBase card / TR edition551.00
5czDavid LimberskýCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
5huTamás KádárHungaryBase card / HU edition623.00
5plJakub WawrzyniakPolandBase card / PL edition751.40
5skPeter PekaríkSlovakiaBase card / SK edition313.00
5trSemih KayaTurkeyBase card / TR edition732.33
6czTomáš SivokCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
6huÁkos ElekHungaryBase card / HU edition623.00
6plŁukasz PiszczekPolandBase card / PL edition732.33
6skTomáš HubočanSlovakiaBase card / SK edition522.50
6trŞener ÖzbayraklıTurkeyBase card / TR edition551.00
7czVladimír DaridaCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
7huZoltán GeraHungaryBase card / HU edition632.00
7plTomasz JodłowiecPolandBase card / PL edition842.00
7skViktor PečovskýSlovakiaBase card / SK edition313.00
7trMehmet TopalTurkeyBase card / TR edition651.20
8czJaroslav PlašilCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition707.00
8huBalázs DzsudzsákHungaryTop Player / HU edition623.00
8plMaciej RybusPolandBase card / PL edition741.75
8skJuraj KuckaSlovakiaBase card / SK edition313.00
8trOzan TufanTurkeyBase card / TR edition531.67
9czBořek DočkalCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
9huLászló KleinheislerHungaryBase card / HU edition732.33
9plGrzegorz KrychowiakPolandBase card / PL edition641.50
9skMarek HamšíkSlovakiaTop Player / SK edition321.50
9trCaner ErkinTurkeyBase card / TR edition531.67
10czLadislav KrejčíCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
10huGergő LovrencsicsHungaryBase card / HU edition723.50
10plKrzysztof MączyńskiPolandBase card / PL edition732.33
10skRóbert MakSlovakiaBase card / SK edition321.50
10trGökhan TöreTurkeyBase card / TR edition641.50
11czMatěj VydraCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
11huDániel BödeHungaryBase card / HU edition732.33
11plJakub BłaszczykowskiPolandTop Player / PL edition632.00
11skVladimír WeissSlovakiaBase card / SK edition321.50
11trSelçuk İnanTurkeyBase card / TR edition661.00
12czDavid LafataCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
12huKrisztián NémethHungaryBase card / HU edition723.50
12plSebastian MilaPolandBase card / PL edition732.33
12skMiroslav StochSlovakiaBase card / SK edition321.50
12trVolkan ŞenTurkeyBase card / TR edition632.00
13czVáclav PilařCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
13huNemanja NikolićHungaryBase card / HU edition723.50
13plKamil GrosickiPolandBase card / PL edition623.00
13skStanislav ŠestákSlovakiaBase card / SK edition616.00
13trArda TuranTurkeyBase card / TR edition732.33
14czMilan ŠkodaCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
14huTamás PriskinHungaryBase card / HU edition723.50
14plArkadiusz MilikPolandBase card / PL edition741.75
14skMichal ĎurišSlovakiaBase card / SK edition331.00
14trHakan ÇalhanoğluTurkeyBase card / TR edition751.40
15czTomáš NecidCzech RepublicBase card / CZ edition606.00
15huÁdám SzalaiHungaryBase card / HU edition824.00
15plRobert LewandowskiPolandTop Player / PL edition832.67
15skAdam NemecSlovakiaBase card / SK edition422.00
15trOğuzhan ÖzyakupTurkeyBase card / TR edition632.00
16czHugo LlorisFranceTop Player / CZ edition606.00
16huHugo LlorisFranceTop Player / HU edition623.00
16plHugo LlorisFranceTop Player / PL edition751.40
16skHugo LlorisFranceTop Player / SK edition505.00
16trOlcay ŞahanTurkeyBase card / TR edition632.00
17czThibaut CourtoisBelgiumBase card / CZ edition505.00
17huThibaut CourtoisBelgiumBase card / HU edition515.00
17plThibaut CourtoisBelgiumBase card / PL edition641.50
17skThibaut CourtoisBelgiumBase card / SK edition321.50
17trUmut BulutTurkeyBase card / TR edition732.33
18czJoe HartEnglandBase card / CZ edition505.00
18huJoe HartEnglandBase card / HU edition522.50
18plJoe HartEnglandBase card / PL edition661.00
18skJoe HartEnglandBase card / SK edition313.00
18trBurak YılmazTurkeyBase card / TR edition632.00
19czIker CasillasSpainBase card / CZ edition707.00
19huIker CasillasSpainBase card / HU edition723.50
19plIker CasillasSpainBase card / PL edition951.80
19skIker CasillasSpainBase card / SK edition632.00
19trRui PatrícioPortugalBase card / TR edition531.67
20czManuel NeuerGermanyTop Player / CZ edition515.00
20huManuel NeuerGermanyTop Player / HU edition623.00
20plManuel NeuerGermanyTop Player / PL edition623.00
20skManuel NeuerGermanyTop Player / SK edition422.00
20trJoe HartEnglandBase card / TR edition450.80
21czRui PatrícioPortugalBase card / CZ edition505.00
21huRui PatrícioPortugalBase card / HU edition531.67
21plRui PatrícioPortugalBase card / PL edition641.50
21skRui PatrícioPortugalBase card / SK edition331.00
21trIker CasillasSpainBase card / TR edition641.50
22czBacary SagnaFranceBase card / CZ edition606.00
22huBacary SagnaFranceBase card / HU edition623.00
22plBacary SagnaFranceBase card / PL edition851.60
22skBacary SagnaFranceBase card / SK edition414.00
22trManuel NeuerGermanyBase card / TR edition441.00
23czGary CahillEnglandTop Player / CZ edition505.00
23huGary CahillEnglandTop Player / HU edition515.00
23plGary CahillEnglandTop Player / PL edition732.33
23skGary CahillEnglandTop Player / SK edition313.00
23trHugo LlorisFranceBase card / TR edition531.67
24czVincent KompanyBelgiumTop Player / CZ edition505.00
24huVincent KompanyBelgiumTop Player / HU edition522.50
24plVincent KompanyBelgiumTop Player / PL edition632.00
24skVincent KompanyBelgiumTop Player / SK edition414.00
24trThibaut CourtoisBelgiumBase card / TR edition441.00
25czJérôme BoatengGermanyBase card / CZ edition505.00
25huJérôme BoatengGermanyBase card / HU edition515.00
25plJérôme BoatengGermanyBase card / PL edition751.40
25skJérôme BoatengGermanyBase card / SK edition313.00
25trBacary SagnaFranceBase card / TR edition551.00
26czGerard PiquéSpainBase card / CZ edition606.00
26huGerard PiquéSpainBase card / HU edition623.00
26plGerard PiquéSpainBase card / PL edition632.00
26skGerard PiquéSpainBase card / SK edition431.33
26trPepePortugalBase card / TR edition431.33
27czPepePortugalBase card / CZ edition505.00
27huPepePortugalBase card / HU edition541.25
27plPepePortugalBase card / PL edition761.17
27skPepePortugalBase card / SK edition321.50
27trSergio RamosSpainBase card / TR edition531.67
28czJan VertonghenBelgiumBase card / CZ edition505.00
28huJan VertonghenBelgiumBase card / HU edition522.50
28plJan VertonghenBelgiumBase card / PL edition670.86
28skJan VertonghenBelgiumBase card / SK edition422.00
28trGary CahillEnglandBase card / TR edition431.33
29czMats HummelsGermanyBase card / CZ edition505.00
29huMats HummelsGermanyBase card / HU edition522.50
29plMats HummelsGermanyBase card / PL edition732.33
29skMats HummelsGermanyBase card / SK edition422.00
29trRaphaël VaraneFranceBase card / TR edition551.00
30czRaphaël VaraneFranceBase card / CZ edition606.00
30huRaphaël VaraneFranceBase card / HU edition623.00
30plRaphaël VaraneFranceBase card / PL edition842.00
30skRaphaël VaraneFranceBase card / SK edition404.00
30trGerard PiqueSpainBase card / TR edition632.00
31czChris SmallingEnglandBase card / CZ edition505.00
31huChris SmallingEnglandBase card / HU edition522.50
31plChris SmallingEnglandBase card / PL edition723.50
31skChris SmallingEnglandBase card / SK edition313.00
31trMats HummelsGermanyBase card / TR edition441.00
32czRicardo CarvalhoPortugalBase card / CZ edition606.00
32huRicardo CarvalhoPortugalBase card / HU edition641.50
32plRicardo CarvalhoPortugalBase card / PL edition741.75
32skRicardo CarvalhoPortugalBase card / SK edition522.50
32trRicardo CarvalhoPortugalBase card / TR edition450.80
33czSergio RamosSpainTop Player / CZ edition606.00
33huSergio RamosSpainTop Player / HU edition623.00
33plSergio RamosSpainTop Player / PL edition818.00
33skSergio RamosSpainTop Player / SK edition422.00
33trPatrice EvraFranceBase card / TR edition832.67
34czPaul PogbaFranceTop Player / CZ edition606.00
34huPaul PogbaFranceTop Player / HU edition616.00
34plPaul PogbaFranceTop Player / PL edition933.00
34skPaul PogbaFranceTop Player / SK edition522.50
34trChris SmallingEnglandBase card / TR edition460.67
35czToni KroosGermanyBase card / CZ edition505.00
35huToni KroosGermanyBase card / HU edition522.50
35plToni KroosGermanyBase card / PL edition832.67
35skToni KroosGermanyBase card / SK edition313.00
35trAntonia RüdigerGermanyBase card / TR edition751.40
36czJoão MoutinhoPortugalTop Player / CZ edition505.00
36huJoão MoutinhoPortugalTop Player / HU edition531.67
36plJoão MoutinhoPortugalTop Player / PL edition723.50
36skJoão MoutinhoPortugalTop Player / SK edition431.33
36trVincent KompanyBelgiumBase card / TR edition441.00
37czJames MilnerEnglandBase card / CZ edition505.00
37huJames MilnerEnglandBase card / HU edition522.50
37plJames MilnerEnglandBase card / PL edition832.67
37skJames MilnerEnglandBase card / SK edition414.00
37trAdam LallanaEnglandBase card / TR edition541.25
38czSergio BusquetsSpainBase card / CZ edition606.00
38huSergio BusquetsSpainBase card / HU edition616.00
38plSergio BusquetsSpainBase card / PL edition741.75
38skSergio BusquetsSpainBase card / SK edition522.50
38trSergio BusquetsSpainBase card / TR edition531.67
39czMarouane FellainiBelgiumBase card / CZ edition505.00
39huMarouane FellainiBelgiumBase card / HU edition522.50
39plMarouane FellainiBelgiumBase card / PL edition832.67
39skMarouane FellainiBelgiumBase card / SK edition404.00
39trMario GötzeGermanyBase card / TR edition641.50
40czMesut ÖzilGermanyBase card / CZ edition505.00
40huMesut ÖzilGermanyBase card / HU edition522.50
40plMesut ÖzilGermanyBase card / PL edition842.00
40skMesut ÖzilGermanyBase card / SK edition414.00
40trEden HazardBelgiumBase card / TR edition441.00
41czAndrés IniestaSpainTop Player / CZ edition606.00
41huAndrés IniestaSpainTop Player / HU edition623.00
41plAndrés IniestaSpainTop Player / PL edition832.67
41skAndrés IniestaSpainTop Player / SK edition515.00
41trJoao MoutinhoPortugalBase card / TR edition441.00
42czEden HazardBelgiumTop Player / CZ edition505.00
42huEden HazardBelgiumTop Player / HU edition522.50
42plEden HazardBelgiumTop Player / PL edition632.00
42skEden HazardBelgiumTop Player / SK edition331.00
42trLassana DiarraFranceBase card / TR edition632.00
43czAdam LallanaEnglandBase card / CZ edition505.00
43huAdam LallanaEnglandBase card / HU edition522.50
43plAdam LallanaEnglandBase card / PL edition632.00
43skAdam LallanaEnglandBase card / SK edition321.50
43trCesc FàbregasSpainBase card / TR edition641.50
44czAxel WitselBelgiumBase card / CZ edition505.00
44huAxel WitselBelgiumBase card / HU edition522.50
44plAxel WitselBelgiumBase card / PL edition761.17
44skAxel WitselBelgiumBase card / SK edition422.00
44trBlaise MatuidiFranceBase card / TR edition632.00
45czMario GötzeGermanyBase card / CZ edition606.00
45huMario GötzeGermanyBase card / HU edition623.00
45plMario GötzeGermanyBase card / PL edition751.40
45skMario GötzeGermanyBase card / SK edition414.00
45trAxel WitselPortugalBase card / TR edition531.67
46czMiguel VelosoPortugalBase card / CZ edition505.00
46huMiguel VelosoPortugalBase card / HU edition541.25
46plMiguel VelosoPortugalBase card / PL edition741.75
46skMiguel VelosoPortugalBase card / SK edition331.00
46trMorgan SchneiderlinFranceBase card / TR edition531.67
47czCesc FàbregasSpainBase card / CZ edition606.00
47huCesc FàbregasSpainBase card / HU edition623.00
47plCesc FàbregasSpainBase card / PL edition741.75
47skCesc FàbregasSpainBase card / SK edition422.00
47trMiguel VelosoPortugalBase card / TR edition531.67
48czMorgan SchneiderlinFranceBase card / CZ edition606.00
48huMorgan SchneiderlinFranceBase card / HU edition623.00
48plMorgan SchneiderlinFranceBase card / PL edition732.33
48skMorgan SchneiderlinFranceBase card / SK edition531.67
48trJames MilnerEnglandBase card / TR edition431.33
49czNaniPortugalBase card / CZ edition505.00
49huNaniPortugalBase card / HU edition531.67
49plNaniPortugalBase card / PL edition651.20
49skNaniPortugalBase card / SK edition331.00
49trPaul PogbaFranceBase card / TR edition551.00
50czKevin De BruyneBelgiumBase card / CZ edition606.00
50huKevin De BruyneBelgiumBase card / HU edition616.00
50plKevin De BruyneBelgiumBase card / PL edition732.33
50skKevin De BruyneBelgiumBase card / SK edition431.33
50trMesut ÖzilGermanyBase card / TR edition431.33
51czRomelu LukakuBelgiumBase card / CZ edition606.00
51huRomelu LukakuBelgiumBase card / HU edition616.00
51plRomelu LukakuBelgiumBase card / PL edition824.00
51skRomelu LukakuBelgiumBase card / SK edition522.50
51trAndres IniestaSpainBase card / TR edition641.50
52czAntoine GriezmannFranceBase card / CZ edition606.00
52huAntoine GriezmannFranceBase card / HU edition616.00
52plAntoine GriezmannFranceBase card / PL edition832.67
52skAntoine GriezmannFranceBase card / SK edition522.50
52trToni KroosGermanyBase card / TR edition531.67
53czWayne RooneyEnglandTop Player / CZ edition515.00
53huWayne RooneyEnglandTop Player / HU edition522.50
53plWayne RooneyEnglandTop Player / PL edition522.50
53skWayne RooneyEnglandTop Player / SK edition321.50
53trHarry KaneEnglandBase card / TR edition541.25
54czDiego CostaSpainBase card / CZ edition606.00
54huDiego CostaSpainBase card / HU edition616.00
54plDiego CostaSpainBase card / PL edition842.00
54skDiego CostaSpainBase card / SK edition522.50
54trDiego CostaSpainBase card / TR edition551.00
55czPedroSpainBase card / CZ edition606.00
55huPedroSpainBase card / HU edition616.00
55plPedroSpainBase card / PL edition824.00
55skPedroSpainBase card / SK edition422.00
55trKevin De BruyneBelgiumBase card / TR edition531.67
56czHarry KaneEnglandBase card / CZ edition606.00
56huHarry KaneEnglandBase card / HU edition623.00
56plHarry KaneEnglandBase card / PL edition732.33
56skHarry KaneEnglandBase card / SK edition414.00
56trAntoine GriezmannFranceBase card / TR edition551.00
57czAnthony MartialFranceBase card / CZ edition606.00
57huAnthony MartialFranceBase card / HU edition623.00
57plAnthony MartialFranceBase card / PL edition732.33
57skAnthony MartialFranceBase card / SK edition404.00
57trCristiano RonaldoPortugalBase card / TR edition933.00
58czThomas MüllerGermanyTop Player / CZ edition606.00
58huThomas MüllerGermanyTop Player / HU edition616.00
58plThomas MüllerGermanyTop Player / PL edition933.00
58skThomas MüllerGermanyTop Player / SK edition404.00
58trAnthony MartialFranceBase card / TR edition541.25
59czCristiano RonaldoPortugalTop Player / CZ edition909.00
59huCristiano RonaldoPortugalTop Player / HU edition1025.00
59plCristiano RonaldoPortugalTop Player / PL edition1142.75
59skCristiano RonaldoPortugalTop Player / SK edition818.00
59trThomas MüllerGermanyBase card / TR edition531.67
60czLukas PodolskiGermanyBase card / CZ edition505.00
60huLukas PodolskiGermanyBase card / HU edition515.00
60plLukas PodolskiGermanyBase card / PL edition942.25
60skLukas PodolskiGermanyBase card / SK edition414.00
60trOlivier GiroudFranceBase card / TR edition632.00
61trWayne RooneyEnglandBase card / TR edition441.00
62trRomelu LukakuBelgiumBase card / TR edition732.33
63trNaniPortugalBase card / TR edition431.33
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