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Panini Celtic FC 2000-2001

Panini Celtic FC 2000-2001

Year: 2000
Total stickers: 177

Panini Here Come The Bhoys 2001 Sticker Collection.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 3


1A Place of LegendsIntroduction-030.00
4Team photo (puzzle 1)Season 2000-2001metal010.00
5Team photo (puzzle 2)Season 2000-2001metal111.00
6Team photo (puzzle 3)Season 2000-2001metal101.00
7Team photo (puzzle 4)Season 2000-2001metal111.00
8Cock-a-hoopsSeason 2000-2001metal020.00
9Low lieSeason 2000-2001-020.00
10For it's a Grand Old TeamSeason 2000-2001-020.00
11Yellow PearlSeason 2000-2001metal111.00
12The Celtic viewParadise-030.00
13The Celtic viewParadise-040.00
14Second to noneParadise-030.00
15Second to noneParadise-050.00
16This is ParadiseParadisemetal010.00
17Martin O'NeillManagermetal212.00
18Martin O'Neill (The ThinkerManager-040.00
19Martin O'Neill (Start of a DreamManager-030.00
20Martin O'Neill (Start of a DreamManager-040.00
21Martin O'Neill (Getting some pointersManager-040.00
22Jonathan Gould in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-030.00
23Jonathan Gould in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
24Jonathan GouldThe Squadmetal101.00
25Tom Boyd in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
26Tom Boyd in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
27Tom BoydThe Squadmetal101.00
28Colin HealyThe Squadmetal202.00
29Colin Healy in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
30Colin Healy in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-050.00
31Stephane MaheThe Squadmetal111.00
32Stephane Mahe in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
33Stephane Mahe in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
34Rafael Scheidt in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-030.00
35Rafael Scheidt in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-050.00
36Rafael ScheidtThe Squadmetal111.00
37Alan Stubbs in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
38Alan Stubbs in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
39Alan StubbsThe Squadmetal202.00
40Olivier TebilyThe Squadmetal303.00
41Olivier Tebily in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-020.00
42Olivier Tebily in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
43Joos ValgaerenThe Squadmetal303.00
44Joos Valgaeren in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
45Joos Valgaeren in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
46Paul Lambert in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
47Paul Lambert in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
48Paul LambertThe Squadmetal000.00
49Jackie McNamara in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
50Jackie McNamara in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
51Jackie McNamaraThe Squadmetal303.00
52Johan MjallbyThe Squadmetal202.00
53Johan Mjallby in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
54Johan Mjallby in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
55Lubomir MoravcikThe Squadmetal000.00
56Lubomir Moravcik in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-030.00
57Lubomir Moravcik in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
58Stilian Petrov in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
59Stilian Petrov in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-050.00
60Stilian PetrovThe Squadmetal000.00
61Vidar Riseth in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
62Vidar Riseth in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
63Vidar RisethThe Squadmetal000.00
64Morten WieghorstThe Squadmetal212.00
65Morten Wieghorst in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
66Morten Wieghorst in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-050.00
67Eyal BerkovicThe Squadmetal111.00
68Eyal Berkovic in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
69Eyal Berkovic in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
70Mark Burchill in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-050.00
71Mark Burchill in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-040.00
72Mark BurchillThe Squadmetal000.00
73Tommy Johnson in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-040.00
74Tommy Johnson in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
75Tommy JohnsonThe Squadmetal111.00
76Henrik LarssonThe Squadmetal101.00
77Henrik Larsson in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-030.00
78Henrik Larsson in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
79Chris SuttonThe Squadmetal202.00
80Chris Sutton in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-030.00
81Chris Sutton in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-030.00
82Stewart KerrThe Squad-040.00
83Dimitre KharineThe Squad-030.00
84Mark FotheringhamThe Squad-010.00
85Stephane BonnesThe Squad-030.00
86Bobby PettaThe Squad-020.00
87Hoops StarTraining-040.00
88Tommy twists, Tommy turnsTraining-050.00
89New Bhoy on the BlockTraining-030.00
90Hair we go! (Jonathan Gould)Training-030.00
91Chest the JobTraining-040.00
92Warming upTraining-050.00
93Stretch! (Jim Hendry / Tommy Johnson)Training-030.00
94Tebily goodTraining-030.00
95Record BreakerTraining-050.00
96This way, VidarTraining-020.00
97Walk on!Training-030.00
98Sign here, pleaseTraining-040.00
99Net GainsTraining-050.00
100He can do MagicTraining-040.00
101Always lookTraining-030.00
102Smiles betterTraining-050.00
103Jungle JoosTraining-050.00
104Judge Dread-LockAction-020.00
105Master ClassAction-040.00
106Eyal be there for youAction-010.00
107Paradise foundAction-030.00
108Making his MarkAction-030.00
109Tebily goodAction-020.00
110Spot the StarsAction-030.00
111He looks good on PepperAction-030.00
112Belgian MuscleAction-040.00
113That's Petta (Bobby Petta)Action-030.00
114Thumbs upAction-030.00
115Surf `n turf (Tom Boyd vs. Andy McLaren (Kilmarnock))Action-030.00
116Norway I'm losingAction-040.00
117Olivier's ArmyAction-050.00
118The TerminatorAction-020.00
119High and mightyAction-040.00
120Hail, hail the CeltsAction-020.00
121Two goodAction-030.00
122Tommy GunAction-040.00
123Class and cloutAction-030.00
124Lubo, Lubo!Action-020.00
125Stan the ManAction-020.00
126Eyes wide shutAction-030.00
127That winning feelingCelebrations-030.00
128The HuddleCelebrations-040.00
129It's a Joy to be a BhoyCelebrations-040.00
131Cup thatCelebrations-040.00
132I've got `em licked againCelebrations-030.00
133TJ gets a liftCelebrations-030.00
134Made in SlovakiaCelebrations-020.00
135Please don't take my Larsson away!Celebrations-020.00
136Make mahe dayCelebrations-020.00
137High fivesCelebrations-020.00
138The Middle MenCelebrations-030.00
139And if you know the History!Celebrations-020.00
140I've got 'em licked Celebrations-020.00
141I've got 'em licked Celebrations-020.00
142The Cup that cheersCelebrations-020.00
143Triumphant! (Jonathan Gould)Celebrations-050.00
144Pride of the KingCelebrations-030.00
145Stan and DeliverCelebrations-050.00
146Stan and DeliverCelebrations-040.00
147The Sweetest feeling!Celebrations-020.00
148TJ calls the TuneCelebrations-030.00
149One Martin O'Neill!Celebrations-020.00
150The Green partyThe Fans-040.00
151NTL of a JerseyThe Fans-040.00
152Joy BhoysThe Fans-040.00
153Full backingThe Fans-030.00
154Right on songThe Fans-040.00
155Faithful through and throughThe Fans-040.00
156And you'll never walk aloneThe Fans-030.00
157Come on, feel the NoiseThe Fans-040.00
158With hope in their heartsThe Fans-020.00
159Walk onThe Fans-040.00
160You gotta roll with itThe Fans-040.00
161There's only two Henrik Larssons!...The Fans-030.00
162Pat BonnerDream Team-030.00
163Danny McGrainDream Team-010.00
164Tommy GemmellDream Team-010.00
165Roy AitkenDream Team-020.00
166Billy McNeillDream Team-020.00
167Paul LambertDream Team-040.00
168Paul McStayDream Team-010.00
169Jimmy JohnstoneDream Team-020.00
170Paolo Di CanioDream Team-030.00
171Henrik LarssonDream Team-020.00
172Kenny DalglishDream Team-030.00
173Jock SteinDream Team-030.00
174Stephen CraineyRising Star-020.00
175Simon LynchRising Star-040.00
176John Paul KennedyRising Star-030.00
177Ryan McCannRising Star-030.00