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Panini Rangers FC 2000-2001

Panini Rangers FC 2000-2001

Year: 2000
Total stickers: 177

Panini Follow Follow The Gers 2001 Sticker Collection.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 1


1Treasure troveIntroduction-212.00
4Team photo (puzzle 1)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
5Team photo (puzzle 2)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
6Team photo (puzzle 3)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
7Team photo (puzzle 4)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
8Blue is the Colour (Home Kit)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
9Sticker 9Season 2000-2001-202.00
10Oh the Bluebells are Blue!Season 2000-2001-202.00
11Advocaat-inspired (Away Kit)Season 2000-2001metal202.00
12The Gates to HeavenBlue Heaven-212.00
13The Gates to HeavenBlue Heaven-202.00
14Down to the Copland RoadBlue Heaven-202.00
15Down to the Copland RoadBlue Heaven-202.00
16This is IbroxBlue Heavenmetal202.00
17Dick AdvocaatManagermetal202.00
18Bert Van LingenManager-202.00
19In Charge... (Dick Advocaat) (puzzle 1)Manager-212.00
20In Charge... (Dick Advocaat) (puzzle 2)Manager-212.00
21Food for thought... (Dick Advocaat)Manager-212.00
22Stefan Klos in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
23Stefan Klos in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
24Stefan KlosThe Squadmetal202.00
25Lorenzo Amoruso in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
26Lorenzo Amoruso in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
27Lorenzo AmorusoThe Squadmetal202.00
28Bert KontermanThe Squadmetal202.00
29Bert Konterman in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-221.00
30Bert Konterman in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
31Craig MooreThe Squadmetal202.00
32Craig Moore in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
33Craig Moore in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
34Arthur Numan in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
35Arthur Numan in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
36Arthur NumanThe Squadmetal202.00
37Fernando Ricksen in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
38Fernando Ricksen in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
39Fernando RicksenThe Squadmetal202.00
40Sergio PorriniThe Squadmetal202.00
41Sergio Porrini in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
42Sergio Porrini in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
43Jorg AlbertzThe Squadmetal202.00
44Jorg Albertz in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
45Jorg Albertz in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
46Barry Ferguson in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
47Barry Ferguson in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
48Barry FergusonThe Squadmetal202.00
49Andrei Kanchelskis in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
50Andrei Kanchelskis in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
51Andrei KanchelskisThe Squadmetal202.00
52Tugay KerimogluThe Squadmetal202.00
53Tugay Kerimoglu in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
54Tugay Kerimoglu in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-221.00
55Giovanni Van BronckhorstThe Squadmetal202.00
56Giovanni Van Bronckhorst in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
57Giovanni Van Bronckhorst in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
58Tony Vidmar in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
59Tony Vidmar in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
60Tony VidmarThe Squadmetal202.00
61Billy Dodds in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
62Billy Dodds in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
63Billy DoddsThe Squadmetal202.00
64Allan JohnstonThe Squadmetal202.00
65Allan Johnston in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-221.00
66Allan Johnston in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
67Neil McCannThe Squadmetal212.00
68Neil McCann in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
69Neil McCann in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-221.00
70Kenny Miller in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
71Kenny Miller in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-202.00
72Kenny MillerThe Squadmetal202.00
73Michael Mols in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-212.00
74Michael Mols in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
75Michael MolsThe Squadmetal202.00
76Claudio ReynaThe Squadmetal202.00
77Claudio Reyna in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-202.00
78Claudio Reyna in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-221.00
79Rod WallaceThe Squadmetal202.00
80Rod Wallace in action (puzzle 1)The Squad-221.00
81Rod Wallace in action (puzzle 2)The Squad-212.00
82Scott WilsonThe Squad-212.00
83Dariusz AdamczukThe Squad-212.00
84Tero PentillaThe Squad-212.00
85Lionel CharbonnierThe Squad-212.00
86Peter LovenkrandsThe Squad-212.00
87Clap Happy... (Dick Advocaat)Training-212.00
88Mind Games... (Dick Advocaat / Bert Van Lingen)Training-212.00
89I'll back you all the Way... (Bert Van Lingen / Sergio Porrini)Training-212.00
90Ouch! (Jorg Albertz)Training-202.00
91Leader of the BandTraining-202.00
92Turk at workTraining-212.00
93Bert's gonna get yaTraining-221.00
94Gio ForceTraining-202.00
95Dodds on favouriteTraining-212.00
96Hands offTraining-212.00
97Sticker 97Training-212.00
98Teacher and PupilTraining-202.00
99Bending over backwards to make itTraining-202.00
100Learning the DrillsTraining-202.00
101Sticker 101Training-212.00
102Fun and Games... (Dick Advocaat)Training-202.00
103Klos to perfectTraining-202.00
104Man with a missionAction-212.00
105Hard to takeAction-212.00
106Ruud awakeningAction-212.00
109Looking upAction-212.00
110Taking the MichaelAction-212.00
111Hair-raising... (Rod Wallace)Action-212.00
112Grim and Bear itAction-212.00
113Head-ing for Glory (Michael Mols)Action-202.00
114Cann you believe itAction-212.00
115Cult HeroAction-212.00
116New life, New jerseyAction-202.00
117Proving a pointAction-202.00
118The HammerAction-212.00
119Der GoalieAction-202.00
120We are the People!Action-212.00
121Hot Rod... (Rod Wallace)Action-202.00
122Captain AmericaAction-202.00
123Stand-out Stand-in... (Lionel Charbonnier)Action-212.00
124We are the Champions!Action-212.00
125Proving a pointAction-202.00
126Pain in Spain... (Michael Mols)Action-202.00
127Captain Fan-tasticCelebrations-202.00
128Allez les bleus... (Lionel Charbonnier)Celebrations-212.00
129Flying FinnCelebrations-212.00
130Party TimeCelebrations-212.00
131Hat's the way to do itCelebrations-221.00
132Two in a row!Celebrations-202.00
133The Little General... (Dick Advocaat)Celebrations-202.00
134Dream come trueCelebrations-212.00
135Advocaat's blue and white ArmyCelebrations-202.00
136The Main ManCelebrations-212.00
137I like it Nike thatCelebrations-202.00
139Simply The Best!Celebrations-202.00
140Off and runningCelebrations-221.00
141Back to his BestCelebrations-202.00
142Hammer TimeCelebrations-212.00
143Red Hot Chile StrikerCelebrations-221.00
144Make mine a doubleCelebrations-212.00
145Double TroubleCelebrations-202.00
146Hup Holland Hup!Celebrations-221.00
147Dutch of ClassCelebrations-212.00
148I'm forever blowing bubblesCelebrations-202.00
149Ooh Aah Tony Vidmar!Celebrations-221.00
150Come on over to our placeThe Fans-221.00
151Screaming Blue MurderThe Fans-212.00
152Euro BearsThe Fans-212.00
153Pink, Yellow - and BlueThe Fans-221.00
154Three cheers for the Red, White and BlueThe Fans-221.00
155Memories are made of thisThe Fans-212.00
156A Dutch of ClassThe Fans-221.00
157OutnumberedThe Fans-202.00
158Bright lights, Wig CityThe Fans-212.00
159Air we goThe Fans-221.00
160Hat's the way to do itThe Fans-212.00
161Oranjeboom!The Fans-221.00
162Andy GoramDream Team-202.00
163Sandy JardineDream Team-202.00
164John GreigDream Team-212.00
165Richard GoughDream Team-202.00
166Terry ButcherDream Team-221.00
167Brian LaudrupDream Team-212.00
168Paul GascoigneDream Team-212.00
169Jim BaxterDream Team-202.00
170Davie CooperDream Team-202.00
171Ally McCoistDream Team-202.00
172Mark HateleyDream Team-212.00
173Walter SmithDream Team-212.00
174Robert MalcolmRising Stars-212.00
175Maurice RossRising Stars-212.00
176Lee FeeneyRising Stars-212.00
177Mark BrownRising Stars-202.00
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