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Panini The Smash Hits Collection 1990

Panini The Smash Hits Collection 1990

Year: 1990
Total stickers: 120

collecting: 3 / completed: 5


2A-Ha (puzzle 1)A-Ha-212.00
3A-Ha (puzzle 2)A-Ha-212.00
4Black BoxBlack Box-303.00
7The Beautiful South (puzzle 1)The Beautiful South-212.00
8The Beautiful South (puzzle 2)The Beautiful South-212.00
9Big Fun (puzzle 1)Big Fun-212.00
10Big Fun (puzzle 2)Big Fun-212.00
11Big Fun (puzzle 3)Big Fun-303.00
12Big Fun (puzzle 4)Big Fun-303.00
13Bomb the BassBomb the Bass-212.00
14Bon JoviBon Jovi-212.00
15Jon Bon JoviBon Jovi-212.00
17Bros (puzzle 1)Bros-303.00
18Bros (puzzle 2)Bros-212.00
19Bros (puzzle 3)Bros-111.00
20Bros (puzzle 4)Bros-212.00
21Brother BeyondBrother Beyond-212.00
22Bobby Brown (puzzle 1)Bobby Brown-303.00
23Bobby Brown (puzzle 2)Bobby Brown-212.00
24Bobby Brown (puzzle 3)Bobby Brown-212.00
25Bobby Brown (puzzle 4)Bobby Brown-303.00
26Belinda CarlisleBelinda Carlisle-212.00
27Neneh Cherry (puzzle 1)Neneh Cherry-212.00
28Neneh Cherry (puzzle 2)Neneh Cherry-303.00
29Neneh Cherry (puzzle 3)Neneh Cherry-212.00
30The CristiansThe Cristians-212.00
31Phil CollinsPhil Collins-212.00
32Curiosity killed the CatCuriosity killed the Cat-212.00
33Deacon BlueDeacon Blue-303.00
34De La SoulDe La Soul-303.00
35Def LeppardDef Leppard-212.00
36Jason Donovan (puzzle 1)Jason Donovan-303.00
37Jason Donovan (puzzle 2)Jason Donovan-303.00
38Jason Donovan (puzzle 1)Jason Donovan-303.00
39Jason Donovan (puzzle 2)Jason Donovan-212.00
40Jason Donovan (puzzle 3)Jason Donovan-303.00
41Jason Donovan (puzzle 4)Jason Donovan-212.00
42Erasure (puzzle 1)Erasure-303.00
43Erasure (puzzle 2)Erasure-303.00
44Gloria EstefanGloria Estefan-212.00
46Fine Young CannibalsFine Young Cannibals-212.00
48Debbie Gibson (puzzle 1)Debbie Gibson-303.00
49Debbie Gibson (puzzle 2)Debbie Gibson-212.00
50Guns 'N' Roses (puzzle 1)Guns 'N' Roses-303.00
51Guns 'N' Roses (puzzle 2)Guns 'N' Roses-212.00
52Guns 'N' Roses (puzzle 3)Guns 'N' Roses-212.00
53Guns 'N' Roses (puzzle 4)Guns 'N' Roses-303.00
54Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston-202.00
55Michael Hutchence (puzzle 1)Michael Hutchence-212.00
56Michael Hutchence (puzzle 2)Michael Hutchence-212.00
57Michael Hutchence (puzzle 3)Michael Hutchence-212.00
58Inner CityInner City-303.00
59Michael Jackson (puzzle 1)Michael Jackson-303.00
60Michael Jackson (puzzle 2)Michael Jackson-212.00
61Janet JacksonJanet Jackson-303.00
62Jive BunnyJive Bunny-202.00
63Living in a BoxLiving in a Box-303.00
64London BoysLondon Boys-212.00
65London Boys (puzzle 1)London Boys-212.00
66London Boys (puzzle 2)London Boys-202.00
68Madonna (puzzle 1)Madonna-212.00
69Madonna (puzzle 2)Madonna-212.00
70Martika (puzzle 1)Martika-212.00
71Martika (puzzle 2)Martika-212.00
72Martika (puzzle 3)Martika-212.00
73Kylie Minogue (puzzle 1)Kylie Minogue-303.00
74Kylie Minogue (puzzle 2)Kylie Minogue-303.00
75Kylie Minogue (puzzle 1)Kylie Minogue-303.00
76Kylie Minogue (puzzle 2)Kylie Minogue-303.00
77Rob PilatusMilli Vanilli-303.00
78Fabrice MorvanMilli Vanilli-303.00
79George MichaelGeorge Michael-212.00
81New Kids on the Block (puzzle 1)New Kids on the Block-212.00
82New Kids on the Block (puzzle 2)New Kids on the Block-111.00
83Jonathan Rashleigh KnightNew Kids on the Block-111.00
84Danial William WoodNew Kids on the Block-212.00
85Jordan Nathaniel Marcel KnightNew Kids on the Block-212.00
86Joseph Mulrey McIntyreNew Kids on the Block-212.00
87Donald E. WahlbergNew Kids on the Block-303.00
88New OrderNew Order-212.00
89Neil TennantPet Shop Boys-212.00
90Chris LowePet Shop Boys-303.00
91Pet Shop BoysPet Shop Boys-303.00
93Rebel MC (puzzle 1)Rebel MC-303.00
94Rebel MC (puzzle 1)Rebel MC-212.00
95Cliff RichardCliff Richard-212.00
97Shakespear's SisterShakespear's Sister-212.00
99Soul II Soul (puzzle 1)Soul II Soul-212.00
100Soul II Soul (puzzle 2)Soul II Soul-303.00
101Simply RedSimply Red-212.00
102Jimmy SomervilleJimmy Somerville-212.00
103Lisa Stansfield (puzzle 1)Lisa Stansfield-111.00
104Lisa Stansfield (puzzle 2)Lisa Stansfield-303.00
106The Stone Roses (puzzle 1)The Stone Roses-303.00
107The Stone Roses (puzzle 2)The Stone Roses-212.00
108Mark ShawMark Shaw-212.00
109Wendy James (puzzle 1)Transvision Vamp-303.00
110Wendy James (puzzle 2)Transvision Vamp-303.00
111Transvision VampTransvision Vamp-212.00
112Tears for FearsTears for Fears-212.00
113Wet Wet Wet (puzzle 1)Wet Wet Wet-303.00
114Wet Wet Wet (puzzle 2)Wet Wet Wet-212.00
115Wet Wet Wet (puzzle 3)Wet Wet Wet-212.00
116U2 (puzzle 1)U2-212.00
117U2 (puzzle 2)U2-303.00
118Sydney Youngblood (puzzle 1)Sydney Youngblood-303.00
119Sydney Youngblood (puzzle 2)Sydney Youngblood-212.00
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