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Panini Tour de France 2019

Panini Tour de France 2019

Year: 2019
Total stickers: 424

Collection preview (29% scanned images)

collecting: 432 / completed: 221


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1Logo - Records-metal104205.20
2Logo - Records-metal94146.71
3Logo - Records-metal109166.81
4Logo - Records-metal109138.38
5Logo - Records-metal41700.59
6Logo - Records-metal33720.46
7Logo - Records-metal102195.37
8Logo - Records-metal85175.00
9Logo - Records-metal95156.33
10Logo - Records-metal94224.27
12Team (left)AG2R La Mondiale-42680.62
13Team (right)AG2R La Mondiale-46610.75
14Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale-52491.06
15Mikael CherelAG2R La Mondiale-36630.57
16Benoit CosnefroyAG2R La Mondiale-40410.98
17Silvan DillierAG2R La Mondiale-162270.07
18Alex DomontAG2R La Mondiale-44620.71
19Mathias FranckAG2R La Mondiale-42550.76
20Tony GallopinAG2R La Mondiale-46660.70
21Ben GastauerAG2R La Mondiale-40610.66
22Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale-41550.75
23Alexis GougeardAG2R La Mondiale-36620.58
24Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale-42670.63
25Oliver NaesenAG2R La Mondiale-40610.66
26Stijn VandenberghAG2R La Mondiale-41630.65
27Alexis VuillermozAG2R La Mondiale-48510.94
28Team (left)Astana Pro Team-46540.85
29Team (right)Astana Pro Team-43660.65
30Davide BalleriniAstana Pro Team-47520.90
31Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team-38500.76
32Dario CataldoAstana Pro Team-42510.82
33Rodrigo ContrerasAstana Pro Team-29680.43
34Magnus CortAstana Pro Team-45620.73
35Omar FraileAstana Pro Team-41580.71
36Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team-46620.74
37Hugo HouleAstana Pro Team-40580.69
38Gorka IzagirreAstana Pro Team-51481.06
39Merhawi KudusAstana Pro Team-35630.56
40Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team-41620.66
41Alexey LutsenkoAstana Pro Team-34550.62
42Luis Leon SanchezAstana Pro Team-41520.79
43Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Team-47540.87
44Team (left)Bahrain - Merida-44650.68
45Team (right)Bahrain - Merida-41610.67
46Yukiya ArashiroBahrain - Merida-31660.47
47Damiano CarusoBahrain - Merida-43570.75
48Sonny ColbrelliBahrain - Merida-38580.66
49Rohan DennisBahrain - Merida-42630.67
50Ivan Garcia CortinaBahrain - Merida-40600.67
51Matej MohoricBahrain - Merida-42530.79
52Vincenzo NibaliBahrain - Merida-42450.93
53Domen NovakBahrain - Merida-42580.72
54Mark PadunBahrain - Merida-31550.56
55Hermann PernsteinerBahrain - Merida-42490.86
56Luka PibernikBahrain - Merida-42570.74
57Domenico PozzovivoBahrain - Merida-40530.75
58Dylan TeunsBahrain - Merida-33620.53
59Jan TratnikBahrain - Merida-37620.60
60Team (left)Bora - Hansgrohe-37590.63
61Team (right)Bora - Hansgrohe-36650.55
62Pascal AckermannBora - Hansgrohe-47461.02
63Maciej BodnarBora - Hansgrohe-45460.98
64Emanuel BuchmannBora - Hansgrohe-38630.60
65Marcus BurghardtBora - Hansgrohe-44570.77
66Jean-Pierre DrukerBora - Hansgrohe-52421.24
67Felix GrosschartnerBora - Hansgrohe-49590.83
68Christoph PfingstenBora - Hansgrohe-41530.77
69Patrick KonradBora - Hansgrohe-39530.74
70Rafal MajkaBora - Hansgrohe-142380.06
71Gregor MuhlbergerBora - Hansgrohe-40590.68
72Daniel OssBora - Hansgrohe-34610.56
73Lukas PostlbergerBora - Hansgrohe-36630.57
74Peter SaganBora - Hansgrohe-40510.78
75Maximilian SchachmannBora - Hansgrohe-45600.75
76Team (left)CCC Team-44690.64
77Team (right)CCC Team-41670.61
78Patrick BevinCCC Team-43520.83
79Alessandro De MarchiCCC Team-35680.51
80Simon GeschkeCCC Team-43520.83
81Jakub MazeczkoCCC Team-42550.76
82Serge PauwelsCCC Team-40670.60
83Joey RosskopfCCC Team-36610.59
84Michael ScharCCC Team-36690.52
85Laurens Ten DamCCC Team-35600.58
86Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team-33690.48
87Gijs Van HoeckeCCC Team-34530.64
88Guillaume Van KeirsbulckCCC Team-36550.65
89Francisco VentosoCCC Team-49411.20
90Lukasz XisniowskiCCC Team-39620.63
91Riccardo ZoidlCCC Team-46570.81
92Team (left)Cofidis, Solutions Crédits-44431.02
93Team (right)Cofidis, Solutions Crédits-36500.72
94Darwin AtapumaCofidis, Solutions Crédits-41640.64
95Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits-40620.65
96Nacer BouhanniCofidis, Solutions Crédits-47590.80
97Dimitri ClaeysCofidis, Solutions Crédits-41580.71
98Nicolas EdetCofidis, Solutions Crédits-52560.93
99Jesper HansenCofidis, Solutions Crédits-47570.82
100Jesus HerradaCofidis, Solutions Crédits-46660.70
101Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits-49510.96
102Mathias Le TurnierCofidis, Solutions Crédits-43730.59
103Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits-45590.76
104Anthony PerezCofidis, Solutions Crédits-47580.81
105Pierre-Luc PérichonCofidis, Solutions Crédits-45640.70
106Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Crédits-48540.89
107Zico WaeytensCofidis, Solutions Crédits-32600.53
108Team (left)Deceuninck - Quick-Step-43610.70
109Team (right)Deceuninck - Quick-Step-41520.79
110Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick-Step-42500.84
111Kasper AsgreenDeceuninck - Quick-Step-37470.79
112Rémi CavagnaDeceuninck - Quick-Step-44550.80
113Tim DeclercqDeceuninck - Quick-Step-41590.69
114Dries DevenynsDeceuninck - Quick-Step-50560.89
115Philippe GilbertDeceuninck - Quick-Step-48451.07
116Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick-Step-44490.90
117Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick-Step-47630.75
118Michael MorkovDeceuninck - Quick-Step-43630.68
119Maximiliano RichezeDeceuninck - Quick-Step-46620.74
120Florian SénéchalDeceuninck - Quick-Step-43650.66
121Pierter SerryDeceuninck - Quick-Step-37600.62
122Zdenek StybarDeceuninck - Quick-Step-38570.67
123Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick-Step-43600.72
124Team (left)Team Dimension Data-44660.67
125Team (right)Team Dimension Data-45560.80
126Lars BakTeam Dimension Data-46520.88
127Edvald Boasson HagenTeam Dimension Data-46510.90
128Mark CavendishTeam Dimension Data-38570.67
129Steve CummingsTeam Dimension Data-45391.15
130Bernarhd EiselTeam Dimension Data-42680.62
131Enrico GasparottoTeam Dimension Data-36810.44
132Reinardt Janse Van RensburgTeam Dimension Data-50501.00
133Ben KingTeam Dimension Data-57541.06
134Roman KreuzigerTeam Dimension Data-51630.81
135Louis MeintjesTeam Dimension Data-46510.90
136Giacomo NizzoloTeam Dimension Data-36670.54
137Mark RenshawTeam Dimension Data-43540.80
138Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data-40580.69
139Julien VermoteTeam Dimension Data-47580.81
140Team (left)EF Education First-44510.86
141Team (right)EF Education First-50680.74
142Alberto BettiolEF Education First-45660.68
143Nate BrownEF Education First-43590.73
144Simon ClarkeEF Education First-45600.75
145Lawson CraddockEF Education First-42670.63
146Mitch DockerEF Education First-52620.84
147Tanel KangertEF Education First-42570.74
148Sebastian LangeveldEF Education First-40610.66
149Dani MartinezEF Education First-52590.88
150Taylor PhinneyEF Education First-52441.18
151Tom ScullyEF Education First-39590.66
152Rigoberto UranEF Education First-35530.66
153Tejay Van GarderenEF Education First-44630.70
154Sep VanmarckeEF Education First-42600.70
155Mike WoodsEF Education First-48620.77
156Team (left)Groupama - FDJ-38750.51
157Team (right)Groupama - FDJ-46510.90
158William BonnetGroupama - FDJ-45570.79
159Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ-55551.00
160Antoine DuchesneGroupama - FDJ-34560.61
161David GauduGroupama - FDJ-48610.79
162Stefan KungGroupama - FDJ-35530.66
163Matthieu LadagnousGroupama - FDJ-47650.72
164Tobias LudvigssonGroupama - FDJ-42610.69
165Valentin MadouasGroupama - FDJ-43630.68
166Rudy MolardGroupama - FDJ-47520.90
167Steve MorabitoGroupama - FDJ-38620.61
168Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJ-49351.40
169Marc SarreauGroupama - FDJ-45630.71
170Sébastien ReichenbachGroupama - FDJ-40550.73
171Anthony RouxGroupama - FDJ-45600.75
172Team (left)Team Jumbo - Visma-44620.71
173Team (right)Team Jumbo - Visma-44690.64
174George BennettTeam Jumbo - Visma-44550.80
175Robert GesinkTeam Jumbo - Visma-39690.57
176Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma-47550.85
177Amund Grondahl JansenTeam Jumbo - Visma-46630.73
178Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma-43650.66
179Sepp KussTeam Jumbo - Visma-50570.88
180Paul MartensTeam Jumbo - Visma-56570.98
181Tony MartinTeam Jumbo - Visma-39540.72
182Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma-50660.76
183Timo RoosenTeam Jumbo - Visma-44460.96
184Mike TeunissenTeam Jumbo - Visma-50431.16
185Antwan TolhoekTeam Jumbo - Visma-44550.80
186Jos Van EmdenTeam Jumbo - Visma-48530.91
187Danny Van PoppelTeam Jumbo - Visma-52770.68
188Team (left)Team Katusha Alpecin-43520.83
189Team (right)Team Katusha Alpecin-44560.79
190Ian BoswellTeam Katusha Alpecin-44520.85
191Jens DebusschereTeam Katusha Alpecin-49520.94
192Alex DowsettTeam Katusha Alpecin-45550.82
193José GonçalvesTeam Katusha Alpecin-50510.98
194Ruben GuerreiroTeam Katusha Alpecin-42470.89
195Nathan HaasTeam Katusha Alpecin-48620.77
196Marco HallerTeam Katusha Alpecin-46620.74
197Marcel KittelTeam Katusha Alpecin-41640.64
198Pavel KochetkovTeam Katusha Alpecin-44610.72
199Daniel NavarroTeam Katusha Alpecin-45500.90
200Nils PolittTeam Katusha Alpecin-44730.60
201Dmitry StrakhovTeam Katusha Alpecin-43540.80
202Rick ZabelTeam Katusha Alpecin-45470.96
203Ilnur ZakarinTeam Katusha Alpecin-53660.80
204Team (left)Lotto Soudal-40620.65
205Team (right)Lotto Soudal-43600.72
206Sander ArméeLotto Soudal-58670.87
207Tiesj BenootLotto Soudal-50600.83
208Victor CampenaertsLotto Soudal-41550.75
209Jasper De BuystLotto Soudal-48640.75
210Thomas De GendtLotto Soudal-38770.49
211Caleb EwanLotto Soudal-40640.63
212Carl Fredrik HagenLotto Soudal-54620.87
213Adam HansenLotto Soudal-44720.61
214Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudal-48500.96
215Roger KlugeLotto Soudal-44620.71
216Maxime MonfortLotto Soudal-49451.09
217Jelle VanendertLotto Soudal-38690.55
218Jelle WallaysLotto Soudal-45570.79
219Tim WellensLotto Soudal-46540.85
220Team (left)Michelton - Scott-44650.68
221Team (right)Michelton - Scott-43640.67
222Jack BauerMichelton - Scott-38700.54
223Sam BewleyMichelton - Scott-46480.96
224Luke DurbridgeMichelton - Scott-44520.85
225Alex EdmondsonMichelton - Scott-46480.96
226Michael HepburnMichelton - Scott-43630.68
227Damien HowsonMichelton - Scott-35720.49
228Daryl ImpeyMichelton - Scott-43600.72
229Chris Juul-JensenMichelton - Scott-39590.66
230Luka MezgecMichelton - Scott-42580.72
231Mikel NieveMichelton - Scott-52501.04
232Dion SmithMichelton - Scott-40540.74
233Matteo TrentinMichelton - Scott-53521.02
234Adam YatesMichelton - Scott-49580.84
235Simon YatesMichelton - Scott-49520.94
236Team (left)Movistar Team-47630.75
237Team (right)Movistar Team-36500.72
238Andrey AmadorMovistar Team-162240.07
239Winner AnaconaMovistar Team-38590.64
240Daniele BennatiMovistar Team-48550.87
241Imanol ErvitiMovistar Team-42550.76
242Ruben FernandezMovistar Team-49481.02
243Mikel LandaMovistar Team-44640.69
244Lluis MasMovistar Team-42640.66
245Nelson OliveiraMovistar Team-46620.74
246Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team-56481.17
247Jurgen RoelandtsMovistar Team-53620.85
248José Joaquin RojasMovistar Team-48560.86
249Marc SolerMovistar Team-46470.98
250Jasha SutterlinMovistar Team-42720.58
251Carlos VeronaMovistar Team-40590.68
252Team (left)Team Sky-49580.84
253Team (right)Team Sky-35850.41
254Egan BernalTeam Sky-47570.82
255Jonathan CastroviejoTeam Sky-54680.79
256David De La CruzTeam Sky-35740.47
257Chris FroomeTeam Sky-47580.81
258Vasil KiryienkaTeam Sky-57551.04
259Christian KneesTeam Sky-192130.09
260Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Sky-49471.04
261Gianni MosconTeam Sky-47600.78
262Wout PoelsTeam Sky-47630.75
263Salvatore PuccioTeam Sky-46610.75
264Luke RoweTeam Sky-42560.75
265Ian StannardTeam Sky-47610.77
266Geraint ThomasTeam Sky-43490.88
267Dylan Van BaarleTeam Sky-43640.67
268Team (left)Team Sunweb-43720.60
269Team (right)Team Sunweb-41590.69
270Nikias ArndtTeam Sunweb-47500.94
271Jan BakelantsTeam Sunweb-48550.87
272Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb-51620.82
273Chad HagaTeam Sunweb-45660.68
274Chris HamiltonTeam Sunweb-43580.74
275Jai HindleyTeam Sunweb-48560.86
276Lennard KamnaTeam Sunweb-49520.94
277Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunweb-40580.69
278Soren Kragh AndersenTeam Sunweb-39580.67
279Michael MatthewsTeam Sunweb-53570.93
280Sam OomenTeam Sunweb-46650.71
281Robert PowerTeam Sunweb-43640.67
282Nicholas RocjeTeam Sunweb-42680.62
283Martijn TusveldTeam Sunweb-38630.60
284Team (left)Trek - Segafredo-43660.65
285Team (right)Trek - Segafredo-39470.83
286Julien BernardTrek - Segafredo-55511.08
287Gianluca BrambillaTrek - Segafredo-43570.75
288Koen De KortTrek - Segafredo-41620.66
289John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo-39710.55
290Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredo-45560.80
291Michael GoglTrek - Segafredo-57571.00
292Markel IrizarTrek - Segafredo-48560.86
293Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredo-47710.66
294Ryan MullenTrek - Segafredo-48570.84
295Jarlinson PantanoTrek - Segafredo-50540.93
296Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo-52511.02
297Toms SkujinsTrek - Segafredo-44650.68
298Jasper StuyvenTrek - Segafredo-49570.86
299Edward TheunisTrek - Segafredo-44500.88
300Team (left)UAE Team Emirates-40660.61
301Team (right)UAE Team Emirates-35780.45
302Fabio AruUAE Team Emirates-40700.57
303Tom BohliUAE Team Emirates-48580.83
304Sven Erik BystromUAE Team Emirates-36690.52
305Rui CostaUAE Team Emirates-43530.81
306Krisijan DurasekUAE Team Emirates-46441.05
307Roberto FerrariUAE Team Emirates-41640.64
308Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates-38650.58
309Sergio HenaoUAE Team Emirates-39680.57
310Alexander KristoffUAE Team Emirates-42740.57
311Vegard Stake LaengenUAE Team Emirates-42530.79
312Marco MarcatoUAE Team Emirates-41660.62
313Daniel MartinUAE Team Emirates-47550.85
314Rory SutherlandUAE Team Emirates-40620.65
315Oliviero TroiaUAE Team Emirates-38740.51
316Team (left)Wanty - Groupe Gobert-41710.58
317Team (right)Wanty - Groupe Gobert-40530.75
318Frederik BakaertWanty - Groupe Gobert-43550.78
319Jérome BaugniesWanty - Groupe Gobert-52590.88
320Bart De ClercqWanty - Groupe Gobert-42720.58
321Thomas DegandWanty - Groupe Gobert-50580.86
322Fabien DoubeyWanty - Groupe Gobert-55580.95
323Timothy DupontWanty - Groupe Gobert-46640.72
324Odd EikingWanty - Groupe Gobert-44660.67
325Guillaume MartinWanty - Groupe Gobert-46610.75
326Xandro MeurisseWanty - Groupe Gobert-49630.78
327Marco MinnaardWanty - Groupe Gobert-38620.61
328Yoann OffredoWanty - Groupe Gobert-36640.56
329Andrea PasqualonWanty - Groupe Gobert-44530.83
330Pieter VanspeybrouckWanty - Groupe Gobert-36470.77
331Loic VliegenWanty - Groupe Gobert-46431.07
332Etape 14 - Tourmalet-metal95204.75
333Etape 18 - Galibier-metal98185.44
334Etape 19 - Iseran-metal105176.18
335Les villes-metal111176.53
336Les villes-metal110186.11
337Les villes-metal107185.94
338Les villes-metal113176.65
339Le siècle Jaune-metal114215.43
340Le siècle Jaune-metal113195.95
341Le siècle Jaune-metal40820.49
342Le siècle Jaune-metal37820.45
343Eddy Merckx-metal91224.14
344Eddy Merckx-metal106205.30
345Eddy Merckx-metal93253.72
346Eddy Merckx-metal104195.47
347Eddy Merckx-metal97137.46
348Eddy Merckx-metal96156.40
349Eddy Merckx-metal88293.03
350Les quintuples vainqueurs-metal109195.74
351Les quintuples vainqueurs-metal94204.70
352Les quintuples vainqueurs-metal104166.50
A1TeamArkea Samsic-82126.83
A2Warren BarguilArkea Samsic-83126.92
A3Maxime BouetArkea Samsic-83126.92
A4Anthony DelaplaceArkea Samsic-83126.92
A5Brice FeilluArkea Samsic-83126.92
A6Elie GesbertArkea Samsic-83126.92
A7Andre GreipelArkea Samsic-83126.92
A8Romain HardyArkea Samsic-83126.92
A9Benoit JarrierArkea Samsic-83126.92
A10Kevin LedanoisArkea Samsic-84127.00
A11Amael MoinardArkea Samsic-84127.00
A12Laurent PichonArkea Samsic-84127.00
A13Clement RussoArkea Samsic-85127.08
A14Florian VachonArkea Samsic-85127.08
A15Bram WeltenArkea Samsic-85127.08
A16TeamTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A17Niccolo BonifazioTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A18Thomas BoudatTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A19Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A20Jerome CousinTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A21Damien GaudinTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A22Fabien GrellierTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A23Jonathan HivertTotal Direct Energie-83117.55
A24Pim LigthartTotal Direct Energie-83117.55
A25Adrien PetitTotal Direct Energie-83117.55
A26Perrig QuemeneurTotal Direct Energie-82117.45
A27Romain SicardTotal Direct Energie-85127.08
A28Rein TaaramaeTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A29Niki TerpstraTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
A30Anthony TurgisTotal Direct Energie-83126.92
C1AG2R La Mondiale-Card201940.10
C2Astana Pro Team-Card172010.08
C3Bahrain - Merida-Card251330.19
C4Bora - Hansgrohe-Card251140.22
C5CCC Team-Card182090.09
C6Cofidis, Solutions Crédits-Card182180.08
C7Deceuninck - Quick-Step-Card231220.19
C8Team Dimension Data-Card271270.21
C9EF Education First-Card162000.08
C10Groupama - FDJ-Card271120.24
C11Team Jumbo - Visma-Card211300.16
C12Team Katusha Alpecin-Card261100.24
C13Lotto Soudal-Card161990.08
C14Michelton - Scott-Card251210.21
C15Movistar Team-Card221160.19
C16Team Sky-Card181990.09
C17Team Sunweb-Card172240.08
C18Trek - Segafredo-Card251180.21
C19UAE Team Emirates-Card261200.22
C20Wanty - Groupe Gobert-Card172060.08
C21La Planche des belles filles-Card172000.09
C22Mur d'Aurec-sur-Loire-Card201300.15
C23Hourquette d'Ancizan-Card221100.20
C25Mur de Péguère-Card172050.08
C26Foix Prat d'Albis-Card301140.26
C27Col de Vars-Card241290.19
C28Col d'Izoard-Card141990.07
C29Col du Galibier-Card182100.09
C30Col de l'Iseran-Card241340.18
C31Montée de Tignes-Card33980.34
C32Val Thores-Card152040.07
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