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Panini UEFA Champions League 2008-2009. Trading Cards

Panini UEFA Champions League 2008-2009. Trading Cards

Year: 2008
Total cards: 235

UEFA Champions League® Official Trading Cards 2008-2009.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 181 / completed: 31


1UCL LogoUEFA Campions LeagueRainbow card4859.60
2RespectUEFA Campions LeagueRainbow card4567.50
3TrophyUEFA Campions LeagueRainbow card52317.33
4EmblemAalborg BKRainbow card42113.82
5Karim ZazaAalborg BKSilver card4085.00
6Kasper BogelundAalborg BKSilver card3875.43
7Andreas JohanssonAalborg BKSilver card4166.83
8Thomas AugustinussenAalborg BKSilver card3966.50
9CacaAalborg BKSilver card3875.43
10Marek SaganowskiAalborg BKSilver card4576.43
11EmblemAnorthosis Famagusta FCRainbow card38113.45
12Arian BeqajAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card4358.60
13Traianos DellasAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card4367.17
14Jeffrey LeiwakabessyAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card4085.00
15SavioAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card4185.13
16Lukasz SosinAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card4175.86
17Vincent LabanAnorthosis Famagusta FCSilver card3666.00
18EmblemArsenal FCRainbow card4759.40
19William GallasArsenal FCSilver card4058.00
20Cesc FabregasArsenal FCUltra card4559.00
21Samir NasriArsenal FCSilver card3866.33
22Theo WalcottArsenal FCSilver card4358.60
23Emmanuel AdebayorArsenal FCUltra card4258.40
24Robin van PersieArsenal FCSilver card50316.67
25EmblemClub Atletico De MadridRainbow card48412.00
26Luis PereaClub Atletico De MadridSilver card4385.38
27John HeitingaClub Atletico De MadridSilver card4559.00
28SimaoClub Atletico De MadridSilver card4185.13
29Maxi RodríguezClub Atletico De MadridSilver card4267.00
30Diego ForlanClub Atletico De MadridSilver card4458.80
31Sergio AgueroClub Atletico De MadridUltra card46411.50
32EmblemFC BarcelonaRainbow card4859.60
33Carles PuyolFC BarcelonaSilver card50510.00
34Dani AlvesFC BarcelonaSilver card51412.75
35Xavi HernandezFC BarcelonaUltra card56318.67
36Alexander HlebFC BarcelonaSilver card50412.50
37Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaUltra card73418.25
38Samuel Eto'oFC BarcelonaSilver card5368.83
39EmblemFC Basel 1893Rainbow card4094.44
40Franco CostanzoFC Basel 1893Silver card4158.20
41Scott ChipperfieldFC Basel 1893Silver card3975.57
42Ivan ErgicFC Basel 1893Silver card3966.50
43Benjamin HuggelFC Basel 1893Silver card3866.33
44Eren DerdiyokFC Basel 1893Silver card3666.00
45Marco StrellerFC Basel 1893Silver card3966.50
46EmblemFC BATE BorisovRainbow card4695.11
47Sergey VeremkoFC BATE BorisovSilver card44314.67
48Anri KhagushFC BATE BorisovSilver card4185.13
49Maksim ZhavnerchikFC BATE BorisovSilver card3966.50
50Sergey KrivetsFC BATE BorisovSilver card4085.00
51Pavel NekhaychikFC BATE BorisovSilver card4075.71
52Vladislav MirchevFC BATE BorisovSilver card40410.00
53EmblemFC Bayern MunchenRainbow card49316.33
54Philipp LahmFC Bayern MunchenSilver card4458.80
55LucioFC Bayern MunchenSilver card4559.00
56Mark van BommelFC Bayern MunchenSilver card45411.25
57Franck RiberyFC Bayern MunchenUltra card52413.00
58Luca ToniFC Bayern MunchenSilver card5569.17
59Miroslav KloseFC Bayern MunchenSilver card5669.33
60EmblemFC Girondins De BordeauxRainbow card4175.86
61Ulrich RameFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card4175.86
62Souleymane DiawaraFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card4267.00
63Diego PlacenteFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card3966.50
64Alou DiarraFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card4367.17
65Yoann GourcuffFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card4285.25
66Fernando CavenaghiFC Girondins De BordeauxSilver card4567.50
67EmblemCeltic FCRainbow card4194.56
68Artur BorucCeltic FCSilver card50412.50
69Stephen McManusCeltic FCSilver card4166.83
70Aiden McGeadyCeltic FCSilver card3966.50
71Shunsuke NakamuraCeltic FCSilver card4075.71
72Georgios SamarasCeltic FCSilver card4066.67
73Jan Vennegoor of HesselinkCeltic FCSilver card4158.20
74EmblemCFR 1907 ClujRainbow card4785.88
75Cristian PaninCFR 1907 ClujSilver card4158.20
76CaduCFR 1907 ClujSilver card4267.00
77Cristian Sanchez PretteCFR 1907 ClujSilver card4175.86
78Sixto PeraltaCFR 1907 ClujSilver card3984.88
79Yssouf KoneCFR 1907 ClujSilver card4066.67
80DidiCFR 1907 ClujSilver card4075.71
81EmblemChelsea FCRainbow card52317.33
82Petr CechChelsea FCSilver card43314.33
83John TerryChelsea FCUltra card4859.60
84DecoChelsea FCSilver card47411.75
85Frank LampardChelsea FCUltra card5195.67
86Michael BallackChelsea FCSilver card49316.33
87Didier DrogbaChelsea FCSilver card49412.25
88EmblemFC Dynamo KyivRainbow card4494.89
89Oleksandr ShovkovskiyFC Dynamo KyivSilver card34113.09
90Taras MikhalikFC Dynamo KyivSilver card32103.20
91Oleksandr AliyevFC Dynamo KyivSilver card4158.20
92Artem KravetsFC Dynamo KyivSilver card4267.00
93Ismaël BangouraFC Dynamo KyivSilver card3857.60
94Artem MilevskiyFC Dynamo KyivSilver card4258.40
95EmblemFenerbahce SKRainbow card4385.38
96Roberto CarlosFenerbahce SKUltra card4977.00
97Diego LuganoFenerbahce SKSilver card4559.00
98Emre BelözoğluFenerbahce SKSilver card4267.00
99AlexFenerbahce SKSilver card4158.20
100Daniel GuizaFenerbahce SKSilver card3966.50
101Semih ŞentürkFenerbahce SKSilver card41410.25
102EmblemACF FiorentinaRainbow card44411.00
103Sébastien FreyACF FiorentinaSilver card3966.50
104Alessandro GamberiniACF FiorentinaSilver card3966.50
105Juan Manuel VargasACF FiorentinaSilver card4294.67
106Riccardo MontolivoACF FiorentinaSilver card4467.33
107Adrian MutuACF FiorentinaUltra card4667.67
108Alberto GilardinoACF FiorentinaSilver card4667.67
109EmblemFC Internazionale MilanoRainbow card54318.00
110Julio CesarFC Internazionale MilanoSilver card4458.80
111MaiconFC Internazionale MilanoSilver card4258.40
112Javier ZanettiFC Internazionale MilanoSilver card4968.17
113Patrick VieiraFC Internazionale MilanoUltra card49316.33
114QuaresmaFC Internazionale MilanoSilver card4977.00
115Zlatan IbrahimovicFC Internazionale MilanoUltra card56414.00
116EmblemJuventusRainbow card5477.71
117Gianluigi BuffonJuventusUltra card64416.00
118Giorgio ChielliniJuventusSilver card54413.50
119Pavel NedvedJuventusSilver card55227.50
120David TrezeguetJuventusSilver card60415.00
121Alessandro Del PieroJuventusUltra card66513.20
122AmauriJuventusSilver card57319.00
123EmblemLiverpool FCRainbow card4776.71
124Pepe ReinaLiverpool FCSilver card47411.75
125Jamie CarragherLiverpool FCSilver card43410.75
126Steven GerrardLiverpool FCUltra card5377.57
127Javier MascheranoLiverpool FCSilver card4876.86
128Robbie KeaneLiverpool FCSilver card4358.60
129Fernando TorresLiverpool FCUltra card50412.50
130EmblemManchester United FCRainbow card49316.33
131Edwin van der SarManchester United FCSilver card46315.33
132Rio FerdinandManchester United FCUltra card46315.33
133Ryan GiggsManchester United FCSilver card47147.00
134Paul ScholesManchester United FCSilver card49149.00
135Cristiano RonaldoManchester United FCUltra card79239.50
136Carlos TevezManchester United FCSilver card53153.00
137EmblemOlympique LyonnaisRainbow card44411.00
138Hugo LlorisOlympique LyonnaisSilver card4267.00
139CrisOlympique LyonnaisSilver card4685.75
140Juninho PernambucanoOlympique LyonnaisSilver card4385.38
141Jean MakounOlympique LyonnaisSilver card4285.25
142Sidney GovouOlympique LyonnaisSilver card4267.00
143Karim BenzemaOlympique LyonnaisUltra card4676.57
144EmblemOlympique de MarseilleRainbow card4194.56
145Taye TaiwoOlympique de MarseilleSilver card4559.00
146Benoît CheyrouOlympique de MarseilleSilver card4585.63
147Modeste M'BamiOlympique de MarseilleSilver card4376.14
148Hatem Ben ArfaOlympique de MarseilleUltra card4876.86
149Boudewijn ZendenOlympique de MarseilleSilver card4358.60
150Mamadou NiangOlympique de MarseilleSilver card4458.80
151EmblemPanathinaikos FCRainbow card43104.30
152Mario GalinovicPanathinaikos FCSilver card36123.00
153Ioannis GoumasPanathinaikos FCSilver card37113.36
154Andreas IvanschitzPanathinaikos FCSilver card37123.08
155Gilberto SilvaPanathinaikos FCSilver card4559.00
156Giorgos KaragounisPanathinaikos FCSilver card4567.50
157Dimitris SalpingidisPanathinaikos FCSilver card4376.14
158EmblemFC PortoRainbow card4868.00
159HeltonFC PortoSilver card4476.29
160Bruno AlvesFC PortoSilver card37123.08
161Raul MeirelesFC PortoSilver card34103.40
162Cristian RodriguezFC PortoSilver card34122.83
163Lucho GonzalezFC PortoSilver card4267.00
164Lisandro LopezFC PortoSilver card4166.83
165EmblemPSV EindhovenRainbow card46315.33
166Andreas IsakssonPSV EindhovenSilver card3857.60
167Carlos SalcidoPSV EindhovenSilver card4066.67
168Dirk MarcellisPSV EindhovenSilver card35113.18
169Ibrahim AfellayPSV EindhovenSilver card35113.18
170Timmy SimonsPSV EindhovenSilver card36113.27
171Danko LazovicPSV EindhovenSilver card40410.00
172EmblemReal Madrid CFRainbow card44222.00
173Iker CasillasReal Madrid CFUltra card51412.75
174Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFSilver card4959.80
175Fabio CannavaroReal Madrid CFSilver card51317.00
176Wesley SneijderReal Madrid CFSilver card4868.00
177Raul GonzálezReal Madrid CFUltra card55511.00
178Ruud van NistelrooyReal Madrid CFSilver card4185.13
179EmblemAS RomaRainbow card4876.86
180DoniAS RomaSilver card36123.00
181Philippe MexesAS RomaSilver card36103.60
182JuanAS RomaSilver card41410.25
183Daniele De RossiAS RomaSilver card48316.00
184Julio BaptistaAS RomaSilver card4258.40
185Francesco TottiAS RomaUltra card63415.75
186EmblemFC Shakhtar DonetskRainbow card4776.71
187Andriy PyatovFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card35132.69
188IlsinhoFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card35113.18
189Razvan RatFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card36113.27
190FernandinhoFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card4267.00
191Darijo SrnaFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card4175.86
192BrandaoFC Shakhtar DonetskSilver card3966.50
193EmblemSporting Clud De PortugalRainbow card52413.00
194Anderson PolgaSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card4166.83
195Marat IzmailovSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card39133.00
196Miguel VelosoSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card40133.08
197Joao MoutinhoSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card37123.08
198DerleiSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card4585.63
199Helder PostigaSporting Clud De PortugalSilver card4476.29
200EmblemFC Steaua BucurestiRainbow card43104.30
201Robinson ZapataFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card4467.33
202Mirel RadoiFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card4058.00
203Sorin GhioneaFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card37113.36
204Banel NicolitaFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card34122.83
205ArthurFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card35113.18
206SemedoFC Steaua BucurestiSilver card47411.75
207EmblemVillarreal CFRainbow card4094.44
208Diego LopezVillarreal CFSilver card4358.60
209Joan CapdevilaVillarreal CFSilver card3957.80
210Marcos SennaVillarreal CFSilver card3957.80
211Robert PiresVillarreal CFSilver card34103.40
212Giuseppe RossiVillarreal CFSilver card3694.00
213Nihat KahveciVillarreal CFSilver card3393.67
214EmblemWerder BremenRainbow card4776.71
215Clemens FritzWerder BremenSilver card4267.00
216Per MertesackerWerder BremenSilver card3875.43
217Torsten FringsWerder BremenSilver card4066.67
218DiegoWerder BremenUltra card45411.25
219Markus RosenbergWerder BremenSilver card4166.83
220Claudio PizarroWerder BremenSilver card37123.08
221EmblemFC Zenit St.PetersburgRainbow card4659.20
222Vyacheslav MalafeevFC Zenit St.PetersburgSilver card42410.50
223Anatoliy TymoshchukFC Zenit St.PetersburgSilver card36142.57
224DannyFC Zenit St.PetersburgSilver card3894.22
225Konstantin ZyryanovFC Zenit St.PetersburgSilver card33103.30
226Pavel PogrebnyakFC Zenit St.PetersburgSilver card3966.50
227Andrey ArshavinFC Zenit St.PetersburgUltra card50510.00
228Cristiano RonaldoFootballer of the yearRainbow card76176.00
229Petr CechGoalkeeper of the yearRainbow card4494.89
230John TerryDefender of the yearRainbow card4394.78
231Frank LampardMidfielder of the yearRainbow card49412.25
232Cristiano RonaldoForward of the yearRainbow card80240.00
233Checklist (1 - 83)СhecklistTrading card42314.00
234Checklist (84 - 162)ChecklistTrading card4058.00
235Checklist (163 - 235)ChecklistTrading card4358.60
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