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Panini UEFA Champions League 2009-2010. Super Strikes

Panini UEFA Champions League 2009-2010. Super Strikes

Year: 2009
Total cards: 359

UEFA Champions League® 2009/2010 Official Trading Card Game Super Strikes

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 187 / completed: 30


1Abbiati ChristianAC MilanBase card18240.75
2Nesta AlessandroAC MilanBase card15230.65
3Silva TiagoAC MilanBase card19230.83
4Zambrotta GianlucaAC MilanBase card19250.76
5Pirlo AndreaAC MilanBase card14260.54
6Ambrosini MassimoAC MilanBase card15260.58
7Flamini MathieuAC MilanBase card14250.56
8Gattuso GennaroAC MilanBase card16230.70
9Seedorf ClarenceAC MilanBase card14280.50
10RonaldinhoAC MilanBase card16240.67
11Inzaghi FilippoAC MilanBase card17260.65
12Pato AlexandreAC MilanBase card17220.77
13RonaldinhoAC MilanChampion57414.25
14Pato AlexandreAC MilanChampion5077.14
15Gattuso GennaroAC MilanFan`s Favorite4075.71
16Abbiati ChristianAC MilanGoal Stopper24171.41
17Pirlo AndreaAC MilanStar Player27132.08
18Romero SergioAZ AlkmaarBase card17270.63
19Pocognoli SebastienAZ AlkmaarBase card12290.41
20Jaliens KewAZ AlkmaarBase card13250.52
21Martens MaartenAZ AlkmaarBase card13250.52
22Holman BrettAZ AlkmaarBase card13250.52
23da Silva David MendesAZ AlkmaarBase card12290.41
24Schaars StijnAZ AlkmaarBase card14260.54
25el Hamdaoui MounirAZ AlkmaarBase card16250.64
26Dembele MoussaAZ AlkmaarBase card13250.52
27Schaars StijnAZ AlkmaarFan`s Favorite32132.46
28Romero SergioAZ AlkmaarGoal Stopper22141.57
29el Hamdaoui MounirAZ AlkmaarStar Player27112.45
30Rustu RecberBeşiktaş JKBase card13320.41
31Koybasi IsmailBeşiktaş JKBase card14320.44
32Ferrari MatteoBeşiktaş JKBase card13350.37
33Sivok TomasBeşiktaş JKBase card10280.36
34Ernst FabianBeşiktaş JKBase card12350.34
35Tello RodrigoBeşiktaş JKBase card15320.47
36Nobre MertBeşiktaş JKBase card11340.32
37BoboBeşiktaş JKBase card8310.26
38Kahveci NihatBeşiktaş JKBase card12360.33
39Nobre MertBeşiktaş JKFan`s Favorite31112.82
40Rustu RecberBeşiktaş JKGoal Stopper25131.92
41Kahveci NihatBeşiktaş JKStar Player27201.35
42Cech PetrChelsea FCBase card13250.52
43Bosingwa JoseChelsea FCBase card13230.57
44AlexChelsea FCBase card14270.52
45Terry JohnChelsea FCBase card18280.64
46Cole AshleyChelsea FCBase card13270.48
47Zhirkov YuriChelsea FCBase card13240.54
48Mikel John ObiChelsea FCBase card13250.52
49Ballack MichaelChelsea FCBase card14190.74
50Essien MichaelChelsea FCBase card16240.67
51Malouda FlorentChelsea FCBase card16200.80
52Lampard FrankChelsea FCBase card15290.52
53Kalou SalomonChelsea FCBase card13230.57
54Sturridge DanielChelsea FCBase card12170.71
55Anelka NicolasChelsea FCBase card15240.63
56Drogba DidierChelsea FCBase card15240.63
57Terry JohnChelsea FCChampion5068.33
58Drogba DidierChelsea FCChampion53510.60
59Terry JohnChelsea FCFan`s Favorite3775.29
60Lampard FrankChelsea FCFan`s Favorite35122.92
61Cech PetrChelsea FCGoal Stopper29142.07
62Essien MichaelChelsea FCStar Player27171.59
63Anelka NicolasChelsea FCStar Player21250.84
64Akinfeev IgorPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card15270.56
65Ignashevich SergeiPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card15260.58
66Semberas DeividasPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card11270.41
67Aldonin EvgeniPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card14280.50
68Carvalho DanielPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card14310.45
69Krasic MilosPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card16240.67
70Maazou Ouwo MoussaPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card13380.34
71Necid TomasPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card11340.32
72Love VagnerPFC CSKA MoskvaBase card9400.23
73Love VagnerPFC CSKA MoskvaChampion51510.20
74Aldonin EvgeniPFC CSKA MoskvaFan`s Favorite3984.88
75Akinfeev IgorPFC CSKA MoskvaGoal Stopper26221.18
76Carvalho DanielPFC CSKA MoskvaStar Player21161.31
77Shovkovskiy OleksandrFC Dynamo KyivBase card12360.33
78BetaoFC Dynamo KyivBase card15340.44
79Diakhate PapeFC Dynamo KyivBase card11290.38
80Nesmachniy AndriyFC Dynamo KyivBase card9330.27
81Ghioane TiberiuFC Dynamo KyivBase card10300.33
82Aliyev OleksandrFC Dynamo KyivBase card11290.38
83Husyev OlehFC Dynamo KyivBase card14360.39
84Yarmolenko AndriyFC Dynamo KyivBase card11290.38
85Milevskiy ArtemFC Dynamo KyivBase card12330.36
86Husyev OlehFC Dynamo KyivFan`s Favorite33103.30
87Shovkovskiy OleksandrFC Dynamo KyivGoal Stopper23161.44
88Milevskiy ArtemFC Dynamo KyivStar Player22240.92
89Valdes VictorFC BarcelonaBase card23161.44
90Pique GerardFC BarcelonaBase card22191.16
91Puyol CarlesFC BarcelonaBase card25191.32
92Alves DaniFC BarcelonaBase card19220.86
93MaxwellFC BarcelonaBase card24161.50
94Abidal ericFC BarcelonaBase card24191.26
95Hernandez XaviFC BarcelonaBase card23221.05
96Iniesta AndresFC BarcelonaBase card24250.96
97Toure YayaFC BarcelonaBase card18270.67
98Keita SeydouFC BarcelonaBase card20260.77
99Busquets SergioFC BarcelonaBase card24270.89
100Ibrahimovic ZlatanFC BarcelonaBase card25171.47
101Messi LionelFC BarcelonaBase card26181.44
102Krkic BojanFC BarcelonaBase card20240.83
103Henry ThierryFC BarcelonaBase card21220.95
104Messi LionelFC BarcelonaChampion6688.25
105Iniesta AndresFC BarcelonaChampion64512.80
106Puyol CarlesFC BarcelonaFan`s Favorite43113.91
107Valdes VictorFC BarcelonaGoal Stopper37152.47
108Ibrahimovic ZlatanFC BarcelonaStar Player30221.36
109Hernandez XaviFC BarcelonaStar Player29221.32
110Rensing MichaelFC Bayern MünchenBase card15240.63
111Braafheid EdsonFC Bayern MünchenBase card12220.55
112Demichelis MartinFC Bayern MünchenBase card13260.50
113Lahm PhilippFC Bayern MünchenBase card14240.58
114van Buyten DanielFC Bayern MünchenBase card15270.56
115Tymoshchuk AnatoliyFC Bayern MünchenBase card17230.74
116Pranijc DanijelFC Bayern MünchenBase card13290.45
117van Bommel MarkFC Bayern MünchenBase card13280.46
118Schweinsteiger BastianFC Bayern MünchenBase card18280.64
119Ribery FranckFC Bayern MünchenBase card15230.65
120Altintop HamitFC Bayern MünchenBase card15220.68
121Toni LucaFC Bayern MünchenBase card15260.58
122Klose MiroslavFC Bayern MünchenBase card20210.95
123Gomez MarioFC Bayern MünchenBase card14280.50
124Olic IvicaFC Bayern MünchenBase card15280.54
125Ribery FranckFC Bayern MünchenChampion5669.33
126Klose MiroslavFC Bayern MünchenChampion55413.75
127Schweinsteiger BastianFC Bayern MünchenFan`s Favorite3684.50
128Rensing MichaelFC Bayern MünchenGoal Stopper27151.80
129Gomez MarioFC Bayern MünchenStar Player31181.72
130Carrasso CedricFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card17270.63
131HenriqueFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card12310.39
132Diarra AlouFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card13240.54
133Gourcuff YoannFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card14240.58
134WendelFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card13250.52
135Menegazzo FernandoFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card12190.63
136Cavenaghi FernandoFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card12270.44
137Gouffran YoanFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card15240.63
138Bellion DavidFC Girondins De BordeauxBase card16240.67
139Gourcuff YoannFC Girondins De BordeauxChampion5386.63
140Diarra AlouFC Girondins De BordeauxFan`s Favorite37132.85
141Carrasso CedricFC Girondins De BordeauxGoal Stopper25171.47
142Cavenaghi FernandoFC Girondins De BordeauxStar Player24141.71
143Cesar JulioFC Internazionale MilanoBase card15250.60
144MaiconFC Internazionale MilanoBase card16260.62
145Chivu CristianFC Internazionale MilanoBase card16280.57
146LucioFC Internazionale MilanoBase card15290.52
147Santon DavideFC Internazionale MilanoBase card14240.58
148Zanetti JavierFC Internazionale MilanoBase card14280.50
149Cambiasso EstebanFC Internazionale MilanoBase card15270.56
150Muntari Sulley AliFC Internazionale MilanoBase card12260.46
151Motta TiagoFC Internazionale MilanoBase card14240.58
152Etoo SamuelFC Internazionale MilanoBase card15290.52
153Balotelli MarioFC Internazionale MilanoBase card16250.64
154Milito DiegoFC Internazionale MilanoBase card17250.68
155MaiconFC Internazionale MilanoChampion52510.40
156Etoo SamuelFC Internazionale MilanoChampion5687.00
157Zanetti JavierFC Internazionale MilanoFan`s Favorite3884.75
158Cesar JulioFC Internazionale MilanoGoal Stopper27141.93
159Cambiasso EstebanFC Internazionale MilanoStar Player24221.09
160LucioFC Internazionale MilanoStar Player22211.05
161HeltonFC PortoBase card16230.70
162Bruno AlvesFC PortoBase card15280.54
163Fucile JorgeFC PortoBase card20220.91
164RolandoFC PortoBase card14300.47
165Meireles RaulFC PortoBase card16250.64
166Gonzalez MarianoFC PortoBase card12270.44
167Belluschi FernandoFC PortoBase card14270.52
168Falcao RadamelFC PortoBase card17200.85
169HulkFC PortoBase card12230.52
170Bruno AlvesFC PortoChampion5469.00
171Meireles RaulFC PortoFan`s Favorite42113.82
172HeltonFC PortoGoal Stopper25221.14
173HulkFC PortoStar Player23191.21
174Buffon GianluigiJuventusBase card19270.70
175Cannavaro FabioJuventusBase card18270.67
176Chiellini GiorgioJuventusBase card21280.75
177Melo FelipeJuventusBase card17200.85
178Camoranesi MauroJuventusBase card16300.53
179TiagoJuventusBase card19250.76
180Marchisio ClaudioJuventusBase card20210.95
181Giovinco SebastianJuventusBase card18250.72
182DiegoJuventusBase card18220.82
183Trezeguet DavidJuventusBase card18280.64
184del Piero AlessandroJuventusBase card21240.88
185AmauriJuventusBase card17260.65
187del Piero AlessandroJuventusChampion57511.40
188Chiellini GiorgioJuventusFan`s Favorite4285.25
189Buffon GianluigiJuventusGoal Stopper29191.53
190Melo FelipeJuventusStar Player28151.87
191Reina PepeLiverpool FCBase card16300.53
192Johnson GlenLiverpool FCBase card17300.57
193Carragher JamieLiverpool FCBase card15310.48
194Agger DanielLiverpool FCBase card16340.47
195Aurelio FabioLiverpool FCBase card17250.68
196Skrtel MartinLiverpool FCBase card13290.45
197Degen PhilippLiverpool FCBase card14210.67
198Gerrard StevenLiverpool FCBase card17240.71
199Mascherano JavierLiverpool FCBase card15310.48
200LucasLiverpool FCBase card17250.68
201Voronin AndriyLiverpool FCBase card16290.55
202Benayoun YossiLiverpool FCBase card15250.60
203Babel RyanLiverpool FCBase card18260.69
204Kuyt DirkLiverpool FCBase card17290.59
205Torres FernandoLiverpool FCBase card22240.92
206Gerrard StevenLiverpool FCChampion54413.50
207Torres FernandoLiverpool FCChampion62610.33
208Carragher JamieLiverpool FCFan`s Favorite4294.67
209Gerrard StevenLiverpool FCFan`s Favorite38103.80
210Reina PepeLiverpool FCGoal Stopper24171.41
211Mascherano JavierLiverpool FCStar Player23181.28
212Kuyt DirkLiverpool FCStar Player29112.64
213van der Sar EdwinManchester United FCBase card19210.90
214Neville GaryManchester United FCBase card15220.68
215Evra PatriceManchester United FCBase card17250.68
216Ferdinand RioManchester United FCBase card16300.53
217Evans JohnManchester United FCBase card17290.59
218OShea JohnManchester United FCBase card15260.58
219Scholes PaulManchester United FCBase card20220.91
220Giggs RyanManchester United FCBase card15290.52
221Park Ji-SungManchester United FCBase card17300.57
222Carrick MichaelManchester United FCBase card16220.73
223NaniManchester United FCBase card18240.75
224Owen MichaelManchester United FCBase card19200.95
225Valencia AntonioManchester United FCBase card15220.68
226Berbatov DimitarManchester United FCBase card18310.58
227Rooney WayneManchester United FCBase card20220.91
228Ferdinand RioManchester United FCChampion50510.00
229Rooney WayneManchester United FCChampion5268.67
230Ferdinand RioManchester United FCFan`s Favorite42104.20
231Giggs RyanManchester United FCFan`s Favorite3593.89
232van der Sar EdwinManchester United FCGoal Stopper29191.53
233Scholes PaulManchester United FCStar Player33201.65
234Berbatov DimitarManchester United FCStar Player27112.45
235Mandanda SteveOlympique De MarseilleBase card14230.61
236Taiwo TayeOlympique De MarseilleBase card16280.57
237Cheyrou BenoitOlympique De MarseilleBase card14310.45
238Valbuena MathieuOlympique De MarseilleBase card13260.50
239Gonzalez LuchoOlympique De MarseilleBase card15260.58
240Ben Arfa HatemOlympique De MarseilleBase card13260.50
241Kone BakariOlympique De MarseilleBase card14240.58
242BrandaoOlympique De MarseilleBase card13280.46
243Niang MamadouOlympique De MarseilleBase card15240.63
244Gonzalez LuchoOlympique De MarseilleChampion53413.25
245Niang MamadouOlympique De MarseilleFan`s Favorite3684.50
246Mandanda SteveOlympique De MarseilleGoal Stopper26141.86
247Ben Arfa HatemOlympique De MarseilleStar Player26191.37
248McGregor AllanRangers FCBase card10380.26
249Weir DavidRangers FCBase card15360.42
250Papac SasaRangers FCBase card14390.36
251Whittaker StevenRangers FCBase card12350.34
252Beasley DamarcusRangers FCBase card13370.35
253Mendes PedroRangers FCBase card11370.30
254Thomson KevinRangers FCBase card12340.35
255Davis StevenRangers FCBase card12410.29
256McCulloch LeeRangers FCBase card11350.31
257Novo NachoRangers FCBase card12350.34
258Miller KennyRangers FCBase card10370.27
259Boyd KrisRangers FCBase card10330.30
260Miller KennyRangers FCChampion4785.88
261Novo NachoRangers FCFan`s Favorite32112.91
262McGregor AllanRangers FCGoal Stopper26161.63
263Mendes PedroRangers FCStar Player25171.47
264Casillas IkerReal Madrid CFBase card16190.84
265PepeReal Madrid CFBase card17200.85
266Ramos SergioReal Madrid CFBase card17270.63
267Albiol RaulReal Madrid CFBase card20260.77
268MarceloReal Madrid CFBase card17230.74
269Gago FernandoReal Madrid CFBase card19230.83
270GutiReal Madrid CFBase card17200.85
271Diarra LassanaReal Madrid CFBase card17290.59
272Xabi AlonsoReal Madrid CFBase card18310.58
273Robben ArjenReal Madrid CFBase card17230.74
274KakaReal Madrid CFBase card20260.77
275Higuain GonzaloReal Madrid CFBase card19210.90
276Benzema KarimReal Madrid CFBase card20230.87
277Ronaldo CristianoReal Madrid CFBase card31161.94
278RaulReal Madrid CFBase card17320.53
279Ronaldo CristianoReal Madrid CFChampion6979.86
280KakaReal Madrid CFChampion5878.29
281RaulReal Madrid CFFan`s Favorite3575.00
282Casillas IkerReal Madrid CFGoal Stopper32152.13
283Xabi AlonsoReal Madrid CFStar Player26181.44
284Benzema KarimReal Madrid CFStar Player28151.87
285Ryzhikov SergeiFC Rubin KazanBase card13330.39
286Sharonov RomanFC Rubin KazanBase card15430.35
287Navas CesarFC Rubin KazanBase card13360.36
288Ansaldi CristianFC Rubin KazanBase card9360.25
289Semak SergeiFC Rubin KazanBase card12350.34
290Sibaya MacbethFC Rubin KazanBase card12340.35
291Karadeniz GokdenizFC Rubin KazanBase card12320.38
292Ryatsantsev AleksandrFC Rubin KazanBase card14350.40
293Domiguez AlejandroFC Rubin KazanBase card11300.37
294Semak SergeiFC Rubin KazanFan`s Favorite3684.50
295Ryzhikov SergeiFC Rubin KazanGoal Stopper25181.39
296Domiguez AlejandroFC Rubin KazanStar Player24151.60
297Palop AndresSevilla FCBase card15290.52
298Squillaci SebastienSevilla FCBase card12260.46
299Navarro FernandoSevilla FCBase card15270.56
300Escude JulienSevilla FCBase card14290.48
301Duscher AldoSevilla FCBase card15240.63
302AdrianoSevilla FCBase card16260.62
303Navas JesusSevilla FCBase card16330.48
304Capel DiegoSevilla FCBase card17280.61
305Romaric Christian NdriSevilla FCBase card16250.64
306RenatoSevilla FCBase card17300.57
307Fabiano LuisSevilla FCBase card13260.50
308Kanoute FredericSevilla FCBase card14240.58
309Kanoute FredericSevilla FCChampion51412.75
310Capel DiegoSevilla FCFan`s Favorite32122.67
311Palop AndresSevilla FCGoal Stopper29191.53
312RenatoSevilla FCStar Player22171.29
313Bolat SinanR. Standard De LiègeBase card13190.68
314Camozzato MarcosR. Standard De LiègeBase card11270.41
315Mikulic TomislavR. Standard De LiègeBase card14300.47
316Defour StevenR. Standard De LiègeBase card15270.56
317Dalmat WilfriedR. Standard De LiègeBase card13280.46
318de Camargo IgorR. Standard De LiègeBase card11290.38
319Jovanovic MilanR. Standard De LiègeBase card15290.52
320Mbokani DieumerciR. Standard De LiègeBase card15240.63
321Defour StevenR. Standard De LiègeFan`s Favorite3284.00
322Bolat SinanR. Standard De LiègeGoal Stopper25161.56
323Jovanovic MilanR. Standard De LiègeStar Player30112.73
324Arlauskis GiedriusFC Unirea UrziceniBase card10320.31
325Galamaz GeorgeFC Unirea UrziceniBase card14260.54
326Nicu EpaminondaFC Unirea UrziceniBase card14290.48
327Bordeanu ValeriuFC Unirea UrziceniBase card12280.43
328Paduretu RazvanFC Unirea UrziceniBase card11290.38
329Frunza SorinFC Unirea UrziceniBase card10310.32
330Rusescu RaulFC Unirea UrziceniBase card12290.41
331Bilasco MariusFC Unirea UrziceniBase card13300.43
332Galamaz GeorgeFC Unirea UrziceniFan`s Favorite3794.11
333Arlauskis GiedriusFC Unirea UrziceniGoal Stopper30152.00
334Paduretu RazvanFC Unirea UrziceniStar Player25171.47
335Benaglio DiegoVfL WolfsburgBase card11330.33
336Schafer MarcelVfL WolfsburgBase card14240.58
337Barzagli AndreaVfL WolfsburgBase card15210.71
338Riether SaschaVfL WolfsburgBase card16280.57
339Madlung AlexanderVfL WolfsburgBase card15260.58
340Ziani KarimVfL WolfsburgBase card12220.55
341Gentner ChristianVfL WolfsburgBase card14260.54
342JosueVfL WolfsburgBase card12200.60
343Misimovic ZvjezdanVfL WolfsburgBase card14240.58
344Martins ObafemiVfL WolfsburgBase card13260.50
345GrafiteVfL WolfsburgBase card13310.42
346Dzeko EdinVfL WolfsburgBase card12270.44
347Dzeko EdinVfL WolfsburgChampion5068.33
348GrafiteVfL WolfsburgFan`s Favorite37103.70
349Benaglio DiegoVfL WolfsburgGoal Stopper27122.25
350Misimovic ZvjezdanVfL WolfsburgStar Player27141.93
LE1John TerryChelsea FCLimited Edition71323.67
LE2Frank LampardChelsea FCLimited Edition68322.67
LE3Pepe ReinaLiverpool FCLimited Edition78178.00
LE4Steven GerrardLiverpool FCLimited Edition72172.00
LE5Fernando TorresLiverpool FCLimited Edition71235.50
LE6Rio FerdinandManchester United FCLimited Edition71071.00
LE7Ryan GiggsManchester United FCLimited Edition71323.67
LE8Dimitar BerbatovManchester United FCLimited Edition78078.00
LE9Kenny MillerRangers FCLimited Edition64416.00