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Panini UEFA Euro 2020. Adrenalyn XL

Panini UEFA Euro 2020. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2020
Total cards: 680

Collection preview (67% scanned images)

collecting: 505 / completed: 20


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1Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumRARE - Master181563.23
2Luka ModrićCroatiaRARE - Master203306.77
3Harry KaneEnglandRARE - Master191325.97
4Sergio RamosSpainRARE - Master198365.50
5Euro 2020 TrophyUEFARARE - Invincible193375.22
6Kylian MbappéFranceRARE - Master205346.03
7Serge GnabryGermanyRARE - Master191375.16
8Robert LewandowskiPolandRARE - Master203395.21
9Cristiano RonaldoPortugalRARE - Master218336.61
10AmsterdamNetherlandsCORE - Host City1081440.75
11BakuAzerbaijanCORE - Host City150642.34
12BilbaoSpainCORE - Host City160662.42
13Austria QualifiedAustriaCORE - Magic Moment1181430.83
14Finland QualifiedFinlandCORE - Magic Moment1121600.70
15Poland QualifiedPolandCORE - Magic Moment145761.91
16BucharestRomaniaCORE - Host City1181440.82
17BudapestHungaryCORE - Host City1121530.73
18CopenhagenDenmarkCORE - Host City1161440.81
19DublinRepublic of IrelandCORE - Host City1151610.71
20GlasgowScotlandCORE - Host City144652.22
21LondonEnglandCORE - Host City148791.87
22Switzerland QualifiedSwitzerlandCORE - Magic Moment1151600.72
23Ukraine QualifiedUkraineCORE - Magic Moment1101510.73
24Wales QualifiedWalesCORE - Magic Moment144831.73
25MunichGermanyCORE - Host City1181500.79
26RomeItalyCORE - Host City1161550.75
27Saint PetersburgRussiaCORE - Host City1181510.78
28Team LogoAustriaFANS - Team Logo149791.89
29Cican StankovićAustriaCORE - Team Mate1231171.05
30Heinz LindnerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1231191.03
31Aleksandar DragovićAustriaFANS - Fans' Favourite141991.42
32Andreas UlmerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1221260.97
33Martin HintereggerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1161240.94
34Maximilian WöberAustriaFANS - Wonderkid1251350.93
35Stefan LainerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1151121.03
36Stefan PoschAustriaCORE - Team Mate1171171.00
37David AlabaAustriaCORE - Team Mate1101460.75
38Valentino LazaroAustriaCORE - Team Mate1141260.90
39Julian BaumgartlingerAustriaFANS - Captain139721.93
40Marcel SabitzerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1141390.82
41Stefan IlsankerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1231221.01
42Marko ArnautovićAustriaFANS - Fans' Favourite140841.67
43Konrad LaimerAustriaCORE - Team Mate1221380.88
44Michael GregoritschAustriaCORE - Team Mate1121400.80
45Line-UpAustriaFANS - Line-up140941.49
46Team LogoBelgiumFANS - Team Logo1411051.34
47Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1211201.01
48Toby AlderweireldBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1141230.93
49Jan VertonghenBelgiumFANS - Fans' Favourite151841.80
50Thomas VermaelenBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1231320.93
51Thomas MeunierBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1201210.99
52Youri TielemansBelgiumFANS - Wonderkid1171171.00
53Timothy CastagneBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1271290.98
54Kevin de BruyneBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1151370.84
55Nacer ChadliBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1101280.86
56Leander DendonckerBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1261290.98
57Eden HazardBelgiumFANS - Captain154672.30
58Dries MertensBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1051410.74
59Thorgan HazardBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1201280.94
60Axel WitselBelgiumFANS - Fans' Favourite140861.63
61Michy BatshuayiBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1171190.98
62Romelu LukakuBelgiumCORE - Team Mate1131340.84
63Line-UpBelgiumFANS - Line-up150722.08
64Team LogoCroatiaFANS - Team Logo156732.14
65Dominik LivakovićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1161151.01
66Borna BarišićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1151310.88
67Domagoj VidaCroatiaFANS - Fans' Favourite157791.99
68Tin JedvajCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1271161.09
69Duje Ćaleta-CarCroatiaCORE - Team Mate153692.22
70Josip BrekaloCroatiaFANS - Wonderkid1211260.96
71Marcelo BrozovićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1231320.93
72Nikola VlašićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1191300.92
73Ivan RakitićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1231131.09
74Mateo KovačićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate151632.40
75Luka ModrićCroatiaFANS - Captain156801.95
76Ivan PerišićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1281211.06
77Ante RebićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1191141.04
78Dejan LovrenCroatiaFANS - Fans' Favourite156732.14
79Bruno PetkovićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1201280.94
80Andrej KramarićCroatiaCORE - Team Mate1151220.94
81Line-UpCroatiaFANS - Line-up152662.30
82Team LogoCzech RepublicFANS - Team Logo144672.15
83Tomáš VaclíkCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1191161.03
84Ondřej ČelůstkaCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1201210.99
85Marek SuchýCzech RepublicFANS - Fans' Favourite146771.90
86Pavel KadeřábekCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1131260.90
87Jan BořilCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1191250.95
88Alex KrálCzech RepublicFANS - Wonderkid141851.66
89Filip NovákCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1191290.92
90Vladimír CoufalCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1251201.04
91Jakub BrabecCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1121380.81
92David PavelkaCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1141460.78
93Vladimir DaridaCzech RepublicFANS - Captain146901.62
94Tomáš SoučekCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1151300.88
95Lukáš MasopustCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1131420.80
96Jakub JanktoCzech RepublicFANS - Fans' Favourite147791.86
97Patrik SchickCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1141400.81
98Zdeněk OndrášekCzech RepublicCORE - Team Mate1111290.86
99Line-UpCzech RepublicFANS - Line-up147692.13
100Team LogoDenmarkFANS - Team Logo163861.90
101Kasper SchmeichelDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1211280.95
102Jens Stryger LarsenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1151300.88
103Lasse SchöneDenmarkFANS - Fans' Favourite153861.78
104Andreas ChristensenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1191380.86
105Henrik DalsgaardDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1111310.85
106Kasper DolbergDenmarkFANS - Wonderkid1261131.12
107Mathias JørgensenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1231260.98
108Christian EriksenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1241201.03
109Pierre Emile HøjbjergDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1121360.82
110Yussuf PoulsenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1131430.79
111Simon KjaerDenmarkFANS - Captain157732.15
112Martin BraithwaiteDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1171151.02
113Nicolai JørgensenDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1211240.98
114Thomas DelaneyDenmarkFANS - Fans' Favourite148702.11
115Robert SkovDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1201131.06
116Christian GytkjærDenmarkCORE - Team Mate1151170.98
117Line-UpDenmarkFANS - Line-up149821.82
118Team LogoEnglandFANS - Team Logo148791.87
119Jordan PickfordEnglandCORE - Team Mate1071370.78
120Harry MaguireEnglandCORE - Team Mate148652.28
121Trent Alexander-ArnoldEnglandFANS - Fans' Favourite152831.83
122Michael KeaneEnglandCORE - Team Mate143751.91
123Kyle WalkerEnglandCORE - Team Mate1201250.96
124Jadon SanchoEnglandFANS - Wonderkid1431161.23
125Ben ChilwellEnglandCORE - Team Mate1091370.80
126Danny RoseEnglandCORE - Team Mate1221181.03
127Ross BarkleyEnglandCORE - Team Mate1121410.79
128Declan RiceEnglandCORE - Team Mate1291151.12
129Harry KaneEnglandFANS - Captain146801.83
130Jordan HendersonEnglandCORE - Team Mate1201280.94
131Mason MountEnglandCORE - Team Mate1201171.03
132Marcus RashfordEnglandFANS - Fans' Favourite163662.47
133Dele AlliEnglandCORE - Team Mate1221360.90
134Raheem SterlingEnglandCORE - Team Mate1161131.03
135Line-UpEnglandFANS - Line-up147821.79
136Team LogoSpainFANS - Team Logo155742.09
137KepaSpainCORE - Team Mate1291171.10
138Raúl AlbiolSpainCORE - Team Mate1221101.11
139Santi CazorlaSpainFANS - Fans' Favourite141851.66
140Iñigo MartínezSpainCORE - Team Mate1221161.05
141Jordi AlbaSpainCORE - Team Mate1251251.00
142Mikel OyarzabalSpainFANS - Wonderkid1191250.95
143Sergio BusquetsSpainCORE - Team Mate1291181.09
144RodriSpainCORE - Team Mate1211211.00
145Fabián RuizSpainCORE - Team Mate1221370.89
146Dani CeballosSpainCORE - Team Mate1151480.78
147Sergio RamosSpainFANS - Captain148761.95
148SaúlSpainCORE - Team Mate1211191.02
149Thiago AlcántaraSpainCORE - Team Mate1211171.03
150Jesús NavasSpainFANS - Fans' Favourite145761.91
151Rodrigo MorenoSpainCORE - Team Mate1171370.85
152Alvaro MorataSpainCORE - Team Mate1251171.07
153Line-UpSpainFANS - Line-up142821.73
154Team LogoFinlandFANS - Team Logo155851.82
155Sauli VäisänenFinlandCORE - Team Mate1091370.80
156Paulus ArajuuriFinlandCORE - Team Mate1171200.98
157Lukáš HrádeckýFinlandFANS - Fans' Favourite139951.46
158Jukka RaitalaFinlandCORE - Team Mate1121410.79
159Jere UronenFinlandCORE - Team Mate1251141.10
160Lassi LappalainenFinlandFANS - Wonderkid1231350.91
161Albin GranlundFinlandCORE - Team Mate1131230.92
162Fredrik JensenFinlandCORE - Team Mate1151290.89
163Robin LodFinlandCORE - Team Mate1181270.93
164Glen KamaraFinlandCORE - Team Mate1191071.11
165Tim SparvFinlandFANS - Captain142682.09
166Joel PohjanpaloFinlandCORE - Team Mate155582.67
167Teemu PukkiFinlandCORE - Team Mate163702.33
168Joona ToivioFinlandFANS - Fans' Favourite148662.24
169Pyry SoiriFinlandCORE - Team Mate1291241.04
170Jasse TuominenFinlandCORE - Team Mate1241121.11
171Line-UpFinlandFANS - Line-up143781.83
172Team LogoFranceFANS - Team Logo155742.09
173Raphaël VaraneFranceCORE - Team Mate1151230.93
174Clément LengletFranceCORE - Team Mate1231161.06
175Benjamin PavardFranceFANS - Fans' Favourite153712.15
176Samuel UmtitiFranceCORE - Team Mate1211250.97
177Lucas HernándezFranceCORE - Team Mate1231041.18
178Jonathan IkonéFranceFANS - Wonderkid1231231.00
179Moussa SissokoFranceCORE - Team Mate1161330.87
180Corentin TolissoFranceCORE - Team Mate1181370.86
181N'Golo KantéFranceCORE - Team Mate1101340.82
182Paul PogbaFranceCORE - Team Mate1201240.97
183Hugo LlorisFranceFANS - Captain150742.03
184Olivier GiroudFranceCORE - Team Mate1171250.94
185Antoine GriezmannFranceCORE - Team Mate1261261.00
186Blaise MatuidiFranceFANS - Fans' Favourite151861.76
187Kingsley ComanFranceCORE - Team Mate1191370.87
188Kylian MbappéFranceCORE - Team Mate1191530.78
189Line-UpFranceFANS - Line-up154851.81
190Team LogoGermanyFANS - Team Logo143921.55
191Marcel HalstenbergGermanyCORE - Team Mate1231310.94
192Matthias GinterGermanyCORE - Team Mate1261280.98
193İlkay GündoğanGermanyFANS - Fans' Favourite151771.96
194Jonathan TahGermanyCORE - Team Mate1201400.86
195Niklas SüleGermanyCORE - Team Mate1131460.77
196Kai HavertzGermanyFANS - Wonderkid151971.56
197Lukas KlostermannGermanyCORE - Team Mate1181240.95
198Toni KroosGermanyCORE - Team Mate1231171.05
199Joshua KimmichGermanyCORE - Team Mate1171081.08
200Nico SchulzGermanyCORE - Team Mate1131220.93
201Manuel NeuerGermanyFANS - Captain162722.25
202Julian BrandtGermanyCORE - Team Mate1121340.84
203Emre CanGermanyCORE - Team Mate1121470.76
204Marco ReusGermanyFANS - Fans' Favourite156742.11
205Serge GnabryGermanyCORE - Team Mate1201201.00
206Timo WernerGermanyCORE - Team Mate1301281.02
207Line-UpGermanyFANS - Line-up152941.62
208Team LogoItalyFANS - Team Logo153712.15
209Gianluigi DonnarummaItalyCORE - Team Mate171582.95
210Francesco AcerbiItalyCORE - Team Mate163732.23
211Giorgio ChielliniItalyFANS - Fans' Favourite159752.12
212EmersonItalyCORE - Team Mate1111360.82
213Alessandro FlorenziItalyCORE - Team Mate1171270.92
214Nicolò ZanioloItalyFANS - Wonderkid1271131.12
215Stefano SensiItalyCORE - Team Mate1181290.91
216JorginhoItalyCORE - Team Mate1281111.15
217Marco VerrattiItalyCORE - Team Mate1201400.86
218Nicolò BarellaItalyCORE - Team Mate1251161.08
219Leonardo BonucciItalyFANS - Captain146801.83
220Federico BernardeschiItalyCORE - Team Mate1261211.04
221Federico ChiesaItalyCORE - Team Mate1211171.03
222Lorenzo InsigneItalyFANS - Fans' Favourite156791.97
223Andrea BelottiItalyCORE - Team Mate1291221.06
224Ciro ImmobileItalyCORE - Team Mate1341071.25
225Line-UpItalyFANS - Line-up163722.26
226Team LogoNetherlandsFANS - Team Logo155662.35
227Jasper CillessenNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1271221.04
228Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1251151.09
229Daley BlindNetherlandsFANS - Fans' Favourite149811.84
230Denzel DumfriesNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1151170.98
231Joël VeltmanNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1221260.97
232Donyell MalenNetherlandsFANS - Wonderkid1331181.13
233Frenkie de JongNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1191121.06
234Marten de RoonNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1161270.91
235Davy PröpperNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1231161.06
236Donny van de BeekNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1111330.83
237Virgil van DijkNetherlandsFANS - Captain153732.10
238Ryan BabelNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate154662.33
239Memphis DepayNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1171400.84
240Georginio WijnaldumNetherlandsFANS - Fans' Favourite148732.03
241Quincy PromesNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1141220.93
242Steven BergwijnNetherlandsCORE - Team Mate1221290.95
243Line-UpNetherlandsFANS - Line-up161762.12
244Team LogoPolandFANS - Team Logo155772.01
245Wojciech SzczęsnyPolandCORE - Team Mate1191340.89
246Lukasz FabiańskiPolandCORE - Team Mate1231270.97
247Kamil GlikPolandFANS - Fans' Favourite145861.69
248Jan BednarekPolandCORE - Team Mate1321181.12
249Tomasz KędzioraPolandCORE - Team Mate1221280.95
250Sebastian SzymańskiPolandFANS - Wonderkid1181350.87
251Bartosz BereszyńskiPolandCORE - Team Mate1281111.15
252Arkadiusz RecaPolandCORE - Team Mate1371171.17
253Grzegorz KrychowiakPolandCORE - Team Mate1191240.96
254Piotr ZielińskiPolandCORE - Team Mate1181300.91
255Robert LewandowskiPolandFANS - Captain161762.12
256Mateusz KlichPolandCORE - Team Mate1211300.93
257Przemysław FrankowskiPolandCORE - Team Mate1201430.84
258Kamil GrosickiPolandFANS - Fans' Favourite156831.88
259Krzysztof PiątekPolandCORE - Team Mate1251201.04
260Arkadiusz MilikPolandCORE - Team Mate1161320.88
261Line-UpPolandFANS - Line-up153762.01
262Team LogoPortugalFANS - Team Logo141851.66
263Rui PatrícioPortugalCORE - Team Mate1181320.89
264Rúben DiasPortugalCORE - Team Mate1211270.95
265PepePortugalFANS - Fans' Favourite151702.16
266José FontePortugalCORE - Team Mate1251300.96
267Ricardo PereiraPortugalCORE - Team Mate1171470.80
268João FélixPortugalFANS - Wonderkid167762.20
269Nélson SemedoPortugalCORE - Team Mate1171460.80
270Raphaël GuerreiroPortugalCORE - Team Mate1171240.94
271Danilo PereiraPortugalCORE - Team Mate1241211.02
272Rúben NevesPortugalCORE - Team Mate1241400.89
273Cristiano RonaldoPortugalFANS - Captain169722.35
274João MoutinhoPortugalCORE - Team Mate1201240.97
275Bernardo SilvaPortugalCORE - Team Mate1311171.12
276William CarvalhoPortugalFANS - Fans' Favourite146791.85
277Bruno FernandesPortugalCORE - Team Mate1231221.01
278Gonçalo GuedesPortugalCORE - Team Mate1241390.89
279Line-UpPortugalFANS - Line-up159702.27
280Team LogoRussiaFANS - Team Logo148821.80
281GuilhermeRussiaCORE - Team Mate1201201.00
282Georgi DzhikiyaRussiaCORE - Team Mate1291141.13
283Yuri ZhirkovRussiaFANS - Fans' Favourite155841.85
284Andrei SemenovRussiaCORE - Team Mate1161260.92
285Mário FernandesRussiaCORE - Team Mate1221280.95
286Ilzat AkhmetovRussiaFANS - Wonderkid1391400.99
287Fedor KudryashovRussiaCORE - Team Mate1151141.01
288Daler KuzyaevRussiaCORE - Team Mate1111250.89
289Magomed OzdoevRussiaCORE - Team Mate1191091.09
290Roman ZobninRussiaCORE - Team Mate1141440.79
291Artem DzyubaRussiaFANS - Captain152861.77
292Aleksei IonovRussiaCORE - Team Mate1261330.95
293Denis CheryshevRussiaCORE - Team Mate1191250.95
294Aleksandr GolovinRussiaFANS - Fans' Favourite144811.78
295Aleksey MiranchukRussiaCORE - Team Mate152652.34
296Aleksei MiranchukRussiaCORE - Team Mate154732.11
297Line-UpRussiaFANS - Line-up160762.11
298Team LogoSwitzerlandFANS - Team Logo164722.28
299Yann SommerSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1231260.98
300Manuel AkanjiSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1221390.88
301Granit XhakaSwitzerlandFANS - Fans' Favourite144961.50
302Fabian SchärSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1111280.87
303Kevin MbabuSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1131320.86
304Nico ElvediSwitzerlandFANS - Wonderkid1231231.00
305Ricardo RodríguezSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1231330.92
306Edmilson FernandesSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1261121.13
307Denis ZakariaSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1281231.04
308Remo FreulerSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1161131.03
309Stephan LichtsteinerSwitzerlandFANS - Captain159881.81
310Albian AjetiSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1181220.97
311Haris SeferovićSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1271211.05
312Xherdan ShaqiriSwitzerlandFANS - Fans' Favourite164851.93
313Admir MehmediSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1131430.79
314Breel EmboloSwitzerlandCORE - Team Mate1201390.86
315Line-UpSwitzerlandFANS - Line-up154762.03
316Team LogoSwedenFANS - Team Logo147841.75
317Robin OlsenSwedenCORE - Team Mate1091320.83
318Filip HelanderSwedenCORE - Team Mate1211320.92
319Mikael LustigSwedenFANS - Fans' Favourite152801.90
320Victor Nilsson LindelöfSwedenCORE - Team Mate1221350.90
321Emil KrafthSwedenCORE - Team Mate1181210.98
322Alexander IsakSwedenFANS - Wonderkid153911.68
323Pierre BengtssonSwedenCORE - Team Mate1221270.96
324Ludwig AugustinssonSwedenCORE - Team Mate1221071.14
325Albin EkdalSwedenCORE - Team Mate1101300.85
326Sebastian LarssonSwedenCORE - Team Mate1271201.06
327Andreas GranqvistSwedenFANS - Captain144931.55
328Kristoffer OlssonSwedenCORE - Team Mate1141091.05
329Emil ForsbergSwedenCORE - Team Mate1261111.14
330Marcus BergSwedenFANS - Fans' Favourite143871.64
331Viktor ClaessonSwedenCORE - Team Mate160662.42
332Robin QuaisonSwedenCORE - Team Mate155732.12
333Line-UpSwedenFANS - Line-up144682.12
334Team LogoTurkeyFANS - Team Logo160752.13
335Mert GünokTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1191181.01
336Kaan AyhanTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1171260.93
337Ozan TufanTurkeyFANS - Fans' Favourite134831.61
338Zeki ÇelikTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1151360.85
339Hasan Ali KaldirimTurkeyCORE - Team Mate145662.20
340Merih DemiralTurkeyFANS - Wonderkid1291171.10
341Umut MeraşTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1181171.01
342Çağlar SöyüncüTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1201131.06
343Mahmut TekdemirTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1271241.02
344İrfan Can KahveciTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1161330.87
345Emre BelözoğluTurkeyFANS - Captain148742.00
346Hakan ÇalhanoğluTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1301281.02
347Yusuf YaziciTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1201350.89
348Burak YilmazTurkeyFANS - Fans' Favourite159782.04
349Kenan KaramanTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1161310.89
350Cenk TosunTurkeyCORE - Team Mate1221480.82
351Line-UpTurkeyFANS - Line-up156762.05
352Team LogoUkraineFANS - Team Logo147751.96
353Mykola MatviyenkoUkraineCORE - Team Mate1161220.95
354Serhiy KryvtsovUkraineCORE - Team Mate1171161.01
355Yevhen KonoplyankaUkraineFANS - Fans' Favourite152851.79
356Oleksandr KaravaevUkraineCORE - Team Mate1181510.78
357Serhiy SydorchukUkraineCORE - Team Mate1131360.83
358Vitaliy MykolenkoUkraineFANS - Wonderkid1331470.90
359Viktor KovalenkoUkraineCORE - Team Mate1221330.92
360Taras StepanenkoUkraineCORE - Team Mate1191131.05
361Oleksandr ZinchenkoUkraineCORE - Team Mate1271181.08
362Ruslan MalinovskyiUkraineCORE - Team Mate1261330.95
363Andriy PyatovUkraineFANS - Captain156871.79
364Viktor TsygankovUkraineCORE - Team Mate1231191.03
365MarlosUkraineCORE - Team Mate1051350.78
366Andriy YarmolenkoUkraineFANS - Fans' Favourite139761.83
367Roman YaremchukUkraineCORE - Team Mate1151380.83
368Júnior MoraesUkraineCORE - Team Mate1201260.95
369Line-UpUkraineFANS - Line-up146702.09
370Team LogoWalesFANS - Team Logo147751.96
371Wayne HennesseyWalesCORE - Team Mate1181360.87
372Chris MephamWalesCORE - Team Mate1271251.02
373Ashley WilliamsWalesFANS - Fans' Favourite156782.00
374Tom LockyerWalesCORE - Team Mate1191230.97
375Connor RobertsWalesCORE - Team Mate1191440.83
376Ethan AmpaduWalesFANS - Wonderkid1181270.93
377Ben DaviesWalesCORE - Team Mate1261201.05
378Joe RodonWalesCORE - Team Mate1181121.05
379Joe AllenWalesCORE - Team Mate1291191.08
380Joe MorrellWalesCORE - Team Mate1141400.81
381Gareth BaleWalesFANS - Captain154672.30
382Harry WilsonWalesCORE - Team Mate1251231.02
383Daniel JamesWalesCORE - Team Mate1121290.87
384Aaron RamseyWalesFANS - Fans' Favourite155811.91
385Tom LawrenceWalesCORE - Team Mate1271171.09
386Kieffer MooreWalesCORE - Team Mate1271241.02
387Line-UpWalesFANS - Line-up150951.58
388Tomáš VaclíkCzech RepublicPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper171503.42
389Kasper SchmeichelDenmarkPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper118971.22
390Jordan PickfordEnglandPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper161572.82
391KepaSpainPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper176463.83
392Manuel NeuerGermanyPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper169652.60
393Gianluigi DonnarummaItalyPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper1421071.33
394Jasper CillessenNetherlandsPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper162473.45
395Wojciech SzczęsnyPolandPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper192434.47
396Rui PatrícioPortugalPOWER-UP - Goal Stopper165483.44
397Toby AlderweireldBelgiumPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock175463.80
398Andreas ChristensenDenmarkPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock164513.22
399Harry MaguireEnglandPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock180454.00
400Raphaël VaraneFrancePOWER-UP - Defensive Rock184414.49
401Leonardo BonucciItalyPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock1491021.46
402Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock159533.00
403Georgi DzhikiyaRussiaPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock179533.38
404Manuel AkanjiSwitzerlandPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock1351301.04
405Victor Nilsson LindelöfSwedenPOWER-UP - Defensive Rock181523.48
406Ivan RakitićCroatiaPOWER-UP - Key Player157523.02
407Christian EriksenDenmarkPOWER-UP - Key Player172463.74
408Jordan HendersonEnglandPOWER-UP - Key Player154592.61
409Sergio BusquetsSpainPOWER-UP - Key Player131931.41
410Paul PogbaFrancePOWER-UP - Key Player179394.59
411Toni KroosGermanyPOWER-UP - Key Player165572.89
412João MoutinhoPortugalPOWER-UP - Key Player180414.39
413Sebastian LarssonSwedenPOWER-UP - Key Player168443.82
414Hakan ÇalhanoğluTurkeyPOWER-UP - Key Player1351001.35
415Romelu LukakuBelgiumPOWER-UP - Goal Machine127981.30
416Patrik SchickCzech RepublicPOWER-UP - Goal Machine174453.87
417Raheem SterlingEnglandPOWER-UP - Goal Machine170483.54
418Rodrigo MorenoSpainPOWER-UP - Goal Machine185444.20
419Teemu PukkiFinlandPOWER-UP - Goal Machine166553.02
420Antoine GriezmannFrancePOWER-UP - Goal Machine176503.52
421Timo WernerGermanyPOWER-UP - Goal Machine167483.48
422Memphis DepayNetherlandsPOWER-UP - Goal Machine178533.36
423Artem DzyubaRussiaPOWER-UP - Goal Machine1301201.08
424David AlabaAustriaPOWER-UP - All-round Player171483.56
425Thomas MeunierBelgiumPOWER-UP - All-round Player164582.83
426Ivan PerišićCroatiaPOWER-UP - All-round Player161612.64
427Jordi AlbaSpainPOWER-UP - All-round Player137991.38
428Alessandro FlorenziItalyPOWER-UP - All-round Player187503.74
429Bartosz BereszyńskiPolandPOWER-UP - All-round Player170503.40
430Raphaël GuerreiroPortugalPOWER-UP - All-round Player1471051.40
431Oleksandr ZinchenkoUkrainePOWER-UP - All-round Player171513.35
432Gareth BaleWalesPOWER-UP - All-round Player183493.73
433Thibaut Courtois / Jan Vertonghen / Toby AlderweireldBelgiumMULTIPLE - The Wall133881.51
434Jordan Pickford / Harry Maguire / Michael KeaneEnglandMULTIPLE - The Wall1321111.19
435Kepa / Sergio Ramos / Jesús NavasSpainMULTIPLE - The Wall1381121.23
436Raphaël Varane / Clément Lenglet / Hugo LlorisFranceMULTIPLE - The Wall142871.63
437Gianluigi Donnarumma / Leonardo Bonucci / Giorgio ChielliniItalyMULTIPLE - The Wall1451041.39
438Jasper Cillessen / Virgil van Dijk / Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsMULTIPLE - The Wall142941.51
439Luka Modrić / Marcelo Brozović / Ivan RakitićCroatiaMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine154732.11
440Thomas Delaney / Christian Eriksen / Pierre-Emile HøjbjergDenmarkMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine143971.47
441Sergio Busquets / Fabián Ruiz / RodriSpainMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine144961.50
442N'Golo Kanté / Paul Pogba / Blaise MatuidiFranceMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine149981.52
443Emre Can / Ilkay Gündoğan / Toni KroosGermanyMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine146951.54
444Marco Verratti / Jorginho / Nicolò BarellaItalyMULTIPLE - Midfield Engine143961.49
445Dries Mertens / Romelu Lukaku / Eden HazardBelgiumMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio158782.03
446Harry Kane / Raheem Sterling / Marcus RashfordEnglandMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio1391111.25
447Kylian Mbappé / Antoine Griezmann / Olivier GiroudFranceMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio146931.57
448Julian Brandt / Timo Werner / Serge GnabryGermanyMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio145811.79
449Robert Lewandowski / Krzysztof Piątek / Arkadiusz MilikPolandMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio153752.04
450Bernardo Silva / Cristiano Ronaldo / Bruno FernandesPortugalMULTIPLE - Attacking Trio143901.59
451Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaFANS - Play-off Team1361121.21
452BelarusBelarusFANS - Play-off Team1441141.26
453BulgariaBulgariaFANS - Play-off Team1191101.08
454GeorgiaGeorgiaFANS - Play-off Team1271141.11
455HungaryHungaryFANS - Play-off Team1171220.96
456Republic of IrelandRepublic of IrelandFANS - Play-off Team1221290.95
457IcelandIcelandFANS - Play-off Team136841.62
458IsraelIsraelFANS - Play-off Team1241101.13
459KosovoKosovoFANS - Play-off Team145871.67
460North MacedoniaNorth MacedoniaFANS - Play-off Team1421011.41
461Northern IrelandNothern IrelandFANS - Play-off Team1391101.26
462NorwayNorwayFANS - Play-off Team165652.54
463RomaniaRomaniaFANS - Play-off Team1161260.92
464ScotlandScotlandFANS - Play-off Team1281281.00
465SerbiaSerbiaFANS - Play-off Team1151141.01
466SlovakiaSlovakiaFANS - Play-off Team142781.82
467Official LogoUEFACORE - Bonus1281660.77
468Skillzy - Official MascotUEFACORE - Bonus1221650.74
469Kasper SchmeichelDenmarkNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes195209.75
470Simon KjærDenmarkNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1961414.00
471Christian EriksenDenmarkNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes203922.56
472Thomas DelaneyDenmarkNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1941711.41
473Joona ToivoFinlandNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes197209.85
474Glen KamaraFinlandNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1961612.25
475Robin LodFinlandNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1971810.94
476Teemu PukkiFinlandNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1971315.15
477Robin OlsenSwedenNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes2111217.58
478Sebastian LarssonSwedenNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1951413.93
479Kristoffer OlssonSwedenNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1961513.07
480Robin QuaisonSwedenNordic Edition / FANS - Nordic Heroes1951711.47
IRL01Team LogoRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Team Logo1951117.73
IRL02Darren RandolphRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate186199.79
IRL03Shane DuffyRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861611.63
IRL04Glenn WhelandRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite206729.43
IRL05Ciaran ClarkRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate184199.68
IRL06John EganRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate181257.24
IRL07Aaron ConnollyRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Wonderkid203922.56
IRL08Matt DohertyRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1881810.44
IRL09Enda StevensRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate183209.15
IRL10Jeff HendrickRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1901611.88
IRL11Conor HourihaneRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1881810.44
IRL12Seamus ColemanRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Captain208541.60
IRL13Alan BrowneRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861413.29
IRL14Robbie BradyRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate184228.36
IRL15James McCleanRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite200633.33
IRL16Callum RobinsonRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate184209.20
IRL17David McGoldrickRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate183257.32
IRL18Line-UpRepublic of IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Line-up1971019.70
NIR01Team LogoNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Team Logo1941910.21
NIR02Bailey Peacock-FarrellNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861710.94
NIR03Craig CathcartNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate187228.50
NIR04Jonny EvansNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite1961019.60
NIR05Michael SmithNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1851810.28
NIR06Shane FergusonNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate187209.35
NIR07Jamal LewisNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Wonderkid1961216.33
NIR08Paddy McNairNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate186267.15
NIR09Stuart DallasNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1881810.44
NIR10George SavilleNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate182257.28
NIR11Corry EvansNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1871611.69
NIR12Steven DavisNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Captain2001020.00
NIR13Gavin WhyteNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate188199.89
NIR14Jordan JonesNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1901413.57
NIR15Kyle LaffertyNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite1931612.06
NIR16Liam BoyceNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861710.94
NIR17Josh MagennisNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1821810.11
NIR18Line-UpNorthern IrelandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Line-up205634.17
SCO01Team LogoScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Team Logo1961315.08
SCO02David MarshallScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1891711.12
SCO03Scott McKennaScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate181199.53
SCO04John McGinnScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite2001020.00
SCO05Charlie MulgrewScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1871810.39
SCO06Liam PalmerScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861810.33
SCO07Scott McTominayScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Wonderkid203633.83
SCO08Ryan JackScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate187199.84
SCO09Stuart ArmstrongScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1821810.11
SCO10Kenny McLeanScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1951513.00
SCO11Callum McGregorScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate1861611.63
SCO12Andrew RobertsonScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Captain1941314.92
SCO13Ryan ChristieScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate186209.30
SCO14Ryan FraserScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate182218.67
SCO15Steven NaismithScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Fans' Favourite1951612.19
SCO16James ForrestScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate187199.84
SCO17Oliver BurkeScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - CORE - Team Mate188286.71
SCO18Line-UpScotlandUK & Ireland Edition - FANS - Line-up1911711.24
LE-ADArtem DzyubaRussiaLimited Edition229828.63
LE-AEAlbin EkdalSwedenLimited Edition152819.00
LE-AGAntoine GriezmannFranceLimited Edition176414.29
LE-AIAlexander IsakSwedenLimited Edition190295.00
LE-AKAndrej KramarićCroatiaLimited Edition2021414.43
LE-ALMAleksei MiranchukRussiaLimited Edition171442.75
LE-AMAlvaro MorataSpainLimited Edition226456.50
LE-AMIArkadiusz MilikPolandLimited Edition1681214.00
LE-ANMAnton MiranchukRussiaLimited Edition175443.75
LE-ARAaron RamseyWalesLimited Edition178296.14
LE-AREAnte RebićCroatiaLimited Edition179444.75
LE-AYAndriy YarmolenkoUkraineLimited Edition233377.67
LE-BEBreel EmboloSwitzerlandLimited Edition1921019.20
LE-BFBruno FernandesPortugalLimited Edition166820.75
LE-BSBernardo SilvaPortugalLimited Edition1901711.18
LE-BYBurak YilmazTurkeyLimited Edition175629.17
LE-CEChristian EriksenDenmarkLimited Edition2131811.83
LE-CICiro ImmobileItalyLimited Edition178364.94
LE-CLClement LengletFrancePremium Limited Edition197267.58
LE-CRCristiano RonaldoPortugalLimited Edition143751.91
LE-DADavid AlabaAustriaLimited Edition2081613.00
LE-DBDaley BlindNetherlandsLimited Edition1531311.77
LE-DCDani CeballosSpainLimited Edition1641411.71
LE-DDGDavid De GeaSpainLimited Edition170433.95
LE-DEDele AlliEnglandLimited Edition180424.29
LE-DJDaniel JamesWalesLimited Edition2161812.00
LE-DMDries MertensBelgiumLimited Edition187228.50
LE-DVDomagoj VidaCroatiaLimited Edition184446.00
LE-DVBDonny van de BeekNetherlandsLimited Edition155169.69
LE-ECEmre CanGermanyLimited Edition238379.33
LE-EFEmil ForsbergSwedenLimited Edition206238.96
LE-EHEden HazardBelgiumLimited Edition162354.63
LE-FBFederico BernardeschiItalyLimited Edition242640.33
LE-FDJFrenkie de JongNetherlandsPremium Limited Edition190247.92
LE-FHFilip HelanderSwedenLimited Edition2211218.42
LE-FJFrenkie de JongNetherlandsLimited Edition150437.50
LE-FRFabian RuizSpainPremium Gold Limited Edition1701710.00
LE-GBGareth BaleWalesLimited Edition2141119.45
LE-GDGianluigi DonnarummaItalyLimited Edition162820.25
LE-GKGlen KamaraFinlandLimited Edition182445.50
LE-GUGuilhermeRussiaLimited Edition233546.60
LE-GWGeorginio WijnaldumNetherlandsLimited Edition201258.04
LE-GXGranit XhakaSwitzerlandLimited Edition1641312.62
LE-HCHakan ÇalhanoğluTurkeyLimited Edition223731.86
LE-HKHarry KaneEnglandLimited Edition201267.73
LE-HMHarry MaguireEnglandLimited Edition179289.50
LE-HSHaris SeferovićSwitzerlandLimited Edition217827.13
LE-JBJulian BrandtGermanyLimited Edition230638.33
LE-JFJoao FelixPortugalPremium Limited Edition204219.71
LE-JKJoshua KimmichGermanyLimited Edition233733.29
LE-JOJorginhoItalyLimited Edition2551123.18
LE-JRJukka RaitalaFinlandLimited Edition182445.50
LE-JSJadon SanchoEnglandPremium Limited Edition1991513.27
LE-JTJoona ToivoFinlandLimited Edition234829.25
LE-JTOJoona ToivioFinlandLimited Edition170628.33
LE-JUJere UronenFinlandLimited Edition1601213.33
LE-KBRKevin De BruyneBelgiumPremium Limited Edition188296.48
LE-KCKingsley ComanFranceLimited Edition187209.35
LE-KDKasper DolbergDenmarkLimited Edition175443.75
LE-KDBKevin De BruyneBelgiumLimited Edition199238.65
LE-KHKai HavertzGermanyPremium Limited Edition1941910.21
LE-KMKylian MbappéFranceLimited Edition191335.79
LE-KOKristoffer OlssonSwedenLimited Edition161532.20
LE-KSKasper SchmeichelDenmarkLimited Edition259464.75
LE-LBLeonardo BonucciItalyLimited Edition187228.50
LE-LHLucas HernándezFranceLimited Edition1921117.45
LE-LHRLukáš HrádeckýFinlandLimited Edition181360.33
LE-LMLuka ModrićCroatiaLimited Edition201219.57
LE-MAMarko ArnautovićAustriaLimited Edition176288.00
LE-MBMarcelo BrozovićCroatiaLimited Edition231828.88
LE-MBEMarcus BergSwedenLimited Edition162532.40
LE-MDMerih DemiralTurkeyLimited Edition232925.78
LE-MDEMemphis DepayNetherlandsLimited Edition1571312.08
LE-MDLMatthijs de LigtNetherlandsLimited Edition190296.55
LE-MGMert GünokTurkeyLimited Edition2271218.92
LE-MGIMatthias GinterGermanyLimited Edition230546.00
LE-MKMateo KovačićCroatiaLimited Edition161440.25
LE-MMMason MountEnglandLimited Edition175535.00
LE-MNManuel NeuerGermanyLimited Edition168473.57
LE-MRMarco ReusGermanyPremium Gold Limited Edition172199.05
LE-MRAMarcus RashfordEnglandLimited Edition2161712.71
LE-MSMarcel SabitzerAustriaLimited Edition234458.50
LE-MVMarco VerrattiItalyPremium Limited Edition2071712.18
LE-NBNicolò BarellaItalyLimited Edition180290.00
LE-NGKN'Golo KantéFranceLimited Edition202219.62
LE-NJNicolai JørgensenDenmarkLimited Edition181360.33
LE-OCPremium Gold Online Card - 200 Coins-Premium Gold Limited Edition170218.10
LE-OC150Online Card - 150 Coins-Limited Edition90611.48
LE-OGOlivier GiroudFranceLimited Edition2040204.00
LE-OZOleksandr ZinchenkoUkraineLimited Edition170821.25
LE-PPepePortugalLimited Edition182291.00
LE-PAPaulus ArajuuriFinlandLimited Edition164918.22
LE-PKPavel KadeřábekCzech RepublicLimited Edition227828.38
LE-PPPaul PogbaFranceLimited Edition153483.19
LE-PSPatrik SchickCzech RepublicLimited Edition214229.73
LE-PZPiotr ZielińskiPolandLimited Edition2251022.50
LE-RRodriSpainLimited Edition179289.50
LE-RBRyan BabelNetherlandsLimited Edition191295.50
LE-RLRobert LewandowskiPolandLimited Edition186414.54
LE-RLORobin LodFinlandLimited Edition1581114.36
LE-RLURomelu LukakuBelgiumLimited Edition184306.13
LE-RMRodrigo MorenoSpainLimited Edition172534.40
LE-RNRúben NevesPortugalLimited Edition201219.57
LE-RORobin OlsenSwedenLimited Edition186293.00
LE-RPRui PatrícioPortugalLimited Edition189219.00
LE-RQRobin QuaisonSwedenLimited Edition184446.00
LE-RRRicardo RodriguezSwitzerlandLimited Edition175287.50
LE-RSRaheem SterlingEnglandLimited Edition197248.21
LE-RVRaphaël VaraneFranceLimited Edition224924.89
LE-RYRoman YaremchukUkraineLimited Edition237459.25
LE-SASaulSpainPremium Limited Edition2001910.53
LE-SCSanti CazorlaSpainLimited Edition230546.00
LE-SGSerge GnabryGermanyLimited Edition2161613.50
LE-SKSimon KjærDenmarkLimited Edition147207.35
LE-SLSebastian LarssonSwedenLimited Edition179359.67
LE-SRSergio RamosSpainLimited Edition197296.79
LE-SVSauli VäisänenFinlandLimited Edition2301023.00
LE-TAToby AlderweireldBelgiumLimited Edition237733.86
LE-TAATrent Alexander-ArnoldEnglandLimited Edition245830.63
LE-TDThomas DelaneyDenmarkLimited Edition179266.88
LE-THThorgan HazardBelgiumLimited Edition190209.50
LE-TKToni KroosGermanyLimited Edition234829.25
LE-TPTeemu PukkiFinlandLimited Edition2331219.42
LE-TSTim SparvFinlandLimited Edition231925.67
LE-TSOTomáš SoučekCzech RepublicLimited Edition224924.89
LE-VDVladimir DaridaCzech RepublicLimited Edition230925.56
LE-VDIVirgil van DijkNetherlandsPremium Gold Limited Edition173218.24
LE-VLValentino LazaroAustriaLimited Edition1931216.08
LE-VNLVictor Nilsson LindelöfSwedenLimited Edition200219.52
LE-VVDVirgil van DijkNetherlandsLimited Edition192434.47
LE-WHWayne HennesseyWalesLimited Edition232733.14
LE-WSWojciech SzczęsnyPolandLimited Edition205248.54
LE-YKYevhen KonoplyankaUkraineLimited Edition236459.00
LE-YPYussuf PoulsenDenmarkLimited Edition186218.86
LE-YTYouri TielemansBelgiumLimited Edition236829.50
XXL-AIAlexander IsakSwedenXXL Limited Edition147529.40
XXL-CEChristian EriksenDenmarkXXL Limited Edition156278.00
XXL-CRCristiano RonaldoPortugalXXL Limited Edition122225.55
XXL-EHEden HazardBelgiumXXL Limited Edition135206.75
XXL-JBJulian BrandtGermanyXXL Limited Edition2161216.00
XXL-KMKylian MbappéFranceXXL Limited Edition139817.38
XXL-PPPaul PogbaFranceXXL Limited Edition156531.20
XXL-SGSerge GnabryGermanyXXL Limited Edition1361013.60
XXL-THThorgan HazardBelgiumXXL Limited Edition2151215.00
XXL-TPTeemu PukkiFinlandXXL Limited Edition153530.60
XXL-VDVirgil van DijkNetherlandsXXL Limited Edition147721.00
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