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Panini Wildlife in Danger

Panini Wildlife in Danger

Year: 1992
Total cards: 102

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 2


1WWF logoMammalsBase card212.00
2Giant PandaMammalsBase card212.00
3Grizzly BearMammalsBase card111.00
4Polar BearMammalsBase card111.00
5African ElephantMammalsBase card212.00
6White RhinocerosMammalsBase card111.00
7Black RhinocerosMammalsBase card111.00
8Pigmy HippopotamusMammalsBase card101.00
9Wood BisonMammalsBase card101.00
10Musk OxMammalsBase card202.00
11Pampas DeerMammalsBase card111.00
12Peary CaribouMammalsBase card101.00
13Bighorn SheepMammalsBase card111.00
14MoufflonMammalsBase card212.00
15Rocky Mountain GoatMammalsBase card212.00
16Timber WolfMammalsBase card111.00
17Arctic WolfMammalsBase card101.00
18Tasmanian DevilMammalsBase card212.00
19Eastern CougarMammalsBase card111.00
20BobcatMammalsBase card111.00
21JaguarMammalsBase card202.00
22OcelotMammalsBase card212.00
23LionMammalsBase card111.00
24LeopardMammalsBase card101.00
25CheetahMammalsBase card202.00
26TigerMammalsBase card101.00
27Black PantherMammalsBase card202.00
28Vancouver Island MarmotMammalsBase card111.00
29Sea OtterMammalsBase card101.00
30Crabeater SealMammalsBase card111.00
31Leopard SealMammalsBase card111.00
32Elephant SealMammalsBase card111.00
33Guadalupe SealMammalsBase card111.00
34WalrusMammalsBase card111.00
35Weddell`s SealMammalsBase card111.00
36Blue WhaleMammalsBase card212.00
37Bowhead WhaleMammalsBase card111.00
38Humpback WhaleMammalsBase card111.00
39BelugaMammalsBase card111.00
40Killer WhaleMammalsBase card212.00
41Pilot WhaleMammalsBase card111.00
42Bottle-Nosed DolphinMammalsBase card111.00
43Mountain GorillaMammalsBase card111.00
44GibbonMammalsBase card101.00
45ChimpanzeeMammalsBase card111.00
46American CrocodileReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
47Nile CrocodileReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
48Broadnosed CaimanReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
49Gila MonsterReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
50BasiliskReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
51Thorn LizardReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
52Komodo DragonReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
53Aruban RattlesnakeReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
54Emerald Tree BoaReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
55AnacondaReptiles And AmphibiansBase card212.00
56Giant Galapagos TortoiseReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
57Leatherback TurtleReptiles And AmphibiansBase card111.00
58Red SalamanderReptiles And AmphibiansBase card101.00
59Military MacawBirdsBase card111.00
60St. Lucia AmazonBirdsBase card111.00
61Andean FlamingoBirdsBase card111.00
62James`s FlamingoBirdsBase card212.00
63Eared GrebeBirdsBase card212.00
64Northern GannetBirdsBase card101.00
65Long-billed CurlewBirdsBase card212.00
66Scarlet IbisBirdsBase card111.00
67Hermit IbisBirdsBase card212.00
68Trumpeter SwanBirdsBase card212.00
69Manchourian CraneBirdsBase card111.00
70Sandhill CraneBirdsBase card101.00
71Great EgretBirdsBase card111.00
72Brown KiwiBirdsBase card101.00
73EmuBirdsBase card212.00
74Darwin`s RheaBirdsBase card212.00
75Californian CondorBirdsBase card111.00
76Bald EagleBirdsBase card202.00
77King VultureBirdsBase card111.00
78Black VultureBirdsBase card212.00
79Harpy EagleBirdsBase card212.00
80Peregrine FalconBirdsBase card101.00
81Macaroni PenguinBirdsBase card101.00
82King PenguinBirdsBase card101.00
83Adelie PenguinBirdsBase card101.00
84Emperor PenguinBirdsBase card101.00
85Humboldt`s PenguinBirdsBase card101.00
86DodoAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card202.00
87Great AukAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card101.00
88TarpanAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card101.00
89QuaggaAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card111.00
90AurochsAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card101.00
91Labrador DuckAnimals We Shall Never See AgainBase card101.00
92Javan RhinocerosThe Most Threatened SpeciesBase card111.00
93Chinese AlligatorThe Most Threatened SpeciesBase card101.00
94Mauritius KestrelThe Most Threatened SpeciesBase card111.00
95Arabian OryxAnimals RescuedBase card212.00
96European BisonAnimals RescuedBase card212.00
97Pere David`s DeerAnimals RescuedBase card101.00
98IbexAnimals RescuedBase card101.00
99Przewalski`s HorseAnimals RescuedBase card101.00
100Hawaiian GooseAnimals RescuedBase card202.00
AQA question of survival!--000.00
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