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Panini Wings of Fire

Panini Wings of Fire

Year: 1991
Total cards: 102

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

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1F-14A Tomcat Navy Fleet-Defence FighterUSABase card202.00
2EC-135 Looking Glass Flying Command Post Air ForceUSABase card202.00
3A-10 Warthog Ground-Attack PlaneUSABase card202.00
4Air Force A-7K Corsair II 2-Seat Attack TrainersUSABase card202.00
5SR-71 Blackbird Reconnaissance JetUSABase card202.00
6Navy C-2 COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) TransportUSABase card202.00
7CAF CF-5 Tiger II FighterUSABase card202.00
8Air Force C-5B Galaxy Heavy TransportUSABase card202.00
9CAF Snowbirds Flying Canadair Tutors (CL-41 Tutor)CanadaBase card202.00
10Navy A-3 Skywarrior Electronic Warfare PlaneUSABase card202.00
11F-14 A-Plus Super Tomcat with Phoenix MissilesUSABase card202.00
12Marine Corps F-21 KFIR Adversary Fighter Leased from IsraelIsraelBase card202.00
13E-2C Hawkeye Navy Carrier-Based Command and Control AircraftUSABase card202.00
14Army UV-1 Mohawk Electronic Intelligence-Gathering AircraftUSABase card202.00
15Air Force RC-135V Electronic Intelligence AircraftUSABase card202.00
16Air National Guard MH-60 Pave Hawk Rescue Helicopter on SkisUSABase card202.00
17Coast Guard C-130 Hercules TransportUSABase card202.00
18Navy C-9 Nightingale Transport (Militarized DC-9)USABase card202.00
19Navy A-3 Skywarrior Carrier-Based BomberUSABase card202.00
20CAF H-3 Sea King HelicopterUSABase card202.00
21Air Force F-4C Phantom II Fighter-BomberUSABase card202.00
22Navy F/A-18 Hornet Fighter-BomberUSABase card202.00
23Air Force WC-130 Hercules Hurricane-Watch AircraftUSABase card202.00
24HC-130 Hercules Search and Rescue TransportUSABase card202.00
25Air Force and NASA C-141 Starlifter TransportUSABase card202.00
26AC-130 Specter GunshipUSABase card202.00
27Navy P-3C Orion Anti-Submarine Patrol PlaneJapanBase card202.00
28US Customs Service P-3 Airborne Warning and Control PlatformUSABase card202.00
29Air National Guard LC-130 Hercules Arctic Transport on SkisUSABase card202.00
30Air Force C-130 Hercules TransportUSABase card202.00
31Navy Advanced Jet Trainer TA-4 SkyhawkUSABase card202.00
32Canadair CL-215-T Water BomberCanadaBase card202.00
33Air Force F-106 Delta Dart FighterUSABase card202.00
34Air Force UH-1 Huey Rescue HelicopterCanadaBase card202.00
35Navy KA-3 Aerial Tanker Refuelling F-14 TomcatUSABase card202.00
36Navy A-7E Corsair II Light Attack BomberUSABase card202.00
37Marine Corps OV-10 Bronco Battlefield Observation AircraftUSABase card202.00
38Air Force T-38 Talon Advanced Jet TrainerUSABase card202.00
39Air Force KC-135R StratotankerUSABase card202.00
40Air National Guard C-22 Transport (Militarized Boeing 727)USABase card202.00
41Air National Guard C-21 (Militarized Learjet 35A)USABase card202.00
42Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon Minesweeping HelicopterUSABase card202.00
43Marine Corps CH-53A Sea Stallion Heavy HelicopterUSABase card202.00
44Marine Corps AH-1T Cobra GunshipCanadaBase card202.00
45Marine Corps UH-1N Huey Troop HelicopterCanadaBase card202.00
46Navy KA-6D Intruder Carrier-Based Aerial TankerUSABase card202.00
47Marine Corps A-6E Intruder Carrier-Based BomberUSABase card202.00
48Navy SH-60B Sea Hawk Anti-Submarine HelicopterUSABase card202.00
49Marine Corps Pioneer Remotely-Piloted Reconnaissance VehicleUSABase card202.00
50Navy EA-6A Prowler Electronic Warfare PlaneUSABase card202.00
51EF-111A Raven Air Force Electronic Jamming PlaneUSABase card202.00
52Coast Guard HU-25A Falcon Patrol JetFranceBase card202.00
53E-4 National Airborne Emergency Command Post ("KNEECAP")USABase card202.00
54Navy E-6 TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) Electronic Command PlaneUSABase card202.00
55Navy SH-3 Sea KingUSABase card202.00
56Army C-12 Light Transport (Militarized Beech King Air)USABase card202.00
57CAF De Havilland Buffalo TransportCanadaBase card202.00
58Navy Blue Angels Flying F/A-18 HornetsUSABase card202.00
59Air Force F-40 Phantom Fighter-BomberUSABase card202.00
60Air Force Thunderbirds Flying F-18 FalconsUSABase card202.00
61Marine Corps RF-4B Phantom II Photo Reconnaissance JetsUSABase card202.00
62F-16B Air Force Falcon 2-Seat Training VersionUSABase card202.00
63F-4E Phantom II Fighter-Bomber US Air ForceUSABase card202.00
64F-4S Marine Corps PhantomUSABase card202.00
65Air Force F-16A Falcon FighterUSABase card202.00
66Air Force F-15 Eagle Air-Superiority FightersUSABase card202.00
67F/A-18D Hornet Strike Bomber VariantUSABase card202.00
68Navy TA-4 2-Seat Skyhawk Adversary FighterUSABase card202.00
69MC-130E Combat Talon II Air Force TransportUSABase card202.00
70CH-53E Super Stallion Heavy-Lift Helicopter Marine CorpsUSABase card202.00
71AH-64 Apache Army Attack HelicopterUSABase card202.00
72UH-60 Black Hawk Troop Helicopter ArmyUSABase card202.00
73Air Force MH-53J Pave Low Rescue HelicopterUSABase card202.00
74OH-6 Cayuse Light Observation Helicopter ("LOACH") ArmyUSABase card202.00
75T-33 Thunderbird Air Force TrainerUSABase card202.00
76B-1B BomberUSABase card202.00
77B-52H Stratofortress BomberUSABase card202.00
78Navy A-4 Superfox Skyhawk Adversary FighterUSABase card202.00
79Air Force RC-135U Electronic Eavesdropping AircraftUSABase card202.00
80F-15E Dual Role EagleUSABase card202.00
81F-117A Stealth FighterUSABase card202.00
82CF-18 HornetUSABase card202.00
83F-16N Adversary FalconUSABase card202.00
84S-3A Viking Carrier-Based Anti-Submarine Aircraft NavyUSABase card202.00
85Air Force RF-4C Phantom II Photo Reconnaissance AircraftUSABase card202.00
86Marine Corps F-5E Tiger II Adversary FightersUSABase card202.00
87F-111F Aardvark Strike FighterUSABase card202.00
88FB-111 Aardvark Strategic Strike BomberUSABase card202.00
89Marine Corps A-4M Skyhawk Light Attack JetUSABase card202.00
90Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II Vertical-Takeoff JetUSABase card202.00
91Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin Rescue HelicopterFranceBase card202.00
92Navy EA-6B Prowler Radar Jamming AircraftUSABase card202.00
93Marine Corps AH-1W Cobra Helicopter GunshipCanadaBase card202.00
94Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight Troop HelicopterUSABase card202.00
95Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet Fighter-BomberUSABase card202.00
96Air Force F-4G Wild Weasel AircraftUSABase card202.00
97Marine Corps KC-130T Hercules Tanker-TransportUSABase card202.00
98Air Force KC-10 Extended Tanker-TransportUSABase card202.00
99E-3A Sentry Airborne Warning and Control Aircraft Air ForceUSABase card202.00
100EC-130E Hercules Airborne Broadcasting PlatformUSABase card202.00
CHLChecklistChecklistBase card202.00
BCBonus card15 free cardsRedemption card202.00
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