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Panini World of Tanks. Earth Rumble

Panini World of Tanks. Earth Rumble

Year: 2016
Total cards: 281

Trading Card Game.

Collection preview (93% scanned images)

collecting: 23 / completed: 2


1ChinaNation cardsSpecial card808.00
2110Tank cardsBase card832.67
3113Tank cardsBase card661.00
4121Tank cardsBase card632.00
5IS-2Tank cardsBase card560.83
6T-34-1Tank cardsSpecial card10110.00
7T-34-2Tank cardsBase card460.67
8T-34-3Tank cardsBase card641.50
9Type 2597 CHI-HATank cardsBase card661.00
10Type 59Tank cardsBase card460.67
11Type 59Tank cardsBase card661.00
12Type 59Tank cardsBase card450.80
13Type 64Tank cardsMetal card5110.45
14WZ 111 Model 1-4Tank cardsBase card751.40
15WZ 111 Model 1-4Tank cardsBase card641.50
16WZ 111Tank cardsBase card531.67
17WZ-120Tank cardsBase card661.00
18WZ-131Tank cardsBase card641.50
19WZ-132Tank cardsMetal card3110.27
20FranceNation cardsSpecial card12112.00
21AMX 105 AM MLE.47Tank cardsBase card460.67
22AMX 12 TTank cardsBase card370.43
23AMX 13 75Tank cardsBase card761.17
24AMX 13 90Tank cardsBase card460.67
25AMX 13 90Tank cardsBase card751.40
26AMX 40Tank cardsBase card551.00
27AMX 50 100Tank cardsBase card551.00
28AMX 50 BTank cardsMetal card5100.50
29AMX 50 BTank cardsBase card441.00
30AMX AC MLE.48Tank cardsBase card441.00
31AMX ELC BISTank cardsSpecial card12012.00
32BAT.-Chatillon 155 55Tank cardsBase card680.75
33BAT.-Chatillon 155 58Tank cardsMetal card4110.36
34BAT.-Chatillon 25 TTank cardsBase card414.00
35BAT.-Chatillon 25 TTank cardsBase card360.50
36BDR G1 BTank cardsBase card350.60
37FCM 50 TTank cardsBase card723.50
38Lorraine 155 MLE.51Tank cardsBase card460.67
39Lorraine 40 TTank cardsBase card570.71
40GermanyNation cardsSpecial card13013.00
418.8 CM PAK 43 JagdtigerTank cardsSpecial card919.00
42E 100Tank cardsSpecial card919.00
43E 100Tank cardsBase card470.57
44E 25Tank cardsMetal card3110.27
45E 50Tank cardsBase card741.75
46E 50Tank cardsBase card560.83
47E 75Tank cardsBase card441.00
48E 75Tank cardsBase card551.00
49FerdinandTank cardsBase card460.67
50G.W. Tiger (P)Tank cardsBase card651.20
51HetzerTank cardsBase card651.20
52HummelTank cardsBase card732.33
53HummelTank cardsBase card651.20
54Indien-panzerTank cardsBase card531.67
55JagdpantherTank cardsBase card641.50
56Jagdpanzer IVTank cardsBase card360.50
57JagdtigerTank cardsBase card661.00
58LeichttraktorTank cardsBase card460.67
59Leopard 1Tank cardsBase card861.33
60Leopard 1Tank cardsBase card541.25
61LoweTank cardsBase card551.00
62MausTank cardsMetal card580.63
63MausTank cardsBase card560.83
64NashornTank cardsBase card732.33
65NashornTank cardsBase card732.33
66PantherTank cardsBase card632.00
67PantherTank cardsBase card340.75
68Panther MIT 8 CM L/71Tank cardsBase card340.75
69Panther/M10Tank cardsBase card651.20
70Panzerjager ITank cardsBase card450.80
71PZ.KPFW. 35 (T)Tank cardsBase card551.00
72PZ.KPFW.IIITank cardsBase card670.86
73PZ.KPFW.IITank cardsMetal card3110.27
74PZ.KPFW.II AUSF JTank cardsMetal card4120.33
75PZ.KPFW.IV AUSF FTank cardsBase card522.50
76PZ.KPFW.IV AUSF HTank cardsMetal card360.50
77PZ.SFL. IVBTank cardsBase card560.83
78PZ.SFL. IVCTank cardsBase card541.25
79RHM.-Borsig WaffentragerTank cardsBase card560.83
80RHM.-Borsig WaffentragerTank cardsBase card842.00
81Spahpanzer RU 251Tank cardsMetal card590.56
82Stug III AUSF.GTank cardsBase card570.71
83Storer EmilTank cardsBase card723.50
84Storer EmilTank cardsBase card751.40
85Sturmpanzer I BisonTank cardsBase card560.83
86Tiger (P)Tank cardsBase card570.71
87Tiger ITank cardsBase card570.71
88Tiger ITank cardsBase card450.80
89Tiger IITank cardsBase card741.75
90Tiger IITank cardsBase card551.00
91VK 16.02 LeopardTank cardsMetal card390.33
92VK 30.01 (H)Tank cardsBase card641.50
93VK 30.01 (P)Tank cardsBase card580.63
94VK 30.02 (M)Tank cardsBase card560.83
95VK 72.01 (K)Tank cardsBase card460.67
96Waffentrager Auf E 100Tank cardsBase card570.71
97Waffentrager Auf E 100Tank cardsSpecial card717.00
98Waffentrager Auf PZ. IVTank cardsBase card641.50
99Waffentrager Auf PZ. IVTank cardsBase card661.00
100WespeTank cardsBase card651.20
101JapanNation cardsSpecial card1025.00
102Renault otsuTank cardsMetal card280.25
103STA-1Tank cardsBase card560.83
104STB-1Tank cardsBase card450.80
105Type 1 CHI-HETank cardsSpecial card13013.00
106Type 3 CHI-NUTank cardsBase card370.43
107Type 3 CHI-NUTank cardsBase card641.50
108Type 3 CHI-NU KAITank cardsBase card732.33
109Type 4 Tank cardsBase card570.71
110Type 5 Tank cardsBase card551.00
111Type 61Tank cardsBase card551.00
112Type 95 HA-GOTank cardsBase card560.83
113Type 97 CHI-HATank cardsBase card551.00
114Type 97 TE-KETank cardsBase card360.50
115Type 98 KE-NITank cardsBase card570.71
116USSRNation cardsSpecial card924.50
117A-20Tank cardsMetal card380.38
118A-44Tank cardsBase card450.80
119BT-2Tank cardsSpecial card11011.00
120BT-2Tank cardsBase card531.67
121BT-7Tank cardsBase card851.60
122Churchill IIITank cardsSpecial card808.00
123ISTank cardsBase card632.00
124IS-2Tank cardsBase card431.33
125IS-2Tank cardsBase card641.50
126IS-3Tank cardsBase card732.33
127IS-3Tank cardsBase card541.25
128IS-4Tank cardsMetal card4110.36
129IS-7Tank cardsSpecial card10110.00
130IS-7Tank cardsBase card570.71
131ISU-152Tank cardsBase card541.25
132ISU-152Tank cardsBase card551.00
133KV-1Tank cardsBase card460.67
134KV-1STank cardsBase card670.86
135KV-2Tank cardsBase card580.63
136KV-5Tank cardsMetal card881.00
137MS-1Tank cardsBase card370.43
138Object 140Tank cardsMetal card4100.40
139Object 140Tank cardsBase card651.20
140Object 416Tank cardsBase card732.33
141Object 416Tank cardsBase card560.83
142Object 430Tank cardsMetal card390.33
143Object 704Tank cardsBase card460.67
144S-51Tank cardsBase card541.25
145SU-100Tank cardsBase card670.86
146SU-100YTank cardsBase card570.71
147SU-122ATank cardsBase card661.00
148SU-14-1Tank cardsBase card651.20
149SU-152Tank cardsBase card651.20
150SU-5Tank cardsBase card331.00
151SU-85Tank cardsBase card360.50
152T-26Tank cardsBase card470.57
153T-28Tank cardsBase card431.33
154T-34Tank cardsBase card541.25
155T-34Tank cardsBase card632.00
156T-34-85Tank cardsBase card570.71
157T-34-85Tank cardsBase card560.83
158T-44Tank cardsBase card641.50
159T-50Tank cardsBase card751.40
160T-62ATank cardsMetal card490.44
161T70Tank cardsBase card560.83
162Valentine IITank cardsBase card661.00
163Great BritainNation cardsSpecial card616.00
164AT 15ATank cardsBase card761.17
165AT 7Tank cardsMetal card5110.45
166AT 8Tank cardsBase card832.67
167Birch GunTank cardsBase card632.00
168Black PrinceTank cardsBase card460.67
169Centurion MK. 7/1Tank cardsSpecial card933.00
170Churchill VIITank cardsBase card460.67
171CometTank cardsBase card632.00
172ConquerorTank cardsBase card632.00
173CovenanterTank cardsBase card551.00
174CromwellTank cardsBase card450.80
175CromwellTank cardsBase card450.80
176CrusaderTank cardsMetal card490.44
177Crusader 5.5-IN. SPTank cardsBase card661.00
178Crusader 5.5-IN. SPTank cardsBase card522.50
179FV215BTank cardsSpecial card10010.00
180FV215B (183)Tank cardsBase card661.00
181FV215B (183)Tank cardsBase card531.67
182FV3805Tank cardsBase card460.67
183FV4202 (P)Tank cardsBase card460.67
184Sherman FireflyTank cardsBase card360.50
185Sherman FireflyTank cardsBase card570.71
186TortoiseTank cardsMetal card390.33
187TortoiseTank cardsBase card651.20
188USANation cardsSpecial card11111.00
189M103Tank cardsBase card560.83
190M18 HellcatTank cardsBase card651.20
191M24 ChaffeeTank cardsBase card450.80
192M26 PershingTank cardsBase card651.20
193M3 LeeTank cardsBase card632.00
194M3 LeeTank cardsBase card450.80
195M4 ShermanTank cardsBase card661.00
196M40/M43Tank cardsBase card771.00
197M46 PattonTank cardsBase card641.50
198M46 PattonTank cardsBase card560.83
199M48A1 PattonTank cardsBase card541.25
200M4A3E8 ShermanTank cardsBase card570.71
201M5 StuartTank cardsBase card331.00
202M53/M55Tank cardsBase card470.57
203M6Tank cardsBase card460.67
204M7 PriestTank cardsBase card632.00
205T1 CunninghamTank cardsBase card551.00
206T110E4Tank cardsSpecial card13013.00
207T25 ATTank cardsBase card751.40
208T25/2Tank cardsBase card541.25
209T28 PrototypeTank cardsBase card441.00
210T30Tank cardsBase card441.00
211T37Tank cardsBase card541.25
212T49Tank cardsBase card560.83
213T57 Heavy TankTank cardsMetal card771.00
214T57 Heavy TankTank cardsBase card570.71
215T69Tank cardsBase card422.00
216T95Tank cardsMetal card4110.36
217KI-43-LCWarplane cardsBase card771.00
218Tomahawk IIBWarplane cardsBase card560.83
219BF.110C-6Warplane cardsSpecial card909.00
220FW. 190A-5Warplane cardsBase card623.00
221HE.100Warplane cardsBase card732.33
222ME.262HG IIIWarplane cardsBase card560.83
223J7W3 ShinderWarplane cardsSpecial card11011.00
224A6M1 ZeroWarplane cardsBase card661.00
225LA-15Warplane cardsSpecial card919.00
226YAK-30Warplane cardsSpecial card11111.00
227I-16 Type 24Warplane cardsBase card741.75
228IL-2 (Field modification)Warplane cardsBase card751.40
229BlenheimWarplane cardsSpecial card13013.00
230Bristol type 146Warplane cardsBase card651.20
231MosquitoWarplane cardsBase card661.00
232Supermarine spitfire IXWarplane cardsBase card522.50
233SwiftWarplane cardsBase card661.00
234F2G "Super corsair"Warplane cardsBase card522.50
235F7FWarplane cardsMetal card490.44
236F7UWarplane cardsBase card751.40
237P-38J LightningWarplane cardsBase card632.00
238P-51A MustangWarplane cardsBase card541.25
239HiryuWarship cardsBase card741.75
240ShinanoWarship cardsBase card751.40
241YamatoWarship cardsMetal card380.38
242AuroraWarship cardsBase card632.00
243BogatyrWarship cardsBase card651.20
244BudyonnyWarship cardsBase card623.00
245DianaWarship cardsBase card360.50
246GremyashchyWarship cardsBase card651.20
247MurmanskWarship cardsBase card450.80
248SvietlanaWarship cardsSpecial card12112.00
249WarspiteWarship cardsSpecial card13013.00
250EssexWarship cardsBase card732.33
251GearingWarship cardsSpecial card10110.00
252IowaWarship cardsBase card651.20
253DesertEnvironment cardSpecial card10010.00
254Extrime coldEnvironment cardSpecial card909.00
255FireEnvironment cardSpecial card818.00
256FlatlandEnvironment cardSpecial card1033.33
257FogEnvironment cardSpecial card818.00
258ForestEnvironment cardSpecial card717.00
259Heavy rainfallEnvironment cardSpecial card10010.00
260HillsEnvironment cardSpecial card11011.00
261JungleEnvironment cardSpecial card808.00
262MarshlandsEnvironment cardSpecial card616.00
263NightEnvironment cardSpecial card818.00
264SnowstormEnvironment cardSpecial card12112.00
265Urban ruinsEnvironment cardSpecial card11011.00
266Amphibious capabilitiesBattle skill cardSpecial card10110.00
267CamouflageBattle skill cardSpecial card1125.50
268Controlled impactBattle skill cardSpecial card933.00
269Extra platingBattle skill cardSpecial card919.00
270Fire resistanceBattle skill cardSpecial card1025.00
271Hard riderBattle skill cardSpecial card818.00
272MountionsBattle skill cardSpecial card12112.00
273Off road drivingBattle skill cardSpecial card808.00
274Snap shooterBattle skill cardSpecial card818.00
275Snap shotBattle skill cardSpecial card10010.00
LE1E 100-Limited edition / Poland version531.67
LE2M26 Pershing-Limited edition / Poland version717.00
LE3VK 72.01 (K)-Limited edition / Poland version422.00
LE4IS-7-Limited edition / Poland version723.50
LE5Conqueror-Limited edition / Poland version1033.33
LE6IS-2-Limited edition / Poland version422.00