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Panini ZAGOR. Lo spirito con la scure

Panini ZAGOR. Lo spirito con la scure

Year: 2016
Total stickers: 312

collecting: 55 / completed: 85


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1Sticker 1Zagor - Lo Spirito con la Scurefoil19161.19
2Sticker 2Zagor - Lo Spirito con la Scurefoil15210.71
3Sticker 3La capanna nella paludeluminescent2638.67
4Sticker 4La capanna nella palude-10250.40
5Sticker 5La capanna nella palude-16131.23
6Sticker 6La capanna nella paludeluminescent2739.00
7Sticker 7La capanna nella paludefoil1863.00
8Sticker 8La capanna nella paludeluminescent28214.00
9Sticker 9La capanna nella palude-12140.86
10Sticker 10Darkwood-14180.78
11Sticker 11Darkwood-16190.84
12Sticker 12Darkwood-17131.31
13Sticker 13Darkwoodfoil15131.15
14Sticker 14Darkwood-18101.80
15Sticker 15Darkwood-15121.25
16Sticker 16Darkwoodfoil1972.71
17Sticker 17Darkwood-18101.80
18Sticker 18Clear Water-17141.21
19Sticker 19Clear Water-15131.15
20Sticker 20Clear Water-15170.88
21Sticker 21Clear Water-13131.00
22Sticker 22Clear Water-1753.40
23Sticker 23Clear Water-1782.13
24Sticker 24Clear Waterfoil1572.14
25Sticker 25Clear Water-14121.17
26Sticker 26Wandering Fitzy-16101.60
27Sticker 27Wandering Fitzy-18121.50
28Sticker 28Wandering Fitzyfoil1672.29
29Sticker 29Wandering Fitzy-1491.56
30Sticker 30Wandering Fitzy-14190.74
31Sticker 31Wandering Fitzy-16121.33
32Sticker 32Wandering Fitzy-18141.29
33Sticker 33Wandering Fitzyfoil1992.11
34Sticker 34Wandering Fitzy-13170.76
35Sticker 35Wandering Fitzyluminescent2555.00
36Sticker 36Za-Gor-Te-Nay!foil1882.25
37Sticker 37Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-13150.87
38Sticker 38Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-14111.27
39Sticker 39Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-15131.15
40Sticker 40Za-Gor-Te-Nay!foil16131.23
41Sticker 41Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-13140.93
42Sticker 42Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-14190.74
43Sticker 43Za-Gor-Te-Nay!-14141.00
44Sticker 44Amici per la pellefoil1992.11
45Sticker 45Amici per la pelle-13200.65
46Sticker 46Amici per la pelle-17111.55
47Sticker 47Amici per la pelle-13190.68
48Sticker 48Amici per la pelle-17141.21
49Sticker 49Amici per la pelleluminescent24212.00
50Sticker 50Amici per la pelle-17141.21
51Sticker 51Amici per la pelle-16121.33
52Sticker 52Amici per la pellefoil2173.00
53Sticker 53Amici per la pelle-16190.84
54Sticker 54Gli alleati-1772.43
55Sticker 55Gli alleati-13140.93
56Sticker 56Gli alleati-18101.80
57Sticker 57Gli alleatifoil16121.33
58Sticker 58Gli alleati-1753.40
59Sticker 59Gli alleatiluminescent30215.00
60Sticker 60Gli alleati-13170.76
61Sticker 61Gli alleatifoil17171.00
62Sticker 62Gli alleatiluminescent30215.00
63Sticker 63Gli alleatiluminescent2438.00
64Sticker 64I nemici-16180.89
65Sticker 65I nemici-13131.00
66Sticker 66I nemici-14200.70
67Sticker 67I nemicifoil16131.23
68Sticker 68I nemiciluminescent2546.25
69Sticker 69I nemici-13180.72
70Sticker 70I nemiciluminescent26213.00
71Sticker 71I nemiciluminescent32132.00
72Sticker 72I nemiciluminescent31131.00
73Sticker 73I nemicifoil1791.89
74Sticker 74Orrore, soprannaturale e misterofoil2237.33
75Sticker 75Orrore, soprannaturale e mistero-20111.82
76Sticker 76Orrore, soprannaturale e misteroluminescent2755.40
77Sticker 77Orrore, soprannaturale e misteroluminescent26126.00
78Sticker 78Orrore, soprannaturale e misteroluminescent30130.00
79Sticker 79Orrore, soprannaturale e misteroluminescent25212.50
80Sticker 80Orrore, soprannaturale e mistero-11150.73
81Sticker 81Orrore, soprannaturale e misterofoil13121.08
82Sticker 82Orrore, soprannaturale e mistero-14200.70
83Sticker 83Orrore, soprannaturale e mistero-15160.94
84Sticker 84Hellingen!foil1572.14
85Sticker 85Hellingen!-1782.13
86Sticker 86Hellingen!-15170.88
87Sticker 87Hellingen!luminescent2839.33
88Sticker 88Hellingen!-16121.33
89Sticker 89Hellingen!-14180.78
90Sticker 90Hellingen!-16161.00
91Sticker 91Hellingen!-16111.45
92Sticker 92Hellingen!-19141.36
93Sticker 93Hellingen!foil18101.80
94Sticker 94--16101.60
95Sticker 95--17101.70
96Sticker 96--1882.25
97Sticker 97--1572.14
98Sticker 98--2254.40
99Sticker 99--1682.00
100Sticker 100Acque misteriose-16111.45
101Sticker 101Acque misteriose-1892.00
102Sticker 102Acque misteriosefoil17101.70
103Sticker 103Acque misterioseluminescent30215.00
104Sticker 104Acque misteriose-13160.81
105Sticker 105Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1691.78
106Sticker 106Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-22211.00
107Sticker 107Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-12170.71
108Sticker 108Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1972.71
109Sticker 109Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-19101.90
110Sticker 110Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1653.20
111Sticker 111Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-16111.45
112Sticker 112Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-15121.25
113Sticker 113Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1953.80
114Sticker 114Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2082.50
115Sticker 115Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2173.00
116Sticker 116Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2082.50
117Sticker 117Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-17131.31
118Sticker 118Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2273.14
119Sticker 119Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1791.89
120Sticker 120Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1882.25
121Sticker 121Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2072.86
122Sticker 122Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1782.13
123Sticker 123Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-19101.90
124Sticker 124Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-16101.60
125Sticker 125Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-19101.90
126Sticker 126Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-15121.25
127Sticker 127Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2354.60
128Sticker 128Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2292.44
129Sticker 129Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1882.25
130Sticker 130Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1982.38
131Sticker 131Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1872.57
132Sticker 132Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1691.78
133Sticker 133Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2154.20
134Sticker 134Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1772.43
135Sticker 135Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-14121.17
136Sticker 136Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2182.63
137Sticker 137Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1872.57
138Sticker 138Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1992.11
139Sticker 139Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1972.71
140Sticker 140Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2163.50
141Sticker 141Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-16131.23
142Sticker 142Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2573.57
143Sticker 143Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-18131.38
144Sticker 144Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1653.20
145Sticker 145Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2373.29
146Sticker 146Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1691.78
147Sticker 147Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-18121.50
148Sticker 148Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-16121.33
149Sticker 149Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-15101.50
150Sticker 150Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1591.67
151Sticker 151Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1992.11
152Sticker 152Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-18121.50
153Sticker 153Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1562.50
154Sticker 154Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-17131.31
155Sticker 155Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-2092.22
156Sticker 156Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-1944.75
157Sticker 157Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-18111.64
158Sticker 158Mo-Hi-La La Palude Maledetta-16111.45
159Sticker 159La filosofia dello Spirito con la Scure-17171.00
160Sticker 160La filosofia dello Spirito con la Scure-18141.29
161Sticker 161La filosofia dello Spirito con la Scurefoil17111.55
162Sticker 162La filosofia dello Spirito con la Scure-18101.80
163Sticker 163La filosofia dello Spirito con la Scure-15121.25
164Sticker 164--1872.57
165Sticker 165--1782.13
166Sticker 166--1572.14
167Sticker 167--18111.64
168Sticker 168--2454.80
169Sticker 169--1863.00
170Sticker 170Avventura con la A maiuscola-13190.68
171Sticker 171Avventura con la A maiuscolafoil1791.89
172Sticker 172Avventura con la A maiuscola-19141.36
173Sticker 173Avventura con la A maiuscola-14190.74
174Sticker 174Avventura con la A maiuscola-14180.78
175Sticker 175Avventura con la A maiuscola-17111.55
176Sticker 176Avventura con la A maiuscola-17131.31
177Sticker 177Avventura con la A maiuscolafoil17131.31
178Sticker 178Avventura con la A maiuscola-16170.94
179Sticker 179Il passato di Cicofoil15210.71
180Sticker 180Il passato di Cico-18121.50
181Sticker 181Il passato di Cico-17101.70
182Sticker 182Il passato di Cicoluminescent31310.33
183Sticker 183Il passato di Cico-18151.20
184Sticker 184Il passato di Cico-17121.42
185Sticker 185Il passato di Cico-17190.89
186Sticker 186Il passato di Cico-15111.36
187Sticker 187Il passato di Cico-16161.00
188Sticker 188Il passato di Cicofoil2063.33
189Sticker 189L'allegra combriccolafoil14111.27
190Sticker 190L'allegra combriccola-13190.68
191Sticker 191L'allegra combriccola-14131.08
192Sticker 192L'allegra combriccolaluminescent32310.67
193Sticker 193L'allegra combriccolaluminescent32310.67
194Sticker 194L'allegra combriccola-16101.60
195Sticker 195L'allegra combriccolaluminescent26213.00
196Sticker 196L'allegra combriccola-13140.93
197Sticker 197L'allegra combriccola-20171.18
198Sticker 198Gag messicane-18141.29
199Sticker 199Gag messicane-17131.31
200Sticker 200Gag messicanefoil1791.89
201Sticker 201Gag messicane-1892.00
202Sticker 202Gag messicane-13180.72
203Sticker 203Gag messicanefoil16101.60
204Sticker 204Gag messicane-15151.00
205Sticker 205Gag messicane-19171.12
206Sticker 206Gag messicane-13131.00
207Sticker 207Cherchez la femme-15170.88
208Sticker 208Cherchez la femmeluminescent30215.00
209Sticker 209Cherchez la femme-19111.73
210Sticker 210Cherchez la femme-14141.00
211Sticker 211Cherchez la femmeluminescent28214.00
212Sticker 212Cherchez la femmefoil20102.00
213Sticker 213Cherchez la femme-17111.55
214Sticker 214Cherchez la femme-18121.50
215Sticker 215Cherchez la femme-14141.00
216Sticker 216Cherchez la femmefoil2555.00
217Sticker 217--14111.27
218Sticker 218--1972.71
219Sticker 219--1791.89
220Sticker 220--1452.80
221Sticker 221--1982.38
222Sticker 222--1863.00
223Sticker 223ZAGOR-13140.93
224Sticker 224ZAGOR-17111.55
225Sticker 225ZAGOR-12140.86
226Sticker 226ZAGOR-14160.88
227Sticker 227ZAGOR-16111.45
228Sticker 228ZAGOR-14180.78
229Sticker 229ZAGOR-18141.29
230Sticker 230ZAGOR-15131.15
231Sticker 231ZAGOR-17151.13
232Sticker 232ZAGOR-17200.85
233Sticker 233ZAGOR-15170.88
234Sticker 234ZAGOR-16180.89
235Sticker 235ZAGOR-17220.77
236Sticker 236ZAGOR-17180.94
237Sticker 237ZAGOR-15190.79
238Sticker 238ZAGOR-18200.90
239Sticker 239ZAGOR-15141.07
240Sticker 240ZAGOR-13170.76
241Sticker 241ZAGOR-13200.65
242Sticker 242ZAGOR-13210.62
243Sticker 243ZAGOR-14180.78
244Sticker 244ZAGOR-18190.95
245Sticker 245ZAGOR-16210.76
246Sticker 246ZAGOR-14131.08
247Sticker 247ZAGOR-14141.00
248Sticker 248ZAGOR-13170.76
249Sticker 249ZAGOR-12121.00
250Sticker 250ZAGOR-17111.55
251Sticker 251ZAGOR-12150.80
252Sticker 252ZAGOR-18101.80
253Sticker 253ZAGOR-11130.85
254Sticker 254ZAGOR-17131.31
255Sticker 255ZAGOR-18141.29
256Sticker 256Guerrieri rossi-15121.25
257Sticker 257Guerrieri rossi-17151.13
258Sticker 258Guerrieri rossi-15200.75
259Sticker 259Guerrieri rossi-13111.18
260Sticker 260Guerrieri rossi-14141.00
261Sticker 261Guerrieri rossifoil1562.50
262Sticker 262Guerrieri rossi-19111.73
263Sticker 263Guerrieri rossi-14141.00
264Sticker 264Guerrieri rossi-17151.13
265Sticker 265Zanne e artigli-17131.31
266Sticker 266Zanne e artigli-18111.64
267Sticker 267Zanne e artiglifoil1882.25
268Sticker 268Zanne e artigli-17101.70
269Sticker 269Zanne e artiglifoil18111.64
270Sticker 270Zanne e artigli-15131.15
271Sticker 271Zanne e artigli-18121.50
272Sticker 272Zanne e artigli-16161.00
273Sticker 273Zanne e artigli-15131.15
274Sticker 274Goodbye e hasta luego!foil1892.00
275Sticker 275Goodbye e hasta luego!foil1591.67
276Sticker 276Goodbye e hasta luego!-14150.93
C1Sticker C1Card-11360.31
C2Sticker C2Card-9420.21
C3Sticker C3Card-10390.26
C4Sticker C4Card-19141.36
C5Sticker C5Card-12400.30
C6Sticker C6Card-10430.23
C7Sticker C7Card-11440.25
C8Sticker C8Card-10390.26
C9Sticker C9Card-10480.21
C10Sticker C10Card-18141.29
C11Sticker C11Card-12370.32
C12Sticker C12Card-10400.25
C13Sticker C13Card-17101.70
C14Sticker C14Card-12390.31
C15Sticker C15Card-12410.29
C16Sticker C16Card-11430.26
C17Sticker C17Card-15151.00
C18Sticker C18Card-10370.27
C19Sticker C19Card-10450.22
C20Sticker C20Card-11400.28
C21Sticker C21Card-12490.24
C22Sticker C22Card-10430.23
C23Sticker C23Card-18101.80
C24Sticker C24Card-9350.26
C25Sticker C25Card-11430.26
C26Sticker C26Card-2072.86
C27Sticker C27Card-10430.23
C28Sticker C28Card-12390.31
C29Sticker C29Card-10390.26
C30Sticker C30Card-17151.13
C31Sticker C31Card-11410.27
C32Sticker C32Card-11410.27
C33Sticker C33Card-12490.24
C34Sticker C34Card-13360.36
C35Sticker C35Card-10410.24
C36Sticker C36Card-1791.89