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PG Tips Brooke Bond International Soccer Stars 1998

PG Tips Brooke Bond International Soccer Stars 1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 21

Collection preview (28% scanned images)

collecting: 8 / completed: 4


1Teddy SheringhamEnglandBase card431.33
2RomarioBrazilBase card450.80
3Gabriel BatistutaArgentinaBase card450.80
4Imoar MazinhoBrazilBase card441.00
5Brian LaudrupDenmarkBase card331.00
5vBrian LaudrupDenmarkBase card / Variation313.00
6Faustino AsprillaColombiaBase card450.80
7Dennis BergkampNetherlandsBase card331.00
8Colin HendryScotlandBase card441.00
9JuninhoBrazilBase card441.00
10BebetoBrazilBase card450.80
11Thomas HasslerGermanyBase card321.50
12Peter SchmeichelDenmarkBase card531.67
13Hristo StoichkovBulgariaBase card331.00
14Patrick KluivertNetherlandsBase card450.80
15Youri DjorkaeffFranceBase card531.67
16Enzo ScifoBelgiumBase card431.33
17David BeckhamEnglandBase card531.67
18Gheorghe HagiRomaniaBase card331.00
19Davor SukerCroatiaBase card441.00
20Zinedine ZidaneFranceBase card632.00
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