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City-Press Playercards DEL 2005-2006

City-Press Playercards DEL 2005-2006

Year: 2005
Total cards: 464

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1Patrick AufieroAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
2Christian EklundAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
3Dennis EndrassAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
4Thorsten FendtAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
5Rick GirardAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
6Scott KingAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
7Manuel KoflerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
8Martin LindmannAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
9Roland MayrAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
10Josef MenauerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
11Steve PotvinAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
12Daniel RauAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
13Arvids RekisAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
14Rainer SuchanAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
15Jayme FilipowiczAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
16Rolf WanhainenAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
17Stefan EndrassAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
18Brendan YaremaAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
19David DannerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
20Konstantin FirsanovAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
21Jens BaxmannEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
22Mark BeaufaitEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
23Tobias DraxingerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
24Daniar DshunussowEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
25Micki DuPontEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
26Kelly FairchildEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
27Sven FelskiEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
28Steve WalkerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
29Christoph GawlikEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
30Frank HördlerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
31Rob LeaskEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
32Norman MartensEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
33Richard MuellerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
34Rene KramerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
35Stefan UstorfEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
36Derrick WalserEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
37Denis PedersonEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
38Youri ZiffzerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
39Florian BuschEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
40Andre RankelEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
41Steve BruleEV DuisburgBase card000.00
42Mathieu DarcheEV DuisburgBase card000.00
43Robert FranczEV DuisburgBase card000.00
44Thorsten KienassEV DuisburgBase card000.00
45Patrick KoslowEV DuisburgBase card000.00
46Petri KujalaEV DuisburgBase card000.00
47Trond MagnussenEV DuisburgBase card000.00
48Shawn McNeillEV DuisburgBase card000.00
49Stephane RobitailleEV DuisburgBase card000.00
50Christian RohdeEV DuisburgBase card000.00
51Martin SchymainskiEV DuisburgBase card000.00
52Niklas SundbladEV DuisburgBase card000.00
53Andrej TeljukinEV DuisburgBase card101.00
54Michael WagingerEV DuisburgBase card000.00
55Jean-Luc Grand-PierreEV DuisburgBase card000.00
56Radek VitEV DuisburgBase card000.00
57Francois GroleauEV DuisburgBase card000.00
58Mika PuhakkaEV DuisburgBase card000.00
59Björn ReiserEV DuisburgBase card000.00
60Anton BaderEV DuisburgBase card000.00
61Alexander JungDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
62Marian BazanyDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
63Fabian BrännströmDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
64Chris FerraroDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
65Florian JungDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
66Thomas JörgDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
67Craig JohnsonDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
68Klaus KathanDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
69Daniel KreutzerDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
70Peter FerraroDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
71Mike PellegrimsDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
72Chris SchmidtDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
73Andrew SchneiderDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
74Jeff ToryDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
75Andrej TrefilovDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
76Tore VikingstadDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
77Todd ReirdenDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
78Tommy JakobsenDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
79Patrick ReimerDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
80Alexander SulzerDEG Metro StarsBase card000.00
81Patrick BoileauFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
82Francois BouchardFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
83Michael BresagkFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
84Daniel CorsoFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
85Ian GordonFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
86David GosselinFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
87Markus JocherFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
88Sebastian KlennerFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
89Christian KohmannFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
90Patrick LebeauFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
91Dwayne NorrisFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
92Philippe PlanteFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
93Neville RautertFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
94Jonas StöpfgeshoffFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
95David SulkovskyFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
96Jason YoungFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
97Boris AckersFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
98Chad BassenFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
99Simon DannerFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
100Jan BartaFrankfurt LionsBase card000.00
101Marc BeaucageHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
102Björn BombisHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
103Francois FortierHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
104Benoit GrattonHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
105Tobias GüttnerHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
106Benjamin HinterstockerHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
107Martin HinterstockerHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
108Christian HommelHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
109Alan LetangHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
110Paul ManningHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
111Sasa MartinovicHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
112Shane PeacockHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
113Jacek PlachtaHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
114Boris RoussonHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
115Heiko SmazalHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
116Christopher OravecHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
117Jeff UlmerHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
118Darren van ImpeHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
119Alexander BartaHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
120Martin WalterHamburg FreezersBase card000.00
121Patrick AugustaHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
122Brad BurymHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
123Jason CipollaHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
124Thomas DolakHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
125Sascha GocHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
126Mike GreenHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
127Shawn HeinsHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
128Robert HockHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
129Marcel JuhaszHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
130Trevor KiddHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
131Patrick KöppchenHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
132Christian KünastHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
133Dan LambertHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
134Andreas MorczinietzHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
135Brad TapperHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
136Todd WarrinerHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
137Jeff FinleyHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
138Steve GoullaHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
139Rene RöthkeHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
140Michael HöckHannover ScorpionsBase card000.00
141Chris ArmstrongERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
142Doug AstERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
143Björn BartaERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
144Craig FergusonERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
145Jakub FicenecERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
146Glenn GoodallERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
147Daniel HilpertERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
148Jason HollandERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
149Martin JiranekERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
150Florian KellerERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
151Cameron MannERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
152Christoph MelischkoERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
153Günther OswaldERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
154Sebastian VoglERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
155Ken SuttonERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
156Sean TallaireERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
157Phil von StefenelliERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
158Jimmy WaiteERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
159Christoph HöhenleitnerERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
160Yannic SeidenbergERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
161Vitalij AabIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
162Bryan AdamsIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
163Collin DanielsmeierIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
164Mark EtzIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
165Linus FagemoIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
166Kirk FureyIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
167Erich GoldmannIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
168Michael WolfIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
169Matt HigginsIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
170Raffaele IntranuovoIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
171Sebastian JonasIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
172Ladislav KarabinIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
173Martin KnoldIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
174Leonardo ContiIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
175Dimitrij KotschnewIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
176Markus PöttingerIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
177Bruce RichardsonIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
178Mats TryggIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
179Tobias SchwabIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
180Alexej DmitrievIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
181Tobias AbstreiterKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
182Drew BannisterKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
183Eric BertrandKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
184Joaquin GageKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
185Sven GerbigKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
186Domminik HammerKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
187Justin HarneyKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
188Guy LehouxKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
189Alexander SerikowKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
190Martin SychraKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
191Sven ValentiKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
192Steffen ZiescheKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
193Dale ClarkeKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
194Danny GroulxKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
195Ryan KraftKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
196Adam OndraschekKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
197Jason UlmerKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
198Alexander HeinrichKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
199Manuel KlingeKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
200Tobias WörleKassel HuskiesBase card000.00
201Jeremy AdduonoKölner HaieBase card000.00
202Tino BoosKölner HaieBase card000.00
203Ivan CiernikKölner HaieBase card000.00
204Sebastian FurchnerKölner HaieBase card000.00
205Thomas GreissKölner HaieBase card000.00
206Kai HospeltKölner HaieBase card000.00
207Oliver JonasKölner HaieBase card000.00
208Stephane JulienKölner HaieBase card000.00
209Lasse KopitzKölner HaieBase card000.00
210Eduard LewandowskiKölner HaieBase card000.00
211Mirko LüdemannKölner HaieBase card000.00
212Dave McLlwainKölner HaieBase card000.00
213Nikolaus MondtKölner HaieBase card000.00
214Andreas RenzKölner HaieBase card000.00
215Jean-Yves RoyKölner HaieBase card000.00
216Paul TraynorKölner HaieBase card000.00
217Brad SchlegelKölner HaieBase card000.00
218Alex HicksKölner HaieBase card000.00
219Philip GogullaKölner HaieBase card000.00
220Moritz MüllerKölner HaieBase card000.00
221Boris BlankKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
222Alexander DückKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
223Franz FritzmeierKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
224Robert GuilletKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
225Chris HerpergerKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
226Andre HuebscherKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
227Ivo JanKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
228Rainer KöttsdorferKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
229Daniel KunceKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
230Richard PavlikovskiKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
231Ken PassmannKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
232Alexander SelivanovKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
233Herberts VasiljevsKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
234Roland VerweyKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
235Markus WittingKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
236Robert MüllerKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
237Philip HendleKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
238Andy HedlundKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
239Adrian GrygielKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
240Daniel PiettaKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
241Ronny ArendtAdler MannheimBase card000.00
242Patrick EhelechnerAdler MannheimBase card000.00
243Michael BakosAdler MannheimBase card000.00
244Lonny BohonosAdler MannheimBase card000.00
245Shawn CarterAdler MannheimBase card000.00
246Karl DykhuisAdler MannheimBase card000.00
247Devin EdgertonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
248Pierre HedinAdler MannheimBase card000.00
249Steve KellyAdler MannheimBase card000.00
250Marcus KinkAdler MannheimBase card000.00
251Peter RatchukAdler MannheimBase card000.00
252Sefan RetzerAdler MannheimBase card000.00
253Jeff ShantzAdler MannheimBase card000.00
254John TrippAdler MannheimBase card000.00
255Marco SchützAdler MannheimBase card000.00
256Sachar BlankAdler MannheimBase card000.00
257Fredrik ChabotAdler MannheimBase card000.00
258Rene CorbetAdler MannheimBase card000.00
259Fabio CarciolaAdler MannheimBase card000.00
260Christoph UllmannAdler MannheimBase card000.00
261Benjamin BarzNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
262Colin BeardsmoreNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
263Rich BrennanNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
264Matt DavidsonNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
265Robert DömeNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
266Petr FicalNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
267Christian FranzNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
268Lukas LangNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
269Jean-Francois LabbeNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
270Christian LaflammeNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
271Greg LeebNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
272Thomas MartinecNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
273Francois MethotNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
274Michel PeriardNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
275Alexander PolaczekNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
276Jame PollockNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
277Christian RetzerNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
278Brian SwansonNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
279Felix PetermannNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
280Stefan SchauerNürnberg Ice TigersBase card000.00
281Olaf KölzigDEBBase card000.00
282Alexander JungDEBBase card000.00
283Rob LeaskDEBBase card000.00
284Christian EhrhoffDEBBase card000.00
285Chritoph SchubertDEBBase card000.00
286Andreas RenzDEBBase card000.00
287Lasse KopitzDEBBase card000.00
288Dennis SeidenbergDEBBase card000.00
289Sven FelskiDEBBase card000.00
290Jochen HechtDEBBase card000.00
291Marco SturmDEBBase card000.00
292Stefan UstorfDEBBase card000.00
293Daniel KreutzerDEBBase card000.00
294Alexander BartaDEBBase card000.00
295Thomas MartinecDEBBase card000.00
296Klaus KathanDEBBase card000.00
297Michael HackertDEBBase card000.00
298Tino BoosDEBBase card000.00
299Andreas MorczinietzDEBBase card101.00
300Jan BendaDEBBase card000.00
301Patrick BuzasAugsburger PantherBase card / Update000.00
302Jay HendersonAugsburger PantherBase card / Update000.00
303Marc SavardAugsburger PantherBase card / Update000.00
304Steffen TölzerAugsburger PantherBase card / Update000.00
305Drake BerehowskyEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
306Constantin BraunEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
307Sean FischerEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
308Patrick JarrettEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
309Tomás PöpperleEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
310Deron QuintEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
311Thomas SchenkelEisbären BerlinBase card / Update000.00
312Hugo BoisvertEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
313Patrick EhelechnerEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
314Kari HaakanaEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
315Martin HamannEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
316Michael HenrichEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
317Markus SchmidtEV DuisburgBase card / Update000.00
318Chris BrightFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
319Michael HackertFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
320Steve KellyFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
321James PatrickFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
322Martin ReichelFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
323Andrej StrakhovFrankfurt LionsBase card / Update000.00
324Roman CechmanekHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
325Matthias ForsterHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
326Niklas HedeHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
327Ryan JardineHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
328Steffen KargHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
329Max LingemannHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
330Florian SchnitzerHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
331Lukas SlavetinskyHamburg FreezersBase card / Update000.00
332Björn BombisHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
333Dominik HammerHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
334Jonas LanierHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
335Marty MurrayHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
336André ReissHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
337Benedikt SchopperHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
338Wally SchreiberHannover ScorpionsBase card / Update000.00
339Matt KinchERC IngolstadtBase card / Update000.00
340Bastian SteingroßERC IngolstadtBase card / Update000.00
341Rob ValicevicERC IngolstadtBase card / Update000.00
342Mark GreigIserlohn RoostersBase card / Update000.00
343Brad PurdieIserlohn RoostersBase card / Update000.00
344Rich ParentIserlohn RoostersBase card / Update000.00
345Steve BruleKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
346Brad BurymKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
347Martin HlinkaKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
348Sinsa MartinovicKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
349Chris NielsenKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
350Sebastian OsterlohKassel HuskiesBase card / Update000.00
351Torsten AnkertKölner HaieBase card / Update000.00
352Daniel HatterscheidKölner HaieBase card / Update000.00
353William LindsayKölner HaieBase card / Update000.00
354Henry MartensKölner HaieBase card / Update000.00
355Ted DruryKrefeld PinguineBase card / Update000.00
356Mike PudlickKrefeld PinguineBase card / Update000.00
357Igor AlexandrovAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
358Anthony AquinoAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
359David CespivaAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
360Daniel Del MonteAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
361Ilpo KauhanenAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
362Stefan LangwiederAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
363Thomas PielmeierAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
364Yannick TremblayAdler MannheimBase card / Update000.00
365Gert AckerNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Update000.00
366Ulrich MaurerNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Update000.00
367Florian OndruschkaNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Update000.00
368Björn BartaDEBBase card / Update000.00
369Michael BresagkDEBBase card / Update000.00
370Petr FicalDEBBase card / Update000.00
371Sebastian FurchnerDEBBase card / Update000.00
372Marcel GocDEBBase card / Update000.00
373Dimitrij KotschnewDEBBase card / Update000.00
374Eduard LewandowskiDEBBase card / Update000.00
375Robert MüllerDEBBase card / Update000.00
376Alexander SulzerDEBBase card / Update000.00
377Christoph UllmannDEBBase card / Update000.00
378Thomas GreissDEBBase card / Update000.00
379Nico PykaNürnberg Ice TigersBase card / Update000.00
CL01Augsburger PantherChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL02Eisbären BerlinChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL03DEG Metro StarsChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL04EV DuisburgChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL05Frankfurt LionsChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL06Hamburg FreezersChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL07Hannover ScorpionsChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL08ERC IngolstadtChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL09Iserlohn RoostersChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL10Kassel HuskiesChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL11Kölner HaieChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL12Krefeld PinguineChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL13Adler MannheimChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL14Nürnberg Ice TigersChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL15NationalmannschaftChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL16DefenderChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL17Star AttackChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL18Allstars’05ChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL19GoaliesChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
CL20Trikokarten DEBChecklistenBase card / Update000.00
DF01Drew Bannister-Defender000.00
DF02Francois Bouchard-Defender000.00
DF03Micki DuPont-Defender000.00
DF04Karl Dykhuis-Defender000.00
DF05Jakub Ficenec-Defender000.00
DF06Francois Groleau-Defender000.00
DF07Andy Hedlund-Defender000.00
DF08Shawn Heins-Defender000.00
DF09Tommy Jakobsen-Defender000.00
DF10Stephane Julien-Defender000.00
DF11Martin Knold-Defender000.00
DF12Shane Peacock-Defender000.00
DF13Jame Pollock-Defender000.00
DF14Arvids Rekis-Defender000.00
ST01Ivan Ciernik-Star Attack000.00
ST02Jochen Hecht-Star Attack000.00
ST03Daniel Kreutzer-Star Attack000.00
ST04Patrick Lebeau-Star Attack000.00
ST05Dwayne Norris-Star Attack000.00
ST06Yan Stastny-Star Attack000.00
ST07Brad Tapper-Star Attack000.00
ST08Pascal Trepanier-Star Attack000.00
ST09Mike York-Star Attack000.00
ST10Jason Young-Star Attack000.00
AS01Andy Delmore
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS02Micki DuPont
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS03Jakub Ficenec
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS04Darren van Impe
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS05Stepahne Julien
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS06Ladislav Karabin
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS07Ivan Ciernik
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS08Patrick Lebeau
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS09Dave McLlwain
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS10Francois Methot
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS11Duanne Moeser
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS12Dwayne Norris
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS13Mike Pellegrims
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS14Brad Purdie
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS15Chris Rogles
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS16Boris Rousson
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS17Alexander Selivanov
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS18Yan Stastny
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS19Steve Walker
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS20Pascal Trepanier
-Allstars 2005000.00
AS21All Star Game 2006
-Allstars 2005000.00
G01Roman Cechmanek-Goalies / Update000.00
G02Patrick Ehelechner-Goalies / Update000.00
G03Joaquin Gage-Goalies / Update000.00
G04Ian Gordon-Goalies / Update000.00
G05Thomas Greiss-Goalies / Update000.00
G06Trevor Kidd-Goalies / Update000.00
G07Alexander Jung-Goalies / Update000.00
G08Ilpo Kauhanen-Goalies / Update000.00
G09Jean-Francois Labbé-Goalies / Update000.00
G10Robert Müller-Goalies / Update000.00
G11Rich Parent-Goalies / Update000.00
G12Tomás Pöpperle-Goalies / Update000.00
G13Jimmy Waite-Goalies / Update000.00
G14Rolf Wanhainen-Goalies / Update000.00
TR01Jan Benda
-Trikokarten DEB / Update000.00
TR02Jochen Hecht
-Trikokarten DEB / Update000.00
TR03Olaf Kölzig
-Trikokarten DEB / Update000.00
TR04Marco Sturm
-Trikokarten DEB / Update000.00
PO01Deutscher Meister 2005Eisbären BerlinPokalkarten000.00
PO02Pokalsieger 2006DEG Metro StarsPokalkarten / Update000.00
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