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City-Press Playercards DEL 2008-2009

City-Press Playercards DEL 2008-2009

Year: 2008
Total cards: 741

Collection preview (69% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Norm Maracle / Ian GordonAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
2Francois Bouchard / Francois FortierAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
3Harlan Pratt / Richie RegehrAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
4Peter Ratchuk / Andy HedlundAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
5Andy Roach / Deron QuintAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
6Kevin Gardner / Ryan Ramsey / Adam CourchaineAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
7Jason Ulmer / Eric Chouinard / Travis BrigleyAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
8Nathan Robinson / Vince Bellissimo / Brad LeebAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
9Scott King / Peter Sarno / Francois MethotAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
10Michal Marik / Robert MüllerAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
11Michael Bresagk / Lasse KopitzAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
12Jakub Ficenec / Richard PavlikovskyAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
13Eduard Lewandowski / Alex Barta / Sven FelskiAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
14Patrick Köppchen / Michael BakosAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
15Ivan Ciernik / Jan Alinc / Herberts VasiljevsAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
16Ahren Spylo / Robert Hock / Michael WolfAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
17Petr Sikora / Christoph Ullmann / Petr FicalAllstar-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
18Robert MüllerDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
19Andreas RenzDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
20Michael BakosDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
21Christoph UllmannDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
22Sven FelskiDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
23Daniel KreutzerDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
24Philip GogullaDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
25Michael WolfDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
26Michael HackertDEB-LinesP.S. Base card000.00
27Thomas GreissDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
28Robert MüllerDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
29Youri ZiffzerDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
30Andreas RenzDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
31Michael BakosDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
32Tobias DraxingerDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
33Sven FelskiDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
34Michael WolfDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
35Christoph UllmannDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
36Michael HackertDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
37Philip GogullaDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
38Daniel KreutzerDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
39Aleksander PolaczekDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
40Manuel KlingeDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
41DEB TrainerDEB-ReihenkartenP.S. Base card000.00
42Norm MaracleTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
43Ian GordonTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
44Deron QuintTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
45Andy RoachTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
46Andy HedlundTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
47Francois BouchardTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
48Peter RatchukTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
49Harlan PrattTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
50Richie RegehrTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
51Nathan RobinsonTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
52Adam CourchaineTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
53Scott KingTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
54Ryan RamsayTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
55Francois FortierTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
56Eric ChouinardTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
57Peter SarnoTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
58Kevin GardnerTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
59Vince BellissimoTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
60Brad LeebTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
61Francois MethotTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
62Travis BrigleyTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
63Jason UlmerTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
64Teamfoto NordamerikaTeam NordamerikaP.S. Base card000.00
65Michal MarikTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
66Robert MüllerTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
67Michael BresagkTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
68Lasse KopitzTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
69Michael BakosTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
70Jakub FicenecTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
71Richard PavlikovskyTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
72Patrick KöppchenTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
73Sven FelskiTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
74Michael WolfTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
75Christoph UllmannTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
76Ahren SpyloTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
77Herberts VasiljevsTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
78Petr SikoraTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
79Ivan CiernikTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
80Alexander BartaTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
81Eduard LewandowskiTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
82Petr FicalTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
83Jan AlincTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
84Robert HockTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
86Teamfoto Team EuropaTeam EuropaP.S. Base card000.00
87Dimitrij KotschnewTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
88Robert MüllerTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
89Patrick EhelechnerTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
90Dimitri PätzoldTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
91Michael BakosTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
92Andreas RenzTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
93Dennis SeidenbergTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
94Christoph SchubertTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
95Rainer KöttstorferTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
96Sebastian OsterlohTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
97Chris SchmidtTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
98Frank HördlerTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
99Andre ReissTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
100Sven FelskiTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
101Michael WolfTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
102Christoph UllmannTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
103Michael HackertTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
104Philip GogullaTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
105Aleksander PolaczekTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
106Manuel KlingeTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
107Andre RankelTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
108Stefan UstorfTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
109Felix SchützTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
110Yannic SeidenbergTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
111John TrippTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
112Petr FicalTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
113Marco SturmTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
114Uwe KruppTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
115Ernst HöfnerTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
116Klaus MerkTeam DeutschlandP.S. Base card000.00
117BullyMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
118DüssiMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
119ScorpiMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
120XaverMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
121SharkyMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
122PuckiMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
123TigoMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
124KevinMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
125FreezerMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
126LeonMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
127HuskyMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
128UrmelMaskottchenP.S. Base card000.00
136Leonard WildAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
137Thomas GödtelAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
138Jeff LikensAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
139Paul FlacheAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
140Jamie HuntAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
141Christian WichertAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
142Rhett GordonAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
143Martin SchymainskiAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
144Thomas JörgAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
145Matt RyanAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
146Ulrich MaurerAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
147Patrick BuzasAugsburg PantherS1. Base card000.00
148Youri ZiffzerEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
149Deron QuintEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
150Frank HördlerEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
151René KramerEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
152Jens BaxmannEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
153Richie RegehrEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
154Nathan RobinsonEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
155Sven FelskiEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
156Mark BeaufaitEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
157André RankelEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
158Alexander WeißEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
159Tyson MulockEisbären BerlinS1. Base card000.00
160Ilpo KauhanenFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
161Michail KozhevnikovFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
162Daniel HilpertFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
163Daniel KunceFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
164Jean-Luc Grand-PierreFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
165Martin TehthalerFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
166Michal SupFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
167Igor AlexandrovFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
168Artjom KostyrevFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
169Thomas SchenkelFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
170Jan AlincFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
171Daniel TkaczukFüchse DuisburgS1. Base card000.00
172Jamie StorrDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
173Andrew HedlungDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
174Marco NowakDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
175Chris HarringtonDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
176Korbinian HolzerDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
177Peter BoonDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
178Ryan RamsayDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
179Bradley TutschekDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
180Rob CollinsDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
181Daniel KreutzerDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
182Fabio CarciolaDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
183Brandon ReidDEG Metro StarsS1. Base card000.00
184Ian GordonFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
185Michael BresagkFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
186Sebastian OsterlohFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
187Lasse KopitzFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
188John SlaneyFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
189Lance WardFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
190Jeff HeeremaFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
191Simon DannerFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
192Tobias WörleFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
193Christoph GawlikFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
194Josh LangfeldFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
195Derek HahnFrankfurt LionsS1. Base card000.00
196Jean-Marc PelletierHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
197Robert LeaskHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
198Jere KaralahtiHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
199Andy DelmoreHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
200Stephan RetzerHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
201Brad SmythHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
202Marcus SommerfeldHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
203Vitalij AabHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
204Peter SarnoHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
205Travis BrigleyHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
206Max SchmidleHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
207Thomas PielmeierHamburg FreezersS1. Base card000.00
208Alexander JungHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
209Aris BrimanisHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
210Danny PykaHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
211Patrick KöppchenHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
212Thomas DolakHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
213Eric SchneiderHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
214Martin HlinkaHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
215Thomas HolzmannHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
216Niki MondtHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
217Marian DejdarHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
218Garret FesterlingHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
219Sachar BlankHannover ScorpionsS1. Base card000.00
220Jimmy WaiteERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
221Bruno St. JacquesERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
222Sasa MartinovicERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
223Tobias DraxingerERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
224Allan RourkeERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
225Maximilian BrandlERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
226Yves SaraultERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
227Michael WagingerERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
228Matt HigginsERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
229Duncan MilroyERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
230Thomas GreilingerERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
231Martin HinterstockerERC IngolstadtS1. Base card000.00
232Norm MaracleIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
233Alexander DückIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
234Marty WilfordIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
235Collin DanielsmeierIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
236Stefan LangwiederIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
237Ben SimonIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
238Ryan ReadyIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
239Sebastian JonesIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
240David SulkovskyIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
241Christian HommelIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
242Henry MartensIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
243Robert HockIserlohn RoostersS1. Base card000.00
244Boris RoussonKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
245Mike PellegrimsKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
246Bradley BurymKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
247Dominic AugerKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
248Ryan GaucherKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
249Colin BeardsmoreKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
250Hugo BoisvertKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
251Ryan KraftKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
252Jacek PlachtaKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
253Martin BartekKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
254Steve PalmerKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
255Michael ChristKassel HuskiesS1. Base card000.00
256Stefan HorneberKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
257Mirko LüdemannKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
258Mats TryggKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
259Andreas RenzKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
260Torsten AnkertKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
261Marcel MüllerKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
262Alexej DmitrievKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
263Christoph UllmannKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
264Bryan AdamsKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
265Christoph MelischkoKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
266Kamil PirosKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
267Jerome FlaakeKölner HaieS1. Base card000.00
268Scott LangkowKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
269Jim FaheyKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
270Chris HeidKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
271Benedikt SchopperKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
272Sinan AkdagKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
273Andreas DriendlKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
274Charlie StephensKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
275Michael EndraßKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
276Boris BlankKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
277Serge PayerKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
278André HuebscherKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
279Daniel PiettaKrefeld PinguineS1. Base card000.00
280Danny aus den BirkenAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
281Dan McGillisAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
282Sven ButenschönAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
283Axel HackertAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
284Tomas MartinecAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
285Jason KingAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
286Colin ForbesAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
287Christopher FischerAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
288Rick GirardAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
289Felix PetermannAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
290Ronny ArendtAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
291Marcus KinkAdler MannheimS1. Base card000.00
292Frederic CassiviSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
293Cole JarretSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
294Martin AncickaSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
295David CespivaSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
296Florian OndruschkaSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
297Greeg LeebSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
298Florian KellerSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
299Brian SwansonSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
300Petr FicalSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
301Björn BartaSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
302Robert FranczSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
303Adrian GrygielSinupret Ice TigersS1. Base card000.00
304Mike BalesStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
305Christian RetzerStraubing TigersS1. Base card101.00
306Calvin ElfringStraubing TigersS1. Base card101.00
307Andy CanzanelloStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
308Wade SkolneyStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
309Josef LehnerStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
310Dustin WhitecottonStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
311Brian MaloneyStraubing TigersS1. Base card101.00
312Darin OlverStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
313Dusan FroschStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
314Florian SchnitzerStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
315Chad BassenStraubing TigersS1. Base card000.00
316Oliver JonasEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
317Alexander GenzeEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
318Marvin DegonEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
319Jan-Axel AlavaaraEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
320David DannerEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
321Petr MacholdaEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
322Kai HospeltEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
323Norm MilleyEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
324Christoph HöhenleitnerEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
325Jason UlmerEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
326Mike GreenEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
327Justin PapineauEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Base card000.00
328Dennis EndrasAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
329Steffen TölzerAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
330Christian ChartierAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
331Tomas SlovakAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
332Brett EngelhardtAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
333Steve JunkerAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
334Michael KreitlAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
335Mathis OlimbAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
336Benedikt KohlAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
337Larry MitchellAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
338ChecklisteAugsburg PantherS2. Base card000.00
339Rob ZeppEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
340Andy RoachEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
341Brandon SmithEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
342Stefan UstorfEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
343Denis PedersonEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
344Florian BuschEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
345Steve WalkerEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
346Daniel WeißEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
347Constantin BraunEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
348Don JacksonEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
349ChecklisteEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
350Lukas LangEisbären BerlinS2. Base card000.00
351Anton BaderFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
352Michael HrstkaFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
353Peter AbstreiterFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
354Johannes SedlmayrFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
355Sebastian PigacheFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
356Justin CoxFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
357Morten AskFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
358Alexander SelivanovFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
359Rick BerryFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
360Willy MühlenhausFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
361ChecklisteFüchse DuisburgS2. Base card000.00
362Jochen ReimerDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
363Björn LindaDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
364Marian BazanyDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
365Ryan CaldwellDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
366Peter RatchukDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
367Evan KaufmannDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
368Patrick ReimerDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
369Adam CourchaineDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
370Martin HinterstockerDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
371Shane JosephDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
372Tim SchüleDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
373Harold KreisDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
374ChecklisteDEG Metro StarsS2. Base card000.00
375Thomas OwerFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
376Chris ArmstrongFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
377Mathieu BironFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
378Chris TaylorFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
379Pat KavanaghFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
380Thomas OppenheimerFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
381Jamie WrightFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
382Jason YoungFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
383Ilia VorobievFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
384Rich ChernomazFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
385ChecklisteFrankfurt LionsS2. Base card000.00
386Tobias GüttnerHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
387Sean BlanchardHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
388Paul ManningHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
389Daniel SevoHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
390Clarke WilmHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
391Francois FortierHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
392John TrippHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
393Jason PinizzottoHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
394Alexander BartaHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
395Richard MuellerHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
396Justin MorrisonHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
397Elia OstwaldHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
398ChecklisteHamburg FreezersS2. Base card000.00
399Dimitri PätzoldHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
400Sascha GocHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
401Dan LambertHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
402Rainer KöttstorferHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
403Nikolai GocHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
404André ReißHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
405Derek DingerHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
406Chris HerpergerHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
407Tore VikingstadHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
408Tino BoosHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
409Adam MitchellHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
410Klaus KathanHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
411Oscar AckeströmHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
412Hans ZachHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
413ChecklisteHannover ScorpionsS2. Base card000.00
414Sebastian VoglERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
415Jakub FicenecERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
416Jason HollandERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
417Stephan DaschnerERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
418Eric NickulasERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
419Matt KeithERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
420Yannic SeidenbergERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
421René RöthkeERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
422Glenn GoodallERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
423Greg ThomsonERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
424ChecklisteERC IngolstadtS2. Base card000.00
425Sebastian StefaniszinIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
426Paul TraynorIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
427Chris SchmidtIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
428Bob WrenIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
429Michael WolfIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
430Tyler BeecheyIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
431Brad TapperIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
432Jimmy RoyIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
433Steven RupprichIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
434Steve StirlingIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
435ChecklisteIserlohn RoostersS2. Base card000.00
436Adam HauserKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
437Drew BannisterKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
438Bryan SchmidtKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
439Dustin WoodKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
440Manuel KlingeKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
441Mark KosickKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
442Alex LeavittKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
443Thorber SaggauKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
444Shawn McNeilKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
445Philipp SchlagerKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
446Sean TallaireKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
447Alexander HeinrichKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
448Stephane RicherKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
449ChecklisteKassel HuskiesS2. Base card000.00
450Frank DoyleKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
451Stéphane JulienKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
452Sören SturmKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
453Harlan PrattKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
454Moritz MüllerKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
455Daniel RudslättKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
456Todd WarrinerKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
457Mike JohnsonKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
458Mats SchöbelKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
459Dave McLlwainKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
460Philip GogullaKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
461Rupert MeisterKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
462ChecklisteKölner HaieS2. Base card000.00
463Danijel KovacicKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
464Dusan MiloKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
465Richard PavlikovskyKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
466Herberts VasiljevsKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
467Shay StephensonKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
468Lynn LoynsKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
469Patrick HagerKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
470Roland VerweyKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
471Igor PavlovKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
472ChecklisteKrefeld PinguineS2. Base card000.00
473Fredrick BrathwaiteAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
474Pascal TrepanierAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
475Francois BouchardAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
476Blake SloanAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
477Jason JaspersAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
478René CorbetAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
479Michael HackertAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
480Frank MauerAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
481Francois MethotAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
482Benedikt BrücknerAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
483Dave KingAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
484ChecklisteAdler MannheimS2. Base card000.00
485Patrick EhelechnerSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
486Michel PeriardSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
487Shane PeacockSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
488Scott KingSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
489Shawn CarterSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
490André SavageSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
491Brad LeebSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
492Andreas BrockmannSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
493ChecklisteSinupret Ice TigersS2. Base card000.00
494Markus JankaStraubing TigersS2. Base card000.00
495Stephan WilhelmStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
496John KlemmStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
497Jason DunhamStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
498Eric MelocheStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
499Eric ChouinardStraubing TigersS2. Base card000.00
500Thomas WilhelmStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
501William TrewStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
502Matt HusseyStraubing TigersS2. Base card000.00
503Bob MannoStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
504ChecklisteStraubing TigersS2. Base card101.00
505Daniar DshunussowEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
506Arvids RekisEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
507Markus GleichEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
508Fredrik SvenssonEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
509Tim ReganEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
510Sebastian FurchnerEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
511Ken MagowanEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
512Jan ZurekEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
513Andreas MorczinietzEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card101.00
514Anton KrinnerEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
515ChecklisteEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Base card000.00
516Roland AumüllerSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
517Alfred HascherSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
518Stephan KadowSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
519Steffen KlauSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
520Rick LookerSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
521Christian OswaldSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
522Daniel PiechaczekSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
523Martin ReichertSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
524Willi SchimmSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
525Reik Van GamerenSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
526ChecklisteSchiedsrichterS2. Base card000.00
G01Sven Felski-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G02Mike Stevens-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G03Thomas Martinec-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G04Guy Lehoux-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G05Rob Leask-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G06Paul Stanton-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
G07Andrew Schneider-P.S. Sounderserie Die glorreichen Sieben000.00
SC01Andy Roach-P.S. Sounderserie Skills000.00
SC02Jakub Ficenec-P.S. Sounderserie Skills000.00
SC03Norm Maracle / Robert Müller-P.S. Sounderserie Skills000.00
SC04Ryan Ramsay-P.S. Sounderserie Skills000.00
SC05Michal Marik-P.S. Sounderserie Skills000.00
SC01pAndy Roach
-P.S. Sounderserie Skills parallel000.00
SC02pJakub Ficenec
-P.S. Sounderserie Skills parallel000.00
SC03pNorm Maracle / Robert Müller
-P.S. Sounderserie Skills parallel000.00
SC04pRyan Ramsay
-P.S. Sounderserie Skills parallel000.00
SC05pMichal Marik
-P.S. Sounderserie Skills parallel000.00
18pRobert Müller
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
19pAndreas Renz
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
20pMichael Bakos
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
21pChristoph Ullmann
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
22pSven Felski
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
23pDaniel Kreutzer
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
24pPhilip Gogulla
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
25pMichael Wolf
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
26pMichael Hackert
DEB-LinesP.S. DEB-Lines parallel000.00
MS01Youri ZiffzerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS02Rob ZeppEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS03Etienne RenkewitzEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS04Deron QuintEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS05Andy RoachEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS06Frank HördlerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS07Rene KramerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS08Tobias DraxingerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS09Brandon SmithEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS10Jens BaxmannEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS11Nathan RobinsonEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS12Sven FelskiEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS13Richard MüllerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS14Stefan UsdorfEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS15Mark BeaufaitEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS16Denis PedersonEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS17Andre RankelEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS18Florian BuschEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS19Steve WalkerEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS20Alexander WeißEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS21Tyson MulockEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS22Christoph GawlikEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS23Constantin BraunEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS24Elia OswaldEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS25Trainerkarte (Jackson,Nickel,Tomlinson)Eisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS26WellblechpalastEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS27O2 World ArenaEisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS28Meisterfeier (Kabine)Eisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS29Autokorso (Rotes Rathaus)Eisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
MS30Autokorso (Brandenburger Tor)Eisbären BerlinE.E. Meisterset000.00
ASC01Robert Hock-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC02Mike Bullard-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC03Wallace Schreiber-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC04Dwayne Norris-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC05Dave McLlwain-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC06Len Soccio-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC07Martin Jiranek-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC08Andrew Schneider-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC09John Chabot-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASC10Steve Walker-S1. Alltime Scorer000.00
ASP01Andreas Renz-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP02Mirko Lüdemann-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP03Tino Boos-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP04Martin Reichel-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP05Michael Bresagk-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP06Sven Felski-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP07Daniel Kunce-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP08Tobias Abstreiter-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP09Jacek Plachta-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
ASP10Nikolaus Mondt-S1. Alltime Spiele000.00
GG01Dennis EndrasAugsburg PantherS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG02Rob ZeppEisbären BerlinS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG03Ilpo KauhanenFüchse DuisburgS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG04Jamie StorrDEG Metro StarsS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG05Ian GordonFrankfurt LionsS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG06Jean-Marc PelletierHamburg FreezersS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG07Alexander JungHannover ScorpionsS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG08Jimmy WaiteERC IngolstadtS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG09Norm MaracleIserlohn RoostersS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG10Boris RoussonKassel HuskiesS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG11Stefan HorneberKölner HaieS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG12Scott LangkowKrefeld PinguineS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG13Fred BrathwaiteAdler MannheimS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG14Frederic CassiviSinupret Ice TigersS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG15Mike BalesStraubing TigersS1. Golden Gloves000.00
GG16Oliver JonasEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Golden Gloves000.00
LE01Duanne MoeserAugsburg PantherS1. Team Legends000.00
LE02Derek MayerEisbären BerlinS1. Team Legends000.00
LE03Andrej TrefilovDEG Metro StarsS1. Team Legends000.00
LE04Micheal BresagkFrankfurt LionsS1. Team Legends000.00
LE05Boris RoussonHamburg FreezersS1. Team Legends000.00
LE06Wally SchreiberHannover ScorpionsS1. Team Legends000.00
LE07Glenn GoodallERC IngolstadtS1. Team Legends000.00
LE08Dimitrij KotschnewIserlohn RoostersS1. Team Legends000.00
LE09Orjan LindmarkKassel HuskiesS1. Team Legends000.00
LE10Dwayne NorrisKölner HaieS1. Team Legends000.00
LE11Christian EhrhoffKrefeld PinguineS1. Team Legends000.00
LE12Jean-Francois JompheAdler MannheimS1. Team Legends000.00
LE13John CraigheadSinupret Ice TigersS1. Team Legends000.00
LE14Josef LehnerStraubing TigersS1. Team Legends000.00
LE15Xavier DelisleEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. Team Legends000.00
XF01Rhett GordonAugsburg PantherS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF02Denis PedersonEisbären BerlinS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF03Jan AlincFüchse DuisburgS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF04Adam CourchaineDEG Metro StarsS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF05Chris TaylorFrankfurt LionsS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF06Clarke WilmHamburg FreezersS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF07Matt DzieduszyckiHannover ScorpionsS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF08Duncan MilroyERC IngolstadtS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF09Michael WolfIserlohn RoostersS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF10Martin BartekKassel HuskiesS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF11Todd WarrinerKölner HaieS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF12Charlie StephensKrefeld PinguineS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF13Jason JaspersAdler MannheimS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF14André SavageSinupret Ice TigersS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF15Eric ChouinardStraubing TigersS1. X-Faktor000.00
XF16Justin PapineauEHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS1. X-Faktor000.00
G7-01Sven Felski-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-02Mike Stevens-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-03Thomas Martinec-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-04Guy Lehoux-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-05Rob Leask-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-06Paul Stanton-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
G7-07Andrew Schneider-S2. Gloreiche Sieben000.00
MK01pEisbären Berlin 2008
Eisbären BerlinS2. Meisterkarte parallel000.00
PK01pEisbären Berlin 2008
Eisbären BerlinS2. Pokalkarte parallel000.00
CA01Richie Regehr-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA02Jamie Storr-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA03Derek Hahn-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA04Andy Delmore-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA05Chris Herperger-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA06Bob Wren-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA07Todd Warriner-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA08Colin Forbes-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA09Scott King-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA10Norm Milley-S2. Canadiens000.00
CA11Checkliste-S2. Canadiens000.00
CS01pP. Buzas / S. Tölzer
Augsburg PantherS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS02pS. Walker / S. Felski
Eisbären BerlinS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS03pJ. Cox / M. Ask
Füchse DuisburgS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS04pD. Kreutzer / P. Reimer
DEG Metro StarsS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS05pM. Bresagk / J. Young
Frankfurt LionsS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS06pP. Manning / F. Fortier
Hamburg FreezersS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS07pS. Goc / T. Dolak
Hannover ScorpionsS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS08pJ. Ficenec / G. Goodall
ERC IngolstadtS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS09pM.Wolf / C. Danielsmeier
Iserlohn RoostersS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS10pD. Bannister / M. Klinge
Kassel HuskiesS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS11pD.McLlwain / M.Lüdemann
Kölner HaieS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS12pD. Pietta / B. Blank
Krefeld PinguineS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS13pR.Corbet / D. aus den Birken
Adler MannheimS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS14pP. Fical / G. Leeb
Sinupret Ice TigersS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CS15pJ. Lehner / W. Trew
Straubing TigersS2. Cornerstones parallel101.00
CS16pJ. Zurek / A. Genze
EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
CornerstonesS2. Cornerstones parallel000.00
FS01pDennis Endras
Augsburg PantherS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS02pAlexander Weiß
Eisbären BerlinS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS03pLukas Lang
Füchse DuisburgS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS04pKorbinian Holzer
DEG Metro StarsS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS05pSimon Danner
Frankfurt LionsS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS06pElia Ostwald
Hamburg FreezersS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS07pAndré Reiß
Hannover ScorpionsS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS08pMax Brandl
ERC IngolstadtS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS09pSeven Rupprich
Iserlohn RoostersS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS10pMichael Christ
Kassel HuskiesS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS11pPhilip Gogulla
Kölner HaieS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS12pPatrick Hager
Krefeld PinguineS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS13pFrank Mauer
Adler MannheimS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS14pFlorian Ondruschka
Sinupret Ice TigersS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS15pThomas Wilhelm
Straubing TigersS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
FS16pDaniar Dshunussow
EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
Future StarsS2. Future Stars parallel000.00
BL01pBenedikt Kohl
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL02pDeron Quint
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL03pDaniel Kunce
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL04pShane Joseph
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL05pJamie Wright
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL06pAris Brimanis
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL07pYannic Seidenberg
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL08pPaul Traynor
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL09pRyan Gaucher
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL10pStéphane Julien
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL11pPascal Trepanier
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL12pShane Peacock
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL13pJon Klemm
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL14pPetr Macholda
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL15pChristoph Schubert
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
BL16pYannic Seidenberg
-S2. Fabrics parallel000.00
MA01pStéphane Julien
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA02pYannic Seidenberg
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA03pShane Joseph
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA04pPetr Macholda
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA05pBenedikt Kohl
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA06pShane Peacock
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA07pYannic Seidenberg
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA08pJamie Wright
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA09pJon Klemm
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA10pDeron Quint
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA11pChristoph Schubert
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA12pAris Brimanis
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA13pPaul Traynor
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA14pPascal Trepanier
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA15pRyan Gaucher
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
MA16pDaniel Kunce
-S2. Materials parallel000.00
SI01Stefan Ustorf
Eisbären BerlinS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI02Andy Hedlund
DEG Metro StarsS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI03Ian Gordon
Frankfurt LionsS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI04John Tripp
Hamburg FreezersS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI05Patrick Köppchen
Hannover ScorpionsS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI06Ryan Ready
Iserlohn RoostersS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI07Michael Waginger
ERC IngolstadtS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI08Manuel Klinge
Kassel HuskiesS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI09Philip Gogulla
Kölner HaieS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI10Richard Girard
Adler MannheimS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI11Petr Fical
Sinupret Ice TigersS2. DEL Signatures000.00
SI12Eric Meloche
Straubing TigersS2. DEL Signatures101.00
SI13Ken Magowan
EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly AdamsS2. DEL Signatures000.00
DEL SignaturesS2. DEL Signatures000.00
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