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City-Press Playercards DEL Serie 1 2017-2018

City-Press Playercards DEL Serie 1 2017-2018

Year: 2017
Total cards: 434

Collection preview (91% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 2


1Ben MeisnerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
2Mark CundariAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
3Arvids RekisAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
4Derek DingerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
5Aleksander PolacekAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
6Thomas HolzmannAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
7David StielerAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
8Daniel SchmölzAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
9Evan TruppAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
10Christian KretschmannAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
11Alexander ThielAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
12Jaroslav HafenrichterAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
13Hans DetschAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
14Mike StewartAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
15Tray TuomieAugsburger PantherBase card000.00
16Marvin CüpperEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
17Kai WissmannEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
18Jonas MüllerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
19Micki DuPontEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
20Jens BaxmannEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
21Nick PetersenEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
22Thomas OppenheimerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
23Vincent HesslerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
24Louis-Marc AubryEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
25Sven ZieglerEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
26Martin BuchwieserEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
27Mark OlverEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
28Uwe KruppEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
29Clement JodoinEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
30Steffen ZiescheEisbären BerlinBase card000.00
31Tomas PöpperleFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
32Nicholas B. JensenFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
33Bronson MaschmeyerFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
34Wade BergmanFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
35Mike MooreFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
36Rylan SchwartzFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
37Mike HoeffelFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
38Ross MauermannFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
39Marian DejdarFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
40Jason BastFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
41Tobias KircherFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
42Cory QuirkFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
43Chad NehringFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
44Thomas PopieschFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
45Alex SteinFischtown PinguinsBase card000.00
46Timo HerdenDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
47Marco NowakDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
48Henry HaaseDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
49Bernhard EbnerDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
50Stephan DaschnerDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
51Jeremy WalshDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
52Daniel WeissDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
53Leon NiederbergerDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
54Spencer MachacekDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
55Eduard LewandowskiDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
56Rob BordsonDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
57Alexej DmitrievDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
58Alexander BartaDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
59Mike PellegrimsDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
60Tobias AbstreiterDüsseldorfer EGBase card000.00
61Jochen ReimerERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
62Patrick McNeillERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
63Dustin FriesenERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
64Matt PelechERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
65Benedikt KohlERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
66Simon SchützERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
67Christoph KiefersauerERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
68Mike CollinsERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
69Jon LaliberteERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
70Petr TaticekERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
71Darin OlverERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
72Laurin BraunERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
73David ElsnerERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
74Tommy SamuelssonERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
75Clayton BedoesERC IngolstadtBase card000.00
76Alexander BonsaksenIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
77Chad BassenIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
78Chad CostelloIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
79Christopher FischerIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
80Jack CombsIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
81Jake WeidnerIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
82Justin FlorekIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
83Marcel KahleIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
84Kevin SchmidtIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
85Dieter OrendorzIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
86Sasa MartinovicIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
87Sebastian DahmIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
88Denis ShevyrinIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
89Rob DaumIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
90Jamie BartmanIserlohn RoostersBase card000.00
91Daniar DshunussowKölner HaieBase card000.00
92Dylan WruckKölner HaieBase card000.00
93Nick LattaKölner HaieBase card000.00
94Nico KrämmerKölner HaieBase card000.00
95T.J. MulockKölner HaieBase card000.00
96Ryan JonesKölner HaieBase card000.00
97Justin ShuggKölner HaieBase card000.00
98Felix SchützKölner HaieBase card000.00
99Ben HanowskiKölner HaieBase card000.00
100Sebastian UviraKölner HaieBase card000.00
101Corey PotterKölner HaieBase card000.00
102Pascal ZerressenKölner HaieBase card000.00
103Fredrik ErikssonKölner HaieBase card000.00
104Cory CloustonKölner HaieBase card000.00
105Greg ThomsonKölner HaieBase card000.00
106Patrick KleinKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
107Mikko VainonenKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
108Patrick SeifertKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
109Maximilian FaberKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
110Joel KeussenKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
111Tommy KristiansenKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
112Kevin OrendorzKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
113Mike MieszkowskiKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
114Martin NessKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
115Justin FeserKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
116Mathias TrettenesKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
117Diego HoflandKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
118Christoph GawlikKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
119Rick AdduonoKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
120Marian BazanyKrefeld PinguineBase card000.00
121Dennis EndrasAdler MannheimBase card000.00
122Aaron JohnsonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
123Sinan AkdagAdler MannheimBase card000.00
124Carlo ColaiacovoAdler MannheimBase card000.00
125Denis ReulAdler MannheimBase card000.00
126Nikolai GocAdler MannheimBase card000.00
127Garrett FesterlingAdler MannheimBase card000.00
128Devin SetoguchiAdler MannheimBase card000.00
129Phil HungereckerAdler MannheimBase card000.00
130Daniel SparreAdler MannheimBase card000.00
131Christoph UllmannAdler MannheimBase card000.00
132David WolfAdler MannheimBase card000.00
133Sean SimpsonAdler MannheimBase card000.00
134Colin MüllerAdler MannheimBase card000.00
135Jochen HechtAdler MannheimBase card000.00
136Danny aus den BirkenEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
137Yannic SeidenbergEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
138Ryan ButtonEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
139Derek YoslinEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
140Florian KettemerEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
141Mads ChristensenEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
142Patrick HagerEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
143Jason JaffrayEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
144Maximilian KastnerEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
145Brooks MacekEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
146Frank MauerEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
147Steven PinizzottoEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
148Andreas EderEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
149Don JacksonEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
150Matt McIlvaneEHC Red Bull MünchenBase card000.00
151Andreas JenikeThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
152Taylor AronsonThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
153Brett FesterlingThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
154Milan JurcinaThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
155Patrick KöppchenThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
156Oliver MebusThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
157Marcus WeberThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
158Patrick BuzasThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
159Dane FoxThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
160Marius MöchelThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
161Marco PflegerThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
162Meonhard PföderlThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
163Petr PohlThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
164Rob WilsonThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
165Mike FlanaganThomas Sabo Ice TigersBase card000.00
166Marco WölflSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
167Tim BenderSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
168Dominik BittnerSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
169Benedikt BrücknerSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
170Kalle KaijomaaSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
171Kyle SonnenburgSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
172Simon DannerSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
173Kai HerpichSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
174Andree HultSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
175Mirko HöfflinSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
176Uli MaurerSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
177Anthony RechSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
178Tobias WörleSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
179Pat CortinaSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
180Petteri VäkipartaSchwenninger Wild WingsBase card000.00
181Sebastian VoglStraubing TigersBase card000.00
182Alexander DotzlerStraubing TigersBase card000.00
183Maury EdwardsStraubing TigersBase card000.00
184Sam KlassenStraubing TigersBase card000.00
185Max RennerStraubing TigersBase card000.00
186Thomas BrandlStraubing TigersBase card000.00
187Mike HeddenStraubing TigersBase card000.00
188Stefan LoiblStraubing TigersBase card000.00
189Adam MitchellStraubing TigersBase card000.00
190Alexander OblingerStraubing TigersBase card000.00
191Rene RöthkeStraubing TigersBase card000.00
192Sandro SchönbergerStraubing TigersBase card000.00
193Mike ZalewskiStraubing TigersBase card000.00
194Rob LeaskStraubing TigersBase card000.00
195Tom PokelStraubing TigersBase card000.00
196Jerry KuhnGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
197Torsten AnkertGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
198Björn KruppGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
199Alex RoachGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
200Robbie BinaGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
201Stephen DixonGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
202Gerrit FauserGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
203Kristopher FoucaultGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
204Alexander KarachunGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
205Tyson MulockGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
206Marcel OhmannGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
207Philip RiefersGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
208Alexander WeissGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
209Pavel GrossGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
210Daniel NaudGrizzlys WolfsburgBase card000.00
211Danny aus den BirkenMeistersetBase card000.00
212David LeggioMeistersetBase card000.00
213Ilya SharipovMeistersetBase card000.00
214Konrad AbeltshauserMeistersetBase card000.00
215Darryl BoyleMeistersetBase card000.00
216Derek JoslinMeistersetBase card000.00
217Florian KettemerMeistersetBase card000.00
218Emil QuaasMeistersetBase card000.00
219Deron QuintMeistersetBase card000.00
220Richie RegehrMeistersetBase card000.00
221Yann SauveMeistersetBase card000.00
222Matt SmabyMeistersetBase card000.00
223Keith AucoinMeistersetBase card000.00
224Mads ChristensenMeistersetBase card000.00
225Andreas EderMeistersetBase card000.00
226Jerome FlaakeMeistersetBase card000.00
227Jason JaffrayMeistersetBase card000.00
228Dominik KahunMeistersetBase card000.00
229Maximilian KastnerMeistersetBase card000.00
230Brooks MacekMeistersetBase card000.00
231Jon MatsumotoMeistersetBase card000.00
232Frank MauerMeistersetBase card000.00
233Jakob MayenscheinMeistersetBase card000.00
234Steven PinizzottoMeistersetBase card000.00
235Yannic SeidenbergMeistersetBase card000.00
236Michael WolfMeistersetBase card000.00
237Tobias WörleMeistersetBase card000.00
238Don JacksonMeistersetBase card000.00
239Matt McIlvaneMeistersetBase card000.00
240Toni SöderholmMeistersetBase card000.00
241Derek MayerMeistersetBase card000.00
242Patrick DallaireMeistersetBase card000.00
243Christian WinklerMeistersetBase card000.00
244Niklas PostelMeistersetBase card000.00
245Sebastian UviraStars & SkillsBase card000.00
246Florian KettemerStars & SkillsBase card000.00
247Jason BastStars & SkillsBase card000.00
248Shawn LalondeStars & SkillsBase card000.00
249Ryan MacMurchyStars & SkillsBase card000.00
250Marcel BrandtStars & SkillsBase card000.00
251Mark VoakesStars & SkillsBase card000.00
252Justin ShuggStars & SkillsBase card000.00
253Daniel SparreStars & SkillsBase card000.00
254Iserlohn RoostersStars & SkillsBase card000.00
255Eisbären BerlinStars & SkillsBase card000.00
256Thomas Sabo Ice TigersStars & SkillsBase card000.00
257MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
258MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
259MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
260MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
261MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
262MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
263MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
264MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
265MeisterpuzzleMeisterpuzzleBase card000.00
266Konrad AbeltshauserDEL GalaBase card000.00
267Maximilian KammererDEL GalaBase card000.00
268Rob WilsonDEL GalaBase card000.00
269Patrick ReimerDEL GalaBase card000.00
270Gustaf WesslauDEL GalaBase card000.00
271Detsch / PolacekRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
272Hessler / VehanenRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
273Körner / HüblRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
274Niederberger / LewandowskiRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
275Kiefersauer / GreilingerRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
276Sevyrin / BlankRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
277Latta / ErhoffRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
278Orendorz / UmicevicRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
279Valenti / MacMurchyRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
280Mayenschein / WolfRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
281Alanov / ReinprechtRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
282Bender / TimonenRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
283Zalewski / RöthkeRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
284Pfohl / FurchnerRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
285Tiffels / SeidenbergRookie / VeteranBase card000.00
286Schmölz-Valentin-LambThree StarsBase card000.00
287Vehanen-Backman-RichmondThree StarsBase card000.00
288Rumble-Quirk-PöpperleThree StarsBase card000.00
289Picard-Barta-KammererThree StarsBase card000.00
290Friesen-Buck-OlverThree StarsBase card000.00
291Fischer-Combs-JaspersThree StarsBase card000.00
292Wesslau-Eriksson-ShuggThree StarsBase card000.00
293Müller-Pietta-SeifertThree StarsBase card000.00
294Larkin-Kolarik-HungereckerThree StarsBase card000.00
295Aucoin-Boyle-LeggioThree StarsBase card000.00
296Fox-Segal-AronsonThree StarsBase card000.00
297Acton-Höfflin-SacherThree StarsBase card000.00
298Connolly-Pätzold-MadaiskyThree StarsBase card000.00
299Foucault-Haskins-DehnerThree StarsBase card000.00
300Draisaitl-Kühnhackl-RiederThree StarsBase card000.00
BP01Louis-Marc AubryEisbären BerlinThe Blueprint000.00
BP02Darryl BoyceDüsseldorfer EGThe Blueprint000.00
BP03Jason JaspersIserlohn RoostersThe Blueprint000.00
BP04Ben HanowskiKölner HaieThe Blueprint000.00
BP05Marcus KinkAdler MannheimThe Blueprint000.00
BP06Steven PinizzottoEHC Red Bull MünchenThe Blueprint000.00
BP07Dane FoxThomas Sabo Ice TigersThe Blueprint000.00
BP08Kyle MacKinnonStraubing TigersThe Blueprint000.00
BP09Kris FoucaultGrizzlys WolfsburgThe Blueprint000.00
BP10Mark CundariAugsburger PantherThe Blueprint000.00
BP11Blake ParlettEisbären BerlinThe Blueprint000.00
BP12Mike MooreFischtown PinguinsThe Blueprint000.00
BP13Benedikt KohlERC IngolstadtThe Blueprint000.00
BP14Fredrik ErikssonKölner HaieThe Blueprint000.00
BP15Markus NordlundKrefeld PinguineThe Blueprint000.00
BP16Sinan AkdagAdler MannheimThe Blueprint000.00
BP17Derek JoslinEHC Red Bull MünchenThe Blueprint000.00
BP18Mirko SacherSchwenninger Wild WingsThe Blueprint000.00
GB01Michael DaviesAugsburger PantherGame Breaker000.00
GB02Marcel NoebelsEisbären BerlinGame Breaker000.00
GB03Daniel PiettaKrefeld PinguineGame Breaker000.00
GB04Chad KolarikAdler MannheimGame Breaker000.00
GB05Michael WolfEHC Red Bull MünchenGame Breaker000.00
GB06Yasin EhlizThomas Sabo Ice TigersGame Breaker000.00
GB07Tyler HaskinsGrizzlys WolfsburgGame Breaker000.00
HG01Jonathan BoutinAugsburger PantherHot Gloves000.00
HG01pJonathan Boutin
Augsburger PantherHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG02Petri VehanenEisbären BerlinHot Gloves000.00
HG02pPetri Vehanen
Eisbären BerlinHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG03Tomas PöpperleFischtown PinguinsHot Gloves000.00
HG03pTomas Pöpperle
Fischtown PinguinsHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG04Mathias NiederbergerDüsseldorfer EGHot Gloves000.00
HG04pMathias Niederberger
Düsseldorfer EGHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG05Jochen ReimerERC IngolstadtHot Gloves000.00
HG05pJochen Reimer
ERC IngolstadtHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG06Sebastian DahmIserlohn RoostersHot Gloves000.00
HG06pSebastian Dahm
Iserlohn RoostersHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG07Gustaf WesslauKölner HaieHot Gloves000.00
HG07pGustaf Wesslau
Kölner HaieHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG08Andre EngelageKrefeld PinguineHot Gloves000.00
HG08pAndre Engelage
Krefeld PinguineHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG09Dennis EndrasAdler MannheimHot Gloves000.00
HG09pDennis Endras
Adler MannheimHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG10Danny aus den BirkenEHC Red Bull MünchenHot Gloves000.00
HG10pDanny aus den Birken
EHC Red Bull MünchenHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG11Andreas JenikeThomas Sabo Ice TigersHot Gloves000.00
HG11pAndreas Jenike
Thomas Sabo Ice TigersHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG12Dustin StrahlmeierSchwenninger Wild WingsHot Gloves000.00
HG12pDustin Strahlmeier
Schwenninger Wild WingsHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG13Sebastian VoglStraubing TigersHot Gloves000.00
HG13pSebastian Vogl
Straubing TigersHot Gloves parallel000.00
HG14Felix BrückmannGrizzlys WolfsburgHot Gloves000.00
HG14pFelix Brückmann
Grizzlys WolfsburgHot Gloves parallel000.00
II01Matt WhiteAugsburger PantherImpact Imports000.00
II02Sean BackmanEisbären BerlinImpact Imports000.00
II03Cory QuirkFischtown PinguinsImpact Imports000.00
II04Alexandre PicardDüsseldorfer EGImpact Imports000.00
II05John LaliberteERC IngolstadtImpact Imports000.00
II06Justin FlorekIserlohn RoostersImpact Imports000.00
II07Ryan JonesKölner HaieImpact Imports000.00
II08Justin FeserKrefeld PinguineImpact Imports000.00
II09Devin SetoguchiAdler MannheimImpact Imports000.00
II10Keith AucoinEHC Red Bull MünchenImpact Imports000.00
II11Steven ReinprechtThomas Sabo Ice TigersImpact Imports000.00
II12Will ActonSchwenninger Wild WingsImpact Imports000.00
II13Mike HeddenStraubing TigersImpact Imports000.00
II14Mark VoakesGrizzlys WolfsburgImpact Imports000.00
NM01Konrad AbeltshauserDEBDEB000.00
NM01pKonrad Abeltshauser
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM02Sinan AkdagDEBDEB000.00
NM02pSinan Akdag
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM03Marcel BrandtDEBDEB000.00
NM03pMarcel Brandt
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM04Philip GogullaDEBDEB000.00
NM04pPhilip Gogulla
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM05Kai HospeltDEBDEB000.00
NM05pKai Hospelt
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM06Benedikt KohlDEBDEB000.00
NM06pBenedikt Kohl
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM07Nico KrämmerDEBDEB000.00
NM07pNico Krämmer
DEBDEB parallel000.00
NM08Niklas TreutleDEBDEB000.00
NM08pNiklas Treutle
DEBDEB parallel000.00
RG01Brady LambAugsburger PantherRear Guards000.00
RG01pBrady Lamb
Augsburger PantherRear Guards parallel000.00
RG02Micki DuPontEisbären BerlinRear Guards000.00
RG02pMicki DuPont
Eisbären BerlinRear Guards parallel000.00
RG03Wade BergmanFischtown PinguinsRear Guards000.00
RG03pWade Bergman
Fischtown PinguinsRear Guards parallel000.00
RG04Bernhard EbnerDüsseldorfer EGRear Guards000.00
RG04pBernhard Ebner
Düsseldorfer EGRear Guards parallel000.00
RG05Patrick McNeillERC IngolstadtRear Guards000.00
RG05pPatrick McNeill
ERC IngolstadtRear Guards parallel000.00
RG06Johan LarssonIserlohn RoostersRear Guards000.00
RG06pJohan Larsson
Iserlohn RoostersRear Guards parallel000.00
RG07Shawn LalondeKölner HaieRear Guards000.00
RG07pShawn Lalonde
Kölner HaieRear Guards parallel000.00
RG08Kurt DavisKrefeld PinguineRear Guards000.00
RG08pKurt Davis
Krefeld PinguineRear Guards parallel000.00
RG09Carlo ColaiacovoAdler MannheimRear Guards000.00
RG09pCarlo Colaiacovo
Adler MannheimRear Guards parallel000.00
RG10Darryl BoyleEHC Red Bull MünchenRear Guards000.00
RG10pDarryl Boyle
EHC Red Bull MünchenRear Guards parallel000.00
RG11Taylor AronssonThomas Sabo Ice TigersRear Guards000.00
RG11pTaylor Aronsson
Thomas Sabo Ice TigersRear Guards parallel000.00
RG12Kalle KaijomaaSchwenninger Wild WingsRear Guards000.00
RG12pKalle Kaijomaa
Schwenninger Wild WingsRear Guards parallel000.00
RG13Austin MadaiskyStraubing TigersRear Guards000.00
RG13pAustin Madaisky
Straubing TigersRear Guards parallel000.00
RG14Jeremy DehnerGrizzlys WolfsburgRear Guards000.00
RG14pJeremy Dehner
Grizzlys WolfsburgRear Guards parallel000.00
SN01Patrick Köppchen
Krefeld PinguineSignatures000.00
SN02Shawn Lalonde
Adler MannheimSignatures000.00
SN03Louis-Marc Aubry
EHC Red Bull MünchenSignatures000.00
SN04Devin Setoguchi
Thomas Sabo Ice TigersSignatures000.00
SN05Kael Mouillierat
Schwenninger Wild WingsSignatures000.00
SN07Marko Friedrich
Straubing TigersSignatures000.00
SN08Stefan Loibl
Grizzlys WolfsburgSignatures000.00
TK01Steffen Tölzer
Augsburger PantherJersey Cards000.00
TK02Blake Parlett
Eisbären BerlinJersey Cards000.00
TK03Mike Hoeffel
Fischtown PinguinsJersey Cards000.00
TK04Rob Bordson
Düsseldorfer EGJersey Cards000.00
TK05Patrick McNeill
ERC IngolstadtJersey Cards000.00
TK06Jason Jaspers
Iserlohn RoostersJersey Cards000.00
TK07Justin Shugg
Kölner HaieJersey Cards000.00
TK08Mathias Trettenes
Krefeld PinguineJersey Cards000.00
TK09Carlo Colaiacovo
Adler MannheimJersey Cards000.00
TK10Jason Jaffray
EHC Red Bull MünchenJersey Cards000.00
TK11Leo Pföderl
Thomas Sabo Ice TigersJersey Cards000.00
TK12Dominik Bohac
Schwenninger Wild WingsJersey Cards000.00
TK13Levko Koper
Straubing TigersJersey Cards000.00
TK14Felix Brückmann
Grizzlys WolfsburgJersey Cards000.00
TK15Frank Hördler
Eisbären BerlinJersey Cards000.00
TK16Florian Ketteme
EHC Red Bull MünchenJersey Cards000.00
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