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City-Press Playercards EBEL 2010-2011

City-Press Playercards EBEL 2010-2011

Year: 2010
Total cards: 320

Collection preview (90% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 2


1Fabian WeinhandlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
2Victor LindgrenMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
3Warren NorrisMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
4Matthias IbererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
5Patrick HarandMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
6Manuel GanahlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
7Robert LembacherMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
8Florian IbererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
9Darcy WerenkaMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
10Mike OuelletteMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
11Jean-Philippe PareMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
12Markus PeintnerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
13Stefan HerzogMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
14Yannick TremblayMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
15Daniel WogerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
16Christoph HarandMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
17Harry LangeMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
18Nick KuiperMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
19Peter LenesMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
20Mark BrunneggerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
21Jaakko SuomalainenAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
22Mitch O'KeefeAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
23Wade SkolneyAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
24Marc CavosieAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
25Brett LysakAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
26Ziga JeglicAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
27Miha BrusAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
28Marjan ManfredaAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
29Klemen PretnarAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
30Jure DolinsekAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
31Gaspr SusanjAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
32Rok TicarAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
33Aleksander MagovacAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
34Eric WernerAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
35Matevz ErmanAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
36Mitja RobarAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
37Robert SabolicAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
38Andrej ZidanAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
39Tomi HafnerAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
40Anze KuraltAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
41Andy ChiodoEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
42Markus PirmannEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
43Herbert RatzEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
44Tyler ScofieldEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
45Johannes ReichelEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
46Paul SchellanderEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
47Gregor HagerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
48Stefan GeierEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
49Mike CraigEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
50Manuel GeierEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
51Kirk FureyEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
52Thomas HundertpfundEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
53Martin SchumnigEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
54Christoph BrandnerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
55Peter RatchukEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
56Jeff ShantzEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
57David SchullerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
58Dieter KaltEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
59Sean BrownEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
60Raphael HerburgerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
61Alex WestlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
62Lorenz HirnEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
63Franklin MacDonaldEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
64Michael MayrEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
65Reid CashmanEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
66Matthias SchwabEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
67Eric HealeyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
68Rob ShearerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
69Brad PurdieEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
70Philipp LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
71Aaron MacKenzieEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
72Christoph IbounigEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
73Recaredo BronillaEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
74Robert LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
75Markus SchlacherEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
76Patrick LeahyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
77Daniel OberkoflerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
78Gregor BaumgartnerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
79Martin MairitschEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
80Martin Grabher-MeierEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
81Ales SilaHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
82Matija PintaricHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
83Igor CvetekHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
84Bostjan GroznikHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
85Sami RyhanenHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
86Petr SachlHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
87Matej HocevarHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
88Ziga PavlinHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
89Ziga PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
90Tomi MustonenHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
91Damjan DervaricHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
92Nejc BerliskHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
93Anze RopretHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
94Eric PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
95Kari HaakanaHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
96Kevin KanteeHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
97Bostjan GolicicHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
98John HughesHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
99Andrej HebarHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
100Matt HigginsHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
101Alexander PallestrangEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
102Michael SchichelEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
103Fabio HoferEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
104Manuel LatusaEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
105Ryan DuncanEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
106Taylor HolstEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
107Danny BoisEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
108Ramzi AbidEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
109Daniel WelserEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
110Shaun HeshkaEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
111Brent AubinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
112Marco PewalEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
113Steven RegierEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
114Mario FischerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
115Willi LanzEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
116Andre LakosEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
117Florian MuhlsteinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
118Patrick MaierEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
119Dominique HeinrichEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
120Kevin PuschnikEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
121Zoltan HetenyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
122Tommi SaatosaariSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
123Andras HorvathSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
124Oscar AckestromSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
125Gergo NagySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
126Balazs LadanyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
127Andras BenkSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
128Istvan SofronSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
129Csaba KovacsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
130Nathan MartzSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
131Arpad MihalySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
132Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
133Ales KranjcSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
134Viktor TokajiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
135Marton VasSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
136Roger HoleczySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
137Attila OrbanSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
138Artyom VaszjunyinSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
139David JobbSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
140Daniel FeketeSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
141Gert ProhaskaEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
142Bernhard StarkbaumEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
143Mike MartinEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
144Gerhard UnterluggauerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
145Kevin MitchellEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
146Roland KaspitzEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
147Tomaz RazingarEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
148Derek DamonEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
149Nico ToffEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
150Michael RafflEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
151Benjamin PetrikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
152Stefan BacherEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
153Niki PetrikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
154Greg KuznikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
155Matt RyanEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
156Andreas WiedergutEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
157Andreas KristlerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
158Marco ZorecEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
159Mario AltmannEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
160Jonathan FerlandEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
161Jurgen PenkerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
162Rudolf HummelUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
163Phillipe LakosUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
164Rafael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
165Kevin KraxnerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
166Francois BouchardUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
167Cory LaroseUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
168Philipp PintnerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
169David RodmanUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
170Francois FortierUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
171Daniel NagelerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
172Martin OrazeUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
173Peter CasparssonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
174Marcel RodmanUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
175Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
176Jeremy RebekUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
177Dan BjornlieUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
178Harald HofnerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
179Silvio JakobitschUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
180Christian DolezalUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
181Robert KristanKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
182Gasper KroseljKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
183Miroslav BrumercikKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
184Robby SandrockKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
185John HecimovicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
186T.J. GuidarelliKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
187Jonathan FilewichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
188Ben GazdicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
189Andy SertichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
190Ryan KinasewichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
191Wacey RabbitKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
192Saso RajsarKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
193Rok JakopicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
194Alan LetangKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
195Joel PrpicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
196Frank BanhamKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
197Don MacLeanKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
198Kenny MacaulayKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
199Mislav BlagusKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
200Ivan SijanKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
201Sven KlimbacherMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
202Oliver ZirngastMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
203Kevin ModererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
204Tobias DinhopelMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
205Tyler SpurgeonEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
206Johannes KirisitisEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
207Rene SwetteEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
208Andrew SchneiderEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
209Niklas MayrhauserEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
210Justin KellerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
211Jason WardEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
212Fabian ScholzEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
213Christian HaidingerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
214Burke HenryHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
215Ales MusicHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
216Jan ChaberaHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
217Jeff ToryHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
218Thomas RafflEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
219Markus UnterwegerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
220Daniel MitterdorferEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
221Alexander FeichtnerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
222Marco BruckerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
223Markus PockEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
224Josh LangfeldEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
225Christof MartinzEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
226Marius GohringerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
227Patrick PlatzerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
228Kevin EssmannEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
229Jamie RiversKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
230Dominik KanaetKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
BL01Yannick TremblayMoser Medical Graz 99ersBlue Liner000.00
BL02Klemen PretnarAcroni JeseniceBlue Liner000.00
BL03Johannes KirisitisEC-KAC KlagenfurtBlue Liner000.00
BL04Recaredo BronillaEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBlue Liner000.00
BL05Kari HaakanaHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBlue Liner000.00
BL06Matthias TrattnigEC Red Bull SalzburgBlue Liner000.00
BL07Viktor TokajiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBlue Liner000.00
BL08Kevin MitchellEC VSV VillachBlue Liner000.00
BL09Dan BjornlieUPC Vienna CapitalsBlue Liner000.00
BL10Alan LetangKHL Medvescak ZagrebBlue Liner000.00
GB01Warren NorrisAcroni JeseniceGame Breakers000.00
GB01pWarren Norris
Acroni JeseniceGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB02Brett LysakMoser Medical Graz 99ersGame Breakers000.00
GB02pBrett Lysak
Moser Medical Graz 99ersGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB03David SchullerEC-KAC KlagenfurtGame Breakers000.00
GB03pDavid Schuller
EC-KAC KlagenfurtGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB04Pat LeahyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzGame Breakers000.00
GB04pPat Leahy
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB05Bostjan GolicicHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaGame Breakers000.00
GB05pBostjan Golicic
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB06Doug LynchEC Red Bull SalzburgGame Breakers000.00
GB06pDoug Lynch
EC Red Bull SalzburgGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB07Csaba KovacsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárGame Breakers000.00
GB07pCsaba Kovacs
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB08Derek DamonEC VSV VillachGame Breakers000.00
GB08pDerek Damon
EC VSV VillachGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB09Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsGame Breakers000.00
GB09pBenoit Gratton
UPC Vienna CapitalsGame Breakers parallel000.00
GB10Frank BanhamKHL Medvescak ZagrebGame Breakers000.00
GB10pFrank Banham
KHL Medvescak ZagrebGame Breakers parallel000.00
HG01Mark BrunneggerMoser Medical Graz 99ersHome Grown000.00
HG01pMark Brunnegger
Moser Medical Graz 99ersHome Grown parallel000.00
HG02Ziga JeglicAcroni JeseniceHome Grown000.00
HG02pZiga Jeglic
Acroni JeseniceHome Grown parallel000.00
HG03Thomas HundertpfuEC-KAC KlagenfurtHome Grown000.00
HG03pThomas Hundertpfu
EC-KAC KlagenfurtHome Grown parallel000.00
HG04Robert LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzHome Grown000.00
HG04pRobert Lukas
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzHome Grown parallel000.00
HG05Igor CvetekHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaHome Grown000.00
HG05pIgor Cvetek
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaHome Grown parallel000.00
HG06Thomas HonecklEC Red Bull SalzburgHome Grown000.00
HG06pThomas Honeckl
EC Red Bull SalzburgHome Grown parallel000.00
HG07Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárHome Grown000.00
HG07pKrisztian Palkovics
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárHome Grown parallel000.00
HG08Roland KaspitzEC VSV VillachHome Grown000.00
HG08pRoland Kaspitz
EC VSV VillachHome Grown parallel000.00
HG09Raffael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsHome Grown000.00
HG09pRaffael Rotter
UPC Vienna CapitalsHome Grown parallel000.00
HG10Mislav BlagusKHL Medvescak ZagrebHome Grown000.00
HG10pMislav Blagus
KHL Medvescak ZagrebHome Grown parallel000.00
PP01Fabian WeinhandlMoser Medical Graz 99ersPremier Pivots000.00
PP02Rok TicarAcroni JesenicePremier Pivots000.00
PP03Dieter KaltEC-KAC KlagenfurtPremier Pivots000.00
PP04Alex WestlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzPremier Pivots000.00
PP05Ziga PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaPremier Pivots000.00
PP06Thomas KochEC Red Bull SalzburgPremier Pivots000.00
PP07Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárPremier Pivots000.00
PP08Roland KaspitzEC VSV VillachPremier Pivots000.00
PP09Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsPremier Pivots000.00
PP10John HecimovicKHL Medvescak ZagrebPremier Pivots000.00
SK01Jean-Philippe PareMoser Medical Graz 99ersScoring Kings000.00
SK02Rok TicarAcroni JeseniceScoring Kings000.00
SK03Dieter KaltEC-KAC KlagenfurtScoring Kings000.00
SK04Brad PurdieEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzScoring Kings000.00
SK05Ziga PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaScoring Kings000.00
SK06Thomas KochEC Red Bull SalzburgScoring Kings000.00
SK07Arpad MihalySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárScoring Kings000.00
SK08Michael RafflEC VSV VillachScoring Kings000.00
SK09David RodmanUPC Vienna CapitalsScoring Kings000.00
SK10T.J. GuidarelliKHL Medvescak ZagrebScoring Kings000.00
SS01Fabian WeinhandlMoser Medical Graz 99ersShowstoppers000.00
SS01pFabian Weinhandl
Moser Medical Graz 99ersShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS02Jaako SuomalainenAcroni JeseniceShowstoppers000.00
SS02pJaako Suomalainen
Acroni JeseniceShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS03Rene SwetteEC-KAC KlagenfurtShowstoppers000.00
SS03pRene Swette
EC-KAC KlagenfurtShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS04Alex WestlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzShowstoppers000.00
SS04pAlex Westlund
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS05Ales SilaHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaShowstoppers000.00
SS05pAles Sila
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS06Reinhard DivisEC Red Bull SalzburgShowstoppers000.00
SS06pReinhard Divis
EC Red Bull SalzburgShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS07Zoltan HetenyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárShowstoppers000.00
SS07pZoltan Hetenyi
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS08Gert ProhaskaEC VSV VillachShowstoppers000.00
SS08pGert Prohaska
EC VSV VillachShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS09Jurgen PenkerUPC Vienna CapitalsShowstoppers000.00
SS09pJurgen Penker
UPC Vienna CapitalsShowstoppers parallel000.00
SS10Robert KristanKHL Medvescak ZagrebShowstoppers000.00
SS10pRobert Kristan
KHL Medvescak ZagrebShowstoppers parallel000.00
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