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City-Press Playercards EBEL 2011-2012

City-Press Playercards EBEL 2011-2012

Year: 2011
Total cards: 417

Collection preview (70% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1Thomas HonecklEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
2Daniel WelserEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
3Erik ReitzEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
4Doug LynchEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
5Matthias TrattnigEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
6Thomas RafflEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
7Michael SchiechlEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
8Fabio HoferEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
9Manuel LatusaEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
10Danny BoisEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
11Ramzi AbidEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
12Markus SchlacherEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
13Brent AubinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
14Andreas KristlerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
15Markus PockEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
16Jeremy WilliamsEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
17Dominique HeinrichEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
18Daniel ErlichEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
19Andy ChiodoEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
20Herbert RatzEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
21Johannes KirisitsEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
22Johannes ReichelEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
23Martin SchumnigEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
24Michael SiklenkaEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
25Thomas KochEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
26Tyler ScofieldEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
27Paul SchellanderEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
28David SchullerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
29Dieter KaltEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
30Raphael HerburgerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
31Manuel GeierEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
32Stefan GeierEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
33Thomas HundertpfundEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
34Markus PirmannEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
35John LammersEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
36Tyler SpurgeonEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card000.00
37Reinhard DivisUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
38Sebastian StefaniszinUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
39Phillipe LakosUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
40Jon InsanaUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
41Ross LupaschukUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card101.00
42Martin OrazeUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
43Peter CasparssonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
44Dan BjornlieUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
45Raffael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
46Jonathan FerlandUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
47Mario FischerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
48Francois FortierUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
49Daniel NagelerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
50Marcel RodmanUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
51Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
52Harald OfnerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
53Christian DolezalUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
54Filip GunnarssonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
55Marco WieserEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
56Bernhard StarkbaumEC VSV VillachBase card101.00
57Craig WellerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
58Mario AltmannEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
59Stefan BacherEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
60Gerhard UnterluggauerEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
61Greg KuznikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
62Kevin MitchellEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
63Roland KaspitzEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
64Kyle WanvigEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
65Pierre-Luc SleigherEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
66Niki PetrikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
67Nico ToffEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
68Derek DamonEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
69Lynn LoynsEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
70Tomaz RazingarEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
71Benjamin PetrikEC VSV VillachBase card000.00
72Marco PewalEC VSV VillachBase card101.00
73Matic BohHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
74Matija PintaricHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
75Brad ColeHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
76Scott HothamHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
77Bostjan GroznikHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
78Damjan DervaricHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
79Jamie FraserHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
80John HughesHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
81Tomi MustonenHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
82Petr SachlHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
83Justin TaylorHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
84Ziga PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
85Ales MusicHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
86Bostjan GolicicHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
87Eric PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
88Anze PropretHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
89Matej HocevarHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
90Andrej HebarHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
91Michael OuzasKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
92Robby SandrockKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
93Alan LetangKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
94Kenny MacAuleyKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
95Ivan SijanKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
96Andy DelmoreKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
97Geoff WaughKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
98Frank BanhamKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
99Saso RajsarKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
100Joel PrpicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
101Ryan KinasewichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
102Dominik KanaetKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
103David BrineKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card101.00
104Mislav BlagusKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
105Dario KostovicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
106Tom ZanoskiKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
107Adam NaglichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
108Greg DayKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card000.00
109Lorenz HirnEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
110Franklin MacDonaldEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
111Michael MayrEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
112Daniel MitterdorferEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
113Justin KurtzEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
114Adrian VeidemanEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
115Curtis MurphyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
116Fabian ScholzEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
117Robert LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
118Brian LeblerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
119Danny IrmenEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
120Justin KellerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
121Mike LeblerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
122Rob HiseyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
123Gregor BaumgartnerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
124Martin MairitschEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
125Marcel WolfEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
126Martin Grabher-MeierEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
127Artiom KonovalovMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
128Cole JarrettMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
129Rodi ShortMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
130Dustin van BallegooieMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
131Sebastian BisaillonMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
132Robert LembacherMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
133Kristof ReinthalerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
134Sven KlimbacherMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
135Toni DahlmannMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
136Manuel GanahlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
137Patrick HarandMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
138Matthias IbererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
139Harry LangeMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
140Olivier LatendresseMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
141Guillaume LefebvreMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card101.00
142Brett LysakMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
143Zdenek BlatnyMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
144Daniel WogerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
145Adam MunroSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
146Bence BalizsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
147Andras HorvathSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
148Viktor TokajiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
149Tamas SilleSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
150Harlan PrattSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card101.00
151Balazs LadaSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
152Christian BorgatelloSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
153Balint MagosiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
154Csaba KovacsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
155Balazs LadanyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
156Arpad MihalySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
157Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
158Istvan SofronSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
159Marton VasSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
160Eric JohanssonSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
161Derek RyanSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
162Ladislav SikorcinSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card000.00
163Michal FikrtAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
164Gasper KroseljAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
165Nejc BerliskAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
166Klemen PretnarAcroni JeseniceBase card101.00
167Andrej TavzeljAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
168Matevz ErmanAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
169Luka TosicAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
170Lukas HvilaAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
171Miha BrusAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
172Marjan ManfredaAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
173Marcus OlssonAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
174Jure DolinsekAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
175Jaka AnkerstAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
176Antti PusaAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
177Andrej ZidanAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
178Patrik BergstromAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
179Tomi HafnerAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
180Anze KuraltAcroni JeseniceBase card000.00
181Ondrej KactelHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
182Lukas SablikHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
183Martin SkadraHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
184Lubomir VosatkoHC Orli ZnojmoBase card101.00
185Jakub StehlikHC Orli ZnojmoBase card101.00
186Jan PlatilHC Orli ZnojmoBase card101.00
187Martin PlanekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
188Jan LattnerHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
189Radek HamanHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
190Jiri BerounHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
191Petr KrankoHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
192Jan SedaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card101.00
193Martin PodesvaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
194Tomas KominekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
195Petr PucherHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
196Richard JarusekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
197Vladimir RihaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
198Adam HavlikHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
199Josh TordjmanEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
200Rob DavisonEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
201Alexander PallestrangEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
202Ryan KavanaghEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
203Florian MuhlsteinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
204Robbie EarlEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
205Steve RegierEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
206Kevin PuschnikEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
207Marco BruckerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
208Rene SwetteEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
209Christoph BrandnerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
210Maximilian IsoppEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
211Nikolaus HolzerEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
212Lukas TitzeEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
213joey TenuteEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update000.00
214Thomas DechelUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
215Peter SchwedaUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
216Nathan RobinsonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
217Pat KavanaghUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
218Taylor HolstUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
219Philipp PinterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
220Patrick FichtnerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
221Mario SeidlUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
222Andes WiedergutEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
223Christian OfnerEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
224Christof MartinzEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
225Michael MjjelerEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
226Patrick PlatzerEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
227Nikolaus HartlEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
228Markus PeintnerEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
229Mike CraigEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
230Shayne ToporowskiEC VSV VillachBase card / Update000.00
231jean-Philippe LamoureuxHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
232Igor SvetekHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
233Domen VedlinHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
234Gregor ReiekHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
235Brock McBrideHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
236Sergei SmirnovHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
237Ance BernikHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
238Robert KristanKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
239Andree WisiljevicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
240Sasha PokulokKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
241Andy SertichKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
242Sasa MartinovicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
243Gal KorenKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
244Igor LazicKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
245Pascal MorencyKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
246Vyacheslav TrukhnoKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update000.00
247Alex WestlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
248Christoph LindenhoferEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
249Philipp LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
250Mike OuelletteEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
251Patrick LeahyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
252Daniel OberkoflerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
253Patrick SpannringEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
254Ralph NachbaurEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
255David RasslEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
256Fabian WeinhandlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
257Frederic CloutierMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
258Lukas PeichaMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
259Max WilfanMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
260Yvan BusqueMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
261Kevin ModererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
262Patrick MaierMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
263Tobias DinhopelMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
264juray DurcoSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
265Attila OrbanSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
266justin DacostaSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
267Andras BenkSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
268Adrian TothSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
269Gergo NagySAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update000.00
270Ziga GrahutAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
271Aleksandar MagovacAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
272jan BertieAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
273Urban SodjaAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
274Nik PemAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
275Branislav BendikAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
276jonathan julianoAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update000.00
277Filip LandsmanHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
279Antonin BorutaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
280Lubomir StachHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
281jan HranacHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
282David HajekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
283Michael DantonHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
284David BartosHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
285jan TrojanHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
286ChecklistEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update101.00
287ChecklistEC-KAC KlagenfurtBase card / Update101.00
288ChecklistUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update101.00
289ChecklistEC VSV VillachBase card / Update101.00
290ChecklistHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update101.00
291ChecklistKHL Medvescak ZagrebBase card / Update101.00
292ChecklistEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update101.00
293ChecklistMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update101.00
294ChecklistSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárBase card / Update101.00
295ChecklistAcroni JeseniceBase card / Update101.00
296ChecklistHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update101.00
MK1Red Bull SalzburgEC Red Bull SalzburgMeisterkarte 2011000.00
MKP1Card MKP1-Meisterpokal Karte000.00
KT1Card KT1-Ron Kennedy Trophy MVP Karte000.00
GA1Josh TordjmanEC Red Bull SalzburgGlove Artists000.00
GA2Andy ChiodoEC-KAC KlagenfurtGlove Artists000.00
GA3Reinhard DivisUPC Vienna CapitalsGlove Artists000.00
GA4Bernhard StarkbaumEC VSV VillachGlove Artists000.00
GA5Matija PintaricHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaGlove Artists000.00
GA6Michael OuzasKHL Medvescak ZagrebGlove Artists000.00
GA7Alex WestlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzGlove Artists000.00
GA8Fabian WeinhandlMoser Medical Graz 99ersGlove Artists000.00
GA9Adam MunroSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárGlove Artists000.00
GA10Michal FikrtAcroni JeseniceGlove Artists000.00
GA11Ondrej KacetlHC Orli ZnojmoGlove Artists000.00
GA1pJosh Tordjman
EC Red Bull SalzburgGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA2pAndy Chiodo
EC-KAC KlagenfurtGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA3pReinhard Divis
UPC Vienna CapitalsGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA4pBernhard Starkbaum
EC VSV VillachGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA5pMatija Pintaric
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA6pMichael Ouzas
KHL Medvescak ZagrebGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA7pAlex Westlund
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA8pFabian Weinhandl
Moser Medical Graz 99ersGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA9pAdam Munro
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA10pMichal Fikrt
Acroni JeseniceGlove Artists parallel000.00
GA11pOndrej Kacetl
HC Orli ZnojmoGlove Artists parallel000.00
HB1Matthias TrattnigEC Red Bull SalzburgHot Blades000.00
HB2Raphael HerburgerEC-KAC KlagenfurtHot Blades000.00
HB3Harald OfnerUPC Vienna CapitalsHot Blades000.00
HB4Tomaz RazingarEC VSV VillachHot Blades000.00
HB5Tomi MustonenHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaHot Blades000.00
HB6Tom ZanoskiKHL Medvescak ZagrebHot Blades000.00
HB7Adrian VeidemanEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzHot Blades000.00
HB8Toni DahlmanMoser Medical Graz 99ersHot Blades000.00
HB9Balazs LadanyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárHot Blades000.00
HB10Marcus OlssonHC Orli ZnojmoHot Blades000.00
HB11Vladimir RihaAcroni JeseniceHot Blades000.00
HB1pMatthias Trattnig
EC Red Bull SalzburgHot Blades parallel000.00
HB2pRaphael Herburger
EC-KAC KlagenfurtHot Blades parallel000.00
HB3pHarald Ofner
UPC Vienna CapitalsHot Blades parallel000.00
HB4pTomaz Razingar
EC VSV VillachHot Blades parallel000.00
HB5pTomi Mustonen
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaHot Blades parallel000.00
HB6pTom Zanoski
KHL Medvescak ZagrebHot Blades parallel000.00
HB7pAdrian Veideman
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzHot Blades parallel000.00
HB8pToni Dahlman
Moser Medical Graz 99ersHot Blades parallel000.00
HB9pBalazs Ladanyi
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárHot Blades parallel000.00
HB10pMarcus Olsson
HC Orli ZnojmoHot Blades parallel000.00
HB11pVladimir Riha
Acroni JeseniceHot Blades parallel000.00
NT1Thomas RafflEC Red Bull SalzburgNational Treasures000.00
NT2Thomas KochEC-KAC KlagenfurtNational Treasures000.00
NT3Raffael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsNational Treasures000.00
NT4Marco PewalEC VSV VillachNational Treasures000.00
NT5Ziga PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaNational Treasures000.00
NT6Mislav BlagusKHL Medvescak ZagrebNational Treasures000.00
NT7Philipp LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzNational Treasures000.00
NT8Matthias IbererMoser Medical Graz 99ersNational Treasures000.00
NT9Istvan SofronSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárNational Treasures000.00
NT10Marjan ManfredaAcroni JeseniceNational Treasures000.00
NT11Jan SedaHC Orli ZnojmoNational Treasures000.00
PX1Ramzi AbidEC Red Bull SalzburgProof of Xcellence000.00
PX2Dieter KaltEC-KAC KlagenfurtProof of Xcellence000.00
PX3Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsProof of Xcellence000.00
PX4Roland KaspitzEC VSV VillachProof of Xcellence000.00
PX5Jamie FraserHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaProof of Xcellence000.00
PX6Ryan KinasewichKHL Medvescak ZagrebProof of Xcellence000.00
PX7Curtis MurphyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzProof of Xcellence000.00
PX8Brett LysakMoser Medical Graz 99ersProof of Xcellence000.00
PX9Marton VasSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárProof of Xcellence000.00
PX10Klemen PretnarAcroni JeseniceProof of Xcellence000.00
PX11Petr KankoHC Orli ZnojmoProof of Xcellence000.00
YS1Johannes BischofbergerEC Red Bull SalzburgYoungsters000.00
YS2Thomas HundertpfundEC-KAC KlagenfurtYoungsters000.00
YS3Peter SchwedaUPC Vienna CapitalsYoungsters000.00
YS4Patrick PlatzerEC VSV VillachYoungsters000.00
YS5Eric PanceHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaYoungsters000.00
YS6Gal KorenKHL Medvescak ZagrebYoungsters000.00
YS7Daniel OberkoflerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzYoungsters000.00
YS8Manuel GanahlMoser Medical Graz 99ersYoungsters000.00
YS9Bence BalizsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárYoungsters000.00
YS10Andrej ZidanAcroni JeseniceYoungsters000.00
YS11Martin PlanekHC Orli ZnojmoYoungsters000.00
YS1pJohannes Bischofberger
EC Red Bull SalzburgYoungsters parallel000.00
YS2pThomas Hundertpfund
EC-KAC KlagenfurtYoungsters parallel000.00
YS3pPeter Schweda
UPC Vienna CapitalsYoungsters parallel000.00
YS4pPatrick Platzer
EC VSV VillachYoungsters parallel000.00
YS5pEric Pance
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaYoungsters parallel000.00
YS6pGal Koren
KHL Medvescak ZagrebYoungsters parallel000.00
YS7pDaniel Oberkofler
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzYoungsters parallel000.00
YS8pManuel Ganahl
Moser Medical Graz 99ersYoungsters parallel000.00
YS9pBence Balizs
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárYoungsters parallel000.00
YS10pAndrej Zidan
Acroni JeseniceYoungsters parallel000.00
YS11pMartin Planek
HC Orli ZnojmoYoungsters parallel000.00
IB1Robbie EarlEC Red Bull SalzburgIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB2TylerScofieldEC-KAC KlagenfurtIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB3Dan BjornlieUPC Vienna CapitalsIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB4Derek DamonEC VSV VillachIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB5john HughesHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB6Frank BanhamKHL Medvescak ZagrebIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB7Mike OuelletteEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB8Cole jarrettMoser Medical Graz 99ersIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB9Eric JohanssonSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB10Lukas HvilaAcroni JeseniceIce Breakers / Update000.00
IB11Peter PucherHC Orli ZnojmoIce Breakers / Update000.00
AS1Danny BoisEC Red Bull SalzburgAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS2Christoph BrandnerEC-KAC KlagenfurtAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS3Francois FortierUPC Vienna CapitalsAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS4Niki PetrikEC VSV VillachAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS5jean-Philippe LamoureuxHDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS6Alan LetangKHL Medvescak ZagrebAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS7Patrick LeahyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS8Sebastian BisaillonMoser Medical Graz 99ersAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS9Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS10Lubomir StachHC Orli ZnojmoAuthentic Signatures / Update000.00
AS1pDanny Bois
EC Red Bull SalzburgAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS2pChristoph Brandner
EC-KAC KlagenfurtAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS3pFrancois Fortier
UPC Vienna CapitalsAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS4pNiki Petrik
EC VSV VillachAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS5pjean-Philippe Lamoureux
HDD Telemach Olimpija LjubljanaAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS6pAlan Letang
KHL Medvescak ZagrebAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS7pPatrick Leahy
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS8pSebastian Bisaillon
Moser Medical Graz 99ersAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS9pKrisztian Palkovics
SAPA Fehérvár AV19 SzékesfehérvárAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
AS10pLubomir Stach
HC Orli ZnojmoAuthentic Signatures parallel / Update000.00
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