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City-Press Playercards EBEL 2013-2014

City-Press Playercards EBEL 2013-2014

Year: 2013
Total cards: 464

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Rene SwetteEC-KACBase card000.00
2Kirk FureyEC-KACBase card000.00
3Herbert RatzEC-KACBase card000.00
4Johannes ReichelEC-KACBase card000.00
5Florian IbererEC-KACBase card000.00
7Thomas VallantEC-KACBase card000.00
8Stefan GeierEC-KACBase card000.00
9Manuel GeierEC-KACBase card000.00
10Patrick HarandEC-KACBase card000.00
11John LammersEC-KACBase card000.00
12Jamie LundmarkEC-KACBase card000.00
13Markus PirmannEC-KACBase card000.00
14Paul SchellanderEC-KACBase card000.00
15David SchullerEC-KACBase card000.00
16Tyler ScofieldEC-KACBase card000.00
17Tyler SpurgeonEC-KACBase card000.00
18Markus SteinerEC-KACBase card000.00
19Matthew ZabaUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
20David KickertUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
21Jamie FraserUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
22Sven KlimbacherUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
23Phillippe LakosUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
24Patrick PeterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
25Adrian VeidemanUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
26Mark MathesonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
27Jonathan FerlandUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
28Mario FischerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
29Francois FortierUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
30Benoit GrattonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
31Rafael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
32Michael SchiechlUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
33Markus SchlacherUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
34Mario SeidlUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
35Mike OuelletteUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
36Dustin SylvesterUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card000.00
37Michael OuzasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
38Lorenz HirnEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
39Daniel MitterdorferEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
40Franklin MacDonaldEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
41Mac-Andre DorionEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
42Curtis MurphyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
43Mathias MüllerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
44Robert LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
45Brian LeblerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
46Jason UlmerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
47Philipp LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
48Rob HiseyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
49Fabian ScholzEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
50Patrick SpannringEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
51Stefan GaffalEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
52Patrick LeahyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
53Daniel OberkoflerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
54Gregor BaumgartnerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card000.00
55Bernd BrücklerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
56Luca GracnarEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
57Dominique HeinrichEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
58Florian MühlsteinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
59Alexander PallestrangEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
60Brian FaheyEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
61Doug LynchEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
62Troy MilamEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
63Mark CullenEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
64Daniel WelserEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
65Konstantin KomarekEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
66Andreas KristlerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
67Manuel LatusaEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
68Thomas RafflEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
69Evan BropheyEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
70Matt KeithEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
71Joe MotzkoEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
72Garrett RoeEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card000.00
73Thomas HönecklEC VSVBase card000.00
74Jean-Philippe LamoureuxEC VSVBase card000.00
75Mario AltmannEC VSVBase card000.00
76Stefan BacherEC VSVBase card000.00
77Klemen PretnarEC VSVBase card000.00
78Kevin SteinerEC VSVBase card000.00
79Gerhard UnterluggauerEC VSVBase card000.00
80Cole JarrettEC VSVBase card000.00
81Marius GöhringerEC VSVBase card000.00
82John HughesEC VSVBase card000.00
83Daniel NagelerEC VSVBase card000.00
84Markus PeintnerEC VSVBase card000.00
85Benjamin PetrikEC VSVBase card000.00
86Marco PewalEC VSVBase card000.00
87Alexander RauchenwaldEC VSVBase card000.00
88Derek RyanEC VSVBase card000.00
89Brock McBrideEC VSVBase card000.00
90Michael ForneyEC VSVBase card000.00
91Dany SabourinMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
92Sebastian StefaniszinMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
93Kristof ReinthalerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
94Dustin vanBallegooieMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
95Clemens UnterwegerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
96Patrick CoulombeMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
97Andy SertichMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
98Andreas WiedergutMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
99Greg DayMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
100Kevin ModererMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
101Manuel GanahlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
102Olivier LabelleMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
103Olivier LatendresseMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
104Guillaume LefebvreMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
105Zintis Nauris ZusevicsMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
106Ryan KinasewichMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
107Francis LemieuxMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
108Daniel WogerMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card000.00
109Jakub CechHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
110Richard UllbergHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
111Antonin BorutaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
112Ales SovaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
113Lubomir StachHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
114Richard PavlikovskyHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
115Andrew ThomasHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
116Petr BeranekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
117Jiri BerounHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
118Ondrej FialaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
119Adam HavlikHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
120Richard JarusekHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
121Jan LattnerHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
122Peter PucherHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
123Jan SedaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
124Zdenek BlatnyHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
125Ales KilnarHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
126Martin PodesvaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card000.00
127Jerry KuhnHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
128Ales SilaHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
129Matevz ErmanHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
130Damjan DervaricHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
131Igor CvetekHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
132Ziga GrahutHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
133Bostjan GroznikHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
134Nick RossHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
135Ales MusicHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
136Ken OgrajensekHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
137Ziga PesutHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
138Alex BerryHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
139Andrej HebarHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
140Matej HocevarHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
141Gregor KoblarHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
142Jeff UlmerHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
143Jure SotlarHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
144Judd BlackwaterHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card000.00
145David MadlenerDornbirner ECBase card000.00
146Adam DennisDornbirner ECBase card000.00
147Jonathan D’AversaDornbirner ECBase card000.00
148Olivier MagnanDornbirner ECBase card000.00
149Martin OrazeDornbirner ECBase card000.00
150Alex PlanteDornbirner ECBase card000.00
151Robert LembacherDornbirner ECBase card000.00
152Luciano AquinoDornbirner ECBase card000.00
153Alexander FeichtnerDornbirner ECBase card000.00
154Stefan HäussleDornbirner ECBase card000.00
155Nicolas PetrikDornbirner ECBase card000.00
156Brendan BrooksDornbirner ECBase card000.00
157Martin Grabher-MeierDornbirner ECBase card000.00
158Patrick JarrettDornbirner ECBase card000.00
159Martin MairitschDornbirner ECBase card000.00
160Graham MinkDornbirner ECBase card000.00
161Marcel WolfDornbirner ECBase card000.00
162Brett SonneDornbirner ECBase card000.00
163Miklos RajnaSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
164Bence BalizsSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
165Tamas PozsgaiSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
166Daniel KissSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
167Ric JackmanSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
168Bence SziranyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
169Travis GawryletzSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
170Viktor TokajiSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
171Frank BanhamSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
172Andras BenkSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
173Balint MagosiSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
174Arpad MihalySAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
175Ladislav SikorcinSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
176Gergö TothSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
177Ferenc KocsisSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
178Benjamin NemesSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
179Andrew SarauerSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
180Adam NaglichSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card101.00
181Patrick MachreichHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
182Adam MunroHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
183Christoph HörtnaglHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
184David LindnerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
185Florian PedevillaHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
186Stefan PittlHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
187Florian SternHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
188Craig SwitzerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
189Dominique SaringerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
190Christoph EchtlerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
191Andreas HanschitzHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
192Alexander HöllerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
193Benedikt SchennachHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
194Maximilian SteinacherHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
195Herbert SteinerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
196Justin DonatiHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
197Mario HuberHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
198Luke SalazarHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card000.00
199Günther HellHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
200Jaroslav HüblHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
201Joe CharleboisHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
202Enrico MiglioranziHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
203Sebastien PicheHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
204Matt TomassoniHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
205Anton BernardHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
206Hannes OberdörferHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
207Markus GanderHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
208Marco InsamHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
209Mark SantorelliHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
210MacGregor SharpHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
211Kim StrömbergHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
212Trent WhitfieldHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
213Peter WundererHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
214Stefan ZisserHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
215John EspositoHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
216Mathieu BeaudoinHCB SüdtirolBase card000.00
217Shane WarschawEinzelkartenBase card000.00
218Ladislav SmetanaEinzelkartenBase card000.00
219Peter GebeiEinzelkartenBase card000.00
220Erste Bank Eishockey LigaEinzelkartenBase card000.00
221Landkarte mitallen VereinenEinzelkartenBase card000.00
222Auto Eisner Young StarEinzelkartenBase card000.00
223Thomas PöckEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
224Maximilian IsoppEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
225Martin SchumnigEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
226Colton FretterEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
227Thomas KochEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
228Patrick BerrEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
229Philipp KreuzerEC-KACBase card / Update000.00
230Jürgen PenkerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
231Peter SchwedaUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
232Andreas LakosUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
233Nikolaus HartlUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
234Justin KellerUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
235Marcus OlssonUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
236Kevin PuschnikUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
237Andy HedlundEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
238Michael MayrEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
239Bernhard FechtigEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
240Matthias IbererEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
241Kevin MacierzynskiEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
242Andrew KozekEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
243Brad MoranEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBase card / Update000.00
244Michael BoivinEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
245Markus PöckEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
246Patrick ObristEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
247Fabio HoferEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
248Andreas NödlEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
249David MecklerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
250Marco BruckerEC Red Bull SalzburgBase card / Update000.00
251Lucas LoibneggerEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
252Scott HothamEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
253Nico BrunnerEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
254Patrick PlatzerEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
255Curtis FraserEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
256Ruslan GelfanovEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
257Adis AlagicEC VSVBase card / Update000.00
258Stefan LassenMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
259Rupert StrohmeierMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
260Mario ScalzoMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
261Alexandre PicardMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
262Roland KaspitzMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
263Josh SoaresMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
264Petri MatikainenMoser Medical Graz 99ersBase card / Update000.00
265Filip LandsmanHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
266Sasu HoviHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
267Jan MüllerHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
268David BartosHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
269Patrik NovakHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
270Milan ProchazkaHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
271Lukas FinsterleHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
272Jake LaplanteHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
273Kenny MacaulayHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
274Miha PesjakHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
275Miha VerlicHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
276Anze RopretHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
277Gal KorenHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
278Eric PanceHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBase card / Update000.00
279David SlivnikDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
280Kevin MontgomeryDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
281Fabian GlanznigDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
282Chris D'AlviseDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
283Philip PutnikDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
284Jamie ArnielDornbirner ECBase card / Update000.00
285Andy SertichSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
286Arnold VargaSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
287Attila NemethSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
288Peter HetenyiSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
289Attila OrbanSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
290Csaba KovacsSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
291Colton Yellow HornSAPA Fehérvár AV19Base card / Update101.00
292Marek MalikHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
293Shane SimsHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
294Patrick MössmerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
295Lukas JurikHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
296Tyler DonatiHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
297Daniel FrischmannHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
298Jeff UlmerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Base card / Update000.00
299Alexander EggerHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
300Davide NicolettiHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
301Ziga PanceHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
302Angelo EspositoHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
303Rick SchofieldHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
304Daniel FrankHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
JOKER2for1 joker cardEinzelkartenBase card000.00
20RDavid KickertUPC Vienna CapitalsBase card / Update000.00
199RGünter HellHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
200RJaroslav HüblHCB SüdtirolBase card / Update000.00
II07RRichard PavlikovskyHC Orli ZnojmoBase card / Update000.00
MK01Champions 2013 - EBELEC-KACMeisterkarte000.00
MK02Champions 2013 - EBYSLSAPA Fehérvár AV19Meisterkarte101.00
MK01pChampions 2013 - EBEL
EC-KACMeisterkarte parallel000.00
MK02pChampions 2013 - EBYSL
SAPA Fehérvár AV19Meisterkarte parallel101.00
XF01Thomas KochEC-KACX-Factors000.00
XF02Justin KellerUPC Vienna CapitalsX-Factors000.00
XF03Philipp LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzX-Factors000.00
XF04Brian FaheyEC Red Bull SalzburgX-Factors000.00
XF05Curtis FraserEC VSVX-Factors000.00
XF06Patrick CoulombeMoser Medical Graz 99ersX-Factors000.00
XF07Peter PucherHC Orli ZnojmoX-Factors000.00
XF08Jerry KuhnHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaX-Factors000.00
XF09Graham MinkDornbirner ECX-Factors000.00
XF10Adam NaglichSAPA Fehérvár AV19X-Factors101.00
XF11Justin DonatiHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"X-Factors000.00
XF12Stefan ZisserHCB SüdtirolX-Factors000.00
XF01pThomas Koch
EC-KACX-Factors parallel000.00
XF02pJustin Keller
UPC Vienna CapitalsX-Factors parallel000.00
XF03pPhilipp Lukas
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzX-Factors parallel000.00
XF04pBrian Fahey
EC Red Bull SalzburgX-Factors parallel000.00
XF05pCurtis Fraser
EC VSVX-Factors parallel000.00
XF06pPatrick Coulombe
Moser Medical Graz 99ersX-Factors parallel000.00
XF07pPeter Pucher
HC Orli ZnojmoX-Factors parallel000.00
XF08pJerry Kuhn
HDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaX-Factors parallel000.00
XF09pGraham Mink
Dornbirner ECX-Factors parallel000.00
XF10pAdam Naglich
SAPA Fehérvár AV19X-Factors parallel101.00
XF11pJustin Donati
HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"X-Factors parallel000.00
XF12pStefan Zisser
HCB SüdtirolX-Factors parallel000.00
RK-01Ron Kennedy TrophyEC-KACTrophy000.00
RK-01pRon Kennedy Trophy
EC-KACTrophy parallel000.00
YS-01Eisner Auto Young Star of the year 2012-2013UPC Vienna CapitalsTrophy000.00
YS-01pEisner Auto Young Star of the year 2012-2013
UPC Vienna CapitalsTrophy parallel000.00
TS01John LammersEC-KACTop Scorer000.00
TS02Francois FortierUPC Vienna CapitalsTop Scorer000.00
TS03Brian LeblerEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzTop Scorer000.00
TS04Andreas KristlerEC Red Bull SalzburgTop Scorer000.00
TS05Derek RyanEC VSVTop Scorer000.00
TS06Olivier LatendresseMoser Medical Graz 99ersTop Scorer000.00
TS07Ondrej FialaHC Orli ZnojmoTop Scorer000.00
TS08Judd BlackwaterHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaTop Scorer000.00
TS09Luciano AquinoDornbirner ECTop Scorer000.00
TS10Andrew SarauerSAPA Fehérvár AV19Top Scorer101.00
TS11Tyler DonatiHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Top Scorer000.00
TS12Trent WhitfieldHCB SüdtirolTop Scorer000.00
TS01pJohn Lammers
EC-KACTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS02pFrancois Fortier
UPC Vienna CapitalsTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS03pBrian Lebler
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS04pAndreas Kristler
EC Red Bull SalzburgTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS05pDerek Ryan
EC VSVTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS06pOlivier Latendresse
Moser Medical Graz 99ersTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS07pOndrej Fiala
HC Orli ZnojmoTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS08pJudd Blackwater
HDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS09pLuciano Aquino
Dornbirner ECTop Scorer parallel000.00
TS10pAndrew Sarauer
SAPA Fehérvár AV19Top Scorer parallel101.00
TS11pTyler Donati
HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Top Scorer parallel000.00
TS12pTrent Whitfield
HCB SüdtirolTop Scorer parallel000.00
LD01Rene SwetteEC-KACLockdown000.00
LD02Matt ZabaUPC Vienna CapitalsLockdown000.00
LD03Michael OuzasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzLockdown000.00
LD04Bernd BrücklerEC Red Bull SalzburgLockdown000.00
LD05Jean-p. LamoureuxEC VSVLockdown000.00
LD06Dany SabourinMoser Medical Graz 99ersLockdown000.00
LD07Jakub CechHC Orli ZnojmoLockdown000.00
LD08Jerry KuhnHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaLockdown000.00
LD09Adam DennisDornbirner ECLockdown000.00
LD10Bence BalizsSAPA Fehérvár AV19Lockdown101.00
LD11Adam MunroHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Lockdown000.00
LD12Jaroslav HüblHCB SüdtirolLockdown000.00
LD01pRene Swette
EC-KACLockdown parallel000.00
LD02pMatt Zaba
UPC Vienna CapitalsLockdown parallel000.00
LD03pMichael Ouzas
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzLockdown parallel000.00
LD04pBernd Brückler
EC Red Bull SalzburgLockdown parallel000.00
LD05pJean-p. Lamoureux
EC VSVLockdown parallel000.00
LD06pDany Sabourin
Moser Medical Graz 99ersLockdown parallel000.00
LD07pJakub Cech
HC Orli ZnojmoLockdown parallel000.00
LD08pJerry Kuhn
HDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaLockdown parallel000.00
LD09pAdam Dennis
Dornbirner ECLockdown parallel000.00
LD10pBence Balizs
SAPA Fehérvár AV19Lockdown parallel101.00
LD11pAdam Munro
HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Lockdown parallel000.00
LD12pJaroslav Hübl
HCB SüdtirolLockdown parallel000.00
II01Jamie LundmarkEC-KACImpact Imports000.00
II02Mike OuletteUPC Vienna CapitalsImpact Imports000.00
II03Rob HiseyEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzImpact Imports000.00
II04Garrett RoeEC Red Bull SalzburgImpact Imports000.00
II05John HughesEC VSVImpact Imports000.00
II06Alexandre PicardMoser Medical Graz 99ersImpact Imports000.00
II07Richard PavlikovskyHC Orli ZnojmoImpact Imports000.00
II08Nick RossHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaImpact Imports000.00
II09Brett SonneDornbirner ECImpact Imports000.00
II10Ric JackmanSAPA Fehérvár AV19Impact Imports101.00
II11Marek MalikHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Impact Imports000.00
II12Mark SantorelliHCB SüdtirolImpact Imports000.00
FL01Lammers-Koch-LundmarkEC-KACFirst Line000.00
FL02Fortier-Gratton-FerlandUPC Vienna CapitalsFirst Line000.00
FL03Leahy-Moran-KozekEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzFirst Line000.00
FL04Motzko-Cullen-LatusaEC Red Bull SalzburgFirst Line000.00
FL05Peintner-Ryan-HughesEC VSVFirst Line000.00
FL06Day-Latendresse-LabelleMoser Medical Graz 99ersFirst Line000.00
FL07Jarusek-Blatny-FialaHC Orli ZnojmoFirst Line000.00
FL08Ulmer-Blackwater-HebarHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaFirst Line000.00
FL09Magnan-DAversa-AquinoDornbirner ECFirst Line000.00
FL10Jackman-Hetenyi-BanhamSAPA Fehérvár AV19First Line101.00
FL11Mössmer-Donati-DonatiHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"First Line000.00
FL12Beaudoin-Whitfield-StrömbergHCB SüdtirolFirst Line000.00
EC-KACFirst Line parallel000.00
UPC Vienna CapitalsFirst Line parallel000.00
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzFirst Line parallel000.00
EC Red Bull SalzburgFirst Line parallel000.00
EC VSVFirst Line parallel000.00
Moser Medical Graz 99ersFirst Line parallel000.00
HC Orli ZnojmoFirst Line parallel000.00
HDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaFirst Line parallel000.00
Dornbirner ECFirst Line parallel000.00
SAPA Fehérvár AV19First Line parallel101.00
HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"First Line parallel000.00
HCB SüdtirolFirst Line parallel000.00
CT-01Erste Bank Eishockey LigaEC-KACMeisterpokal000.00
CT-02Erste Bank Young Stars LeagueSAPA Fehérvár AV19Meisterpokal101.00
CT-01pErste Bank Eishockey Liga
EC-KACMeisterpokal parallel000.00
CT-02pErste Bank Young Stars League
SAPA Fehérvár AV19Meisterpokal parallel101.00
BO01Thomas PöckEC-KACBest Of000.00
BO02Rafael RotterUPC Vienna CapitalsBest Of000.00
BO03Robert LukasEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzBest Of000.00
BO04Matthias TrattnigEC Red Bull SalzburgBest Of000.00
BO05Mario AltmannEC VSVBest Of000.00
BO06Manuel GanahlMoser Medical Graz 99ersBest Of000.00
BO07Zdenek BlatnyHC Orli ZnojmoBest Of000.00
BO08Ales MusicHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaBest Of000.00
BO09Martin GrabherDornbirner ECBest Of000.00
BO10Csaba KovacsSAPA Fehérvár AV19Best Of101.00
BO11Alexander HoellerHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Best Of000.00
BO12Alexander EggerHCB SüdtirolBest Of000.00
LE01Gino PasqualottoHCB SüdtirolLegends / Update000.00
LE02Karl HeinzleDornbirner ECLegends / Update000.00
LE03Peter ZnenahlikMoser Medical Graz 99ersLegends / Update000.00
LE04Claus DalpiazHC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Legends / Update000.00
LE05Sepp PuschnigEC-KACLegends / Update000.00
LE06Greger ArturssonEC Red Bull SalzburgLegends / Update000.00
LE07Peter RafflEC VSVLegends / Update000.00
LE08Christian DolezalUPC Vienna CapitalsLegends / Update000.00
LE09Roman KankovskyHC Orli ZnojmoLegends / Update000.00
LE10Tomas VnukHDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaLegends / Update000.00
LE11Rick NasheimEHC Liwest Black Wings LinzLegends / Update000.00
LE12Krisztian PalkovicsSAPA Fehérvár AV19Legends / Update101.00
SI01Mike Siklenka
EC-KACSignatures / Update000.00
SI02Dustin Sylvester
UPC Vienna CapitalsSignatures / Update000.00
SI03Brian Lebler
EHC Liwest Black Wings LinzSignatures / Update000.00
SI04Matthias Trattnig
EC Red Bull SalzburgSignatures / Update000.00
SI05Klemen Pretnar
EC VSVSignatures / Update000.00
SI06Olivier Latendresse
Moser Medical Graz 99ersSignatures / Update000.00
SI07Richard Pavlikovsky
HC Orli ZnojmoSignatures / Update000.00
SI08Andrej Hebar
HDD T. Olimpija LjubljanaSignatures / Update000.00
SI09Luciano Aquino
Dornbirner ECSignatures / Update000.00
SI10Frank Banham
SAPA Fehérvár AV19Signatures / Update101.00
SI11Marek Malik
HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie"Signatures / Update000.00
SI12Trent Whitfield
HCB SüdtirolSignatures / Update000.00
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