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PMC "The Magic" Senna


Year: 1994
Total cards: 162

Piemmeci Publishing s.r.l. (Italy)

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collecting: 5 / completed: 4


1Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
2Kyalami - Grand Prix South AfricaSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
3Zolder - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1984Toleman Hart111.00
4Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
5Dijon-Prenois - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
6Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
7Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
8Detroit - Grand Prix USA EastSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
9Dallas - Grand Prix USASeason 1984Toleman Hart111.00
10Brands Hatch - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
11Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
12Osterreichring - Grand Prix AustriaSeason 1984Toleman Hart000.00
13Zandvort - Grand Prix NetherlandsSeason 1984Toleman Hart101.00
14Nurburgring - Grand Prix EuropeSeason 1984Toleman Hart010.00
15Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1984Toleman Hart111.00
16Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1985Lotus Renault000.00
17Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
18Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
19Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
20Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
21Detroit - Grand Prix USA EastSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
22Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1985Lotus Renault020.00
23Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1985Lotus Renault020.00
24Nurburgring - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1985Lotus Renault020.00
25Osterreichring - Grand Prix AustriaSeason 1985Lotus Renault020.00
26Zandvort - Grand Prix NetherlandsSeason 1985Lotus Renault020.00
27Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1985Lotus Renault000.00
28Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
29Brands Hatch - Grand Prix EuropeSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
30Kyalami - Grand Prix South AfricaSeason 1985Lotus Renault111.00
31Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1985Lotus Renault010.00
32Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1986Lotus Renault000.00
33Jerez - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1986Lotus Renault020.00
34Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1986Lotus Renault020.00
35Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1986Lotus Renault101.00
36Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
37Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
38Detroit - Grand Prix USA EastSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
39Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
40Brands Hatch - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
41Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1986Lotus Renault111.00
42Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1986Lotus Renault000.00
43Osterreichring - Grand Prix AustriaSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
44Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1986Lotus Renault221.00
45Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1986Lotus Renault000.00
46Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1986Lotus Renault010.00
47Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1986Lotus Renault000.00
48Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
49Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
50Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
51Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
52Detroit - Grand Prix USA EastSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
53Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
54Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
55Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
56Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
57Osterreichring - Grand Prix AustriaSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
58Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1987Lotus Honda101.00
59Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1987Lotus Honda000.00
60Jerez - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
61Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
62Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
63Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1987Lotus Honda010.00
64Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
65Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
66Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1988McLaren Honda101.00
67Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
68Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
69Detroit - Grand Prix USA EastSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
70Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
71Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
72Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
73Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
74Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
75Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1988McLaren Honda101.00
76Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
77Jerez - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
78Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1988McLaren Honda010.00
79Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1988McLaren Honda000.00
80Jacarepagua - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
81Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
82Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
83Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1989McLaren Honda000.00
84Phoenix - Grand Prix USASeason 1989McLaren Honda000.00
85Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
86Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1989McLaren Honda000.00
87Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
88Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
89Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
90Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1989McLaren Honda020.00
91Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
92Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
93Jerez - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1989McLaren Honda000.00
94Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1989McLaren Honda000.00
95Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1989McLaren Honda010.00
96Phoenix - Grand Prix USASeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
97Interlagos - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1990McLaren Honda111.00
98Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
99Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
100Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1990McLaren Honda000.00
101Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
102Le Castellet - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
103Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1990McLaren Honda111.00
104Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1990McLaren Honda000.00
105Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
106Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
107Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
108Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
109Jerez - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
110Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
111Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1990McLaren Honda010.00
112Phoenix - Grand Prix USASeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
113Interlagos - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
114Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
115Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
116Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
117Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
118Magny-Cours - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
119Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
120Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
121Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
122Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
123Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1991McLaren Honda101.00
124Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
125Barcelona - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1991McLaren Honda010.00
126Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
127Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1991McLaren Honda000.00
128Kyalami - Grand Prix South AfricaSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
129Mexico City - Grand Prix MexicoSeason 1992McLaren Honda000.00
130Interlagos - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1992McLaren Honda000.00
131Barcelona - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
132Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
133Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1992McLaren Honda111.00
134Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1992McLaren Honda111.00
135Magny-Cours - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
136Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
137Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1992McLaren Honda111.00
138Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
139Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
140Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1992McLaren Honda010.00
141Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1992McLaren Honda000.00
142Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1992McLaren Honda000.00
143Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1992McLaren Honda000.00
144Kyalami - Grand Prix South AfricaSeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
145Interlagos - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
146Donington - Grand Prix EuropeSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
147Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
148Barcelona - Grand Prix SpainSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
149Montecarlo - Grand Prix MonacoSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
150Montreal - Grand Prix CanadaSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
151Magny-Cours - Grand Prix FranceSeason 1993McLaren Ford111.00
152Silverstone - Grand Prix Great BritainSeason 1993McLaren Ford020.00
153Hockenheim - Grand Prix GermanySeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
154Hungaroring - Grand Prix HungarySeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
155Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix BelgiumSeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
156Monza - Grand Prix ItalySeason 1993McLaren Ford000.00
157Estoril - Grand Prix PortugalSeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
158Suzuka - Grand Prix JapanSeason 1993McLaren Ford000.00
159Adelaide - Grand Prix AustraliaSeason 1993McLaren Ford010.00
160Interlagos - Grand Prix BrazilSeason 1994Williams Renault111.00
161Aida - Grand Prix PacificSeason 1994Williams Renault010.00
162Imola - Grand Prix San MarinoSeason 1994Williams Renault010.00
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