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Pro Set Desert Storm

Pro Set Desert Storm

Year: 1991
Total cards: 250

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 0


1Republic of AfghanistanGeographyBase card202.00
2Argentine RepublicGeographyBase card202.00
3Commonwealth of AustraliaGeographyBase card212.00
4Republic of AustriaGeographyBase card212.00
5BaghdadGeographyBase card202.00
6State of BahrainGeographyBase card202.00
7People's Republic of BangladeshGeographyBase card202.00
8BasraGeographyBase card212.00
9Kingdom of BelgiumGeographyBase card212.00
10People's Republic of BulgariaGeographyBase card212.00
11CanadaGeographyBase card212.00
12People's Republic of ChinaGeographyBase card202.00
13Czech and Slovak Federative RepublicGeographyBase card202.00
14Kingdom of DenmarkGeographyBase card212.00
15Diego GarciaGeographyBase card212.00
16The Arab Republic of EgyptGeographyBase card202.00
17Republic of FinlandGeographyBase card212.00
18French RepublicGeographyBase card212.00
19Federal Republic of GermanyGeographyBase card212.00
20Hellenic Republic (Greece)GeographyBase card202.00
21Republic of HondurasGeographyBase card212.00
22Republic of HungaryGeographyBase card212.00
23IcelandGeographyBase card212.00
24Islamic Republic of IranGeographyBase card212.00
25Republic of IraqGeographyBase card202.00
26State of IsraelGeographyBase card202.00
27Italian RepublicGeographyBase card202.00
28JapanGeographyBase card212.00
29JerusalemGeographyBase card212.00
30The Hashemite Kingdom of JordanGeographyBase card212.00
31State of KuwaitGeographyBase card212.00
32The City of KuwaitGeographyBase card212.00
33Republic of LebanonGeographyBase card212.00
34LibyaGeographyBase card202.00
35Grand Duchy of LuxembourgGeographyBase card212.00
36MalaysiaGeographyBase card202.00
37Kingdom of MoroccoGeographyBase card212.00
38Kingdom of the NetherlandsGeographyBase card212.00
39New ZealandGeographyBase card202.00
40Republic of NigerGeographyBase card202.00
41Kingdom of NorwayGeographyBase card202.00
42Sultanate of OmanGeographyBase card202.00
43Islamic Republic of PakistanGeographyBase card202.00
44Persian GulfGeographyBase card212.00
45Republic of the PhilippinesGeographyBase card202.00
46Republic of PolandGeographyBase card202.00
47Republic of PortugalGeographyBase card212.00
48State of QatarGeographyBase card212.00
49RiyadhGeographyBase card212.00
50Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaGeographyBase card212.00
51Republic of SenegalGeographyBase card212.00
52Republic of Sierra LeoneGeographyBase card212.00
53South KoreaGeographyBase card212.00
54Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsGeographyBase card212.00
55SpainGeographyBase card202.00
56Kingdom of SwedenGeographyBase card212.00
57Syrian Arab RepublicGeographyBase card212.00
58Taiwan (Republic of China)GeographyBase card212.00
59Tel AvivGeographyBase card212.00
60Republic of TurkeyGeographyBase card212.00
61United Arab EmiratesGeographyBase card202.00
62United KingdomGeographyBase card212.00
63United States of AmericaGeographyBase card212.00
64Washington, District of ColumbiaGeographyBase card212.00
65Republic of YemenGeographyBase card212.00
66Brian Mulroney - Prime Minister of CanadaLeaderBase card212.00
67Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani - President of IranLeaderBase card212.00
68Tariq Aziz - Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of IraqLeaderBase card212.00
69Saddam Hussein - President of IraqLeaderBase card212.00
70Yitzhak Shamir - Prime Minister of IsraelLeaderBase card212.00
71His Majesty King Hussein I - JordanLeaderBase card212.00
72Sheik Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah - Emir of KuwaitLeaderBase card212.00
73King Fahd Bin 'Abdulaziz - King & Prime Minister of Saudi ArabiaLeaderBase card212.00
74Mikhail Gorbachev - President of the U.S.S.R.LeaderBase card212.00
75Hafez Al-Assad - President of SyriaLeaderBase card212.00
76John Major - Prime Minister of the U.K.LeaderBase card212.00
77Javier Pérez de Cuéllar - Secretary General of the United NationsLeaderBase card212.00
78James Baker - Secretary of State, U.S.A.LeaderBase card212.00
79George Herbert Walker Bush - President of the U.S.A.LeaderBase card212.00
80Richard B. Cheney - Secretary of Defense, U.S.A.LeaderBase card212.00
81Marlin Fitzwater - Press Secretary for the President, U.S.A.LeaderBase card212.00
82General Alfred M. Gray - Commander, U.S. Marine CorpsLeaderBase card212.00
83Lieutenant General Charles A. Horner - Commander, 9th Air Force; U.S. Central Command Air Forces, Shaw AFB, S.C.LeaderBase card212.00
84Margaret Hilda Thatcher - Former Prime Minister, UKLeaderBase card212.00
85Admiral Frank B. Kelso II - Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. NavyLeaderBase card212.00
86General Merrill A. McPeak - Chief of Staff, U.S. Air ForceLeaderBase card202.00
87Brigadier General Richard L. Neal - Director, Manpower Plans & Policy Division, U.S. Marine CorpsLeaderBase card212.00
88General Colin L. Powell - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S.A.LeaderBase card212.00
89General H. Normah Schwarzkopf - Commander in Chief, U.S. Central CommandLeaderBase card212.00
90Canadian Executive BranchGovernmentBase card212.00
91Canadian National AnthemGovernmentBase card212.00
92Canadian SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
93Iraqi SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
94Kuwait SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
95Saudia Arabia SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
96United Nations HistoryGovernmentBase card212.00
97United Nations OrganizationGovernmentBase card212.00
98United Nations ResolutionsGovernmentBase card212.00
99United Nations SanctionsGovernmentBase card212.00
100United Nations Security CouncilGovernmentBase card212.00
101United Kingdom SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
102Central Intelligence AgencyGovernmentBase card212.00
103U.S. CongressGovernmentBase card212.00
104U.S. ConstitutionGovernmentBase card212.00
105Department of Defense (DOD)GovernmentBase card212.00
106PentagonGovernmentBase card212.00
107Judicial SystemGovernmentBase card212.00
108U.S. National AnthemGovernmentBase card212.00
109National Security ActGovernmentBase card212.00
110The Pledge of AllegianceGovernmentBase card212.00
111U.S. President and CabinetGovernmentBase card212.00
112U.S. Department of StateGovernmentBase card202.00
113Fire FightersPersonnelBase card212.00
114Military PolicePersonnelBase card212.00
115Radar OperatorsPersonnelBase card212.00
116The Chaplains' CorpsPersonnelBase card202.00
117The InfantrymanPersonnelBase card212.00
118United States Air ForcePersonnelBase card212.00
119United States ArmyPersonnelBase card212.00
120United States Coast GuardPersonnelBase card212.00
121United States Marine CorpsPersonnelBase card212.00
122United States NavyPersonnelBase card212.00
123United States Air Force AcademyPersonnelBase card212.00
124U.S. Marine WarriorPersonnelBase card212.00
125United States Military Academy West PointPersonnelBase card212.00
126U.S. Naval AcademyPersonnelBase card212.00
127U.S. Navy SEALsPersonnelBase card212.00
128Amphibious AssaultIntelligence FileBase card212.00
129Arabic LanguageIntelligence FileBase card212.00
130Arab LeagueIntelligence FileBase card212.00
131Chemical/Biological WarfareIntelligence FileBase card212.00
132ChristianityIntelligence FileBase card212.00
133Chronology of EventsIntelligence FileBase card212.00
134Conserving EnergyIntelligence FileBase card212.00
135Dog TagsIntelligence FileBase card212.00
136Donating BloodIntelligence FileBase card212.00
137IslamIntelligence FileBase card202.00
138JournalismIntelligence FileBase card212.00
139JudaismIntelligence FileBase card212.00
140Mideast Greeting CustomsIntelligence FileBase card212.00
141Middle East History - ColonialIntelligence FileBase card212.00
142Middle East History - PresentIntelligence FileBase card202.00
143Middle East History - AncientIntelligence FileBase card212.00
144OilIntelligence FileBase card202.00
145PalestiniansIntelligence FileBase card212.00
146ReconaissanceIntelligence FileBase card212.00
147Red CrossIntelligence FileBase card202.00
148ReservesIntelligence FileBase card212.00
149RankIntelligence FileBase card212.00
150United Service OrganizationIntelligence FileBase card212.00
151Yellow RibbonsIntelligence FileBase card212.00
152CamouflageMilitary SkillBase card212.00
153Collect/Report InformationMilitary SkillBase card212.00
154CourtesyMilitary SkillBase card212.00
155DisciplineMilitary SkillBase card212.00
156EducationMilitary SkillBase card212.00
157First AidMilitary SkillBase card212.00
158FitnessMilitary SkillBase card212.00
159Greenwich Mean TimeMilitary SkillBase card212.00
160Hand SignalsMilitary SkillBase card212.00
161Health & HygieneMilitary SkillBase card212.00
162Heroes Don't Do DrugsMilitary SkillBase card212.00
163InspectionMilitary SkillBase card212.00
164Latitude and LongitudeMilitary SkillBase card212.00
165Map ReadingMilitary SkillBase card212.00
166Women in CombatMilitary SkillBase card202.00
167Military TimeMilitary SkillBase card212.00
168Moon PhasesMilitary SkillBase card212.00
169NavigationMilitary SkillBase card212.00
170Noise, Light & Litter DisciplineMilitary SkillBase card212.00
171Phonetic AlphabetMilitary SkillBase card212.00
172RangeMilitary SkillBase card212.00
173Recognition CardsMilitary SkillBase card212.00
174SurvivalMilitary SkillBase card212.00
175TeamworkMilitary SkillBase card212.00
176USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
177Kilauea Class Ammunition Ship (AE)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
178USS England (CG-22)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
179USS Inchon (LPH-12)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
180USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
181USS Midway (CV-41)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
182USS Wisconsin (BB-64)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
183USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
184USS Saratoga (CV-60)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
185USS Ranger (CV-61)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
186USS Richmond K. Turner (CG-20)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
187USS Missouri (BB-63)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
188Aggressive Class Mine Sweeper (MSO)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
189Farragut Class Destroyer (DDG)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
190USNS Hospital Ship (TAH)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
191Knox Class Frigate (FF)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
192Newport Class Tank Landing Ship (LST)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
193USS America (CV-66)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
194Ticonderoga Class Cruiser (CG)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
195Spruance Class Destroyer (DD)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
196Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate (FFG)Military Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
197LCACMilitary Asset - Fighting ShipBase card212.00
198M60 Machine GunMilitary Asset - Combat GearBase card212.00
199M2/M3 Bradley Fighting VehicleMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
200T-62 Main Battle BankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
201Challenger Main Battle TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
202T-72 Main Battle TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
203AMX-30 TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
204Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)Military Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
205M109 DSWS HowitzerMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
206M113 Armored Personnel CarrierMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
207M998 HummerMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
208M1 Main Battle TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
209M1A1 Abrams TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
210M551 SheridanMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
211M60 Main Battle TankMilitary Asset - Armor and ArtilleryBase card212.00
212FIM-92A StingerMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
213Hawk Guided Missile SystemMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
214M1M-104 PatriotMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
215Tomahawk Cruise MissileMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
216SS-1C Scud B/CMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
217AIM-9 SidewinderMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
218AGM-65 MaverickMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
219M220A1 TOWMilitary Asset - MissileBase card212.00
220FB-111 AardvarkMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
221F-14 TomcatMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
222F-15 EagleMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
223F-16 Fighting FalconMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
224F-4G Wild WeaseMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
225F/A-18 HornetMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
226KC-10A ExtenderMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
227MIG-21 FishbedMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card202.00
228MIG-23 FloggerMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
229Mirage 2000Military Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
230UH-1 IroquoisMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
231UH-60A Black HawkMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
232TornadoMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
233F-117A Stealth FighterMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
234C-5 GalaxyMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
235A-7 CorsairMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
236A-10 Thunderbolt IIMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
237A-6 IntruderMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
238AH-1 CobraMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
239AH-64 ApacheMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card202.00
240AV-8B Harrier IIMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card202.00
241B-52 StratofortressMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
242C-130 HerculesMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
243C-141B StarlifterMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
244CH-46 Sea KnightMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
245CH-47D ChinookMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
246E-2C HawkeyeMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
247E-3 Sentry AWACSMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
248EA-6B ProwlerMilitary Asset - WarbirdBase card212.00
249BombsMilitary AssetBase card212.00
250PeacePeaceBase card212.00
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