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Pro Set English Football 1991-1992

Pro Set English Football 1991-1992

Year: 1991
Total cards: 479

1991/92 Official PRO SET Player cards.

Collection preview (86% scanned images)

collecting: 61 / completed: 17


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1David SeamanArsenalP1. Base card1644.00
2Nigel WinterburnArsenalP1. Base card1381.63
3David RocastleArsenalP1. Base card1281.50
4Paul DavisArsenalP1. Base card1362.17
5Anders LimparArsenalP1. Base card14131.08
6Paul MersonArsenalP1. Base card13180.72
7Nigel SpinkAston VillaP1. Base card12101.20
8Stuart GraySouthamptonP1. Base card14101.40
9Derek MountfieldAston VillaP1. Base card11101.10
10Gordan CowansAston VillaP1. Base card14101.40
11Dwight YorkeAston VillaP1. Base card1591.67
12Tony DaleyAston VillaP1. Base card10170.59
13Dave BeasantChelseaP1. Base card1281.50
14Andy TownsendChelseaP1. Base card15131.15
15Joe AllonChelseaP1. Base card12130.92
16Alan DickensChelseaP1. Base card11120.92
17Ken MonkouChelseaP1. Base card14111.27
18Kerry DixonChelseaP1. Base card1391.44
19Steve OgrizovicCoventry CityP1. Base card1291.33
20David SmithCoventry CityP1. Base card13101.30
21Kevin GallacherCoventry CityP1. Base card10110.91
22Robert RosarioCoventry CityP1. Base card7150.47
23Mick GynnCoventry CityP1. Base card9130.69
24Stewart RobsonCoventry CityP1. Base card11130.85
25Paul BodinCrystal PalaceP1. Base card10110.91
26Andy GrayCrystal PalaceP1. Base card11111.00
27John HumphreyCrystal PalaceP1. Base card981.13
28Mark BrightCrystal PalaceP1. Base card10110.91
29Ian WrightArsenalP1. Base card9140.64
30Alan PardewCrystal PalaceP1. Base card13101.30
31Neville SouthallEvertonP1. Base card1171.57
32Martin KeownEvertonP1. Base card12121.00
33Kevin SheedyEvertonP1. Base card1191.22
34Peter BeardsleyEvertonP1. Base card1271.71
35Mark WardEvertonP1. Base card12101.20
36Tony CotteeEvertonP1. Base card1171.57
37John LukicLeeds UnitedP1. Base card1352.60
38David BattyLeeds UnitedP1. Base card14101.40
39Gary McAllisterLeeds UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
40Rodney WallaceLeeds UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
41Tony DorigoLeeds UnitedP1. Base card9100.90
42Lee ChapmanLeeds UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
43Bruce GrobbelaarLiverpoolP1. Base card1371.86
44Mark WrightLiverpoolP1. Base card11101.10
45Steve NicolLiverpoolP1. Base card1271.71
46Ray HoughtonLiverpoolP1. Base card13101.30
47Mark WaltersLiverpoolP1. Base card1581.88
48Dean SaundersLiverpoolP1. Base card1291.33
49Alex ChamberlainLuton TownP1. Base card10140.71
50Dave BeaumontLuton TownP1. Base card9110.82
51Darren McDonoughLuton TownP1. Base card10130.77
52David PreeceLuton TownP1. Base card13111.18
53Mark PembridgeLuton TownP1. Base card13111.18
54Brain SteinLuton TownP1. Base card13131.00
55Tony CotonManchester CityP1. Base card11101.10
56Neil PointonManchester CityP1. Base card12130.92
57Steve RedmondManchester CityP1. Base card12140.86
58Keith CurleManchester CityP1. Base card13121.08
59David WhiteManchester CityP1. Base card13101.30
60Niall QuinnManchester CityP1. Base card10120.83
61Peter SchmeichelManchester UnitedP1. Base card1662.67
62Paul ParkerManchester UnitedP1. Base card13101.30
63Steve BruceManchester UnitedP1. Base card1662.67
64Gary PallisterManchester UnitedP1. Base card1391.44
65Clayton BlackmoreManchester UnitedP1. Base card1381.63
66Lee SharpeManchester UnitedP1. Base card1262.00
67Mark HughesManchester UnitedP1. Base card1491.56
68Bryan GunnNorwich CityP1. Base card12111.09
69Lee PowerNorwich CityP1. Base card11150.73
70Dale GordonNorwich CityP1. Base card11160.69
71Tim SherwoodNorwich CityP1. Base card11140.79
72Robert FleckNorwich CityP1. Base card13111.18
73Ian ButterworthNorwich CityP1. Base card9140.64
74Mark CrossleyNottingham ForestP1. Base card1291.33
75Steve ChettleNottingham ForestP1. Base card12101.20
76Stuart PearceNottingham ForestP1. Base card12111.09
77Nigel CloughNottingham ForestP1. Base card12101.20
78Roy KeaneNottingham ForestP1. Base card1152.20
79Teddy SheringhamNottingham ForestP1. Base card1682.00
80Steve CherryNotts CountyP1. Base card10110.91
81Dean YatesNotts CountyP1. Base card1191.22
82Alan ParisNotts CountyP1. Base card11120.92
83Craig ShortNotts CountyP1. Base card1391.44
84Tommy JohnsonNotts CountyP1. Base card1291.33
85Paul HardingNotts CountyP1. Base card9110.82
86Jon HallworthOldham AthleticP1. Base card10110.91
87Rick HoldenOldham AthleticP1. Base card9110.82
88Nick HenryOldham AthleticP1. Base card11130.85
89Graeme SharpOldham AthleticP1. Base card1291.33
90Richard JobsonOldham AthleticP1. Base card12101.20
91Paul BernardOldham AthleticP1. Base card9140.64
92Les FerdinandQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card1281.50
93David BardsleyQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card13121.08
94Simon BarkerQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card10101.00
95Ray WilkinsQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card11101.10
96Roy WegerleQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card10160.63
97Andy SintonQueen's Park RangersP1. Base card11111.00
98Simon TraceySheffield UnitedP1. Base card11111.00
99Vinny JonesChelseaP1. Base card1481.75
100Paul BeesleySheffield UnitedP1. Base card11101.10
101John PembertonSheffield UnitedP1. Base card12101.20
102Brian MarwoodSheffield UnitedP1. Base card11101.10
103Brian DeaneSheffield UnitedP1. Base card1291.33
104Chris WoodsSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card1271.71
105Paul WarhurstSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card1281.50
106Phil KingSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card13101.30
107Danny WilsonSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card11111.00
108Roland NilssonSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card12101.20
109David HirstSheffield WednesdayP1. Base card11101.10
110Tim FlowersSouthamptonP1. Base card10101.00
111Alan ShearerSouthamptonP1. Base card1672.29
112Paul RideoutNotts CountyP1. Base card13131.00
113Jason DoddSouthamptonP1. Base card1291.33
114Russell OsmanSouthamptonP1. Base card12111.09
115Kevin MooreSouthamptonP1. Base card12130.92
116Erik ThorstvedtTottenham HotspurP1. Base card13101.30
117Gary MabbuttTottenham HotspurP1. Base card12101.20
118Pat Van Den HauweTottenham HotspurP1. Base card13101.30
119Gary LinekerTottenham HotspurP1. Base card13111.18
120Paul StewartTottenham HotspurP1. Base card1181.38
121Steve SedgleyTottenham HotspurP1. Base card10110.91
122Ludek MikloskoWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card1291.33
123Ian BishopWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card11130.85
124Stuart SlaterWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card12101.20
125Frank McAvennieWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card12111.09
126Tim BreackerWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
127Trevor MorleyWest Ham UnitedP1. Base card12121.00
128Andy ClarkeWimbledonP1. Base card12111.09
129Lawrie SanchezWimbledonP1. Base card1181.38
130John FashanuWimbledonP1. Base card1181.38
131Warren BartonWimbledonP1. Base card11111.00
132Paul McGeeWimbledonP1. Base card9120.75
133Aiden NewhouseWimbledonP1. Base card10140.71
134Brendan O'ConnellBarnsleyP1. Base card11101.10
135Gerry TaggartBarnsleyP1. Base card11111.00
136Owen ArchdeaconBarnsleyP1. Base card11101.10
137Gary FlemingBarnsleyP1. Base card10130.77
138Kevin MoranBlackburn RoversP1. Base card10110.91
139Mike DuxburyBlackburn RoversP1. Base card10101.00
140Lenny JohnroseBlackburn RoversP1. Base card12130.92
141Perry DigweedBrighton & Hove AlbionP1. Base card12111.09
142Mark BarhamBrighton & Hove AlbionP1. Base card11111.00
143Clive WalkerBrighton & Hove AlbionP1. Base card10110.91
144Nicky BissettBrighton & Hove AlbionP1. Base card1491.56
145Andy LeaningBristol CityP1. Base card1271.71
146Andy MayBristol CityP1. Base card11101.10
147Dave SmithBristol CityP1. Base card10110.91
148Bob TaylorBristol CityP1. Base card11111.00
149Ian HazelBristol RoversP1. Base card12111.09
150Carl SaundersBristol RoversP1. Base card12111.09
151Tony PounderBristol RoversP1. Base card12111.09
152John VaughanCambridge UnitedP1. Base card1291.33
153John TaylorCambridge UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
154Dion DublinCambridge UnitedP1. Base card12160.75
155Lee PhilpottCambridge UnitedP1. Base card12111.09
156Robert LeeCharlton AthleticP1. Base card11120.92
157Darren PitcherCharlton AthleticP1. Base card12101.20
158John BumsteadCharlton AthleticP1. Base card11140.79
159Carl LeaburnCharlton AthleticP1. Base card9130.69
160Peter ShiltonDerby CountyP1. Base card1391.44
161Mel SageDerby CountyP1. Base card1291.33
162Mick HarfordLuton TownP1. Base card1491.56
163Mike ForsythDerby CountyP1. Base card9100.90
164Garry BirtlesGrimsby TownP1. Base card11170.65
165Paul FutcherGrimsby TownP1. Base card12130.92
166Tommy WatsonGrimsby TownP1. Base card10140.71
167Murray JohnsGrimsby TownP1. Base card12101.20
168Craig ForrestIpswich TownP1. Base card10101.00
169Mike StockwellIpswich TownP1. Base card11101.10
170Gavin JohnsonIpswich TownP1. Base card12101.20
171Chris KiwomyaIpswich TownP1. Base card11101.10
172Tommy WrightLeicester CityP1. Base card13121.08
173Gary MillsLeicester CityP1. Base card13121.08
174Colin GibsonLeicester CityP1. Base card11111.00
175David KellyLeicester CityP1. Base card14101.40
176Mark ProctorMiddlesbroughP1. Base card12121.00
177Stuart RipleyMiddlesbroughP1. Base card12101.20
178Bernie SlavenMiddlesbroughP1. Base card1181.38
179Brian HorneMillwallP1. Base card12111.09
180Steve WoodMillwallP1. Base card13131.00
181Malcolm AllenMillwallP1. Base card12101.20
182Darren MorganMillwallP1. Base card11130.85
183Mick QuinnNewcastle UnitedP1. Base card13101.30
184Steve WatsonNewcastle UnitedP1. Base card1281.50
185Gavin PeacockNewcastle UnitedP1. Base card11111.00
186Liam O'BrienNewcastle UnitedP1. Base card1371.86
187Mark SteinOxford UnitedP1. Base card11101.10
188Steve FosterOxford UnitedP1. Base card12130.92
189Paul SimpsonOxford UnitedP1. Base card11150.73
190Les RobinsonOxford UnitedP1. Base card13131.00
191Guy WhittinghamPortsmouthP1. Base card12130.92
192Colin ClarkePortsmouthP1. Base card12140.86
193Warren AspinallPortsmouthP1. Base card11150.73
194Steve WigleyPortsmouthP1. Base card11160.69
195Mark GrewPort ValeP1. Base card11130.85
196Martin FoylePort ValeP1. Base card11101.10
197Dean GloverPort ValeP1. Base card11140.79
198Keith HouchenPort ValeP1. Base card12121.00
199Rhys WilmotPlymouth ArgyleP1. Base card13101.30
200Robbie TurnerPlymouth ArgyleP1. Base card10120.83
201Nicky MarkerPlymouth ArgyleP1. Base card10110.91
202Darren GarnerPlymouth ArgyleP1. Base card1091.11
203Paul SansomeSouthend UnitedP1. Base card12101.20
204Peter ButlerSouthend UnitedP1. Base card12130.92
205David MartinSouthend UnitedP1. Base card12111.09
206Brett AngellSouthend UnitedP1. Base card11120.92
207Tony NormanSunderlandP1. Base card10101.00
208Gary OwersSunderlandP1. Base card10130.77
209Gary BennettSunderlandP1. Base card11101.10
210Marco GabbiadiniSunderlandP1. Base card1171.57
211David KerslakeSwindon TownP1. Base card11120.92
212Steve FoleySwindon TownP1. Base card11140.79
213Fitzroy SimpsonSwindon TownP1. Base card12121.00
214Micky HazardSwindon TownP1. Base card13121.08
215Eric NixonTranmere RoversP1. Base card1191.22
216Jim SteelTranmere RoversP1. Base card10150.67
217Steve CooperTranmere RoversP1. Base card10110.91
218John MorrisseyTranmere RoversP1. Base card9110.82
219Alan DevonshireWatfordP1. Base card11130.85
220Keith DublinWatfordP1. Base card7120.58
221Joe McLaughlinWatfordP1. Base card10130.77
222David HoldsworthWatfordP1. Base card13111.18
223Andy MutchWolverhampton WanderersP1. Base card1291.33
224Robert DennisonWolverhampton WanderersP1. Base card12101.20
225Paul CookWolverhampton WanderersP1. Base card991.00
226Steve BullWolverhampton WanderersP1. Base card12101.20
227Kevin KeeganLiverpoolP1. Legend1662.67
228Malcolm McDonaldArsenalP1. Legend1291.33
229Bobby CharltonManchester UnitedP1. Legend1362.17
230George BestManchester UnitedP1. Legend1853.60
231Lee DixonArsenalP2. Base card1553.00
232Steve BouldArsenalP2. Base card1252.40
233Tony AdamsArsenalP2. Base card1581.88
234David HillierArsenalP2. Base card1443.50
235Alan SmithArsenalP2. Base card1362.17
236Kevin CampbellArsenalP2. Base card1472.00
237Steve StauntonAston VillaP2. Base card1371.86
238Paul McGrathAston VillaP2. Base card1472.00
239Kevin RichardsonAston VillaP2. Base card1635.33
240Ian OlneyAston VillaP2. Base card11120.92
241Cyrille RegisAston VillaP2. Base card15121.25
242Dalian AtkinsonAston VillaP2. Base card1481.75
243Kevin HitchcockChelseaP2. Base card1872.57
244Jason CundyChelseaP2. Base card1381.63
245Tommy BoydChelseaP2. Base card1644.00
246Paul ElliottChelseaP2. Base card1491.56
247Graeme Le SauxChelseaP2. Base card1572.14
248Kevin WilsonChelseaP2. Base card1462.33
249Peter BillingCoventry CityP2. Base card1481.75
250Paul FurlongCoventry CityP2. Base card1691.78
251Lloyd McGrathCoventry CityP2. Base card1371.86
252Kenny SansomCoventry CityP2. Base card1553.00
253Sean FlynnCoventry CityP2. Base card1472.00
254Peter NdlovuCoventry CityP2. Base card1572.14
255Nigel MartynCrystal PalaceP2. Base card1252.40
256Eric YoungCrystal PalaceP2. Base card1081.25
257Eddie McGoldrickCrystal PalaceP2. Base card1371.86
258Geoff ThomasCrystal PalaceP2. Base card961.50
259John SalakoCrystal PalaceP2. Base card1262.00
260Andy ThornCrystal PalaceP2. Base card1281.50
261John EbbrellEvertonP2. Base card1481.75
262Dave WatsonEvertonP2. Base card1281.50
263Kevin RatcliffeEvertonP2. Base card1452.80
264Pat NevinEvertonP2. Base card1653.20
265Peter BeagrieEvertonP2. Base card1371.86
266Robert WarzychaEvertonP2. Base card1391.44
267Mel SterlandLeeds UnitedP2. Base card1472.00
268Chris FaircloughLeeds UnitedP2. Base card15101.50
269Chris WhyteLeeds UnitedP2. Base card1491.56
270Gordon StrachanLeeds UnitedP2. Base card1371.86
271Gary SpeedLeeds UnitedP2. Base card1863.00
272Steve HodgeLeeds UnitedP2. Base card1581.88
273Rob JonesLiverpoolP2. Base card1572.14
274David BurrowsLiverpoolP2. Base card16111.45
275Ronnie WhelanLiverpoolP2. Base card1762.83
276John BarnesLiverpoolP2. Base card1572.14
277Ian RushLiverpoolP2. Base card2163.50
278Steve McManamanLiverpoolP2. Base card2245.50
279John DreyerLuton TownP2. Base card1352.60
280Trevor PeakeLuton TownP2. Base card1291.33
281Chris KamaraLuton TownP2. Base card1481.75
282Richard HarveyLuton TownP2. Base card12101.20
283Mick HarfordLuton TownP2. Base card1281.50
284Andy HillManchester CityP2. Base card1682.00
285Gary MegsonManchester CityP2. Base card1262.00
286Michael HughesManchester CityP2. Base card1371.86
287Peter ReidManchester CityP2. Base card1291.33
288Ian BrightwellManchester CityP2. Base card1371.86
289Adrian HeathManchester CityP2. Base card1271.71
290Dennis IrwinManchester UnitedP2. Base card1662.67
291Neil WebbManchester UnitedP2. Base card1562.50
292Bryan RobsonManchester UnitedP2. Base card1762.83
293Brian McClairManchester UnitedP2. Base card1944.75
294Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedP2. Base card2573.57
295Andrei KanchelskisManchester UnitedP2. Base card1944.75
296David PhillipsNorwich CityP2. Base card1381.63
297Mark BowenNorwich CityP2. Base card1481.75
298Paul BladesNorwich CityP2. Base card1572.14
299Rob NewmanNorwich CityP2. Base card1491.56
300Darren BeckfordNorwich CityP2. Base card1581.88
301Ian CookNorwich CityP2. Base card1381.63
302Des WalkerNottingham ForestP2. Base card1362.17
303Gary CharlesNottingham ForestP2. Base card1091.11
304Gary CrosbyNottingham ForestP2. Base card1491.56
305Ian WoanNottingham ForestP2. Base card1562.50
306Scot GemmillNottingham ForestP2. Base card1553.00
307Lee GloverNottingham ForestP2. Base card1644.00
308Phil TurnerNotts CountyP2. Base card1744.25
309Mark DraperNotts CountyP2. Base card1252.40
310Dean ThomasNotts CountyP2. Base card1572.14
311Kevin BartlettNotts CountyP2. Base card1562.50
312Tony AganaNotts CountyP2. Base card1352.60
313Paul RideoutNotts CountyP2. Base card1572.14
314Andy BarlowOldham AthleticP2. Base card1362.17
315Earl BarrettOldham AthleticP2. Base card1481.75
316Roger PalmerOldham AthleticP2. Base card1462.33
317Ian MarshallOldham AthleticP2. Base card1391.44
318Mike MilliganOldham AthleticP2. Base card1581.88
319Gunnar HalleOldham AthleticP2. Base card1491.56
320Jan StejskalQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1281.50
321Clive WilsonQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1381.63
322Darren PeacockQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1543.75
323Gary ThompsonQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1491.56
324Dennis BaileyQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1381.63
325Alan McDonaldQueen's Park RangersP2. Base card1381.63
326Michael LakeSheffield UnitedP2. Base card1472.00
327John GannonSheffield UnitedP2. Base card1371.86
328Dave WhitehouseSheffield UnitedP2. Base card13101.30
329Carl BradshawSheffield UnitedP2. Base card1572.14
330Jamie HoylandSheffield UnitedP2. Base card1381.63
331Ian BrysonSheffield UnitedP2. Base card1491.56
332Carlton PalmerSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card1352.60
333Nigel PearsonSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card11111.00
334John HarkesSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card1472.00
335John SheridanSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card1581.88
336Paul WilliamsSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card1543.75
337Trevor FrancisSheffield WednesdayP2. Base card1452.80
338Richard HallSouthamptonP2. Base card1753.40
339Iain DowieSouthamptonP2. Base card1371.86
340Barry HorneSouthamptonP2. Base card13101.30
341Glen CockerillSouthamptonP2. Base card1491.56
342Matthew Le TissierSouthamptonP2. Base card1281.50
343Vinny SamwaysTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1653.20
344Paul GascoigneTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1844.50
345NayimTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1271.71
346Paul AllenTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1462.33
347Paul WalshTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1644.00
348Gordon DurieTottenham HotspurP2. Base card1181.38
349Mitchell ThomasWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card1252.40
350Kenny BrownWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card1381.63
351Tony GaleWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card12101.20
352Kevin KeenWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card1553.00
353Colin FosterWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card1452.80
354Mike SmallWest Ham UnitedP2. Base card1181.38
355Hans SegersWimbledonP2. Base card1744.25
356Roger JosephWimbledonP2. Base card1271.71
357Terry PhelanWimbledonP2. Base card1362.17
358Robbie EarleWimbledonP2. Base card1362.17
359Steve AnthrobusWimbledonP2. Base card1543.75
360Mark RobinsonBarnsleyP2. Base card1191.22
361Neil RedfearnBarnsleyP2. Base card14101.40
362Scott SellarsBlackburn RoversP2. Base card1472.00
363Gordon CowansBlackburn RoversP2. Base card1371.86
364Stefan IovanBrighton & Hove AlbionP2. Base card1572.14
365John RobinsonBrighton & Hove AlbionP2. Base card1472.00
366Russell OsmanBristol CityP2. Base card1462.33
367Mark GavinBristol CityP2. Base card1362.17
368Justin SkinnerBristol RoversP2. Base card1391.44
369Devon WhiteBristol RoversP2. Base card1381.63
370Alan KimbleCambridge UnitedP2. Base card10101.00
371Colin BailieCambridge UnitedP2. Base card881.00
372Bob BolderCharlton AthleticP2. Base card12130.92
373Gary NelsonCharlton AthleticP2. Base card1352.60
374Phil GeeDerby CountyP2. Base card1371.86
375Ian OrmondroydDerby CountyP2. Base card9110.82
376Paul AgnewGrimsby TownP2. Base card1672.29
377Kevin JoblingGrimsby TownP2. Base card1462.33
378Jason DozzellIpswich TownP2. Base card1291.33
379John WarkIpswich TownP2. Base card1191.22
380Paul KitsonLeicester CityP2. Base card1181.38
381Steve ThompsonLeicester CityP2. Base card1291.33
382Paul WilkinsonMiddlesbroughP2. Base card1462.33
383Stephan PearsMiddlesbroughP2. Base card1081.25
384Mick McCarthyMillwallP2. Base card1452.80
385Alex RaeMillwallP2. Base card1491.56
386Kevin ScottNewcastle UnitedP2. Base card1281.50
387Andy HuntNewcastle UnitedP2. Base card14101.40
388John DurninOxford UnitedP2. Base card1391.44
389Trevor AylottOxford UnitedP2. Base card1281.50
390Tony SpearingPlymouth ArgyleP2. Base card11101.10
391Dwight MarshallPlymouth ArgyleP2. Base card11101.10
392Mark ChamberlainPortsmouthP2. Base card1271.71
393Darren AndertonPortsmouthP2. Base card1271.71
394Colin WestPort ValeP2. Base card12101.20
395Robin Van Der LaanPort ValeP2. Base card1271.71
396Pat ScullySouthend UnitedP2. Base card1491.56
397Andy AnsahSouthend UnitedP2. Base card1371.86
398John ByrneSunderlandP2. Base card1362.17
399Peter DavenportSunderlandP2. Base card1462.33
400Shaun TaylorSwindon TownP2. Base card1352.60
401Duncan ShearerSwindon TownP2. Base card1562.50
402John AldridgeTranmere RoversP2. Base card1434.67
403Ged BrannanTranmere RoversP2. Base card1653.20
404David JamesWatfordP2. Base card1452.80
405Peter NicholasWatfordP2. Base card1562.50
406Derek MountfieldWolverhampton WanderersP2. Base card1381.63
407Lawrie MaddenWolverhampton WanderersP2. Base card11101.10
408Simon SturridgeBirmingham CityP2. Base card1481.75
409Tony PhilliskirkBolton WanderersP2. Base card1191.22
410Jimmy CaseAFC BournemouthP2. Base card1271.71
411Robbie JamesBradford CityP2. Base card10110.91
412Dean HoldsworthBrentfordP2. Base card1472.00
413Phil ParkinsonBuryP2. Base card13111.18
414Stuart RimmerChester CityP2. Base card1371.86
415Kevan SmithDarlingtonP2. Base card13101.30
416Vince HilaireExeter CityP2. Base card1491.56
417Martin PikeFulhamP2. Base card1391.44
418Brian HonourHartlepool UnitedP2. Base card13101.30
419Iwan RobertsHuddersfield TownP2. Base card1381.63
420Wayne JacobsHull CityP2. Base card1572.14
421Kenny AchampongLeyton OrientP2. Base card1281.50
422Steve WelshPeterborough UnitedP2. Base card1091.11
423Jeff WrightsonPreston North EndP2. Base card1262.00
424Trevor SeniorReadingP2. Base card12111.09
425Tom LynchShrewsbury TownP2. Base card1381.63
426Jim GannonStockport CountyP2. Base card1452.80
427Wayne BigginsStoke CityP2. Base card1462.33
428Russell CoughlinSwansea CityP2. Base card1281.50
429Paul HallTorquay UnitedP2. Base card1543.75
430Craig ShakespeareWest Bromwich AlbionP2. Base card13101.30
431Bryan GriffithsWigan AthleticP2. Base card1472.00
432George BerryAldershotP2. Base card1171.57
433Gary BullBarnetP2. Base card1472.00
434Dave BamberBlackpoolP2. Base card1491.56
435John DearyBurnleyP2. Base card12101.20
436Carl DaleCardiff CityP2. Base card1181.38
437Kelham O'HanlonCarlisle UnitedP2. Base card1562.50
438Lee TurnbullChesterfieldP2. Base card1672.29
439Phil ClarksonCrewe AlexandraP2. Base card1462.33
440Mark RankineDoncaster RoversP2. Base card1581.88
441David CrownGillinghamP2. Base card1391.44
442Nick RichardsonHalifax TownP2. Base card14141.00
443Mel PejicHereford UnitedP2. Base card1191.22
444Matt DickinsLincoln CityP2. Base card10110.91
445Darren DavisMaidstone UnitedP2. Base card1562.50
446George FosterMansfield TownP2. Base card12121.00
447Bobby BarnesNorthampton TownP2. Base card16101.60
448Andy FloundersRochdaleP2. Base card1672.29
449Nigel JohnsonRotherham UnitedP2. Base card13101.30
450Adrian MeyerScarboroughP2. Base card1462.33
451David HillScunthorpe UnitedP2. Base card11111.00
452Colin MethvenWalsallP2. Base card1362.17
453Mickey ThomasWrexhamP2. Base card1271.71
454Paul AtkinYork CityP2. Base card1553.00
455Marco GabbiadiniDerby CountyP2. Base card1662.67
456Ian WrightArsenalP2. Transfer1744.25
457Vinnie JonesChelseaP2. Transfer1635.33
458Clive AllenChelseaP2. Transfer1662.67
459Mo JohnstonEvertonP2. Transfer1653.20
460Gary ParkerAston VillaP2. Transfer1491.56
461Michael ThomasLiverpoolP2. Transfer1281.50
462Kingsley BlackNottingham ForestP2. Transfer1481.75
463Steve McMahonManchester CityP2. Transfer1152.20
464Gary LinekerTottenham HotspurP2. Transfer1472.00
465The FA CupTottenham HotspurP2. Trophy1635.33
466The League ChampionshipArsenalP2. Trophy1635.33
467Team (puzzle 1)EnglandP2. England Squad1635.33
468Team (puzzle 2)EnglandP2. England Squad1728.50
469Team (puzzle 3)EnglandP2. England Squad1635.33
470Team (puzzle 4)EnglandP2. England Squad1635.33
471Team (puzzle 5)EnglandP2. England Squad1635.33
472Team (puzzle 6)EnglandP2. England Squad1635.33
473Team (puzzle 7)EnglandP2. England Squad1535.00
474Team (puzzle 8)EnglandP2. England Squad1527.50
475Team (puzzle 9)EnglandP2. England Squad1735.67
476Bobby MooreWest Ham UnitedP2. Legend1672.29
477Jimmy GreavesChelseaP2. Legend1644.00
478Denis LawManchester UnitedP2. Legend1836.00
479Gordon BanksStoke CityP2. Legend1481.75
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