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Pro Set NHL 1990-1991

Pro Set NHL 1990-1991

Year: 1990
Total cards: 768

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1Ray BourqueBoston BruinsS1. Base card020.00
1eRay Bourque ERRBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
1pBrett Hull PROMOSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
2Randy BurridgeBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
3Lyndon ByersBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
4Bob CarpenterBoston BruinsS1. Base card020.00
5John CarterBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
6Dave ChristianBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
7Garry GalleyBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
7eGarry Galley ERRBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
8Craig JanneyBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
9Reggie LemelinBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
10Andy MoogBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
11Cam NeelyBoston BruinsS1. Base card010.00
12Allen PedersenBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
13Dave PoulinBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
14Brian ProppBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
15Bob SweeneyBoston BruinsS1. Base card020.00
16Glen WesleyBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
17Dave AndreychukBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
17eDave Andreychuk ERRBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
18Scott ArnielBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
18eScott Arniel ERRBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
19Doug BodgerBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
20Mike FolignoBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
21Phil HousleyBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
21ePhil Housley ERRBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
22Dean KennedyBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
23Uwe KruppBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
24Grant LedyardBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
25Clint MalarchukBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
26Alexander MogilnyBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
27Daren PuppaBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
28Mike RamseyBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
29Christian RuuttuBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
30Dave SnuggerudBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
31Pierre TurgeonBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
32Rick VaiveBuffalo SabresS1. Base card010.00
33Theoren FleuryCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
34Doug GilmourCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
35Al MacInnisCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
36Brian MacLellanCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
37Jamie MacounCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
38Sergei MakarovCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
39Brad McCrimmonCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
39eBrad McCrimmon ERRCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
39e2Brad McCrimmon ERR2Calgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
40Joe MullenCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
40eJoe Mullen ERRCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
41Dana MurzynCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
42Joe NieuwendykCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
42eJoe Nieuwendyk ERRCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
43Joel OttoCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
44Paul RanheimCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
45Gary RobertsCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
46Gary SuterCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
47Mike VernonCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
48Rick WamsleyCalgary FlamesS1. Base card010.00
49Keith BrownChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
50Adam CreightonChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
51Dirk GrahamChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
52Steve KonroydChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
53Steve LarmerChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
53eSteve Larmer ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
54Dave MansonChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
54eDave Manson ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
55Bob McGillChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
55eBob McGill ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
56Greg MillenChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
57Troy MurrayChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
57eTroy Murray ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
58Jeremy RoenickChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
59Denis SavardChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
59eDenis Savard ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
60Al SecordChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
60eAl Secord ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
61Duane SutterChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
61eDuane Sutter ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
62Steve ThomasChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
63Doug WilsonChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card020.00
63eDoug Wilson ERRChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
64Trent YawneyChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card010.00
65Dave BarrDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
66Shawn BurrDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
66eShawn Burr ERRDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
67Jimmy CarsonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
68John ChabotDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
69Steve ChiassonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
70Bernie FederkoDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
71Gerard GallantDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
72Glen HanlonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
73Joey KocurDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
74Lee NorwoodDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card020.00
75Mike O'ConnellDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
76Bob ProbertDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
77Torrie RobertsonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
78Daniel ShankDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card020.00
79Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card010.00
80Rick ZomboDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
81Glenn AndersonEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
82Grant FuhrEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
83Martin GelinasEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
84Adam GravesEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
85Charlie HuddyEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
86Petr KlimaEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
87Jari KurriEdmonton OilersS1. Base card020.00
87eJari Kurri ERREdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
88Mark LambEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
89Kevin LoweEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
90Craig MacTavishEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
91Mark MessierEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
92Craig MuniEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
93Joe MurphyEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
94Bill RanfordEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
95Craig SimpsonEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
96Steve SmithEdmonton OilersS1. Base card010.00
97Esa TikkanenEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
98Mikael AnderssonHartford WhalersS1. Base card020.00
99Dave BabychHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
100Yvon CorriveauHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
101Randy CunneyworthHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
102Kevin DineenHartford WhalersS1. Base card000.00
103Dean EvasonHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
104Ray FerraroHartford WhalersS1. Base card000.00
105Ron FrancisHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
106Grant JenningsHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
107Todd KrygierHartford WhalersS1. Base card000.00
108Randy LadouceurHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
109Ulf SamuelssonHartford WhalersS1. Base card020.00
110Brad ShawHartford WhalersS1. Base card000.00
111Dave TippettHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
112Pat VerbeekHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
113Scott YoungHartford WhalersS1. Base card010.00
114Brian BenningLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
115Steve DuchesneLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
116Todd ElikLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
117Tony GranatoLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card020.00
118Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
119Kelly HrudeyLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
120Steve KasperLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
120eSteve Kasper ERRLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
121Mike KrushelnyskiLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
121eMike Krushelnyski ERRLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
122Bob KudelskiLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
123Tom LaidlawLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
124Marty McSorleyLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
125Larry RobinsonLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
126Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
127Tomas SandstromLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card020.00
128Dave TaylorLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
129John TonelliLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card010.00
129eJohn Tonelli ERRLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
130Brian BellowsMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card020.00
130eBrian Bellows ERRMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
131Aaron BrotenMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
132Neal BrotenMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
133Jon CaseyMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
134Shawn ChambersMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
135Shane ChurlaMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
136Ulf DahlenMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
137Gaetan DuchesneMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
138Dave GagnerMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
139Stewart GavinMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card010.00
140Curt GilesMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
141Basil McRaeMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
142Mike ModanoMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
143Larry MurphyMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
144Ville SirenMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
145Mark TinordiMinnesota North StarsS1. Base card000.00
146Guy CarbonneauMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
147Chris CheliosMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
147eChris Chelios ERRMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
148Shayne CorsonMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
149Russ CourtnallMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
150Brian HaywardMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
151Mike KeaneMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
152Stephan LebeauMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
153Claude LemieuxMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
154Craig LudwigMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
155Mike McPheeMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
156Stephane RicherMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
157Patrick RoyMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
158Mathieu SchneiderMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
159Brian SkrudlandMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
160Bobby SmithMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card010.00
161Petr SvobodaMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
162Tommy AlbelinNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
163Doug BrownNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
164Sean BurkeNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
165Ken DaneykoNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
166Bruce DriverNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
167Viacheslav FetisovNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
167eViacheslav Fetisov ERRNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
168Mark JohnsonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
169Alexei KasatonovNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card020.00
170John MacLeanNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
171David MaleyNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
171eDavid Maley ERRNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
172Kirk MullerNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
173Janne OjanenNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card020.00
174Brendan ShanahanNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card020.00
175Peter StastnyNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
175ePeter Stastny ERRNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
176Patrik SundstromNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
176ePatrik Sundstrom ERRNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card010.00
177Sylvain TurgeonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
178Ken BaumgartnerNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
179Doug CrossmanNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
180Gerald DiduckNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
181Mark FitzpatrickNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
182Patrick FlatleyNew York IslandersS1. Base card020.00
183Glenn HealyNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
184Alan KerrNew York IslandersS1. Base card020.00
185Derek KingNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
186Pat LaFontaineNew York IslandersS1. Base card020.00
187Don MaloneyNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
188Hubie McDonoughNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
189Jeff NortonNew York IslandersS1. Base card020.00
190Gary NylundNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
191Brent SutterNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
192Bryan TrottierNew York IslandersS1. Base card020.00
193David VolekNew York IslandersS1. Base card010.00
194Randy WoodNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
195Jan ErixonNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
196Mike GartnerNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
197Ron GreschnerNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
198Miloslav HoravaNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
198eMiloslav Horava ERRNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
199Mark JanssensNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
200Kelly KisioNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
201Brian LeetchNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
202Randy MollerNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
203Brian MullenNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
204Bernie NichollsNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
205Chris NilanNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
205eChris Nilan ERRNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
206John OgrodnickNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
207James PatrickNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
208Darren TurcotteNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
209John VanbiesbrouckNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
209eJohn Vanbiesbrouck ERRNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
210Carey WilsonNew York RangersS1. Base card010.00
211Mike BullardPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card010.00
212Terry CarknerPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
213Jeff ChychrunPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
214Murray CravenPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
215Pelle EklundPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card010.00
216Ron HextallPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
217Mark HowePhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card020.00
218Tim KerrPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
219Ken LinsemanPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card010.00
220Scott MellanbyPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
221Gordon MurphyPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
222Kjell SamuelssonPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card020.00
223Ilkka SinisaloPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card010.00
224Ron SutterPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card010.00
225Rick TocchetPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
226Ken WreggetPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
227Tom BarrassoPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
228Phil BourquePittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
228ePhil Bourque ERRPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
229Rob BrownPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
230Alain ChevrierPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
231Paul CoffeyPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
232John CullenPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
233Gord DineenPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
234Bob ErreyPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
235Jim JohnsonPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
236Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
237Troy LoneyPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
238Barry PedersonPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
239Mark RecchiPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
240Kevin StevensPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
241Tony TantiPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card010.00
242Zarley ZalapskiPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
243Joe CirellaQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
244Lucien DeBloisQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
245Marc FortierQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card020.00
245eMarc Fortier ERRQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
246Paul GillisQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
246ePaul Gillis ERRQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
247Mike HoughQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
248Tony HrkacQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
249Jeff JohnsonQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
250Guy LafleurQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
251Curtis LeschyshynQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
252Claude LoiselleQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
253Mario MaroisQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
254Tony McKegneyQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
255Ken McRaeQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
256Michel PetitQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card010.00
256eMichel Petit ERRQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
257Joe SakicQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
258Ron TugnuttQuebec NordiquesS1. Base card000.00
259Rod Brind'AmourSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
259eRod Brind'Amour ERRSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
260Jeff BrownSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
261Gino CavalliniSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
262Paul CavalliniSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
263Brett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
264Mike LalorSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
265Dave LowrySt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
266Paul MacLeanSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
267Rick MeagherSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
268Sergio MomessoSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
269Adam OatesSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
270Vincent RiendeauSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
271Gordie RobertsSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
272Rich SutterSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
273Steve TuttleSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
274Peter ZezelSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card010.00
275Allan BesterToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card020.00
275eAllan Bester ERRToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
276Wendel ClarkToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
277Brian CurranToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
278Vincent DamphousseToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
279Tom FergusToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
279eTom Fergus ERRToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
280Lou FranceschettiToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
281Al IafrateToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
282Tom KurversToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
283Gary LeemanToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
284Daniel MaroisToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
285Brad MarshToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
286Ed OlczykToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
287Mark OsborneToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card010.00
288Rob RamageToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card020.00
289Luke RichardsonToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card020.00
290Gilles ThibaudeauToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
291Greg AdamsVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
292Jim BenningVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
293Steve BozekVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
294Brian BradleyVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
295Garth ButcherVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
296Vladimir KrutovVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
297Igor LarionovVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
298Doug LidsterVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
299Trevor LindenVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
300Jyrki LummeVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
301Andrew McBainVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
301eAndrew McBain ERRVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
302Kirk McLeanVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
303Dan QuinnVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
304Paul ReinhartVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
305Jim SandlakVancouver CanucksS1. Base card010.00
306Petri SkrikoVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
307Don BeaupreWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
308Dino CiccarelliWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
309Geoff CourtnallWashington CapitalsS1. Base card020.00
310John DruceWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
311Kevin HatcherWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
312Dale HunterWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
313Calle JohanssonWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
314Rod LangwayWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
315Stephen LeachWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
316Mike LiutWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
317Alan MayWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
318Kelly MillerWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
319Michal PivonkaWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
320Mike RidleyWashington CapitalsS1. Base card010.00
320eMike Ridley ERRWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
321Scott StevensWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
322John TuckerWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
323Brent AshtonWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
324Laurie BoschmanWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
325Randy CarlyleWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
326Dave EllettWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
327Pat ElynuikWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card020.00
328Bob EssensaWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
329Paul FentonWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
330Dale HawerchukWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
330eDale Hawerchuk ERRWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
331Paul MacDermidWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
332Moe ManthaWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
333Dave McLlwainWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
334Teppo NumminenWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
335Fredrik OlaussonWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card020.00
335eFredrik Olausson ERRWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
335e2Fredrik Olausson ERR2Winnipeg JetsS1. Base card000.00
336Greg PaslawskiWinnipeg JetsS1. Base card010.00
337Al MacInnisCalgary FlamesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
338Mike VernonCalgary FlamesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
339Kevin LoweEdmonton OilersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
340Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
341Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
342Brett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
343Joe MullenCalgary FlamesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
344Joe NieuwendykCalgary FlamesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
345Steve LarmerChicago BlackhawksS1. All Star Game 1989-1990020.00
346Doug WilsonChicago BlackhawksS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
347Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
348Jari KurriEdmonton OilersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
348eJari Kurri ERREdmonton OilersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
349Mark MessierEdmonton OilersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
350Steve DuchesneLos Angeles KingsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
351Mike GartnerMinnesota North StarsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
352Bernie NichollsLos Angeles KingsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990020.00
353Paul CavalliniSt. Louis BluesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
354Al IafrateToronto Maple LeafsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
355Kirk McLeanVancouver CanucksS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
356Thomas SteenWinnipeg JetsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990030.00
357Ray BourqueBoston BruinsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
358Cam NeelyBoston BruinsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
359Patrick RoyMontreal CanadiensS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
360Brian ProppPhiladelphia FlyersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
361Paul CoffeyPittsburgh PenguinsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
362Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
363Dave AndreychukBuffalo SabresS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
364Phil HousleyBuffalo SabresS1. All Star Game 1989-1990020.00
365Daren PuppaBuffalo SabresS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
366Pierre TurgeonBuffalo SabresS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
367Ron FrancisHartford WhalersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
368Chris CheliosMontreal CanadiensS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
369Shayne CorsonMontreal CanadiensS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
369eShayne Corson ERRMontreal CanadiensS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
370Stephane RicherMontreal CanadiensS1. All Star Game 1989-1990020.00
371Kirk MullerNew Jersey DevilsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
372Pat LaFontaineNew York IslandersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
373Brian LeetchNew York RangersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
374Rick TocchetPhiladelphia FlyersS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
375Joe SakicQuebec NordiquesS1. All Star Game 1989-1990000.00
376Kevin HatcherWashington CapitalsS1. All Star Game 1989-1990010.00
377Bob Mudroch - Jack Adams AwardWinnipeg JetsS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
378Brett Hull - Lady Byng Memorial TrophySt. Louis BluesS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
379Sergei Makarov - Calder Memorial TrophyCalgary FlamesS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
380Kevin Lowe - King Clancy Memorial TrophyEdmonton OilersS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
381Mark Messier - Hart Memorial TrophyEdmonton OilersS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
382Andy Moog / Reggie Lemelin - William M. Jennings TrophyBoston BruinsS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
383Gord Kluzak - Bill Masterton Memorial TrophyBoston BruinsS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
384Ray Bourque - James Norris Memorial TrophyBoston BruinsS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
385Len Ceglarski - Lester Patrick TrophyBoston CollegeS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
385eLen Ceglarski - Lester Patrick Trophy ERRBoston CollegeS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
386Mark Messier - Lester B. Pearson AwardEdmonton OilersS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
387President's TrophyBoston BruinsS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
388Wayne Gretzky - Art Ross TrophyLos Angeles KingsS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
389Rick Meagher - Frank J. Selke TrophySt. Louis BluesS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
390Bill Ranford - Conn Smythe TrophyEdmonton OilersS1. Award 1989-1990020.00
391Patrick Roy - Vezina TrophyMontreal CanadiensS1. Award 1989-1990000.00
392Clarence S. Campbell BowlEdmonton OilersS1. Award 1989-1990020.00
393Prince of Wales TrophyBoston BruinsS1. Award 1989-1990010.00
394Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsS1. League Leader000.00
395Brett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. League Leader000.00
396Sergei MakarovCalgary FlamesS1. League Leader000.00
397Mark MessierEdmonton OilersS1. League Leader000.00
398Mike RichterNew York RangersS1. League Leader000.00
399Patrick RoyMontreal CanadiensS1. League Leader000.00
400Darren TurcotteNew York RangersS1. League Leader010.00
401Owen NolanQuebec NordiquesS1. Draft 1990010.00
402Petr NedvedVancouver CanucksS1. Draft 1990020.00
403Phil EspositoBoston BruinsS1. Hall of Famer000.00
404Darryl SittlerToronto Maple LeafsS1. Hall of Famer010.00
405Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksS1. Hall of Famer000.00
406Andy BrickleyBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
407Peter DourisBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
408Nevin MarkwartBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
409Chris NilanBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
410Stephane QuintalBoston BruinsS2. Base card020.00
411Bruce ShoebottomBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
412Don SweeneyBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
413Jim WiemerBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
414Mike HartmanBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
415Dale HawerchukBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
416Benoit HogueBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
417Bill HoulderBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
418Mikko MakelaBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
419Robert RayBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
420John TuckerBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
421Jiri HrdinaCalgary FlamesS2. Base card010.00
422Mark HunterCalgary FlamesS2. Base card010.00
423Tim HunterCalgary FlamesS2. Base card010.00
424Roger JohanssonCalgary FlamesS2. Base card010.00
425Frank MusilCalgary FlamesS2. Base card020.00
426Ric NattressCalgary FlamesS2. Base card010.00
427Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
428Jacques CloutierChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card010.00
429Greg GilbertChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card010.00
430Michel GouletChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card020.00
431Mike HudsonChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card020.00
432Jocelyn LemieuxChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
433Brian NoonanChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card020.00
434Wayne PresleyChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card020.00
435Brent FedykDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card020.00
436Rick GreenDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
437Marc HabscheidDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card010.00
438Brad McCrimmonDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card010.00
439Jeff BeukeboomEdmonton OilersS2. Base card020.00
440Dave BrownEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
441Kelly BuchbergerEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
442Greg HawgoodEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
443Chris JosephEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
444Ken LinsemanEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
445Eldon ReddickEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
446Geoff SmithEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
447Adam BurtHartford WhalersS2. Base card010.00
448Sylvain CoteHartford WhalersS2. Base card000.00
449Paul CyrHartford WhalersS2. Base card010.00
450Ed KastelicHartford WhalersS2. Base card000.00
451Peter SidorkiewiczHartford WhalersS2. Base card010.00
452Mike TomlakHartford WhalersS2. Base card010.00
453Carey WilsonHartford WhalersS2. Base card020.00
454Daniel BerthiaumeLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
455Scott BjugstadLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card010.00
456Rod BuskasLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card010.00
457John McIntyreLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card010.00
458Tim WattersLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card010.00
459Perry BerezanMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card010.00
460Brian ProppMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card010.00
461Ilkka SinisaloMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card010.00
462Doug SmailMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card020.00
463Bobby SmithMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card020.00
464Chris DahlquistMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card020.00
465Neil WilkinsonMinnesota North StarsS2. Base card000.00
466Jean-Jacques DaigneaultMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card020.00
467Eric DesjardinsMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card020.00
468Gerald DiduckMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
469Donald DufresneMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
470Todd EwenMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
470eTodd Ewen ERRMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
471Brent GilchristMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
472Sylvain LefebvreMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
473Denis SavardMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
474Sylvain TurgeonMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
475Ryan WalterMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
476Laurie BoschmanNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card010.00
477Pat ConacherNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
478Claude LemieuxNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
479Walt PoddubnyNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card010.00
480Alan StewartNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card010.00
481Chris TerreriNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card010.00
482Brad DalgarnoNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
483Dave ChyzowskiNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
484Craig LudwigNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
485Wayne McBeanNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
486Rich PilonNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
487Joe ReekieNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
488Mick VukotaNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
489Mark HardyNew York RangersS2. Base card020.00
490Jody HullNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
491Kris KingNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
492Troy MalletteNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
493Kevin MillerNew York RangersS2. Base card020.00
494Normand RochefortNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
495David ShawNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
496Ray SheppardNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
497Keith ActonPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card020.00
498Craig BerubePhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card030.00
499Tony HoracekPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card010.00
500Normand LacombePhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card020.00
501Jiri LatalPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card010.00
502Pete PeetersPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
503Derrick SmithPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card010.00
504Jay CaufieldPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card010.00
505Peter TaglianettiPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
506Randy GilhenPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
507Randy HillierPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card010.00
508Joe MullenPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
509Frank PietrangeloPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
510Gordie RobertsPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card010.00
511Bryan TrottierPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
512Wendell YoungPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
513Shawn AndersonQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
514Steven FinnQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card000.00
515Bryan FogartyQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
516Mike HoughQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
517Darin KimbleQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
518Randy VelischekQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
519Craig WolaninQuebec NordiquesS2. Base card010.00
520Bob BassenSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
521Geoff CourtnallSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
522Robert DirkSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
523Glen FeatherstoneSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
524Mario MaroisSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
525Herb RaglanSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card010.00
526Cliff RonningSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
527Harold SnepstsSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card010.00
528Scott StevensSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
529Ron WilsonSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card010.00
530Aaron BrotenToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
531Lucien DeBloisToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
532Dave EllettToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
533Paul FentonToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
533ePaul Fenton ERRToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
534Todd GillToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
535Dave HannanToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
536John KordicToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
537Mike KrushelnyskiToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
538Kevin MaguireToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
539Michel PetitToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
540Jeff ReeseToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
541David ReidToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card020.00
542Doug SheddenToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
543Dave CapuanoVancouver CanucksS2. Base card010.00
544Craig CoxeVancouver CanucksS2. Base card010.00
545Kevan GuyVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
546Rob MurphyVancouver CanucksS2. Base card020.00
547Robert NordmarkVancouver CanucksS2. Base card020.00
548Stan SmylVancouver CanucksS2. Base card010.00
549Ronnie SternVancouver CanucksS2. Base card010.00
550Tim BerglandWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
551Nick KypreosWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
552Mike LalorWashington CapitalsS2. Base card020.00
553Rob MurrayWashington CapitalsS2. Base card020.00
554Bob RouseWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
555Dave TippettWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
556Peter ZezelWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
557Scott ArnielWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card000.00
558Don BarberWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card020.00
559Shawn CroninWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card000.00
560Gord DonnellyWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card010.00
561Doug EvansWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card010.00
562Phil HousleyWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card020.00
563Ed OlczykWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card010.00
564Mark OsborneWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card010.00
565Thomas SteenWinnipeg JetsS2. Base card010.00
566EmblemBoston BruinsS2. Team Facts000.00
567EmblemBuffalo SabresS2. Team Facts000.00
568EmblemCalgary FlamesS2. Team Facts000.00
569EmblemChicago BlackhawksS2. Team Facts020.00
570EmblemDetroit Red WingsS2. Team Facts010.00
571EmblemEdmonton OilersS2. Team Facts010.00
572EmblemHartford WhalersS2. Team Facts010.00
573EmblemLos Angeles KingsS2. Team Facts000.00
573eEmblem ERRLos Angeles KingsS2. Team Facts000.00
574EmblemMinnesota North StarsS2. Team Facts010.00
575EmblemMontreal CanadiensS2. Team Facts010.00
576EmblemNew Jersey DevilsS2. Team Facts010.00
577EmblemNew York IslandersS2. Team Facts000.00
578EmblemNew York RangersS2. Team Facts000.00
579EmblemPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Team Facts010.00
580EmblemPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Team Facts000.00
581EmblemQuebec NordiquesS2. Team Facts000.00
582EmblemSt. Louis BluesS2. Team Facts000.00
583EmblemToronto Maple LeafsS2. Team Facts000.00
584EmblemVancouver CanucksS2. Team Facts000.00
585EmblemWashington CapitalsS2. Team Facts010.00
586EmblemWinnipeg JetsS2. Team Facts010.00
587Ken Hodge Jr.Boston BruinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
588Vladimir RuzickaBoston BruinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
589Wes WalzBoston BruinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
590Greg BrownBuffalo SabresS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
591Brad MillerBuffalo SabresS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
592Darrin ShannonBuffalo SabresS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
593Stephane MatteauCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
594Sergei PryakhinCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
595Robert ReichelCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
596Ken SabourinCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
597Tim SweeneyCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
597eTim Sweeney ERRCalgary FlamesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
598Ed BelfourChicago BlackhawksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
599Frantisek KuceraChicago BlackhawksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
600Mike McNeilChicago BlackhawksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
601Mike PelusoChicago BlackhawksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
602Tim CheveldaeDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
603Per DjoosDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
604Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
604eSergei Fedorov ERRDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
605Johan GarpenlovDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
606Keith PrimeauDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
607Paul YsebaertDetroit Red WingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
608Anatoli SemenovEdmonton OilersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
609Robert HolikHartford WhalersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
610Kay WhitmoreHartford WhalersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
611Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
612Francois BreaultLos Angeles KingsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
613Mike CraigMinnesota North StarsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
614Jean-Claude BergeronMontreal CanadiensS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
615Andrew CasselsMontreal CanadiensS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
616Tom ChorskeMontreal CanadiensS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
617Lyle OdeleinMontreal CanadiensS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
618Mark PedersonMontreal CanadiensS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
619Zdeno CigerNew Jersey DevilsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
620Troy CrowderNew Jersey DevilsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
621Jon MorrisNew Jersey DevilsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
622Eric WeinrichNew Jersey DevilsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
623Dave MarcinyshynNew Jersey DevilsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
624Jeff HackettNew York IslandersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
625Rob DiMaioNew York IslandersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
626Steven RiceNew York RangersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
627Mike RichterNew York RangersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
628Dennis VialNew York RangersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
629Martin HostakPhiladelphia FlyersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
630Pat MurrayPhiladelphia FlyersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
631Mike RicciPhiladelphia FlyersS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
632Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
632eJaromir Jagr ERRPittsburgh PenguinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
633Paul StantonPittsburgh PenguinsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
634Scott GordonQuebec NordiquesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
635Owen NolanQuebec NordiquesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
636Mats SundinQuebec NordiquesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
637John TannerQuebec NordiquesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
638Curtis JosephSt. Louis BluesS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
639Peter IngToronto Maple LeafsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
640Scott ThorntonToronto Maple LeafsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
641Troy GambleVancouver CanucksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
642Robert KronVancouver CanucksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
643Petr NedvedVancouver CanucksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
644Adrien PlavsicVancouver CanucksS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
645Peter BondraWashington CapitalsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
646Jim HrivnakWashington CapitalsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season010.00
647Mikhail TatarinovWashington CapitalsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season020.00
648Stephane BeauregardWinnipeg JetsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
649Rick TabaracciWinnipeg JetsS2. 1990-1991 Rookie Season000.00
650Mike BossyNew York IslandersS2. Career Point Leader000.00
651Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersS2. Career Point Leader000.00
652Alex DelvecchioDetroit Red WingsS2. Career Point Leader010.00
653Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsS2. Career Point Leader010.00
654Gordie HoweHartford WhalersS2. Career Point Leader010.00
654eGordie Howe ERRHartford WhalersS2. Career Point Leader000.00
655Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksS2. Career Point Leader010.00
656Denis PotvinNew York IslandersS2. Career Point Leader000.00
657Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersS2. Hall of Famer010.00
658Alex DelvecchioDetroit Red WingsS2. Hall of Famer010.00
659Tony EspositoChicago BlackhawksS2. Hall of Famer010.00
660Gordie HoweHartford WhalersS2. Hall of Famer010.00
660eGordie Howe ERRHartford WhalersS2. Hall of Famer000.00
661Mike MilburyBoston BruinsS2. Coach000.00
662Rick DudleyBuffalo SabresS2. Coach010.00
663Doug RisebroughCalgary FlamesS2. Coach010.00
664Bryan MurrayDetroit Red WingsS2. Coach010.00
665John MucklerEdmonton OilersS2. Coach010.00
666Rick LeyHartford WhalersS2. Coach010.00
667Tom WebsterLos Angeles KingsS2. Coach010.00
668Bob GaineyMinnesota North StarsS2. Coach010.00
669Pat BurnsMontreal CanadiensS2. Coach010.00
670John CunniffNew Jersey DevilsS2. Coach010.00
671Al ArbourNew York IslandersS2. Coach010.00
672Roger NeilsonNew York RangersS2. Coach000.00
673Paul HolmgrenPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Coach010.00
674Bob JohnsonPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Coach000.00
675Dave ChambersQuebec NordiquesS2. Coach010.00
676Brian SutterSt. Louis BluesS2. Coach020.00
677Tom WattToronto Maple LeafsS2. Coach010.00
678Bob McCammonVancouver CanucksS2. Coach010.00
679Terry MurrayWashington CapitalsS2. Coach010.00
680Bob MurdochWinnipeg JetsS2. Coach020.00
681Ron AsselstineRefereeS2. NHL Referee000.00
682Wayne BonneyRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
683Kevin CollinsRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
684Pat DapuzzoRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
685Ron FinnRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
686Kerry FraserRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
687Gerard GauthierRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
688Terry GregsonRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
689Bob HodgesRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
690Ron HoggarthRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
691Don KoharskiRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
692Dan MarouelliRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
693Danny McCourtRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
694Bill McCrearyRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
695Denis MorelRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
696Jerry PatemanRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
697Ray ScapinelloRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
698Rob ShickRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
699Paul StewartRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
700Leon StickleRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
701Andy van HellemondRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
702Mark VinesRefereeS2. NHL Referee010.00
703Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsS2. The 2,000th point010.00
704Oilers Stanley CupEdmonton OilersS2. Stanley Cup Champions 1989-90010.00
705The puckNHL OfficialS2. Part of Hockey010.00
NN-CD10 Cent Discount AdNHL OfficialS1. Insert000.00
NN-P0Pete PeetersPhiladelphia Flyers / November 1990S2. Player of the Month000.00
NN-SCThe Stanley Cup
NHL OfficialS1. Hologram000.00
NN-THThe Hottest Discount 10 Cents Off AdNHL OfficialS1. Insert000.00
NN-TMThe More You Save 10 Cents Off AdNHL OfficialS1. Insert000.00
P1Tom BarassoPittsburgh Penguins / December 1990S2. Player of the Month000.00
P2Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles Kings / January 1991S2. Player of the Month000.00
P3Brett HullSt. Louis Blues / February 1991S2. Player of the Month000.00
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