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Pro Set Scottish Football 1991-1992

Pro Set Scottish Football 1991-1992

Year: 1991
Total cards: 100

1991/92 Official PRO SET Scottish Player cards.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 21


1Theo SneldersAberdeenBase card340.75
2Stewart McKimmieAberdeenBase card250.40
3Brian GrantAberdeenBase card250.40
4Alex McLeishAberdeenBase card350.60
5Jim BettAberdeenBase card250.40
6Scott BoothAberdeenBase card240.50
7Hans GillhausAberdeenBase card340.75
8Eoin JessAberdeenBase card340.75
9Brian IrvineAberdeenBase card240.50
10John MartinAirdrieoniansBase card240.50
11Jimmy SandisonAirdrieoniansBase card240.50
12Evan BalfourAirdrieoniansBase card240.50
13Chris HonorAirdrieoniansBase card250.40
14Walter KiddAirdrieoniansBase card240.50
15Sandy StewartAirdrieoniansBase card240.50
16Jimmy BoyleAirdrieoniansBase card260.33
17Owen CoyleAirdrieoniansBase card250.40
18Pat BonnerCelticBase card541.25
19Gary GillespieCelticBase card541.25
20Tony MowbrayCelticBase card431.33
21John CollinsCelticBase card450.80
22Paul McStayCelticBase card541.25
23Joe MillerCelticBase card541.25
24Tommy CoyneCelticBase card431.33
25Charlie NicholasCelticBase card431.33
26Tony CascarinoCelticBase card661.00
27Guido Van De KampDundee UnitedBase card340.75
28Maurice MalpasDundee UnitedBase card250.40
29Jim McInallyDundee UnitedBase card250.40
30Billy McKinlayDundee UnitedBase card240.50
31Duncan FergusonDundee UnitedBase card360.50
32Freddy Van Der HoornDundee UnitedBase card360.50
33Dave BowmanDundee UnitedBase card250.40
34Dave NareyDundee UnitedBase card250.40
35Andy RhodesDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
36Tommy WilsonDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
37Norrie McCathieDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
38Scott LeitchDunfermline AthleticBase card250.40
39Davie MoyesDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
40Rab ShannonDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
41Istvan KozmaDunfermline AthleticBase card350.60
42Raymond SharpDunfermline AthleticBase card240.50
43Ian WestwaterFalkirkBase card230.67
44Brian RiceFalkirkBase card240.50
45Peter GodfreyFalkirkBase card240.50
46Tommy McQueenFalkirkBase card240.50
47John HughesFalkirkBase card240.50
48Eddie MayFalkirkBase card250.40
49Kevin McAllisterFalkirkBase card250.40
50Simon StainrodFalkirkBase card240.50
51Andy GoramRangersBase card441.00
52Gary StevensRangersBase card250.40
53David RobertsonRangersBase card240.50
54Richard GoughRangersBase card340.75
55Nigel SpackmanRangersBase card340.75
56Oleg KuznetsovRangersBase card441.00
57Stuart McCallRangersBase card531.67
58Mark HateleyRangersBase card260.33
59Ally McCoistRangersBase card632.00
60Henry SmithHeart of MidlothianBase card230.67
61John MillarHeart of MidlothianBase card230.67
62Craig LeveinHeart of MidlothianBase card250.40
63Dave McPhersonHeart of MidlothianBase card250.40
64Derek FergusonHeart of MidlothianBase card450.80
65John RobertsonHeart of MidlothianBase card230.67
66Scott CrabbeHeart of MidlothianBase card240.50
67Gary MacKayHeart of MidlothianBase card250.40
68Ian BairdHeart of MidlothianBase card250.40
69John BurridgeHibernianBase card260.33
70Tom McIntyreHibernianBase card270.29
71Gareth EvansHibernianBase card270.29
72Pat McGinlayHibernianBase card250.40
73Murdo MacLeodHibernianBase card250.40
74Micky WeirHibernianBase card260.33
75Keith WrightHibernianBase card250.40
76Graham MitchellHibernianBase card260.33
77Billy ThomsonMotherwellBase card260.33
78Luc NijholtMotherwellBase card360.50
79Chris McCartMotherwellBase card270.29
80Dougie ArnottMotherwellBase card260.33
81Stevie KirkMotherwellBase card270.29
82Nick CusackMotherwellBase card250.40
83Davie CooperMotherwellBase card260.33
84Neil SimpsonMotherwellBase card270.29
85Lindsay HamiltonSt. JohnstoneBase card240.50
86John InglisSt. JohnstoneBase card250.40
87Sergei BaltachaSt. JohnstoneBase card360.50
88Harry CurranSt. JohnstoneBase card260.33
89Tommy TurnerSt. JohnstoneBase card250.40
90Paul WrightSt. JohnstoneBase card260.33
91John DaviesSt. JohnstoneBase card250.40
92Ray StewartSt. JohnstoneBase card250.40
93Campbell MoneySt. MirrenBase card270.29
94Roy AitkenSt. MirrenBase card260.33
95Gudmundur TorfasonSt. MirrenBase card370.43
96Paul LampertSt. MirrenBase card260.33
97Chic CharnleySt. MirrenBase card240.50
98Kenny McDowallSt. MirrenBase card240.50
99Kevin McGowneSt. MirrenBase card240.50
100Alan IrvineSt. MirrenBase card260.33
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