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Pro Set The Little Mermaid

Pro Set The Little Mermaid

Year: 1991
Total cards: 133

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 3


1Once a mermaid princess named ArielStory CardBase Card303.00
2King TritonStory CardBase Card101.00
3We are the daughters of Triton...Story CardBase Card101.00
4Sebastian, the King's right-hand-crab...Story CardBase Card202.00
5Miles away from the concert hallStory CardBase Card202.00
6We really shouldn't be doing thisStory CardBase Card303.00
7Have you ever seen anythingStory CardBase Card101.00
8Ariel and Flounder swim for their lives.Story CardBase Card202.00
9Swimming to the surfaceStory CardBase Card202.00
10Furious because Ariel has disobeyed himStory CardBase Card101.00
11Sebastian follows Ariel to her special placeStory CardBase Card101.00
12I just don't see how a worldStory CardBase Card202.00
13I've got gadgets and gizmos aplentyStory CardBase Card202.00
14Ariel gazes longingly at a painting and knowStory CardBase Card101.00
15Sebastian is too shocked by Ariel's words toStory CardBase Card202.00
16Just then, the hull of a ship passes overStory CardBase Card202.00
17Fireworks blossom in the night sky as ArielStory CardBase Card101.00
18Sebastian follows Ariel unwillingly, stayingStory CardBase Card101.00
19On board is the most handsome human ArielStory CardBase Card101.00
20It is Prince Eric, himself, with hisStory CardBase Card101.00
21He's very handsome isn't he," Ariel sighsStory CardBase Card101.00
22Eric's advisor, Grimsby, announcesStory CardBase Card101.00
23As if responding to Eric's wordsStory CardBase Card202.00
24Fire races through the ship as it careens inStory CardBase Card101.00
25The statue plummets past Ariel intoStory CardBase Card101.00
26Safe ashore, Ariel gazes at Eric and singsStory CardBase Card101.00
27Ariel's sisters are amazed at her behavior.Story CardBase Card101.00
28King Triton is puzzled by Ariel's change ofStory CardBase Card202.00
29Meanwhile, in a sea garden, Ariel isStory CardBase Card202.00
30Sebastian is beside himself! "ArielStory CardBase Card101.00
31Sebastian tries talking sense into Ariel.Story CardBase Card202.00
32Ariel gets into the rhythm of Sebastian'sStory CardBase Card202.00
33Even the seaweed is swinging! "Since life isStory CardBase Card202.00
34Everyone on the ocean floor joins the act.Story CardBase Card101.00
35The ocean floor is really jumping now!Story CardBase Card202.00
36Even Ariel can't resist Sebastian's rhythmicStory CardBase Card101.00
37While Sebastian sings, Flounder flits upStory CardBase Card202.00
38Sebastian winds up for a grand finaleStory CardBase Card101.00
39Inside her treasure grotto, Ariel can hardlyStory CardBase Card202.00
40Meanwhile, a seahorse messenger has come forStory CardBase Card101.00
41Sebastian quakes in his shell as TritonStory CardBase Card202.00
42In a volcanic rage, Triton goes after ArielStory CardBase Card202.00
43As father and daughter argue, Ariel blurtsStory CardBase Card101.00
44Ariel collapses sobbing as Triton leaves.Story CardBase Card101.00
45Unknown to Triton and Ariel, someone hasStory CardBase Card202.00
46As Ariel sobs, Flotsam and Jetsam slinkStory CardBase Card101.00
47As Ariel approaches Ursula's lair of whaleStory CardBase Card101.00
48Ariel hesitates before she follows FlotsamStory CardBase Card202.00
49Ursula pretends to offer Ariel her help.Story CardBase Card202.00
50Take a gulp and take a breath, go ahead andStory CardBase Card202.00
51Ursula bends over her teeming cauldronStory CardBase Card101.00
52The mists form glowing hands that encircleStory CardBase Card202.00
53Ursula's spell takes effect, and Ariel'sStory CardBase Card202.00
54Soaked and covered in seaweed, ArielStory CardBase Card101.00
55As Ariel happily regards her new legsStory CardBase Card101.00
56Max leads Eric to Ariel, and the young manStory CardBase Card202.00
57At the palace, Ariel is taken over byStory CardBase Card202.00
58Meanwhile, Sebeastian, who has hidden in theStory CardBase Card101.00
59As Ariel enters the dining room, evenStory CardBase Card202.00
60Meanwhile, Sebastian isn't having such aStory CardBase Card101.00
61Leaping from the pot, Sebastian pinchesStory CardBase Card101.00
62Ariel spends a blissful day with EricStory CardBase Card101.00
63Time is passing, and although Eric isStory CardBase Card202.00
64At last, Sebastian takes matters into hisStory CardBase Card202.00
65The setting is perfect, the mood just rightStory CardBase Card101.00
66Ariel smiles shyly as Eric leands forwardStory CardBase Card202.00
67Suddenly the boat tips over, spilling Eric aStory CardBase Card202.00
68That was a close one ..." Ursula muttersStory CardBase Card202.00
69With Ariel's beautiful voice echoing fromStory CardBase Card101.00
70As evening falls on Ariel's third dayStory CardBase Card202.00
71Scuttle races to warn Ariel and the others.Story CardBase Card101.00
72Back on shore, Ariel's friends mount anStory CardBase Card101.00
73Ariel reaches the ship and climbs aboardStory CardBase Card202.00
74But it is too late! The sun has setStory CardBase Card202.00
75Ursula grabs Ariel and drags her overboard.Story CardBase Card101.00
76Ursula begins to turn Ariel into a polypStory CardBase Card202.00
77Showing Triton the contract with Ariel'sStory CardBase Card202.00
78Solemnly, Triton bargains with Ursula.Story CardBase Card202.00
79Laughing hideously, Ursula puts on Triton'sStory CardBase Card212.00
80Eric dives into the water and attacks UrsulaStory CardBase Card202.00
81Eric surfaces and swims toward the ship.Story CardBase Card202.00
82Frantically, Eric clambers aboard the ship aStory CardBase Card101.00
83Beneath the sea, Ursula's terrible garden ofStory CardBase Card101.00
84While Eric is unconscious on the beachStory CardBase Card202.00
85Ariel is unaware that her father andStory CardBase Card101.00
86Knowing it means he is giving Ariel away forStory CardBase Card101.00
87Once again, wedding bells ring out, but thisStory CardBase Card101.00
88Even the happiest moments are sometimes aStory CardBase Card202.00
89Ariel turns to her father, knowing now thatStory CardBase Card101.00
90As the merfolk wave farewell, the weddingStory CardBase Card202.00
CI1Ariel & Flounder / FlounderColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI2Ariel / "Under the Sea"Color-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI3Ursula / Flotsam & JetsamColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI4Grimsby / MaxColor-In Activity CardChase Card101.00
CI5Sebastian / Chef Louie & SebastianColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI6Ariel & Flounder / "Under the Sea"Color-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI7Eric & Ariel / Eric & ArielColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI8Eric / Eric & ArielColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI9Scuttle / Ariel & FlounderColor-In Activity CardChase Card101.00
CI10Ariel / "Under the Sea"Color-In Activity CardChase Card101.00
CI11Ariel / "Under the Sea"Color-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI12Flounder / Ariel & FlounderColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI13Scuttle / Ariel & FlounderColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
CI14Ariel & Flounder / "Under the Sea"Color-In Activity CardChase Card101.00
CI15King Triton / ArielColor-In Activity CardChase Card202.00
S1ArielCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
S2EricCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
S3FlounderCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
S4MaxCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
S5SebastianCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
S6UrsulaCharacter SpongeBonus Card202.00
SS1Ariel (Mermaid)Static Stick 'EmsChase Card101.00
SS2Ariel (Human)Static Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SS3SebastianStatic Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SS4FlounderStatic Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SS5EricStatic Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SS6ScuttleStatic Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SS7UrsulaStatic Stick 'EmsChase Card202.00
SU1SharkStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU2UrsulaStand-Up Activity CardChase Card101.00
SU3ScuttleStand-Up Activity CardChase Card101.00
SU4MaxStand-Up Activity CardChase Card101.00
SU5Grimsby & EricStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU6Eric & MaxStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU7VanessaStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU8Eric & ArielStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU9SebastianStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU10King TritonStand-Up Activity CardChase Card101.00
SU11Chef LouieStand-Up Activity CardChase Card101.00
SU12FlounderStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU13Flounder, Sebastian, & ArielStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU14Daughters of TritonStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
SU15Flotsam & JetsamStand-Up Activity CardChase Card202.00
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