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REWE DFB-Sammelalbum 2016

REWE DFB-Sammelalbum 2016

Year: 2016
Total cards: 72

REWE 2016 Offizielles DFB-Sammelalbum

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 39 / completed: 45


1Manuel NeuerTorwardBase card4370.11
2Marc-André ter StegenTorwardBase card2310.06
3Bernd LenoTorwardBase card1360.03
4Ron-Robert ZielerTorwardBase card3350.09
5Jérôme BoatengAbwehrBase card3340.09
6Emre CanAbwehrBase card3360.08
7Matthias GinterAbwehrBase card2370.05
8Jonas HectorAbwehrBase card1320.03
9Mats HummelsAbwehrBase card2330.06
10Shkodran MustafiAbwehrBase card1390.03
11Sebastian RudyAbwehrBase card2340.06
12Erik DurmAbwehrBase card1370.03
13Benedikt HöwedesAbwehrBase card2370.05
14Antonio RüdigerAbwehrBase card2390.05
15Karim BellarabiMittelfeldBase card2390.05
16Ilkay GundoganMittelfeldBase card2420.05
17Christoph KramerMittelfeldBase card3390.08
18Toni KroosMittelfeldBase card3380.08
19Thomas MüllerMittelfeldBase card4380.11
20Mesut ÖzilMittelfeldBase card2370.05
21Marco ReusMittelfeldBase card2380.05
22André SchürrleMittelfeldBase card1370.03
23Bastian SchweinsteigerMittelfeldBase card6370.16
24Sami KhediraMittelfeldBase card1400.03
25Lukas PodolskiMittelfeldBase card1420.02
26Julian DraxlerMittelfeldBase card4350.11
27Mario GötzeAngriffBase card4340.12
28Max KruseAngriffBase card2420.05
29Kevin VollandAngriffBase card2400.05
30Mario GomezAngriffBase card1430.02
3112. Mann12. MannBase card2380.05
32PauleMaskottchenBase card4340.12
33DFBLogoBase card2380.05
34Joachim LöwBundestrainerBase card3400.08
35Thomas SchneiderTrainerBase card4410.10
36Andreas KöpkeTrainerBase card3320.09
1gManuel NeuerTorwardBase card / Glitzer1334.33
2gMarc-André ter StegenTorwardBase card / Glitzer1125.50
3gBernd LenoTorwardBase card / Glitzer1371.86
4gRon-Robert ZielerTorwardBase card / Glitzer1142.75
5gJérôme BoatengAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1753.40
6gEmre CanAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1362.17
7gMatthias GinterAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1262.00
8gJonas HectorAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1443.50
9gMats HummelsAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1472.00
10gShkodran MustafiAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1672.29
11gSebastian RudyAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1452.80
12gErik DurmAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1462.33
13gBenedikt HöwedesAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1152.20
14gAntonio RüdigerAbwehrBase card / Glitzer1362.17
15gKarim BellarabiMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1262.00
16gIlkay GundoganMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1452.80
17gChristoph KramerMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1352.60
18gToni KroosMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1553.00
19gThomas MüllerMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1252.40
20gMesut ÖzilMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1352.60
21gMarco ReusMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1042.50
22gAndré SchürrleMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1362.17
23gBastian SchweinsteigerMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1535.00
24gSami KhediraMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1262.00
25gLukas PodolskiMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1152.20
26gJulian DraxlerMittelfeldBase card / Glitzer1142.75
27gMario GötzeAngriffBase card / Glitzer1462.33
28gMax KruseAngriffBase card / Glitzer8100.80
29gKevin VollandAngriffBase card / Glitzer1052.00
30gMario GomezAngriffBase card / Glitzer1462.33
31g12. Mann12. MannBase card / Glitzer1171.57
32gPauleMaskottchenBase card / Glitzer1252.40
33gDFBLogoBase card / Glitzer1936.33
34gJoachim LöwBundestrainerBase card / Glitzer17117.00
35gThomas SchneiderTrainerBase card / Glitzer1735.67
36gAndreas KöpkeTrainerBase card / Glitzer1662.67
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