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Rittenhouse Archives ltd Fantastic Four Archives

Rittenhouse Archives ltd Fantastic Four Archives

Year: 2008
Total cards: 200

Collection preview (50% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Issue #1 - November 1961-Base Card000.00
2Issue #4 - May 1962-Base Card000.00
3Issue #10 - January 1963-Base Card000.00
4Annual #1 - 1963-Base Card000.00
5Issue #25 - April 1964-Base Card000.00
6Issue #28 - July 1964-Base Card000.00
7Issue #36 - March 1965-Base Card000.00
8Issue #40 - July 1965-Base Card000.00
9Issue #46 - January 1966-Base Card000.00
10Issue #48 - March 1966-Base Card000.00
11Issue #56 - November 1966-Base Card000.00
12Annual #4 - 1966-Base Card000.00
13Issue #59 - February 1967-Base Card000.00
14Issue #73 - April 1968-Base Card000.00
15Issue #79 - October 1968-Base Card000.00
16Annual #6 - November 1968-Base Card000.00
17Issue #81 - December 1968-Base Card000.00
18Issue #88 - June 1969-Base Card000.00
19Issue #99 - June 1970-Base Card000.00
20Issue #103 - October 1970-Base Card000.00
21Issue #105 - December 1970-Base Card000.00
22Issue #115 - October 1971-Base Card000.00
23Issue #117 - December 1971-Base Card000.00
24Issue #120 - March 1972-Base Card000.00
25Issue #133 - April 1973-Base Card000.00
26Issue #144 - February 1974-Base Card000.00
27Issue #147 - June 1974-Base Card000.00
28Issue #149 - August 1974-Base Card000.00
29Issue #150 - September 1974-Base Card000.00
30Issue #153 - December 1974-Base Card000.00
31Issue #166 - January 1976-Base Card000.00
32Issue #170 - May 1976-Base Card000.00
33Issue #186 - September 1977-Base Card000.00
34Issue #197 - August 1978-Base Card000.00
35Issue #213 - December 1979-Base Card000.00
36Issue #218 - May 1980-Base Card000.00
37Issue #230 - May 1981-Base Card000.00
38Issue #235 - October 1981-Base Card000.00
39Issue #247 - October 1982-Base Card000.00
40Issue #250 - January 1983-Base Card000.00
41Issue #265 - April 1984-Base Card000.00
42Issue #270 - September 1984-Base Card000.00
43Issue #281 - August 1985-Base Card000.00
44Issue #299 - February 1987-Base Card000.00
45Issue #306 - September 1987-Base Card000.00
46Issue #310 - January 1988-Base Card000.00
47Issue #324 - March 1989-Base Card000.00
48Issue #336 - January 1990-Base Card000.00
49Issue #347 - December 1990-Base Card000.00
50Issue #357 - October 1991-Base Card000.00
51Issue #362 - April 1992-Base Card000.00
52Issue #375 - April 1993-Base Card000.00
53Issue #381 - October 1993-Base Card000.00
54Issue #391 - August 1994-Base Card000.00
55Issue #406 - November 1995-Base Card000.00
56Issue #416 - September 1996-Base Card000.00
57Vol 2, Issue #3 - January 1997-Base Card000.00
58Vol 2, Issue #12 - October 1997-Base Card000.00
59Vol 3, Issue #1 - January 1998-Base Card000.00
60Vol 3, Issue #11 - November 1988-Base Card000.00
61Vol 3, Issue #22 - October 1999-Base Card000.00
62Vol 3, Issue #27 - March 2000-Base Card000.00
63Vol 3, Issue #37 - January 2001-Base Card000.00
64Vol 3, Issue #49 - January 2002-Base Card000.00
65Vol 3, Issue #60 - October 2002-Base Card000.00
66Issue #504 - December 2003-Base Card000.00
67Issue #519 - December 2004-Base Card000.00
68Issue #532 - December 2005-Base Card000.00
69Issue #537 - June 2006-Base Card000.00
70Issue #543 - March 2007-Base Card000.00
71Issue #552 - February 2008-Base Card000.00
72Fantastic Four Checklist-Base Card000.00
CI-1BardCase Incentive CardsChase Card101.00
CI-2NarCase Incentive CardsChase Card101.00
CPFantastic Four
Case Topper PosterChase Card101.00
LH1Mr. FantasticLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH2Invisible WomanLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH3Human TorchLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH4ThingLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH5CrystalLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH6MedusaLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH7Power ManLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH8She-HulkLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
LH9Black PantherLegendary HeroesChase Card101.00
N1AnnihilusNemesisChase Card101.00
N2DiabloNemesisChase Card101.00
N3Dr. DoomNemesisChase Card101.00
N4Ego The Living PlanetNemesisChase Card101.00
N5GalactusNemesisChase Card101.00
N6Mole ManNemesisChase Card101.00
N7Red GhostNemesisChase Card101.00
N8Ronan The AccuserNemesisChase Card101.00
N9Super-SkrullNemesisChase Card101.00
A1Marvel Knights 4 #1Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A2Marvel Knights 4 #9Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A3Marvel Knights 4 #14Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A4Marvel Knights 4 #14Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A5Fantastic Four #510Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A6Fantastic Four Foes #1Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A7Fantastic Four #509Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A8Fantastic Four #510Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A9Fantastic Four #514Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A10Fantastic Four #515Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A11Fantastic Four #516Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A12Fantastic Four #517Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A13Fantastic Four #523Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A14Fantastic Four #527Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A15Fantastic Four #534Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A16Fantastic Four #535Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A17Fantastic Four Special #1Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
A18Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #0Ready for ActionChase Card101.00
SBW1Justin BarrettSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW2Joshua BeardsleeSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW3Keith ChampagneSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW4Ryan CodySketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW5Shane ColemanSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW6Randy EmberlinSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW7Ben GlendenningSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW8Jim HannaSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW9Karl KeselSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW10Scott KoblishSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW11Andy KuhnSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW12Michael MakerSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW13Bill MitchellSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW14Albert MoralesSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW15Jeff ParkerSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW16Tony ParkerSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW17George PflaumerSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW18Jeff PiñaSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW19Joe QuesadaSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW20John Romita Sr.Sketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW21Scott RosemaSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW22Aaron SowdSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW23Jeffrey ThorneSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW24Jim ValentinoSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SBW25Carly WagnerSketch Cards Black & WhiteChase Card000.00
SC1Gerry AcernoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC2Kristin AllenSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC3Lui AntonioSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC4Mahmud AsrarSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC5Daryl BanksSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC6Alexandre BenhossiSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC7Al BigleySketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC8Kate BradleySketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC9Daniel BrandaoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC10Daniel CamposSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC11Anthony CastrilloSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC12Justin ChungSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC13Yildiray CinarSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC14Adam ClevelandSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC15Katie CookSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC16Daniel CooneySketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC17Dennis CrisostomoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC18Ray DillonSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC19Mark Dos SantosSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC20Eduardo FerraraSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC21Marcelo FerreiraSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC22Tess FowlerSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC23Dave FoxSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC24Nicole GoffSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC25Leeahd GoldbergSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC26Gabriel HernandezSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC27Scott JonesSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC28Brian KongSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC29Jim KyleSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC30Alexandre MagnoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC31Warren MartineckSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC32Jose Marzan JrSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC33Felipe MassaferaSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC34Rich MolinelliSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC35OakSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC36Ryan OroscoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC37Tony PernaSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC38Brian PostmanSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC39Andy PriceSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC40Cezar RazekSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC41Tone RodriguezSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC42Joe RubinsteinSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC43Blair SheddSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC44Thony SilasSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC45Dave SimonsSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC46Joe SinnottSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC47Uko SmithSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC48Jason SobolSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC49Mark SpearsSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC50Claude St. AubinSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC51Gabriella StarlingSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC52Al StefanoSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC53Andre TomaSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC54Justin VandemarkSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC55Edde WagnerSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC56John Watkins-ChowSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC57Anthony WheelerSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC58Chris WilsonSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
SC59Ron WilsonSketch Cards ColorChase Card000.00
CP1Fantastic FourVarious ConventionsPromo Card101.00
CP2Fantastic FourVarious ConventionsPromo Card101.00
P1Fantastic FourGeneral DistributionPromo Card000.00
P2Fantastic FourNon-Sport UpdatePromo Card000.00
P3Fantastic FourAlbum ExclusivePromo Card000.00
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