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Sainsbury's Heroes

Sainsbury's Heroes

Year: 2019
Total cards: 144

collecting: 81 / completed: 55


1MickeyEat Well-7350.20
2RemyEat Well-8380.21
3LinguiniEat Well-5270.19
4BaymaxEat Well-5310.16
5Judy HoppsEat WellRubbing card7310.23
6Winnie the poohEat Well-8380.21
7Admiral AckbarEat Well-5360.14
8Obi-Wan KenobiEat Well-5330.15
9Princess LeiaEat Well-5400.13
10PorgsEat WellSparkle card7380.18
11ChewbaccaEat Well-6320.19
12BanthasEat Well-5370.14
13HulkEat Well-6360.17
14HawkeyeEat Well-6410.15
15Ghost-SpiderEat WellRubbing card4350.11
16GrootEat Well-6390.15
17HantisEat Well-5310.16
18GamoraEat WellGlow in dark card7310.23
19SulleyEat WellGlow in dark card5350.14
20SvenEat Well-5350.14
21BalooEat Well-9300.30
22ElastigirlEat WellSparkle card4350.11
23DonaldEat Well-6390.15
24TianaEat Well-6320.19
25Spider-ManGet Active-6340.18
26Black PantherGet Active-7370.19
27Captain MarvelGet ActiveGlow in the dark card8280.29
28ThorGet Active-4350.11
29Captain AmericaGet Active-8310.26
30FalconGet Active-7280.25
31DashGet ActiveRubbing card6320.19
32VioletGet Active-7370.19
33KristoffGet Active-9340.26
34MiguelGet ActiveGlow in the dark card4270.15
35Lightning McQueenGet Active-6320.19
36ArielGet ActiveSparkle card5260.19
37ReyGet ActiveGlow in the dark card6340.18
38Kylo RenGet Active-7330.21
39Darth MaulGet ActiveSparkle card5250.20
40Luke SkywalkerGet Active-8310.26
41LandoGet Active-8320.25
42Dark VaderGet ActiveRubbing card4350.11
43ElsaGet ActiveSparkle card3360.08
44MoanaGet Active-4310.13
45Peter PanGet Active-6340.18
46DanteGet Active-5380.13
47DoryGet Active-10310.32
48TiggerGet Active-4370.11
49HectorExpress Yourself-7360.19
50FredExpress Yourself-6370.16
51HiroExpress Yourself-7300.23
52OlafExpress YourselfGlow in the dark6340.18
53WoodyExpress Yourself-3310.10
54CinderellaExpress Yourself-4340.12
55Scarlet WitchExpress Yourself-5350.14
56VisionExpress Yourself-6260.23
57GrootExpress YourselfGlow in the dark8340.24
58Spider-GirlExpress YourselfRubbing card6360.17
59Miles MoralesExpress Yourself-7310.23
60RocketExpress Yourself-4370.11
61RapunzelExpress Yourself-4350.11
62AliceExpress YourselfRubbing card10290.34
63ForkyExpress Yourself-5260.19
64Tinker BellExpress Yourself-6370.16
65BonnieExpress Yourself-4370.11
66Lilo and StitchExpress Yourself-5310.16
67C-3POExpress YourselfSparkle card5270.19
68Rose TicoExpress Yourself-6320.19
69Captain PhasmaExpress Yourself-4340.12
70Aayla SecuraExpress Yourself-6290.21
71Wicket W. WarrickExpress Yourself-4390.10
72Han SoloExpress YourselfSparkle card5340.15
73Mike WazowskiBe Smart-8220.36
74Wrek it RalphBe SmartGlow in the dark card8300.27
75RafikiBe Smart-6350.17
76Wall-eBe Smart-8310.26
77BelleBe SmartSparkle card4330.12
78Cruz RamirezBe Smart-5360.14
79Black WidowBe Smart-7340.21
80WaspBe Smart-5300.17
81ThanosBe SmartRubbing card4320.13
82ShuriBe SmartRubbing card7270.26
83Doctor StrangeBe Smart-6350.17
84Iron ManBe Smart-5280.18
85Jack-JackBe Smart-4350.11
86Edna ModeBe SmartSparkle card7320.22
87WasabiBe Smart-5350.14
88MinnieBe Smart-10340.29
89Bo PeepBe Smart-6350.17
90Buzz Light YearBe Smart-6230.26
91YodaBe SmartGlow in the dark10350.29
92Padme AmidalaBe Smart-3340.09
93BB-9EBe Smart-5280.18
94R2-D2Be Smart-6360.17
95General LeiaBe Smart-5330.15
96Boba FettBe Smart-5330.15
97Spider-ManDo Good-7350.20
98Squirrel GirlDo GoodRubbing card10310.32
99DraxDo Good-8360.22
100NebulaDo GoodSparkle card7290.24
101Star-LordDo Good-6330.18
102She-HulkDo Good-8280.29
103Mickey and MinnieDo Good-5270.19
104AladdinDo Good-4350.11
105HankDo Good-6260.23
106GenieDo GoodGlow in the dark card6330.18
107Snow WhiteDo Good-8260.31
108JoyDo Good-6370.16
109BB-8Do Good-3260.12
110Jar Jar BinksDo Good-8380.21
111Maz KanataDo Good-7340.21
112Poe DameronDo Good-6310.19
113Mon MothmaDo Good-4320.13
114Mace WinduDo Good-4390.10
115SimbaDo Good-4360.11
116Mr IncredibleDo Good-9300.30
117MeridaDo Good-10330.30
118Bing BongDo Good-5330.15
119DumboDo GoodRubbing card6320.19
120JasmineDo Good-4290.14
121Chewbacca and Han SoloTeam upGlow in the dark card5250.20
122Rey and FinnTeam up-4300.13
123Rey and BB-8Team up-5280.18
124Luke and R2-D2Team up-8350.23
125C-3PO and R2-D2Team upSparkle card8300.27
126Anakin and Obi WanTeam up-7310.23
127Anna and ElsaTeam up-7360.19
128Doanld and DaisyTeam up-6300.20
129Joy and SadnessTeam upRubbing card7320.22
130Arlo and SpotTeam upSparkle card8300.27
131Baymax and HiroTeam up-3340.09
132Ralp and VanellopeTeam up-8360.22
133Timon and PumbaaTeam up-5340.15
134Lilo and StitchTeam up-6340.18
135Mike and SulleyTeam upRubbing card5350.14
136Ducky and BunnyTeam up-8320.25
137Nick and JudyTeam up-4350.11
138Ariel and FlounderTeam up-3330.09
139Rocket and GrootTeam up-6280.21
140The AvengersTeam up-5300.17
141Guardians of the GalaxyTeam up-7280.25
142Spider-man TeamTeam upGlow in the dark card8330.24
143Ant-Man and WaspTeam up-11370.30
144Captain AmericaTeam up-6320.19
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