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SE Products Australian A-League 2013-2014

SE Products Australian A-League 2013-2014

Year: 2013
Total cards: 194

Collection preview (83% scanned images)

collecting: 18 / completed: 2


1Checklist 1-Checklist202.00
2Checklist 2-Checklist202.00
3Antony GolecAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
4Bruce DjiteAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
5Cameron WatsonAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
6Jeronimo NeumannAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
7Eugene GalekovicAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
8Fabio FerreiraAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
9CassioAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
10Jon McKainAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
11Marcelo CarruscaAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
12Nigel BoogaardAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
13Besart BerishaBrisbane RoarBase card404.00
14Matt SmithBrisbane RoarBase card303.00
15Ivan FranjicBrisbane RoarBase card303.00
16Matt McKayBrisbane RoarBase card202.00
17Jade NorthBrisbane RoarBase card202.00
18Liam MillerBrisbane RoarBase card303.00
19Luke BrattanBrisbane RoarBase card202.00
20Michael TheoBrisbane RoarBase card202.00
21Share StefanuttoBrisbane RoarBase card303.00
22Thomas BroichBrisbane RoarBase card303.00
23Daniel McBreenCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
24Joshua RoseCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
25Matl SimonCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
26Michael McGlincheyCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
27Mile SterjovskiCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
28Mitch DukeCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
29John HutchinsonCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
30Nick MontgomeryCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
31Trent SainsburyCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
32Marcos FloresCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
33Andrew RedmayneMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
34David WilliamsMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
35Golgol MebrahtuMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
36Harry KewellMelbourne HeartBase card505.00
37Aziz BehichMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
38Jason HoffmanMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
39Nick KalmarMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
40Patrick GerhardtMelbourne HeartBase card202.00
41Orlando EngelaarMelbourne HeartBase card505.00
42Rob WielaertMelbourne HeartBase card505.00
43Adama TraoreMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
44Adrian LeijerMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
45Archie ThompsonMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
46Kosta BarbarousesMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
47Connor PainMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
48Guilherme FinklerMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
49Leigh BroxhamMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
50Mark MilliganMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
51Nathan CoeMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
52Mitch NicholsMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
53Adam TaggartNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
54Craig GoodwinNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
55Emile HeskeyNewcastle JetsBase card404.00
56Nathan BurnsNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
57Joshua BrillanteNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
58Mart BirighittiNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
59Michael BridgesNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
60Ruben ZadkovichNewcastle JetsBase card202.00
61Kew JaliensNewcastle JetsBase card303.00
62Michael ThwaitePerth GloryBase card202.00
63Daniel De SilvaPerth GloryBase card303.00
64Danny VukovicPerth GloryBase card303.00
65Jacob BursPerth GloryBase card202.00
66Joshua RisdonPerth GloryBase card202.00
67Scott JamiesonPerth GloryBase card202.00
68Shane SmeltzPerth GloryBase card202.00
69Ryo NagaiPerth GloryBase card202.00
70Ljubo MilicevicPerth GloryBase card202.00
71Travis DoddPerth GloryBase card202.00
72Richard GarciaSydney FCBase card202.00
73Alessandro Del PieroSydney FCBase card10010.00
74Ali AbbasSydney FCBase card202.00
75Brett EmertonSydney FCBase card505.00
76Terry AntonisSydney FCBase card202.00
77Nick CarleSydney FCBase card202.00
78Pedj BojicSydney FCBase card202.00
79Rhyan GrantSydney FCBase card202.00
80Sebastian RyallSydney FCBase card202.00
81Terry McFlynnSydney FCBase card202.00
82Andrew DuranteWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
83Ben SigmundWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
84Carlos HernandezWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
85Glen MossWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
86Jeremy BrockieWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
87Leo BertosWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
88Louis FentonWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
89Manny MuscatWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
90Paul IfillWellington PhoenixBase card202.00
91Aaron MooyWestern Sydney WanderersBase card404.00
92Ante CovicWestern Sydney WanderersBase card202.00
93Mateo PoljakWestern Sydney WanderersBase card202.00
94Mark BridgeWestern Sydney WanderersBase card202.00
95Michael BeauchampWestern Sydney WanderersBase card202.00
96Nikolai Topor-StanleyWestern Sydney WanderersBase card202.00
97Tomi JuricWestern Sydney WanderersBase card303.00
98Jerome PolenzWestern Sydney WanderersBase card303.00
99Shinji OnoWestern Sydney WanderersBase card505.00
100Youssouf HersiWestern Sydney WanderersBase card303.00
A1Eugene Galekovic
Adelaide UnitedA-League Signatures202.00
A2Thomas Broich
Brisbane RoarA-League Signatures202.00
A3Marcos Flores
Central Coast MarinersA-League Signatures202.00
A4Orlando Engelaar
Melbourne HeartA-League Signatures303.00
A5Archie Thompson
Melbourne VictoryA-League Signatures202.00
A6Emile Heskey
Newcastle JetsA-League Signatures202.00
A7Shane Smeltz
Perth GloryA-League Signatures202.00
A8Brett Emerton
Sydney FCA-League Signatures303.00
A9Paul Ifill
Wellington PhoenixA-League Signatures202.00
A10Youssouf Hersi
Western Sydney WanderersA-League Signatures202.00
AS1Shinji OnoWestern Sydney WanderersA-league All Stars404.00
AS2Michael BeauchampWestern Sydney WanderersA-league All Stars202.00
AS3Besart BerishaBrisbane RoarA-league All Stars303.00
AS4HenriqueBrisbane RoarA-league All Stars202.00
AS5Nick CarleSydney FCA-league All Stars202.00
AS6Alessandro Del PieroSydney FCA-league All Stars808.00
AS7Marcelo CarruscaAdelaide UnitedA-league All Stars202.00
AS8Bruce DjiteAdelaide UnitedA-league All Stars202.00
AS9Mark MilliganMelbourne VictoryA-league All Stars202.00
AS10Adrian LeijerMelbourne VictoryA-league All Stars202.00
AS11Craig GoodwinNewcastle JetsA-league All Stars202.00
AS12Michael BridgesNewcastle JetsA-league All Stars202.00
AS13Andrew DuranteWellington PhoenixA-league All Stars202.00
AS14Jeremy BrockieWellington PhoenixA-league All Stars202.00
AS15Joshua RoseCentral Coast MarinersA-league All Stars202.00
AS16Michael McGlincheyCentral Coast MarinersA-league All Stars202.00
AS17Jacob BurnsPerth GloryA-league All Stars202.00
AS18Michael ThwaitePerth GloryA-league All Stars202.00
AS19Mate DugandzicMelbourne HeartA-league All Stars202.00
AS20David WilliamsMelbourne HeartA-league All Stars202.00
CC12009/10 A League Champions: Sydney FCSydney FCChampions Case Cards202.00
CC22010/11 A League Champions: Brisbane RoarBrisbane RoarChampions Case Cards202.00
CC32011/12 A League Champions: Brisbane RoarBrisbane RoarChampions Case Cards202.00
CC42012/13 A League Champions: Central Coast MarinersCentral Coast MarinersChampions Case Cards202.00
M1Carlos HernandezWellington PhoenixLeague Medallists202.00
M2Tommy OarSocceroosLeague Medallists202.00
M3Eugene GalekovicAdelaide UnitedLeague Medallists202.00
M4Archie ThompsonMelbourne VictoryLeague Medallists202.00
M5Shane SmeltzPerth GloryLeague Medallists202.00
M6Marcos FloresCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
M7Mathew RyanCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
M8Michael TheoBrisbane RoarLeague Medallists202.00
M9Erik PaartaluBrisbane RoarLeague Medallists202.00
M10Sergio Van DijkAdelaide UnitedLeague Medallists202.00
M11Thomas BroichBrisbane RoarLeague Medallists303.00
M12Mathew RyanCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
M13Mathew RyanCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
M14Carlos HernandezWellington PhoenixLeague Medallists202.00
M15Besart BerishaBrisbane RoarLeague Medallists303.00
M16Marco RojasMelbourne VictoryLeague Medallists202.00
M17Marco RojasMelbourne VictoryLeague Medallists202.00
M18Ante CovicWestern Sydney WanderersLeague Medallists202.00
M19Marcos FloresCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
M20Daniel McBreenCentral Coast MarinersLeague Medallists202.00
S1Archie ThompsonSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S2Alex BrusqueSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S3Robbie KruseSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S4Dario VidosicSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S5Tim CahillSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S6Brett HolmanSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S7Josh KennedySocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S8Tommy OarSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S9Mitchell DukeSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S10Tomas RogicSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S11James HollandSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S12Matt McKaySocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S13Mile JedinakSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S14Mark BresciaSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S15Carl ValeriSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S16Robert CornthwalteSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S17Tomi JuricSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S18Mark MilliganSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S19Sasa OgnenovskiSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S20Lucas NeillSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S21Michael ThwaiteSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S22Luke WilkshireSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S23Rhys WilliamsSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio202.00
S24Harry KewellSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
S25Mirk SchwarzerSocceroosSocceroos road to Rio303.00
SS1Mark Schwarzer
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS2Lucas Neill
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS3Harry Kewell
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS4Tommy Oar
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS5Brett Holrnan
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS6Matt McKay
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS7Tomas Rogic
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures202.00
SS8Luke Wilkshire
SocceroosSocceroos Signatures303.00
TT1Tim CahillSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat303.00
TT2Mark SchwarzerSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat303.00
TT3Lucas NeillSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat202.00
TT4Mak BrescianoSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat303.00
TT5Josh KennedySocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat303.00
TT6Mark MilliganSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat202.00
TT7Luke WilkshireSocceroosSocceroos Triple Threat303.00
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