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Select Hyundai A-League 2006

Select Hyundai A-League 2006

Year: 2006
Total cards: 154

collecting: 8 / completed: 1


1A-League Logo-Logo202.00
4A-League Trophy-Base card313.00
5Daniel BeltrameAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
6Richie AlagichAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
7Kristian ReesAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
8Angelo CostanzoAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
9Michael ValkanisAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
10Ross AloisiAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
11Carl VeartAdelaide UnitedBase card212.00
12FernandoAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
13Travis DoddAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
14Shengoing QuAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
15Bobby PettaAdelaide UnitedBase card303.00
16Adam van DommeleAdelaide UnitedBase card202.00
17Danny VukovicCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
18Tony VidmarCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
19Noel SpencerCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
20Paul O'GradyCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
21Andre GumprechtCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
22John HutchinsonCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
22-pJohn HutchinsonCentral Coast MarinersPromo card202.00
23Nik MrdiaCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
24Tom PondeliakCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
25Damien BrownCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
26Stewart PetrieCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
27Andrew ClarkCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
28Alex WilkinsonCentral Coast MarinersBase card202.00
29Michael TheoklitosMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
30Kevin MuscatMelbourne VictoryBase card212.00
31Vince LiaMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
32Rodrigo VargasMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
33Michael FerranteMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
34Daniel AllsoppMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
35Archie ThompsonMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
36Kristian SarkiesMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
37Adrian LeijerMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
38AlessandroMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
39Frederic DaquinMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
40Eugene GalekovicMelbourne VictoryBase card202.00
41Ben KennedyNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
42Jade NorthNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
43Paul OkonNewcastle United JetsBase card212.00
44Mark BridgeNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
45Matt ThompsonNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
46Jobe WheelhouseNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
47Nick CarleNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
48Andrew DuranteNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
49Joel GriffithsNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
50Stuart MusialikNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
51Labinot HalitiNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
52Vaughan CovenyNewcastle United JetsBase card202.00
53Michael TurnbullNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
54Darren BazeleyNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
55Che BunceNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
56Richard JohnsonNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
57Jonti RichterNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
58Sean DevineNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
59Jonas SalleyNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
60Dani RodriguesNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
61Neil EmblenNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
62Noah HickeyNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
63Frank van EijsNew Zealand KnightsBase card202.00
64Scot GemmillNew Zealand KnightsBase card212.00
65Jason PetkovicPerth GloryBase card202.00
66Jamie HarnwellPerth GloryBase card202.00
67Simon ColosimoPerth GloryBase card202.00
68Stan LazaridisPerth GloryBase card212.00
69Bobby DespotovskiPerth GloryBase card202.00
70Ante KovacevicPerth GloryBase card202.00
71Jamie CoynePerth GloryBase card202.00
72David TarkaPerth GloryBase card202.00
73Naum SekullovskiPerth GloryBase card202.00
74Jeremy ChristiePerth GloryBase card202.00
75Stuart YoungPerth GloryBase card202.00
76Mark RobertsonPerth GloryBase card202.00
77Tom WillisQueensland RoarBase card202.00
78Andrew PackerQueensland RoarBase card202.00
79Remo BuessQueensland RoarBase card202.00
80Chad GibsonQueensland RoarBase card202.00
81Josh McCloughlanQueensland RoarBase card202.00
82Massimo MurdoccaQueensland RoarBase card202.00
83Stuart McLarenQueensland RoarBase card202.00
84Simon LynchQueensland RoarBase card202.00
85Matt McKayQueensland RoarBase card202.00
86Hyuk-Su SedQueensland RoarBase card202.00
87Ante MilicicQueensland RoarBase card212.00
88Spase DilevskiQueensland RoarBase card202.00
89Clint BoltonSydney FCBase card212.00
90Iain FyfeSydney FCBase card202.00
91Alvin CeccoliSydney FCBase card202.00
92Ufuk TalaySydney FCBase card202.00
93Steve CoricaSydney FCBase card212.00
94Sasho PetrovskiSydney FCBase card202.00
95David CarneySydney FCBase card303.00
96Mark MilliganSydney FCBase card202.00
96-pMark MilliganSydney FCPromo card202.00
97Jacob TimpanoSydney FCBase card202.00
98David ZdrilicSydney FCBase card303.00
99Jeremy BrockieSydney FCBase card202.00
100Alex BrosqueSydney FCBase card202.00
A1Travis Dodd
Adelaide UnitedSignature202.00
A2John Hutchinson
Central Coast MarinersSignature202.00
A3Archie Thompson
Melbourne VictorySignature202.00
A4Nick Carle
Newcastle United JetsSignature202.00
A5Noah Hickey
New Zealand KnightsSignature202.00
A6Stan Lazaridis
Perth GlorySignature202.00
A7Chad Gibson
Queensland RoarSignature202.00
A8David Carney
Sydney FCSignature303.00
AL1Adelaide UnitedAdelaide UnitedTeam Logo303.00
AL2Central Coast MarinersCentral Coast MarinersTeam Logo303.00
AL3Melbourne VictoryMelbourne VictoryTeam Logo303.00
AL4Newcastle United JetsNewcastle United JetsTeam Logo303.00
AL4-pNewcastle United JetsNewcastle United JetsPromo card202.00
AL5New Zealand KnightsNew Zealand KnightsTeam Logo303.00
AL6Perth GloryPerth GloryTeam Logo303.00
AL7Queensland RoarQueensland RoarTeam Logo303.00
AL7-pQueensland RoarQueensland RoarPromo card202.00
AL8Sydney FCSydney FCTeam Logo303.00
CC1Sydney FC - 2006 ChampionsSydney FCCase card202.00
SR1Socceroos LogoAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR2John AloisiAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR3Michael BeauchampAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR4Mark BrescianoAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR5Tim CahillAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR6Scott ChipperfieldAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR7Ante CovicAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR8Jason CullinaAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR9Brett EmertonAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR10Vince GrellaAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR11Zeljko KalacAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR12Josh KennedyAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR13Harry KewellAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR13-pHarry KewellAustraliaPromo card202.00
SR14Stan LazaridisAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR15Mark MilliganAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR16Craig MooreAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR17Lucas NeillAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR18Tony PopovicAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR19Mark SchwarzerAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR20Josip SkokoAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR21Mile SterjovskiAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR22Arxhie ThompsonAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR23Mark VidukaAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR24Luke WilkshireAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR25Mark Schwarzer - saveAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR26Tim CahillAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR27Tim CahillAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
SR28John AloisiAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR29Craig MooreAustraliaSocceroos 2006202.00
SR30Harry KewellAustraliaSocceroos 2006303.00
TS1Mark Viduka
AustraliaTribute Signature card202.00
TSR1Mark Viduka
AustraliaTribute Auto Redemption202.00
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