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Semic Ice Hockey 1995

Semic Ice Hockey 1995

Year: 1995
Total cards: 241

Sport Cards Ice Hockey 1995 (Semic Sport Products Ab, Tampere)

Collection preview (60% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 2


1Pasi KuivalainenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
2Marko KiprusoffTeam FinlandBase card010.00
3Tuomas GronmanTeam FinlandBase card010.00
4Erik HamalainenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
5Timo JutilaTeam FinlandBase card020.00
6Pasi SormunenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
7Waltteri ImmonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
8Janne OjanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
9Esa KeskinenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
10Kimmo TimonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
11Saku KoivuTeam FinlandBase card010.00
12Janne LaukkanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
13Marko PaloTeam FinlandBase card010.00
14Raimo HelminenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
15Mika AlataloTeam FinlandBase card020.00
16Ville PeltonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
17Jari KurriTeam FinlandBase card010.00
18Jari KorpisaloTeam FinlandBase card010.00
19Kimmo RintanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
20Jere LehtinenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
21Kalle SahlstedtTeam FinlandBase card010.00
22Christian RuuttuTeam FinlandBase card020.00
23Hannu VirtaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
24Sami KapanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
25Marko TuulolaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
26Mika StrombergTeam FinlandBase card010.00
27Tero LehteraTeam FinlandBase card010.00
28Petri VarisTeam FinlandBase card010.00
29Mikko PeltolaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
30Jukka TammiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
31Tero ArkiomaaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
32Olli KaskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
33Pekka LaksolaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
34Mika ValilaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
35Jarmo MyllysTeam FinlandBase card020.00
36Harri LaurilaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
37Teppo NumminenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
38Jyrki LummeTeam FinlandBase card010.00
39Petteri NummelinTeam FinlandBase card020.00
40Mika NieminenTeam FinlandBase card020.00
41Teemu SelanneTeam FinlandBase card010.00
42Mikko MakelaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
43Esa TikkanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
44Jarkko VarvioTeam FinlandBase card010.00
45Vesa ViitakoskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
46Juha RiihijarviTeam FinlandBase card010.00
47Markus KettererTeam FinlandBase card010.00
48Mikko HaapakoskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
49Antti TormanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
50Timo PeltomaaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
51Rauli RaitanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
52Roger NordstromTeam SwedenBase card020.00
53Tommy SaloTeam SwedenBase card010.00
54Tommy SoderstromTeam SwedenBase card020.00
55Magnus SvenssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
56Fredrik StillmanTeam SwedenBase card020.00
57Nicklas LidstromTeam SwedenBase card010.00
58Roger JohanssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
59Kenny JonssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
60Peter AnderssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
61Tommy SjodinTeam SwedenBase card020.00
62Mats SundinTeam SwedenBase card010.00
63Jonas BergqvistTeam SwedenBase card020.00
64Peter ForsbergTeam SwedenBase card010.00
65Roger HanssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
66Jorgen JonssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
67Charles BerglundTeam SwedenBase card020.00
68Mikael JohanssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
69Tomas ForslundTeam SwedenBase card020.00
70Andreas DackellTeam SwedenBase card020.00
71Stefan OrnskogTeam SwedenBase card020.00
72Mikael AnderssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
73Jan LarssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
74Patrik CarnbackTeam SwedenBase card020.00
75Hakan LoobTeam SwedenBase card020.00
76Patrik JuhlinTeam SwedenBase card020.00
77Bill RanfordTeam CanadaBase card010.00
78Ed BelfourTeam CanadaBase card010.00
79Rob BlakeTeam CanadaBase card010.00
80Yves RacineTeam CanadaBase card010.00
81Steve SmithTeam CanadaBase card010.00
82Paul CoffeyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
83Larry MurphyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
84Mark TinordiTeam CanadaBase card010.00
85Al MacInnisTeam CanadaBase card010.00
86Paul KariyaTeam CanadaBase card010.00
87Joe SakicTeam CanadaBase card010.00
88Brendan ShanahanTeam CanadaBase card010.00
89Luc RobitailleTeam CanadaBase card010.00
90Rod Brind'AmourTeam CanadaBase card010.00
91Shayne CorsonTeam CanadaBase card010.00
92Mike RicciTeam CanadaBase card010.00
93Mario LemieuxTeam CanadaBase card010.00
94Eric LindrosTeam CanadaBase card010.00
95Russ CourtnallTeam CanadaBase card010.00
96Theoren FleuryTeam CanadaBase card010.00
97Mark MessierTeam CanadaBase card010.00
98Rick TocchetTeam CanadaBase card010.00
99Wayne GretzkyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
100Steve LarmerTeam CanadaBase card010.00
101Brett LindrosTeam CanadaBase card010.00
102John VanbiesbrouckTeam USABase card010.00
103Craig WolaninTeam USABase card010.00
104Chris CheliosTeam USABase card010.00
105Brian LeetchTeam USABase card010.00
106Kevin HatcherTeam USABase card010.00
107Craig JanneyTeam USABase card010.00
108Tim SweeneyTeam USABase card010.00
109Shawn ChambersTeam USABase card010.00
110Scott YoungTeam USABase card010.00
111John LilleyTeam USABase card010.00
112Joe SaccoTeam USABase card010.00
113Brett HullTeam USABase card010.00
114Pat LaFontaineTeam USABase card010.00
115Joel OttoTeam USABase card010.00
116Mike ModanoTeam USABase card010.00
117Tony GranatoTeam USABase card010.00
118Jeremy RoenickTeam USABase card010.00
119Jeff LazaroTeam USABase card010.00
120Brian MullenTeam USABase card010.00
121Mihail ShtalenkovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
122Valeri IvannikovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
123Andrei NikolishinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
124Ilya ByakinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
125Alexander SmirnovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
126Dmitri YushkevichTeam RussiaBase card010.00
127Sergei ShendelevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
128Alexei ZhitnikTeam RussiaBase card010.00
129Igor UlanovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
130Dmitri FrolovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
131Valeri KamenskyTeam RussiaBase card010.00
132Igor FedulovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
133Andrei KovalenkoTeam RussiaBase card010.00
134Valeri BureTeam RussiaBase card010.00
135Sergei BerezinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
136Alexei YashinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
137Vyacheslav KozlovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
138Vyacheslav BykovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
139Andrei KhomutovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
140Petr BrizaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
141Dominik HasekTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
142Roman TurekTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
143Jan VopatTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
144Drahomir KadlecTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
145Petr PavlasTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
146Frantisek KuceraTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
147Jiri VeberTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
148David VybornyTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
149Radek ToupalTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
150Jiri KuceraTeam Czech RepublicBase card020.00
151Richard ZemlickaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
152Martin RucinskyTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
153Jiri DolezalTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
154Josef BeranekTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
155Martin ProchazkaTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
156Tomas SrsenTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
157David BrukTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
158Jaromir JagrTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
159Jan CalounTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
160Martin StrakaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
161Roman HorakTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
162Frantisek MusilTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
163Peter HrbekTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
164Jan AlinoTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
165Joseph HeissTeam GermanyBase card010.00
166Peter GuldaTeam GermanyBase card010.00
167Jayson MeyerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
168Ernst KopfTeam GermanyBase card010.00
169Raimund HilgerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
170Richard BohmTeam GermanyBase card010.00
171Michael RosatiTeam ItalyBase card010.00
172Michael DeAngelisTeam ItalyBase card010.00
173Anthony CircelliTeam ItalyBase card010.00
174Gaetano OrlandoTeam ItalyBase card010.00
175Lucio TopatighTeam ItalyBase card010.00
176Martin PavluTeam ItalyBase card010.00
177Jim MarthinsenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
178Petter SalstenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
179Tommy JacobsonTeam NorwayBase card010.00
180Morten FinstedTeam NorwayBase card010.00
181Tom AndersenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
182Manus RathTeam NorwayBase card010.00
183Michael PuschacherTeam AustriaBase card010.00
184James BurtonTeam AustriaBase card010.00
185Michael SheaTeam AustriaBase card010.00
186Dieter KaltTeam AustriaBase card010.00
187Manfred MuhrTeam AustriaBase card010.00
188Andreas PuschnigTeam AustriaBase card010.00
189Renato TosioTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
190Doug HonnegerTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
191Felix HollensteinTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
192Jorg EberleTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
193Gil MontandonTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
194Roberto TriulziTeam SwitzerlandBase card010.00
195Petri YlonenTeam FranceBase card010.00
196Bruno MaynortTeam FranceBase card010.00
197Michel LeBlancTeam FranceBase card010.00
198Benoit LaborteTeam FranceBase card010.00
199Christophe VilleTeam FranceBase card010.00
200Antoine RicherTeam FranceBase card010.00
201Bill RanfordTeam CanadaMM94 All Stars010.00
202Timo JutilaTeam FinlandMM94 All Stars010.00
203Magnus SvenssonTeam SwedenMM94 All Stars010.00
204Jari KurriTeam FinlandMM94 All Stars010.00
205Saku KoivuTeam FinlandMM94 All Stars010.00
206Paul KariyaTeam CanadaMM94 All Stars020.00
207Jarmo MyllysTeam FinlandMaalivahti Extra020.00
208Bill RanfordTeam CanadaMaalivahti Extra010.00
209Roger NordstromTeam SwedenMaalivahti Extra020.00
210Guy HebertTeam CanadaMaalivahti Extra010.00
211Mihail ShtalenkovTeam RussiaMaalivahti Extra010.00
212Tommy SoderstromTeam SwedenMaalivahti Extra010.00
213Petr BrizaTeam Czech RepublicMaalivahti Extra010.00
214Dominik HasekTeam Czech RepublicMaalivahti Extra010.00
215Tom BarrassoTeam USAMaalivahti Extra010.00
216Jukka TammiTeam FinlandMaalivahti Extra010.00
217John VanbiesbrouckTeam USAMaalivahti Extra010.00
218Mike RichterTeam USAMaalivahti Extra010.00
219Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
220Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
221Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
222Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
223Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
224Saku KoivuTeam FinlandSaku Koivu Special010.00
225Tuomas GronmanTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
226Jani NikkoTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
227Janne NiinimaaTeam FinlandFuture Stars020.00
228Jukka TiilikainenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
229Kimmo RintanenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
230Ville PeltonenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
231Sami KapanenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
232Jere LehtinenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
233Kimmo TimonenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
234Jonni VauhkonenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
235Juha LindTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
236Tommi MiettinenTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
237Jere KaralahtiTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
238Antti AaltoTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
239Teemu KohvakkaTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
240Niko MikkolaTeam FinlandFuture Stars010.00
PSaku KoivuTeam FinlandPromo card000.00
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