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Semic Jääkiekkokortit Keräilysarja 1994

Semic Jääkiekkokortit Keräilysarja 1994

Year: 1994
Total cards: 360

Semic Jääkiekkokortit Keräilysarja 1994 / MM-1994 / Olympia-1994.

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 3


1Jarmo MyllysTeam FinlandBase card010.00
2Pasi KuivalainenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
3Jukka TammiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
4Markus KettererTeam FinlandBase card010.00
5Timo JutilaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
6Mikko HaapakoskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
7Marko TuulolaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
8Jyrki LummeTeam FinlandBase card010.00
9Kari HarilaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
10Teppo NumminenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
11Pasi SormunenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
12Petteri NummelinTeam FinlandBase card020.00
13Harri LaurilaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
14Mika StrombergTeam FinlandBase card010.00
15Ville SirenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
16Pekka LaksolaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
17Janne LaukkanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
18Marko KiprusoffTeam FinlandBase card010.00
19Waltteri ImmonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
20Teemu SelanneTeam FinlandBase card010.00
21Mika AlataloTeam FinlandBase card020.00
22Vesa ViitakoskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
23Tero ArkiomaaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
24Jari KurriTeam FinlandBase card010.00
25Pekka TirkkonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
26Jarmo KekalainenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
27Saku KoivuTeam FinlandBase card010.00
28Antti TormanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
29Jere LehtinenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
30Raimo HelminenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
31Mikko MakelaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
32Marko JantunenTeam FinlandBase card020.00
33Ville PeltonenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
34Esa TikkanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
35Janne OjanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
36Mika NieminenTeam FinlandBase card020.00
37Marko PaloTeam FinlandBase card010.00
38Rauli RaitanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
39Sami KapanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
40Juha RiihijarviTeam FinlandBase card010.00
41Esa KeskinenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
42Jari KorpisaloTeam FinlandBase card010.00
43Christian RuuttuTeam FinlandBase card020.00
44Jarkko VarvioTeam FinlandBase card010.00
45Sami WahlstenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
46Petri VarisTeam FinlandBase card010.00
47Timo SaarikoskiTeam FinlandBase card010.00
48Timo NorppaTeam FinlandBase card010.00
49Marko VirtanenTeam FinlandBase card010.00
50Pauli JarvinenTeam FinlandBase card020.00
51Hakan AlgotssonTeam SwedenBase card020.00
52Tommy SoderstromTeam SwedenBase card111.00
53Rolf RidderwallTeam SwedenBase card010.00
54Tomas JonssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
55Christian Due-BojeTeam SwedenBase card010.00
56Peter PopovicTeam SwedenBase card010.00
57Fredrik StillmanTeam SwedenBase card010.00
58Magnus SvenssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
59Fredrik NilssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
60Tommy AlbelinTeam SwedenBase card010.00
61Joacim EsbjorsTeam SwedenBase card010.00
62Roger JohanssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
63Stefan NilssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
64Hakan LoobTeam SwedenBase card010.00
65Peter OttossonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
66Daniel RydmarkTeam SwedenBase card010.00
67Mikael RenbergTeam SwedenBase card020.00
68Patrik JuhlinTeam SwedenBase card010.00
69Thomas RundqvistTeam SwedenBase card010.00
70Andreas JohanssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
71Stefan OrnskogTeam SwedenBase card010.00
72Nillas ErikssonTeam SwedenBase card010.00
73Jonas BergqvistTeam SwedenBase card010.00
74Mats SundinTeam SwedenBase card010.00
75Peter ForsbergTeam SwedenBase card111.00
76Stefan ElvenesTeam SwedenBase card010.00
77Tomas ForslundTeam SwedenBase card010.00
78Patric KjellbergTeam SwedenBase card010.00
79Bill RanfordTeam CanadaBase card010.00
80Corey HirschTeam CanadaBase card010.00
81Larry MurphyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
82Mark TinordiTeam CanadaBase card010.00
83Scott StevensTeam CanadaBase card010.00
84Al MacInnisTeam CanadaBase card010.00
85Steve SmithTeam CanadaBase card010.00
86Paul CoffeyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
87Eric DesjardinsTeam CanadaBase card010.00
88Eric LindrosTeam CanadaBase card010.00
89Dale HawerchukTeam CanadaBase card010.00
90Steve LarmerTeam CanadaBase card010.00
91Brent SutterTeam CanadaBase card010.00
92Luc RobitailleTeam CanadaBase card010.00
93Shayne CorsonTeam CanadaBase card010.00
94Mark MessierTeam CanadaBase card010.00
95Rick TocchetTeam CanadaBase card010.00
96Theoren FleuryTeam CanadaBase card010.00
97Dirk GrahamTeam CanadaBase card010.00
98Russ CourtnallTeam CanadaBase card010.00
99Wayne GretzkyTeam CanadaBase card010.00
100Brendan ShanahanTeam CanadaBase card010.00
101Mark RecchiTeam CanadaBase card010.00
102David HarlockTeam CanadaBase card010.00
103Craig WoodcroftTeam CanadaBase card010.00
104Paul KariyaTeam CanadaBase card010.00
105Jason MarshallTeam CanadaBase card010.00
106Brett LindrosTeam CanadaBase card010.00
107Mike RichterTeam USABase card010.00
108Mike DunhamTeam USABase card010.00
109Craig WolaninTeam USABase card010.00
110Jim JohnsonTeam USABase card010.00
111Chris CheliosTeam USABase card010.00
112Eric WeinrichTeam USABase card010.00
113Brian LeetchTeam USABase card010.00
114Kevin HatcherTeam USABase card010.00
115Ed OlczykTeam USABase card010.00
116Kevin MillerTeam USABase card010.00
117Kevin BrownTeam USABase card010.00
118Joe MullenTeam USABase card010.00
119Craig JanneyTeam USABase card010.00
120Pat LaFontaineTeam USABase card010.00
121Gary SuterTeam USABase card010.00
122Jeremy RoenickTeam USABase card010.00
123Brett HullTeam USABase card010.00
124Joel OttoTeam USABase card010.00
125Mike ModanoTeam USABase card010.00
126Tony GranatoTeam USABase card010.00
127Dave ChristianTeam USABase card010.00
128Brian MullenTeam USABase card010.00
129Chris FerraroTeam USABase card010.00
130John LilleyTeam USABase card010.00
131Jeff LazaroTeam USABase card010.00
132Peter FerraroTeam USABase card010.00
133Brian RolstonTeam USABase card010.00
134David RobertsTeam USABase card010.00
135Nikolai KhabibulinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
136Andrei TrefilovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
137Vladimir MalakhovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
138Alexander KarpotsevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
139Alexander SmirnovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
140Sergei ZubovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
141Sergei SeljaninTeam RussiaBase card010.00
142Sergei ShendelevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
143Alexei KasatonovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
144Sergei SorokinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
145Vyacheslav BykovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
146Sergei FedorovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
147Alexei YashinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
148Vjatseslav ButsajevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
149Konstantin AstrahantsevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
150Alexei ZhamnovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
151Dimitri FrolovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
152Vjacheslav KozlovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
153Sergei PushkovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
154Andrei HomutovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
155Sergei MakarovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
156Igor LarionovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
157Valeri KamenskyTeam RussiaBase card020.00
158Alexander SemakTeam RussiaBase card010.00
159Alexei GusarovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
160Andrei LomakinTeam RussiaBase card010.00
161Igor KorolevTeam RussiaBase card010.00
162Ravil HaidarovTeam RussiaBase card010.00
163Dominik HasekTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
164Oldrich SvobodaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
165Petr BrizaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
166Leo GudasTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
167Kamil PracharTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
168Richard SmehlikTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
169Frantisek KuceraTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
170Drahomir KadlecTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
171Jan VopatTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
172Frantisek ProchazkaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
173Antonin StavjanaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
174Bedrich ScerbanTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
175Kamil KastakTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
176Josef BeranekTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
177Martin RucinskyTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
178Michal PivonkaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
179Tomas JelinekTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
180Richard ZemlickaTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
181Robert KronTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
182Jiri SlegrTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
183Jaromir JagrTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
184Robert ReichelTeam Czech RepublicBase card111.00
185David VybornyTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
186Robert LangTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
187Petr RosolTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
188Otakar JaneckyTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
189Martin HostakTeam Czech RepublicBase card010.00
190Jiri KuceraTeam Czech RepublicBase card020.00
191Eduard HartmannTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
192Lubomir SekerasTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
193Marian SmerciakTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
194Jan VarholikTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
195Lubomir RybovicTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
196Miroslav MarcinkoTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
197Stanislav MedrikTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
198Zdeno CigerTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
199Jergus BacaTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
200Peter StastnyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
201Peter VeselovskyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
202Anton StastnyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
203Lubomir KolnikTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
204Roman KontsekTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
205Rene PucherTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
206Slavomir IlvaskyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
207Zigmund PalffyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
208Vlastimil PlavuchaTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
209Dusan PohorelecTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
210Robert PetrovickyTeam SlovakiaBase card010.00
211Michel ValliereTeam FranceBase card010.00
212Petri YlonenTeam FranceBase card010.00
213Jean-Philippe LemoineTeam FranceBase card010.00
214Christophe MoyonTeam FranceBase card010.00
215Denis PerezTeam FranceBase card010.00
216Bruno SaunierTeam FranceBase card010.00
217Stephane BotteriTeam FranceBase card010.00
218Michel BreistroffTeam FranceBase card010.00
219Geralf GuennelonTeam FranceBase card010.00
220Serge PoudrierTeam FranceBase card010.00
221Benjamin AgnelTeam FranceBase card010.00
222Stephane ArcangeloniTeam FranceBase card010.00
223Pierrick MaiaTeam FranceBase card010.00
224Antoine RicherTeam FranceBase card010.00
225Christoph VilleTeam FranceBase card010.00
226Michael BabinTeam FranceBase card010.00
227Lionel OrsoliniTeam FranceBase card010.00
228Stephane BarinTeam FranceBase card010.00
229Arnaud BriandTeam FranceBase card010.00
230Franck PajonkowskiTeam FranceBase card010.00
231Claus DalpiazTeam AustriaBase card010.00
232Brian StankiewiczTeam AustriaBase card010.00
233Rob DoyleTeam AustriaBase card010.00
234Michael GuntnerTeam AustriaBase card010.00
235Martin KrainzTeam AustriaBase card010.00
236Michael SheaTeam AustriaBase card010.00
237Martin UlrichTeam AustriaBase card010.00
238Erich SoldererTeam AustriaBase card010.00
239Wayne GroulxTeam AustriaBase card010.00
240Andreas PuschnigTeam AustriaBase card010.00
241Dieter KaltTeam AustriaBase card010.00
242Gerhard PuschnikTeam AustriaBase card010.00
243Werner KerthTeam AustriaBase card010.00
244Richard NasheimTeam AustriaBase card010.00
245Arno MaierTeam AustriaBase card010.00
246Mario SchadenTeam AustriaBase card010.00
247Reinhard LampertTeam AustriaBase card010.00
248Karl HeinzleTeam AustriaBase card010.00
249Wolfgang KrompTeam AustriaBase card010.00
250Marty DallmanTeam AustriaBase card010.00
251Jim MarthinsenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
252Robert SchistadTeam NorwayBase card010.00
253Tom Cato AndersenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
254Anders MyrvoldTeam NorwayBase card010.00
255Svein Enok NorsteboTeam NorwayBase card010.00
256Tommy JakobsenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
257Pal KristiansenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
258Petter SalstenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
259Ole Eskild DahlstromTeam NorwayBase card010.00
260Morten FinstadTeam NorwayBase card010.00
261Espen KnutsenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
262Erik KristiansenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
263Geir HoffTeam NorwayBase card010.00
264Roy JohansenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
265Trond MagnussenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
266Marius RathTeam NorwayBase card010.00
267Vegar BarlieTeam NorwayBase card010.00
268Arne BillkvamTeam NorwayBase card010.00
269Tom JohansenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
270Petter ThoresenTeam NorwayBase card010.00
271Klaus MerkTeam GermanyBase card010.00
272Josef HeissTeam GermanyBase card010.00
273Rikhard AmannTeam GermanyBase card010.00
274Torsten KienassTeam GermanyBase card010.00
275Mirco LudemannTeam GermanyBase card010.00
276Jason MeyerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
277Uli HiemerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
278Karsten MendeTeam GermanyBase card010.00
279Andreas NiederbergerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
280Thomas BrandlTeam GermanyBase card010.00
281Benoit DoucetTeam GermanyBase card010.00
282Robert HockTeam GermanyBase card010.00
283Georg FranzTeam GermanyBase card010.00
284Ernst Kopf, Jr.Team GermanyBase card010.00
285Reemt PykaTeam GermanyBase card010.00
286Jurgen RumrichTeam GermanyBase card010.00
287Dieter HegenTeam GermanyBase card010.00
288Raimund HilgerTeam GermanyBase card010.00
289Thomas SchinkoTeam GermanyBase card010.00
290Leo StefanTeam GermanyBase card010.00
291David DelfinoTeam ItalyBase card010.00
292Elmar ParthTeam ItalyBase card010.00
293Luigi Da CorteTeam ItalyBase card010.00
294Phil De GaetanoTeam ItalyBase card010.00
295Ralph Di FioreTeam ItalyBase card010.00
296Giorgio ComploiTeam ItalyBase card010.00
297Alexander ThalerTeam ItalyBase card010.00
298Giovanni MarchettiTeam ItalyBase card010.00
299Gaetano OrlandoTeam ItalyBase card010.00
300Frank Di MuzioTeam ItalyBase card010.00
301Giuseppe FogliettaTeam ItalyBase card010.00
302Stefano FigliuzziTeam ItalyBase card010.00
303John VecchiarelliTeam ItalyBase card010.00
304Maurizio MansiTeam ItalyBase card010.00
305Santino PellegrinoTeam ItalyBase card010.00
306Lino De ToniTeam ItalyBase card010.00
307Mario ChitarroniTeam ItalyBase card010.00
308Bruno ZarilloTeam ItalyBase card010.00
309Armando ChelodiTeam ItalyBase card010.00
310Carmine VaniTeam ItalyBase card010.00
311Martin McKayTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
312Scott O'ConnorTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
313John McCroneTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
314Stephen CooperTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
315Mike O'ConnorTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
316Chris KellandTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
317Graham WaghornTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
318Nicky ChinnTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
319Damian SmithTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
320Tim CranstonTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
321Scott MorrissonTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
322Antony JohnsonTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
323Tony HandTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
324Kevin ConwayTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
325Rick FeraTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
326Doug McEwenTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
327Scott NeilTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
328John IredaleTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
329Iain RobertsonTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
330Ian CooperTeam Great BritainBase card010.00
331Bill RanfordTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
332Jarmo MyllysTeam FinlandDream Team020.00
333Dominik HasekTeam Czech RepublicDream Team111.00
334Tommy SoderstromTeam SwedenDream Team111.00
335Teppo NumminenTeam FinlandDream Team010.00
336Mikhail TatarinovTeam RussiaDream Team010.00
337Paul CoffeyTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
338Chris CheliosTeam USADream Team010.00
339Brian LeetchTeam USADream Team010.00
340Al MacInnisTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
341Vladimir MalakhovTeam RussiaDream Team010.00
342Kevin HatcherTeam USADream Team010.00
343Jiri SlegrTeam Czech RepublicDream Team010.00
344Wayne GretzkyTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
345Teemu SelanneTeam FinlandDream Team010.00
346Jari KurriTeam FinlandDream Team010.00
347Brett HullTeam USADream Team010.00
348Sergei FedorovTeam RussiaDream Team010.00
349Esa TikkanenTeam FinlandDream Team010.00
350Mark MessierTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
351Jaromir JagrTeam Czech RepublicDream Team111.00
352Jeremy RoenickTeam USADream Team010.00
353Luc RobitailleTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
354Tomas SandstromTeam SwedenDream Team010.00
355Peter ForsbergTeam SwedenDream Team020.00
356Alexei ZhamnovTeam RussiaDream Team010.00
357Theoren FleuryTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
358Rick TocchetTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
359Pat LaFontaineTeam USADream Team010.00
360Eric LindrosTeam CanadaDream Team010.00
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