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SkyBox 101 Dalmatians

SkyBox 101 Dalmatians

Year: 1996
Total cards: 111

Collection preview (90% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1Wake-Up CallStory CardsBase card202.00
2Cruella Spots a New DesignStory CardsBase card202.00
3Stripes to SpotsStory CardsBase card101.00
4Desperate for a PaycheckStory CardsBase card101.00
5A Pretty Dalmatian GirlStory CardsBase card101.00
6Chance EncounterStory CardsBase card101.00
7Love at First SightStory CardsBase card202.00
8Illegal ContentsStory CardsBase card101.00
9Babies on the WayStory CardsBase card101.00
10The Big Day ArrivesStory CardsBase card101.00
11Not for SaleStory CardsBase card101.00
12On the MoveStory CardsBase card202.00
13PuppynappedStory CardsBase card202.00
14A Grand Total of 99 PuppiesStory CardsBase card202.00
15Wizzer's Bark for HelpStory CardsBase card202.00
16Pongo Sounts the "Twilight" AlertStory CardsBase card202.00
17Cruella the CulpritStory CardsBase card202.00
18No More Time To WasteStory CardsBase card101.00
19Creulla's Evil PlanStory CardsBase card101.00
20To Manor De Vil!Story CardsBase card101.00
21Animals to the Rescue!Story CardsBase card101.00
22The Puppies EscapeStory CardsBase card101.00
23Call the Police!Story CardsBase card101.00
24Safe and SoundStory CardsBase card101.00
25Neck Deep in MolassesStory CardsBase card202.00
26Electric EndStory CardsBase card202.00
27ReunitedStory CardsBase card202.00
28Backfire!Animal PranksBase card202.00
29Splaaat!Animal PranksBase card202.00
30Into The MuckAnimal PranksBase card202.00
31Too Big For ComfortAnimal PranksBase card202.00
32The ProtectorsAnimal PranksBase card202.00
33Kipper's PlanThe Great EscapeBase card202.00
34Through the MansionThe Great EscapeBase card202.00
35Kipper Spots a Way OutThe Great EscapeBase card202.00
36Puppy TransportThe Great EscapeBase card202.00
37Home at LastThe Great EscapeBase card202.00
38Dimwitted DuoVillainsBase card202.00
39Cunning CruellaVillainsBase card202.00
40Unspeakable ActsVillainsBase card202.00
41Watch Out!VillainsBase card202.00
42Sticky EndingVillainsBase card202.00
43It's love at first spot for Pongo andPuppy LoveBase card101.00
44All 15 of Pongo and Perdy's pups lovePuppy LoveBase card202.00
45Reunited with their 15 beloved pups, PPuppy LoveBase card101.00
46Cozy, cuddly, and cute, these puppiesPuppy LoveBase card101.00
47ChecklistChecklistBase card202.00
48ChecklistChecklistBase card202.00
49PongoCharacter CardsBase card202.00
50PerdyCharacter CardsBase card202.00
51CruellaCharacter CardsBase card202.00
52HoraceCharacter CardsBase card202.00
53JasperCharacter CardsBase card202.00
54LuckyCharacter CardsBase card101.00
55JewelCharacter CardsBase card101.00
56Two-ToneCharacter CardsBase card101.00
57WizzerCharacter CardsBase card101.00
58FidgetCharacter CardsBase card202.00
59DipstickCharacter CardsBase card202.00
60Dalmatian PuppiesCharacter CardsBase card202.00
61Which profession chose Dalmatians as tBuild-a-Doghouse"101.00
62What year was Disney's 101 DalmatiansBuild-a-Doghouse"202.00
63How long have Dalmatians been around?Build-a-Doghouse"101.00
64What color are Dalmatians at birth?Build-a-Doghouse"101.00
65Which famous American president ownedBuild-a-Doghouse"101.00
66At what age do Dalmatians begin to seeBuild-a-Doghouse"101.00
67101, 101, 101Stick-Ums"202.00
68Ruff!, Arf!, Bark!Stick-Ums"101.00
70(House, bowl, hydrant)Stick-Ums"202.00
71chomp, chew, crunchStick-Ums"101.00
78Lucky, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
79Jewel, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
80Two-Tone, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
81Wizzer, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
82Fidget, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
83Dipstick, puppyPop-Outs"101.00
85puppy, puppyPop-Outs"202.00
86puppy, puppyPop-Outs"101.00
87Puppy with hoseColor-In-Cards"202.00
88Puppy playing dress upColor-In-Cards"101.00
89Puppy sleeping on box of biscuitsColor-In-Cards"202.00
90Puppy eating corn on cobColor-In-Cards"202.00
91Puppies playing near pondColor-In-Cards"202.00
92Puppy dragging magazineColor-In-Cards"202.00
93Cruella holding puppyColor-In-Cards"202.00
94Cruella holding two puppiesColor-In-Cards"101.00
95Puppy attacking CruellaColor-In-Cards"101.00
97LuckyPuppy Pin-Ons"101.00
98Two-TonePuppy Pin-Ons"101.00
99WizzerPuppy Pin-Ons"202.00
100JewelPuppy Pin-Ons"101.00
101FidgetPuppy Pin-Ons"202.00
F1Card F1Foil 'N Fur Cards"202.00
F2Card F2Foil 'N Fur Cards"202.00
M1Card M1Mini-Mag-202.00
M2Card M2Mini-Mag-202.00
M3Card M3Mini-Mag-202.00
M4Card M4Mini-Mag-202.00
MF1Card MF1Magnetic Frame Cards-202.00
MF2Card MF2Magnetic Frame Cards-202.00
MF3Card MF3Magnetic Frame Cards-202.00
MF4Card MF4Magnetic Frame Cards-202.00
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