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SkyBox Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight

SkyBox Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight

Year: 1994
Total cards: 112

Collection preview (89% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1Saga of the Dark KnightTitle cardBase card101.00
2Year One, The CaveYear OneBase card101.00
3Year One, The Permanent NightmareYear OneBase card000.00
4Year One, Training AbroadYear OneBase card101.00
5Year One, ShamanYear OneBase card101.00
6Year One, Crime AlleyYear OneBase card101.00
7Year One, The OmenYear OneBase card101.00
8Year One, Two Sides of the Same CoinYear OneBase card000.00
9Year One, Face to FaceYear OneBase card202.00
10Year One, Falsely AccusedYear OneBase card101.00
11Year One, Feline FataleYear OneBase card101.00
12Year One, Finding a FriendYear OneBase card101.00
13Year One, Birth of the JokerYear OneBase card101.00
14Year One, First ImpressionsYear OneBase card101.00
15Year One, Partners in CrimeYear OneBase card101.00
16Year One, Not… Strong… Enough…Year OneBase card101.00
17Year One, The Power of VenomYear OneBase card000.00
18Year One, WithdrawalYear OneBase card000.00
19Robin, Dick GraysonRobinBase card000.00
20Robin, Robin RetiresRobinBase card101.00
21Robin, NightwingRobinBase card000.00
22Robin, Jason ToddRobinBase card101.00
23Robin, Out of LineRobinBase card202.00
24Robin, A Death in the FamilyRobinBase card202.00
25Robin, Tim DrakeRobinBase card101.00
26Robin, Uneasy AllianceRobinBase card000.00
27Robin, Severed TiesRobinBase card000.00
28Dynamic Duo, A Sacred TrustDynamic DuoBase card000.00
29Dynamic Duo, PartnersDynamic DuoBase card202.00
30Dynamic Duo, Demon's HeadDynamic DuoBase card000.00
31Dynamic Duo, My Father's KillerDynamic DuoBase card101.00
32Dynamic Duo, Equal JusticeDynamic DuoBase card101.00
33Dynamic Duo, The CultDynamic DuoBase card101.00
34Dynamic Duo, Proving GroundDynamic DuoBase card101.00
35Dynamic Duo, Rite of PassageDynamic DuoBase card000.00
36Dynamic Duo, Seduction of the GunDynamic DuoBase card101.00
37A Death In the Family, "That's It!..."A Death In the FamilyBase card101.00
38A Death In the Family, Freedom of MadnessA Death In the FamilyBase card202.00
39A Death In the Family, The SearchA Death In the FamilyBase card000.00
40A Death In the Family, Missile DealA Death In the FamilyBase card202.00
41A Death In the Family, ReunionA Death In the FamilyBase card101.00
42A Death In the Family, BetrayalA Death In the FamilyBase card101.00
43A Death In the Family, Mourning TimeA Death In the FamilyBase card101.00
44A Death In the Family, Ultimate JokeA Death In the FamilyBase card000.00
45A Death In the Family, Two-Minute WarningA Death In the FamilyBase card000.00
46Nemesis, The JokerNemesisBase card101.00
47Nemesis, CatwomanNemesisBase card202.00
48Nemesis, Two-FaceNemesisBase card202.00
49Nemesis, The PenguinNemesisBase card202.00
50Nemesis, Ra's al GhulNemesisBase card202.00
51Nemesis, The ScarecrowNemesisBase card101.00
52Nemesis, The MudpackNemesisBase card000.00
53Nemesis, The Riddler / Poison IvyNemesisBase card202.00
54Nemesis, Killer Croc / ScarfaceNemesisBase card101.00
55A Lonely Place of Dying, Consumed by GuiltA Lonely Place of DyingBase card101.00
56A Lonely Place of Dying, "Am I Mad?"A Lonely Place of DyingBase card101.00
57A Lonely Place of Dying, HomecomingA Lonely Place of DyingBase card000.00
58A Lonely Place of Dying, ConfrontationA Lonely Place of DyingBase card101.00
59A Lonely Place of Dying, Double JeopardyA Lonely Place of DyingBase card202.00
60A Lonely Place of Dying, ReunitedA Lonely Place of DyingBase card101.00
61A Lonely Place of Dying, Only a BoyA Lonely Place of DyingBase card000.00
62A Lonely Place of Dying, Never AgainA Lonely Place of DyingBase card202.00
63A Lonely Place of Dying, InitiationA Lonely Place of DyingBase card000.00
64Sword of Azrael, InheritanceSword of AzraelBase card101.00
65Sword of Azrael, LehahSword of AzraelBase card101.00
66Sword of Azrael, Knight of St. DumasSword of AzraelBase card101.00
67Sword of Azrael, HostageSword of AzraelBase card202.00
68Sword of Azrael, SaviorSword of AzraelBase card101.00
69Sword of Azrael, Trial by FireSword of AzraelBase card101.00
70Vengeance of Bane, BirthVengeance of BaneBase card000.00
71Vengeance of Bane, TransfusionVengeance of BaneBase card202.00
72Vengeance of Bane, HuntVengeance of BaneBase card000.00
73Knightfall, Arkham BreakoutKnightfallBase card101.00
74Knightfall, One Down…KnightfallBase card101.00
75Knightfall, BehemothKnightfallBase card101.00
76Knightfall, Meet Mr. ZsaszKnightfallBase card101.00
77Knightfall, Tipping the ScaleKnightfallBase card000.00
78Knightfall, BloodlustKnightfallBase card000.00
79Knightfall, InfernoKnightfallBase card000.00
80Knightfall, The Vixen of VinesKnightfallBase card202.00
81Knightfall, CluelessKnightfallBase card101.00
82Knightfall, Fear Equals RageKnightfallBase card101.00
83Knightfall, Face Me!KnightfallBase card101.00
84Knightfall, The Broken BatKnightfallBase card101.00
85Knightfall, Accept the CowlKnightfallBase card101.00
86Knightfall, Bad BloodKnightfallBase card101.00
87Knightfall, Anarchy/LawKnightfallBase card000.00
88Knightfall, Claws for BaneKnightfallBase card000.00
89Knightfall, The VisionKnightfallBase card202.00
90Knightfall, King of GothamKnightfallBase card101.00
91Knightquest, The CrusadeKnightquestBase card000.00
92Knightquest, Back Off!KnightquestBase card202.00
93Knightquest, CharadesKnightquestBase card000.00
94Knightquest, Prince of FoolsKnightquestBase card101.00
95Knightquest, CorrosionKnightquestBase card101.00
96Knightquest, No Deals!KnightquestBase card101.00
97Knightquest, Off the Deep EndKnightquestBase card000.00
98Knightquest, DehumanizedKnightquestBase card000.00
99Knightquest, KnightsendKnightquestBase card000.00
100Checklist-Base card000.00
P1Batman with sewer cover-Promo card101.00
P2Batman at Camden Yards-Promo card101.00
P3Batman at Georgia Dome
-Promo card101.00
P4Batman at Georgia Dome-Promo card101.00
P5SkyDisc in CD Case-Promo card101.00
CBC1Knightfall-Promo card101.00
B1Portraits of the Batman, Batman on the EdgeSpectra-Etch PortraitsChase card101.00
B2Portraits of the Batman, Jean-Paul ValleySpectra-Etch PortraitsChase card101.00
B3Portraits of the Batman, Bruce WayneSpectra-Etch PortraitsChase card101.00
B4Portraits of the Batman, The Dark KnightSpectra-Etch PortraitsChase card101.00
B5Portraits of the Batman, Batman Hits the StreetsSpectra-Etch PortraitsChase card101.00
SD1BatmanSkyDiscChase card / Hologram101.00
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