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SkyBox Mortal Kombat

SkyBox Mortal Kombat

Year: 1995
Total cards: 98

Collection preview (21% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 1


1Shang Tsung-Base card303.00
2Rayden-Base card303.00
3Liu Kang-Base card303.00
4Johnny Cage-Base card202.00
5Sonya Blade-Base card202.00
6Goro-Base card101.00
7Sub-Zero-Base card303.00
8Scorpion-Base card303.00
9Kano-Base card202.00
10The Dream-Base card202.00
11A Killer's Face-Base card202.00
12An Invitation To Fight-Base card101.00
13In Search of Prey-Base card202.00
14Kano As Bait-Base card202.00
15The "Chosen One"-Base card202.00
16Rayden's Reminder-Base card202.00
17On the Prowl-Base card202.00
18Luggage Overboard-Base card202.00
19The Dragon Wing-Base card202.00
20Sonya Runs into Johnny-Base card202.00
21Unexpected Challenge-Base card202.00
22Deep Freeze Fighting-Base card202.00
23It Has Begun-Base card202.00
24The Arrival-Base card202.00
25No Club Med-Base card202.00
26His Lips Are Sealed-Base card202.00
27The Statuary Garden-Base card101.00
28A Ceremonious Welcome-Base card202.00
29A Welcome Sight?-Base card202.00
30Goro's Lair-Base card202.00
31Shang's Right-Hand Men-Base card202.00
32Uncertain Alliance-Base card202.00
33Seeking Out the Enemy-Base card202.00
34The Wall Comes To Life-Base card202.00
35Fighting the Outworld Warriors-Base card202.00
36Quoth the Rayden...-Base card202.00
37Shang in His Element-Base card101.00
38Friend or Foe?-Base card202.00
39Johnny Makes His Point-Base card101.00
40Getting the Point-Base card202.00
41Prepared for Anything-Base card202.00
42Cold-Blooded Competition-Base card202.00
43A Cold Confrontation-Base card202.00
44Frosty Foe-Base card202.00
45A Chilly End-Base card202.00
46Center Stage-Base card202.00
47Grand Entrance-Base card202.00
48Goro in the Ring-Base card202.00
49Man vs. Monster-Base card202.00
50Another Lost Soul-Base card202.00
51Trust Your Judgment-Base card202.00
52A Score To Settle-Base card202.00
53Sonya Fights Kano-Base card202.00
54Goro Warms Up-Base card202.00
55Johnny's Unfinished Business-Base card202.00
56Far from Defeated-Base card202.00
57Sonya Is Captured-Base card202.00
58Outworld Awaits-Base card202.00
59Barren Wasteland-Base card202.00
60The Tower-Base card202.00
61Prisoner-Base card202.00
62Shang Challenges Sonya-Base card202.00
63Destined Spectators-Base card202.00
64Liu's Challenge-Base card202.00
65The Tower Arena-Base card202.00
66Preliminaries-Base card202.00
67No Holds Barred-Base card101.00
68Doom Awaits-Base card202.00
69Finish Him-Base card202.00
70Shang Falls-Base card202.00
71The Battle Is Over-Base card202.00
72Tender Spectres-Base card202.00
73Date with Destiny-Base card101.00
74Ultimate Control-Base card202.00
75Between Worlds-Base card101.00
76Facing Truth-Base card202.00
77No Ordinary Woman-Base card202.00
78Watch Your Back-Base card202.00
79Winning Strategy-Base card202.00
80Grudge Match-Base card202.00
81Prepare for Mortal Kombat-Base card202.00
82Kung Lao's Spinning Shield-Base card202.00
83Sonya Blade's Bicycle Kick-Base card202.00
84Jax's Ground Slam-Base card202.00
85Kano's Animality (Spider)-Base card202.00
86Sub-Zero's Ice Blast-Base card202.00
87Sindel's Shriek-Base card202.00
88Nightwolf's Arrow-Base card202.00
89Sheeva's Ground Stomp-Base card202.00
90Checklist-Base card202.00
W1Liu KangGold Foil Warrior ChampionsChase Card303.00
W2Shang TsungGold Foil Warrior ChampionsChase Card303.00
W3RaydenGold Foil Warrior ChampionsChase Card303.00
F1Witness to HorrorRed Foil Kombat CardsChase Card202.00
F2Cuts Like A KnifeRed Foil Kombat CardsChase Card202.00
F3You Fought WellRed Foil Kombat CardsChase Card202.00
F4Hand-to-Hand CombatRed Foil Kombat CardsChase Card202.00
S1Nothing In This Worlds Has Prepared You For This-Promo Card202.00
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