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SkyBox Star Wars

SkyBox Star Wars

Year: 1996
Total stickers: 66

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 6


1Stormtroopers in corridorStar Wars-202.00
2C-3PO & R2D2 (puzzle 1)Star Wars-202.00
3C-3PO & R2D2 (puzzle 2)Star Wars-202.00
4Luke learns light saber (puzzle 1)Star Wars-202.00
5Luke learns light saber (puzzle 2)Star Wars-202.00
6Hooded Ben and LukeStar Wars-202.00
7Not the droids you wantStar Wars-202.00
8Vader interrogates LeiaStar Wars-202.00
9Stormtrooper blasting corridorStar Wars-202.00
10Bar patrons slug-like & leonineMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
11Bar patrons big-eyed greyheadsMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
12Ben in Mos Eisley bar defenseMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
13Waiting at the FalconMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
14Darth towers over LeiaMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
15Powering up the FalconMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
16Let the Wookiee winMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
17Negotiating with HanMos Eisley Cantina-202.00
18Ben at data pillar (puzzle 1)Mos Eisley Cantina-202.00
19Ben at data pillar (puzzle 2)Mos Eisley Cantina-202.00
20Jedi Knight with light saberThe Death Star-202.00
21Vader and Obi-Wan battleThe Death Star-202.00
22Chewie and HanThe Death Star-202.00
23Han targetingThe Death Star-202.00
24Rebel tactical display (puzzle 1)The Death Star-202.00
25Rebel tactical display (puzzle 2)The Death Star-202.00
26Shot down conduit (puzzle 1)The Death Star-202.00
27Shot down conduit (puzzle 2)The Death Star-202.00
28C-3PO & R2D2The Death Star-202.00
29Heroes' curtain callThe Death Star-202.00
30Hanging from Hoth caveHoth Battle-202.00
31Draining the tauntaunHoth Battle-202.00
32Luke's regenerative bathHoth Battle-202.00
33Hoth snow bunker defenseHoth Battle-202.00
34Two droids and a guyHoth Battle-202.00
35Firing AT-ATsHoth Battle-202.00
36Darth leads the troopsHoth Battle-202.00
37Falcon avoiding the EmpireDagobah-202.00
38Fleeing the TIE fightersDagobah-202.00
39Masked Chewy (puzzle 1)Dagobah-202.00
40Masked Chewy (puzzle 2)Dagobah-202.00
41Approaching DagobahDagobah-202.00
42Doused droidDagobah-202.00
43Luke wielding light saberDagobah-202.00
44Ramp to Cloud CityCloud City-202.00
45Londo's guided tourCloud City-202.00
46Troopers and Lobot (puzzle 1)Cloud City-202.00
47Troopers and Lobot (puzzle 2)Cloud City-202.00
48Shooting at VaderCloud City-202.00
49Darth's banquet table (puzzle 1)Cloud City-202.00
50Darth's banquet table (puzzle 2)Cloud City-202.00
51Han howlsCloud City-202.00
52Bounty hunter takes controlCloud City-202.00
53More rebels captiveCloud City-202.00
54Cave confrontationCloud City-202.00
55Carbonized!Cloud City-202.00
56Droids at Jabba's doorJabba's Palace-202.00
57She caught a wookieeJabba's Palace-202.00
58Jabba's dancing galJabba's Palace-202.00
59Aboard the sand flyerJabba's Palace-202.00
60Light saber cuts throughJabba's Palace-202.00
61Rebel congressEndor Battle-202.00
62Back on the FalconEndor Battle-202.00
63Endor jungleEndor Battle-202.00
64Wicket captures a princessEndor Battle-202.00
65Firing from walkersEndor Battle-202.00
66Palpatine on the throneEnd of the Empire-202.00