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SkyBox Superman

SkyBox Superman

Year: 1996
Total stickers: 66

collecting: 4 / completed: 1


1Jor-El strangled--313.00
2Jor-El suspended--303.00
3Attacking the tentacle--313.00
4Jor-El with three globes--313.00
5Jor-El and baby Kal-El--303.00
6Jor-El and Lara--303.00
7Kal-El and puppy--313.00
8Jor-El protests--313.00
9Chairman consults--313.00
10Versus the council--313.00
11Calling for a ride--313.00
12Racing home--313.00
13Creating a diversion--313.00
14Pursuing guards--303.00
15Parents scheme--313.00
16Swaddling the baby--313.00
17Roof collapsing--303.00
18Spacecraft launches--303.00
19Lara sheds a tear--313.00
20Preparing the pod--313.00
21Ejecting the pod--313.00
22Kal-El sleeps--313.00
23Kents are startled--313.00
24Discovering the baby--313.00
25Testing the baby's strength--313.00
26Grown Clark with Lana--313.00
27Fleeing the flames--313.00
28Folks tell Clark his origin--313.00
29Message from Krypton--313.00
30Mom and pop speak--313.00
31Consoled by foster folks--313.00
32Breaking the beam--313.00
33Flying away--313.00
34In for a landing--303.00
35Angel saves girl--313.00
36Starting a job--313.00
37Assisting Jimmy--313.00
38Robot destroyer--313.00
39Lex revealed--313.00
40Robot transporter--313.00
41Costume change--313.00
42Saving Lois--313.00
43Stopping the flyer--313.00
44Airplane hit--313.00
45Adjusting wing trim--313.00
46Heavy lifting--313.00
47Flying the load--313.00
48Lois questions Superman--313.00
49Back home in Smallville--303.00
50Flying the car--303.00
51Lois in the woods--313.00
52Superman speaks!--313.00
53Photo of Lex--313.00
54Gunsel and Lois--313.00
55Lois in hangar--313.00
56Robot emerges--313.00
57Mastermind reveals himself--303.00
58Superman leaves Daily Planet--303.00
59Superman deflects bullets--313.00
60Robot approaches Lois--313.00
61Lois trapped--303.00
62Lois saved--303.00
63Wrestling the robot--313.00
64Taking down robot--313.00
65Lectured by Lex--303.00
66Up up and away--313.00
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