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SL Italy Care Bears

SL Italy Care Bears

Year: 1994
Total stickers: 180

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 3


1Cloud castle (puzzle 1)--101.00
2Cloud castle (puzzle 2)--101.00
3Sunshine tapestry (puzzle 1)--101.00
4Sunshine tapestry (puzzle 2)--101.00
5Heart bridge (puzzle 1)--101.00
6Heart bridge (puzzle 2)--101.00
7Leaf painting (puzzle 1)--101.00
8Leaf painting (puzzle 2)--101.00
9Leaf painting (puzzle 3)--101.00
10Leaf painting (puzzle 4)--101.00
11Cloud watering--101.00
12Flower tiara and sunshine--101.00
13Birdseed Christmas tree (puzzle 1)--101.00
14Birdseed Christmas tree (puzzle 2)--101.00
15Leaky faucet (puzzle 1)--101.00
16Leaky faucet (puzzle 2)--101.00
17Planting heart tree (puzzle 1)--101.00
18Planting heart tree (puzzle 2)--101.00
19Litter under heart tree (puzzle 1)--101.00
20Litter under heart tree (puzzle 2)--101.00
21Litter under heart tree (puzzle 3)--101.00
22Litter under heart tree (puzzle 4)--101.00
23Treehouse (puzzle 1)--101.00
24Treehouse (puzzle 2)--101.00
25Treehouse (puzzle 3)--101.00
26Treehouse (puzzle 4)--101.00
27Treehouse (puzzle 5)--101.00
28Treehouse (puzzle 6)--101.00
29Puddle after rain (puzzle 1)--101.00
30Puddle after rain (puzzle 2)--101.00
31Sweet dreams rainbow (puzzle 1)--101.00
32Sweet dreams rainbow (puzzle 2)--101.00
33Sweet dreams rainbow (puzzle 3)--101.00
34Rainbow Bear sliding down rainbow--101.00
35Sunshine Bear sliding down rainbow--101.00
36Heart Bear sliding down rainbow--101.00
37Heart Bear hugs self--101.00
38Sunshine Bear on a star--101.00
39Rainbow coaster (puzzle 1)--101.00
40Rainbow coaster (puzzle 2)--101.00
41Rainbow coaster (puzzle 3)--101.00
42Star holding star and hearts--101.00
43Hearts for Heart and Rainbow Bears--101.00
44Rainbow has heart for Heart--101.00
45Heart and Rinbow dance--101.00
46Heart Bear atop rainbow--101.00
47Heart and Flower Bears (puzzle 1)--101.00
48Heart and Flower Bears (puzzle 2)--101.00
49Heart Bear atop cloud--101.00
50Baby Heart Bear and swinging star--101.00
51Honey on cloud--101.00
52Rainbow with heart balloons--101.00
53Parasol parachute--101.00
54Balloon lift for Heart and Cupcake (puzzle 1)--101.00
55Balloon lift for Star (puzzle 2)--101.00
56Heart balloon--101.00
57Many heart balloons (puzzle 1)--101.00
58Many heart balloons (puzzle 2)--101.00
59Many heart balloons (puzzle 3)--101.00
60Many heart balloons (puzzle 4)--101.00
61Many heart balloons (puzzle 5)--101.00
62Many heart balloons (puzzle 6)--101.00
63Cupcake Bear riding balloon--101.00
64Cupcake Bear on cloud--101.00
65Rainbow Bear releasing stars (puzzle 1)--101.00
66Rainbow Bear releasing stars (puzzle 2)--101.00
67Heart Bear riding balloon--101.00
68Moon bear on parasol (puzzle 1)--101.00
69Moon bear on parasol (puzzle 2)--101.00
70Moon bear on parasol (puzzle 3)--101.00
71Through rainbow door (puzzle 1)--101.00
72Through rainbow door (puzzle 2)--101.00
73Fashioning a heart cloud--101.00
74Armload of stars--101.00
75Discovering a flower--101.00
76Castle rainbow to Heart--101.00
77Making a wish--111.00
78Big heart at end of rainbow--101.00
79Sunshine Bear at end of rainbow--101.00
80Heart Bear with empty paws--101.00
81Cloud phone (puzzle 1)--101.00
82Cloud phone (puzzle 2)--101.00
83Cloud phone (puzzle 3)--101.00
84Flower Bear rainbow parasol (puzzle 1)--101.00
85Flower Bear rainbow parasol (puzzle 2)--101.00
86Flower Bear rainbow parasol (puzzle 3)--101.00
87Rainbow Star Bear with empty paws--101.00
88Blue Moon Bear--101.00
89Sun Bear with rainbow pillow--101.00
90Snoozing on moon--101.00
91Rain Bear at star cloud--101.00
92Swinging honey moon (puzzle 1)--101.00
93Swinging honey moon (puzzle 2)--101.00
94Chick alarm clock--101.00
95Moon bear snoozes--101.00
96Star on a string (puzzle 1)--101.00
97Star on a string (puzzle 2)--101.00
98Flower Bear with popsicle--101.00
99Life preserver for Rain Bear (puzzle 1)--101.00
100Life preserver for Rain Bear (puzzle 2)--101.00
101Sundae Bear with cone--101.00
102Star Bear with milk and balloons (puzzle 1)--101.00
103Star Bear with milk and balloons (puzzle 2)--101.00
104Rain Bear with umbrella (puzzle 1)--101.00
105Rain Bear with umbrella (puzzle 2)--101.00
106Drill team (puzzle 1)--101.00
107Drill team (puzzle 2)--101.00
108Drill team (puzzle 3)--101.00
109Drill team (puzzle 4)--101.00
110New Year pyramid (puzzle 1)--101.00
111New Year pyramid (puzzle 2)--101.00
112New Year pyramid (puzzle 3)--101.00
113New Year pyramid (puzzle 4)--101.00
114Rainbow Bear with rainbow heart balloon--101.00
115Heart Bear juggling presents--101.00
117Rainbow Bear pompoms--101.00
118Cupcake Bear with empty paws--101.00
121Happy Birthday from castle--101.00
122Luck Bear gives greetings--101.00
123Baking Heart Bear--101.00
124Sunshine Bear releases bees--101.00
125Dreaming of cupcake--101.00
126Chick candle for cupcake--101.00
127Honey dance with bees--101.00
128Making and eating cookies (puzzle 1)--101.00
129Making and eating cookies (puzzle 2)--101.00
130Making and eating cookies (puzzle 3)--101.00
131Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 1)--101.00
132Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 2)--101.00
133Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 3)--101.00
134Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 4)--101.00
135Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 5)--101.00
136Waiting for cookie batter (puzzle 6)--101.00
137Popcorn and lounging on clouds--101.00
138Sunshine Bear with bowl and friends--101.00
139Rainbow sail for cloud--101.00
140Pogo sticking on cloud (puzzle 1)--101.00
141Pogo sticking on cloud (puzzle 2)--101.00
142Pogo sticking on cloud (puzzle 3)--101.00
143Pogo sticking on cloud (puzzle 4)--101.00
144Heart Bear scouting from cloud--101.00
145Roller skate parade (puzzle 1)--101.00
146Roller skate parade (puzzle 2)--101.00
147Roller skate parade (puzzle 3)--101.00
148Trophy Bear--101.00
149Tire swing (puzzle 1)--101.00
150Tire swing (puzzle 2)--101.00
151Sailing in basket--101.00
152Flying kites (puzzle 1)--101.00
153Flying kites (puzzle 2)--101.00
154Flying kites (puzzle 3)--101.00
155Flying kites (puzzle 4)--101.00
156Rain of hearts (puzzle 1)--101.00
157Rain of hearts (puzzle 2)--101.00
158Rain of hearts (puzzle 3)--101.00
159Rain of hearts (puzzle 4)--101.00
160Shamrock Bear--101.00
161Gathering stars--101.00
162Draw and paint party (puzzle 1)--101.00
163Draw and paint party (puzzle 2)--101.00
164Draw and paint party (puzzle 3)--101.00
165Draw and paint party (puzzle 4)--101.00
166Watering with hearts (puzzle 1)--101.00
167Watering with hearts (puzzle 2)--101.00
168Watering with hearts (puzzle 3)--101.00
169Watering with hearts (puzzle 4)--101.00
170Propeller driven cloud--101.00
171Rain Bear in heart rain--101.00
172Watering with stars (puzzle 1)--101.00
173Watering with stars (puzzle 2)--101.00
174Watering with stars (puzzle 3)--101.00
175Watering with stars (puzzle 4)--101.00
176Rainbow Bear marching along rainbows--101.00
177XOX tower (puzzle 1)--101.00
178XOX tower (puzzle 2)--101.00
179XOX tower (puzzle 3)--101.00
180XOX tower (puzzle 4)--101.00
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